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Regulation of intestinal calcium-binding protein in rats: role of parathyroid hormone

, : Regulation of intestinal calcium-binding protein in rats: role of parathyroid hormone. Calcified Tissue International 29(2): 141-145

Intestinal calcium-binding protein (CaBP) levels of rats fed a high (1.5%) Ca diet were the same whether the animals were parathyroidectomized (PTX), sham-operated controls pair-fed with the PTX animals, or sham-operated controls fed ad libitum. Consequently, a given base level of CaBP seems to be parathyroid hormone independent and not closely related to feed intake. On the other hand, whereas the ad libitum fed controls more than doubled their intestinal CaBP in response to a 2-day low-calcium (0.02%) regimen, neither the parathyroidectomized animals nor the pair-fed sham-operated controls were able to do so. Since the latter two groups consumed less feed and therefore less vitamin D than the ad libitum fed animals, the inability to increase CaBP in response to a low-calcium diet may have been caused by a restricted vitamin D intake rather than by the absence of parathyroid hormone.

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PMID: 116754

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