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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 38980

Chapter 38980 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Leyland, M.J.; Brown, P.J.; Walker, R.J.; Bomford, A.; Williams, R., 1977:
Serum-ferritin in diagnosis of haemochromatosis

Leyland, M.J.; Brown, P.J., 1978:
Serum-ferritin in haemochromatosis

Thompson, E.B.; Anderson, C.U.; Lippman, M.E., 1975:
Serum-free growth of HTC cells containing glucocorticoid- and insulin-inducible tyrosine aminotransferase and cytoplasmic glucocorticoid receptors

Kristensson, H.; Trell, E.; Eriksson, S.; Hanik, L.; Hood, B., 1977:
Serum-gamma-glutamyltransferase in alcoholism

Nicholson, G.; Sampson, C.; Woodhouse, C.E., 1976:
Serum-gastrin after portal-systemic shunting

Herbai, G.; Lundquist, G., 1978:
Serum-gastrin increasing effect of somatostatin infusion in acromegaly

Becker, M.; Fritsch, W.P.; Hausamen, T.U.; Rotthauwe, H.W., 1976:
Serum-gastrin levels and gastric-acid secretion in infants

Bar-On, H.; Landau, D.; Berry, E., 1977:
Serum-high-density-lipoprotein and University Group Diabetes Program results

Berg, K.; Borresen, A.L., 1976:
Serum-high-density-lipoprotein and atherosclerotic heart-disease

Dandona, P.; Hodson, M.; Bell, J.; Ramdial, L.; Batten, J.C., 1979:
Serum-immunoreactive-trypsin concentrations in cystic fibrosis

Carlson, L.A.; Olsson, A.G., 1979:
Serum-lipoprotein-cholesterol distribution in healthy men with high serum-cholesterol concentrations: Extrapolation to clofibrate trial

Oliver, M.F., 1979:
Serum-lipoproteins and the W.H.O. clofibrate trial

Thomas, D.G.; Palfreyman, J.W.; Ratcliffe, J.G., 1978:
Serum-myelin-basic-protein assay in diagnosis and prognosis of patients with head injury

Richens, A.; Dunlop, A., 1975:
Serum-phenytoin levels in management of epilepsy

Iivanainen, M.; Viukari, M., 1977:
Serum-phenytoin, seizures, and electroencephalography

Spaet, T.H., 1978:
Serum-potassium in delirium tremens

Stevenson, J.C.; Evans, I.M.; Colston, K.W.; Gwee, H.M.; Mashiter, K., 1977:
Serum-prolactin after subcutaneous human calcitonin

Moore, D.M.; Singh, M.M.; Buckingham, M.S.; Milligan, M.P.; Elstein, M., 1978:
Serum-prolactin in female infertility

Spiegel, A.M.; Lopatin, R.; Peikin, S.; McCarthy, D., 1978:
Serum-prolactin in patients receiving chronic oral cimetidine

Halbreich, U.; Ben-David, M.; Assael, M.; Bornstein, R., 1976:
Serum-prolatic in women with premenstrual syndrome

Hoorntje, S.J.; Weening, J.J.; Kallenberg, C.G.; Prins, E.J.; Donker, A.J., 1979:
Serum-sickness-like syndrome with membranous glomerulopathy in patient on captopril

Gulyassy, P.F., 1978:
Serum-tryptophan and haemodialysis

Koepp, P.; Held, K.R., 1977:
Serum-tyrosine in patients with hyperphenylalaninaemia

Spears, A.B.; Kaufman, B.M.; Mattock, M.B.; Saharia, S.S.; Sachdeva, H.S., 1976:
Serum-zinc as index of zinc status

Knitza, R.; Clasen, R.; Kunz, C., 1978:
Serumconcentrations of non esterified fatty acids during operative stress and blockade of betaadrenergic receptors

Kerr, M.I., 1979:
Service up, costs down in mail room

Steventon, R.D.; Wilson, R.S., 1979:
Servicing nebulisers

Laks, H.; Ott, R.A.; Standeven, J.W.; Hahn, J.W.; Blair, O.M.; Willman, V.L., 1978:
Servocontrolled cardiac assistance: effects of left ventricular to aortic and left atrial to aortic assistance on infarct size

Anonymous, 1978:
Session of the 1975 meeting on chest diseases

Fritsch, P., 1978:
Session of the Austrian Dermatologic Society 19 March, 1977. Demonstration of patients

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of 53rd Congress of the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1977:
Sessions of the 10th scientific meeting of the Chinese Society of Microbiology

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of the 11th Congress of the Japan Gerontology Society and the 21st Congress of the Japan Geriatric Society

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 18th Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of the 19th Congress of the Japan Society of Chest Diseases. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 19th Congress of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 19th Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 20th meeting of the Japan Geriatrics Society. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 30th annual meeting of the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 37th Congress of the Japan Neurosurgical Society. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of the 49th Congress of the Japanese Society for Hygiene. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of the 52nd Congress of the Japan Endocrine Society. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of the 52nd Fall Meeting of the Japan Endocrine Society

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of the 65th Congress of the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of the 74th Congress of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology (III)

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 76th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 77th Congress of the Japanese Society of Dermatology

Anonymous, 1979:
Sessions of the 78th Meeting of the Japanese Dermatological Society. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the 79th Meeting of the Japanese Society of Otolaryngology. Abstracts

Anonymous, 1978 :
Sessions of the Japan Society of Chest Diseases. Abstract

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the Japanese Society for Bacteriology. Abstract

Anonymous, 1978:
Sessions of the Oto-rhino-laryngological Society of Japan. Abstracts

Holmgren, J.H., 1975:
Setting depreciation schedules

Beiman, I.; Graham, L.E.; Ciminero, A.R., 1978:
Setting generality of blood pressure reductions and the psychological treatment of reactive hypertension

Placy, R.J., 1976:
Setting performance standards

Sparling, S.L.; Jones, S.L., 1977:
Setting: a contextual variable associated with empathy

Dowling, S., 1977:
Seven infants with esophageal atresia. A developmental study

Forney, J.P.; Morrow, C.P.; DiSaia, P.J.; Futoran, R.J., 1975:
Seven-drug polychemotherapy in the treatment of advanced and recurrent squamous carcinoma of the female genital tract

Fujii, H.; Watada, M.; Yamamoto, K.; Kanoh, T., 1978:
Seventeen cases of pseudothrombocytopenia, with special reference to the clinical problems, its pathogenesis and significance

Anonymous, 1978:
Seventeenth Nordic congress of rheumatology, Helsingør, Denmark, 11--14 June, 1978

Anonymous, 1977:
Seventh Histocompatibility Testing Workshop. Abstracts

Verzhbinskaia, N., 1978:
Seventh Scientific Conference on Evolutionary Physiology, dedicated to the memory of Academician L. A. Orbeli (Leningrad, January 9--11, 1978)

Anonymous, 1979:
Seventh Symposium on Nucleic Acids Chemistry held in Okayama, Japan October 26th--27th, 1979

Zemskov, M.V.; Zhuravleva, N.V.; Buravleva, I.V., 1977:
Several allergic reactions under conditions of functioning of an inhibitor of antibody activity in the body

Volozhinskaia, G.Ia., 1975:
Several aspects of radioisotope studies of iodine metabolism

Tareev, E.M.; Shatrov, I.I.; Mastiukova, I.N., 1977:
Several aspects of the epidemiology of infectious and serum hepatitis at the present time

Gayet, R.; Briet, S.; Rifle, G.; Petiot, A.; Paupert, A.; Mercier, J.F., 1976:
Several cases of septicemia of urologic etiology

Girard, H.C., 1976:
Several criteria of evaluation of foot-and-mouth disease virus reproduced in cell cultures in suspension

Brono, M.Sh., 1976:
Several developmental disorders in children with schizophrenia

Obrosova-Serova, N.P.; Isachenko, V.I.; Chesnik, S.G.; Arslan, R.; Dordzh, A., 1977:
Several features of an outbreak of influenza in Ulan-Bator in 1974

Vertushkov, V.T., 1978:
Several features of the antioxidant action of chemical carcinogens

Tetushkin, E.Ia., 1979:
Several features of the molecular evolution of higher primates

Koval'skiĭ, G.S.; Starostina, I.S., 1977:
Several indices of carbohydrate metabolism in patients with hemorrhagic fever with kidney syndrome

Mys'ko, G.N., 1977:
Several indices of the methylation process in schizophrenic patients

Burgasov, P.N., 1979:
Several matters concerning the theory and practice of infectious disease prevention (from the report of the 16th All-Union Conference of Microbiologists and Epidemiologists)

Kruglikov, R.I., 1978:
Several neurochemical mechanisms of learning and memory

Vasilevskaia, L.S., 1978:
Several new inhibitors of gastric secretion

Eremin, I.P.; Broer, B.A.; Blagodarnyĭ, I.A.; Kopytov, G.F.; Golubova, A.R., 1977:
Several physical and physico-chemical aspects of the use of ultrasound in laboratory practice

Bliumenfel'd, L.A., 1976:
Several physical aspects of intracellular energy transformation

Babmindra, V.P.; Bragina, T.A., 1975:
Several problems in current synaptology

Belik, I.V.; Berezhnoĭ, G.A.; Gorban', V.A.; Grinenko, A.G., 1975:
Several properties of one of the acid neurospecific antigens

Iogannsen, M.G., 1977:
Several structural characteristics of vital dyes

Hiotakis, K., 1977:
Severe acute pancreatitis; course and response to intensive therapy

Andrews, E.J., 1977:
Severe adverse reactions to contrast media: a simplified means of recognition and treatment

Pestessy, J., 1978:
Severe ankle injury treated as an insignificant distortion

Dewijze, M.; Tondeur, G., 1979:
Severe ankle sprains. Apropos of 70 orthopedically treated patients

Herve, P.; Coffe, C.; Lapprand, L.; Peters, A.; Selva, J.; Gillet, J.Y., 1978:
Severe anti-D allo-immunization: failure of repeated antenatal plasmapheresis (a case report)

Mendelsohn, G.; Gomperts, E.D.; Gurwitz, D., 1976:
Severe antithrombin III deficiency in an infant associated with multiple arterial and venous thromboses

Ratner, E.J.; Person, P.; Kleinman, D.J., 1978:
Severe arm pain associated with pathological bone cavity of maxilla

Armbruster, H.; Vetter, W.; Reck, G.; Beckerhoff, R.; Siegenthaler, W., 1975:
Severe arterial hypertension caused by chronical abuse of a topical mineralocorticoid

Roumane, H.; Maze, P.; Kerdiles, Y.; Pommereuil, L.; Logeais, Y.; Van Dau, C.M., 1976:
Severe asphyxiant hemoptysis. Bronchoscopy under extracorporeal circulation

Serup, J., 1979:
Severe asthmatic reaction during long-term treatment with disodium cromoglycate powder inhalations

Ranev, D.; Mirchev, M.; Syntev, P., 1976:
Severe burns of hand

Turnbull, P.C.; Jørgensen, K.; Kramer, J.M.; Gilbert, R.J.; Parry, J.M., 1979:
Severe clinical conditions associated with Bacillus cereus and the apparent involvement of exotoxins

Gelfand, E.W.; Cox, D.W.; Lin, M.T.; Dosch, H.M., 1979:
Severe combined immune-deficiency disease in patient with alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency

Mawhinney, H.; McCrea, S.; Gleadhill, V.F.; Donnelly, E., 1979:
Severe combined immunodeficiency disease in patient with alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency

Bortin, M.M.; Rimm, A.A., 1977:
Severe combined immunodeficiency disease. Characterization of the disease and results of transplantation

Seligmann, M.; Griscelli, C.; Preud'homme, J.L.; Sasportes, M.; Herzog, C.; Brouet, J.C., 1975:
Severe combined immunodeficiency with B lymphocytes and with normal MLC response

Michel, L.; Vandeperre, J.; Lantin, A., 1975:
Severe complications of subclavian vein catheterization

Alibelli, M.J.; Marco, J.; Fournial, G.; Sabatie, J.P.; Dardenne, P., 1978:
Severe coronary insufficiency in a young woman after mediastinal radiotherapy

Alberti, K.G.; Nattrass, M., 1978:
Severe diabetic ketoacidosis

Abody, Z.; Alon, U.; Sujov, P.; Zeltzer, M., 1979:
Severe erythroblastosis fetalis due to c-antigen incompatibility

Semel, J.D.; Seskind, C., 1979:
Severe febrile reaction to pneumococcal vaccine

Anonymous, 1979:
Severe handicap in the newborn: treatment, non-treatment, or assisted death

Fisher, M.M., 1976:
Severe histamine mediated reactions to Althesin

Fisher, M.M., 1975:
Severe histamine mediated reactions to intravenous drugs used in anaesthesia

Lee, K.Y.; Beilin, L.J.; Vandongen, R., 1979:
Severe hypertension after ingestion of an appetite suppressant (phenylpropanolamine) with indomethacin

Clarke, D.; Wilkinson, R.; Johnston, I.D.; Hacking, P.M.; Haggith, J.W., 1979:
Severe hypertension in primary aldosteronism and good response to surgery

Asplund, K.; Lithner, F., 1979:
Severe hypoglycemia induced by glibenclamide

Thomas, T.H.; Morgan, D.B.; Swaminathan, R.; Ball, S.G.; Lee, M.R., 1978:
Severe hyponatraemia. A study of 17 patients

Sanchez, A.; Cassan, P.; Leparc, J.M.; Jardin, F.; Margairaz, A., 1978:
Severe hypophosphoremia; apropos of 24 cases

Naik, R.B.; Wilson, C.A.; Warren, D.J., 1979:
Severe hypotension before saralasin infusion

Gabilan, J.C., 1978:
Severe mental deficiency in infants. Prevention in the neonatal period

MacFarlane, I.A.; Rosenthal, F.D., 1977:
Severe myopathy after status asthmaticus

Wallington, T.B., 1978:
Severe necrotizing vasculitis, with cryoglobulinaemia, macroglobulinaemia and rheumatoid disease

Johnson, N.M.; Copeland, G.P.; Clarke, S.W., 1976:
Severe neutropenia and urticaria with antidepressant therapy

Henel, T.A., 1977:
Severe plantar retractions

Vachon, F.; Carette, M.F.; Gibert, C.; Tremolieres, F.; Amoudry, C., 1979:
Severe pneumococcal infections of adults. 100 cases collected in three years (Claude Bernard Hospital, Paris)

Puentes Rojas, R.; Ibáñez Tardel, S.; Isla Farías, E.; Cristina Mejías Cabello, M., 1979:
Severe protein-calorie malnutrition in the infant

Rey, J.L.; Delobel, J.; Claisse, J.F.; Quiret, J.C.; Bor, P.; Bernasconi, P., 1979:
Severe pulmonary embolism and recurrent thrombophlebitis caused by hereditary antithrombin III deficiency

Clark, R.F., 1976:
Severe pustular acne: a new approach to treatment

Parris, T.M.; Knight, J.G.; Hess, C.E.; Constable, W.C., 1979:
Severe radiation pneumonitis precipitated by withdrawal of corticosteroids: a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma

Cho, K.J.; Thornbury, J.R., 1978:
Severe reactions to contrast material by three consecutive routes: intravenous, subcutaneous, and intraarterial

Brioude, R.; Bourgeois, M.; Canet, J., 1975:
Severe respiratory distress with stubborn hypoxemia in newborn infants whose mothers had had placenta previa

D.P.azza, S.; Cottone, M.; Craxi, A.; Gatto, G.; Pinzelle, G.; Pagliaro, L., 1978:
Severe rifampicin-associated liver failure in patients with compensated cirrhosis

Knight, N.J., 1977:
Severe sensorineural deafness in children due to perforation of the round-window membrane

Tegner, E., 1979:
Severe skin pain after PUVA treatment

Sandberg, D.H.; Bernstein, C.W.; McIntosh, R.M.; Carr, R.; Strauss, J., 1977:
Severe steroid-responsive nephrosis associated with hypersensitivity

Buge, A.; Rancurel, G.; Picard, A.; Dechy, H., 1978:
Severe subacute encephalitis: favourable therapeutic effect of isoprinosine in discontinuous treatment. 3 cases

Frankel, S., 1976:
Severe urticaria caused by a moth Euproctis sp. (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae)

Dulac, O.; Dupuy, J.M.; Hadchouel, M.; Alagille, D., 1978:
Severe viral hepatitis in childhood: course and prognosis

Ganz, M.; Joller-Jemelka, H.I.; Grob, P.J., 1979:
Severely increased alpha fetoprotein and associated diseases

Chevais, R.; Erny, P., 1975:
Severity factors and diagnosis of nonhemodynamic pulmonary edemas

Hoskins, T.W., 1979:
Severity of influenza

Clark, C.S.; Bjornson, A.B.; Schiff, G.M.; Phair, J.P.; Van Meer, G.L.; Gartside, P.S., 1977:
Sewage worker's syndrome

Renshaw, D.C., 1978:
Sex and drugs

Comfort, A., 1977:
Sex and histocompatibility testing

Baumer, J.H.; Mott, M.G., 1978:
Sex and prognosis in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Purtilo, D.T., 1978:
Sex and prognosis in lymphoproliferative disorders

Goble, F.C., 1975:
Sex as a factor in metabolism, toxicity, and efficacy of pharmacodynamic and chemotherapeutic agents

Bost, R.G.; Stolt, R.A., 1976 :
Sex chromatin determination in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues of rats

Sharma, R.P.; Kumbnani, H.K., 1979:
Sex chromatin survey in Kashmir population with special reference to acidity

Cascorbi, H.F.; Gorsky, B.H.; Redford, J.E., 1976:
Sex differences in anaesthetic toxicity: fluroxene and trifluoroethanol in mice

Auster, D., 1979:
Sex differences in attitudes toward nursing education

Tret'iakov, A.V., 1979:
Sex differences in cell membranes and cell surface structures revealed by means of acylhydrazines

Ayromlooi, J.; Essman, W.B., 1978:
Sex differences in fetal sheep adrenal steroidogenesis

Plank, S.J.; Milanesi, M.L., 1979:
Sex differences in infantile diarrhoea

Kunimasa, T.; Sumitani, A.; Yamashita, S.; Takezaki, E.; Takemoto, M.; Matsuo, N.; Morio, K.; Nakanishi, T.; Hashimoto, H.; Kawakami, H.; Miyoshi, A., 1979:
Sex differences in serum gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase levels

Hammoud, E.I., 1977:
Sex differentials in mortality. An enquiry with reference to the Arab countries and others

Anonymous, 1978:
Sex differentiation and chromosomal abnormalities. Part C of Annual Review of Birth Defects, 1977, sponsored by the National Foundation--March of Dimes

Lisá, L., 1978 :
Sex differentiation and sexual development disorders from the pediatrist's viewpoint

Vaccari, A.; Brotman, S.; Cimino, J.; Timiras, P.S., 1977:
Sex differentiation of neurotransmitter enzymes in central and peripheral nervous systems

Blanchard, M.G., 1976:
Sex education for spinal cord injury patients and their nurses

Skoliarova, N.A., 1977:
Sex gland morphology of schizophrenic patients during treatment with psychotropic drugs

Kolata, G.B., 1979:
Sex hormones and brain development

Juret, P.; Couette, J.E.; Delozier, T.; Leplat, G.; Mandard, A.M.; Vernhes, J.C., 1978:
Sex of first child as a prognostic factor in breast cancer

Saunders, J.R., 1978:
Sex pheromones in bacteria

Abel, E.L., 1979:
Sex ratio in fetal alcohol syndrome

Gabriel, R., 1979:
Sex ratio in glomerulonephritis

Lindholm, J.; Fabricius-Bjerre, N.; Bahnsen, M.; Boiesen, P.; Hagen, C.; Christensen, T., 1978:
Sex steroids and sex-hormone binding globulin in males with chronic alcoholism

Miyamoto, J., 1978:
Sex steroids and thyroid function tests: the role of estrogen and progestogen

Stevenson, J.C.; Hillyard, C.J., 1979:
Sex, race, age, and serum-calcitonin

Seifert, J.; Vácha, J., 1975:
Sex-dependent differences in the biosynthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides in rat liver after repeated administration of alpha-hexachlorocyclohexane

Gurtoo, H.L.; Parker, N.B., 1977:
Sex-dependent regulation of benzo[a]pyrene and zoxazolamine metabolism in rat tissues

Minguell, J.J.; Merino, J.; Valladares, L.E.; Troncoso, S., 1979:
Sex-hormone-binding globulin in the plasma of normal men and patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy

Murayama, Y.I.; Utsunomiya, J.; Asano, K.I., 1977:
Sex-hormone-binding globulin predicts response of breast cancer to hormone therapy

Solomon, M.; Iqbal, M.J.; Dalton, M.; Jeffcoate, S.L.; Ginsburg, J., 1979:
Sex-hormone-binding globulin: an additional test for ovulatory function

Sittmann, K.; Woodhouse, B., 1977:
Sex-limited and sex-modified genetic defects in swine--cryptorchidism

Parker, F.B., 1975:
Sex-role adjustment and drinking disposition of women college students

Falliers, C.J., 1976:
Sexercise-induced asthma

Mellan, J.; Raboch, J., 1976:
Sexual activity in men with cryptorchidism

Wilson, M.E.; Gordon, T.P., 1979:
Sexual activity of male rhesus monkeys introduced into a heterosexual group

Keverne, E.B., 1978:
Sexual and aggressive behaviour in social groups of talapoin monkeys

Phoenix, C.H., 1978:
Sexual behavior of laboratory- and wild-born male Rhesus monkeys

Anonymous, 1979:
Sexual behaviour and the sex hormones

Goy, R.W., 1978:
Sexual compatibility in rhesus monkeys: predicting sexual performance of oppositely sexed pairs of adults

Kleinteich, B.; Schickedanz, H., 1977:
Sexual development of boys, treated surgically for dystopia of testicles

Vandoren, G.; Heyns, W.; Verhoeven, G.; D.M.or, P., 1978:
Sexual difference in the effect of cyproterone acetate and glucocorticoids on alpha2u-globulin in gonadectomized rats

Bacou, F.; Jallageas, M.; Nougues, J.; Vigneron, P., 1979:
Sexual differences in the development of plasma thyroxine levels in the embryo and young chick

Shukla, G.D.; Srivastava, O.N.; Katiyar, B.C., 1979:
Sexual disturbances in temporal lobe epilepsy:a controlled study

Littlefield, C.L.; Bryant, P.J., 1979:
Sexual homologies and intercalation between parts of the male and female genital discs of Drosophila melanogaster

Kley, H.K.; Nieschlag, E.; Wiegelmann, W.; Krüskemper, H.L., 1976:
Sexual hormones in ageing males

Benkert, O., 1977:
Sexual impotence. Neuroendocrine and pharmacotherapeutic examinations

Elstein, M.; Dennis, K.J.; Buckingham, M.S., 1977:
Sexual knowledge and attitudes of Southampton medical students

McEwen, B.S., 1978:
Sexual maturation and differentiation: the role of the gonadal steroids

Vestergaard, P., 1977:
Sexual mechanisms in brain. Neurophysiological and neurochemical aspects

Danon, M.; Weintraub, B.D.; Kim, S.H.; Scully, R.E.; Crawford, J.D., 1978:
Sexual precocity in a male due to thoracic polyembryoma

Jessup, M.A., 1979:
Sexuality and illness. Heroine and methadone: their impact on human sexuality

Frauman, A.C.; Sypert, N.S., 1979:
Sexuality and illness. Sexuality in adolescents with chronic illness

Guthrie, D., 1978:
Sexuality and the disabled

Downey, G.W., 1976:
Sexuality in a healthcare setting

Chang, A.Y., 1978:
Sexually differentiated activity and isozymes of renal beta-galactosidase in the Chinese hamster

Dacke, C.G.; Furr, B.J.; Boelkins, J.N.; Kenny, A.D., 1976:
Sexually related changes in plasma calcitonin levels in Japanese quail

Epstein, E., 1976:
Sexually transmitted infestations

Goldhar, J.; Barber, C.; Eylan, E., 1976:
Sh. dysenteriae serotypes2,4,8-immunochemistry and phage receptor activity

Welsh, S.L., 1977:
Shade modification of porcelain restorations

Domagk, G.F., 1977:
Shall we be able to manipulate life?

Laubscher, A.; Pletscher, A.; Honegger, C.G.; Richards, J.G., 1979:
Shape change of blood platelets brought about by myelin basic protein and other basic polypeptides

Guensberger, E.; Fleischer, J.; Rakús, A.; Zucha, I., 1977:
Share of fatigue in the psychopathogenesis of neuroses

Hopper, J.E.; Noyes, C.; Hsu, R.; Heinrikson, R.; Gallagher, W., 1979:
Shared N-terminal sequences in monclonal IgMkappa and IgGkappa proteins from a patient with a complex multiple paraprotein disorder

Coutinho, A.; Forni, L.; Blomberg, B., 1978:
Shared antigenic determinants by mitogen receptors and antibody molecules to the same thymus-independent antigen

Minden, P.; Sharpton, T.R.; McClatchy, J.K., 1976:
Shared antigens between bacteria and guinea pig line 10 hepatocarcinoma cells

Starzinski-Powitz, A.; Pfizenmaier, K.; Koszinowski, U.; Röllinghoff, M.; Wagner, H., 1976:
Shared determinants between virus-infected and trinitrophenyl-conjugated H-2-identical target cells detected in cell-mediated lympholysis

Sutherland, A., 1977:
Shared education in small hospitals

Binz, H.; Wigzell, H., 1975:
Shared idiotypic determinants on B and T lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants. I. Demonstration of similar or identical idiotypes on IgG molecules and T-cell receptors with specificity for the same alloantigens

Binz, H.; Wigzell, H., 1975:
Shared idiotypic determinants on B and T lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants. II. Determination of frequency and characteristics of idiotypic T and B lymphocytes in normal rats using direct visualization

Binz, H.; Wigzell, H., 1975:
Shared idiotypic determinants on B and T lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants. III. Physical fractionation of specific immunocompetent T lymphocytes by affinity chromatography using anti-idiotypic antibodies

Binz, H.; Wigzell, H., 1975:
Shared idiotypic determinants on B and T lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants. IV. Isolation of two groups of naturally occurring, idiotypic molecules with specific antigen-binding activity in the serum and urine of normal rats

Binz, H.; Wigzell, H., 1976:
Shared idiotypic determinants on B and T lymphocytes reactive against the same antigenic determinants. V. Biochemical and serological characteristics of naturally occurring, soluble antigen-binding T-lymphocyte-derived molecules

Germain, R.N.; Ju, S.T.; Kipps, T.J.; Benacerraf, B.; Dorf, M.E., 1979:
Shared idiotypic determinants on antibodies and T-cell-derived suppressor factor specific for the random terpolymer L-glutamic acid60-L-alanine30-L-tyrosine10

Lunney, J.K.; Mann, D.L.; Sachs, D.H., 1979:
Sharing Ia antigens between species. III. Ia specificities shared between mice and human beings

Friedman, B.; Pierskalla, W.; Beazoglou, T., 1979:
Sharing arrangements in the nonprofit hospital industry

Sachs, D.H.; Humphrey, G.W.; Lunney, J.K., 1977:
Sharing of Ia antigens between species. I. Detection of Ia specificities shared by rats and mice

Fromm-Haries, L., 1979:
Sharing: the way station

Copper, T., 1979:
Shattuck Lecture--In the public interest

Adam, R.E.; Zimm, B.H., 1977:
Shear degradation of DNA

Daniels, C.A.; LeGoff, S.G., 1975:
Shedding of infectious virus/antibody complexes from vesicular lesions of patients with recurrent herpes labialis

Sankalé, M.; Sow, A.M.; Bao, O.; Touré, Y.I., 1978:
Sheehan's syndrome in black Africa. Nine cases; 5 personal cases

Heber-Katz, E.; Wilson, D.B., 1976:
Sheep red blood cell-specific helper activity in rat thoracic duct lymphocyte populations positively selected for reactivity to specific strong histocompatibility alloantigens

Dutt, M.K., 1979:
Shelf-life of citric acid-toluidine blue O-SO2 and its influence on Feulgen staining

Watts, V., 1978:
Shelter for the homeless

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Shielding effects of the D-Phe aromatic ring in the 1H NMR spectrum of gramicidine S

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Shielding of phospholipid vesicles from phospholipase C hydrolysis by alpha-lactalbumin adsorption [proceedings

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Shift from material to social demands ahead

Winne, D., 1977:
Shift of pH-absorption curves

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Shifts in the conformation of serum albumin and their possible significance in normal catabolism

Anonymous, 1978:
Shifts of postures following open heart surgery and prevention of decubitus ulcer

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Shifts of the bacteriochlorophyll absorption band at 880 nm in chromatophores and subchromatophore pigment-protein complexes from Rhodospirillum rubrum

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Shigellosis and haemolytic uraemic syndrome

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Shigellosis in day-care centres

Anonymous, 1979:
Shikata cell

Prathap, K.; Sumithran, E., 1976:
Shikata's orcein stain in autolyzed liver cells

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Shila Gwynne Ransom

Garfield, P.F., 1978:
Shils's solution interaction with potassium phosphate, sodium phosphate and calcium gluceptate in 8% amino acid solution

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Shivering during recovery after cardiac surgery under extracorporeal circulation. Inconveniences and methods of prevention

Anonymous, 1977:
Shock Lung

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Shock and resuscitation. II: Volume repletion with minimal edema using the "HALFD"(Hypertonic Albuminated Fluid Demand) regimen

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Shock syndrome after bromocriptine

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Short RNA chains synthesized at low pH are initiated at promoter sites

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Short Y chromosome and Ph1 chromosome in acute monomyelocytic leukaemia

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Short and long term effects of radioiodine and antithyroid drugs on T4 binding proteins, free T4 and T3, during Graves' disease therapy

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Short and long-term effects of neuroleptics in relation to their cellular mechanism of action

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Short bowel syndrome: further evidence for treatment and timing

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Short colon associated with the prune belly syndrome

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Short communications. The effect of trypsin on cell surface antigens

Anonymous, 1979:
Short course chemotherapy for pulmonary tuberculosis with duration for 6 months after sputum negative conversion. (Report 1)--Report of the 19--20th A series of controlled trial of chemotherapy--(author's transl)

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Short critical account of Spanish mosquitoes

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Short latency mechanically evoked somatosensory potentials in humans

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Short latency somatosensory potentials in humans

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Short stature in an adolescent due to spondyloepiphysial dysplasia tarda

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Short term chemotherapy of tuberculosis. Bactericidal mechanisms in short term chemotherapy

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Short term chemotherapy of tuberculosis. Current experimental findings in short term chemotherapy

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Short term effects of Clophen A 50 and of dichlorobiphenyl in rats

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Short term tests of carcinogenesis. Evaluation, predictive values, and diverse strategies

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Short time effects of protein calorie malnutrition stimulation interacting with the biochemical development of the central nervous system

Anonymous, 1979:
Short topics presented at the IVMA meeting, Las Vegas, March 1979

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Short- and long-term prognosis of cardiac arrest in acute myocardial infarction

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Short-chain fatty acid synthesis in brain. Subcellular localization and changes during development

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Short-course (6-month) treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis (Second East African/British Medical Research Council Study)

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Short-course chemotherapy for pulmonary tuberculosis

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Short-course chemotherapy in pulmonary tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1975:
Short-course chemotherapy in pulmonary tuberculosis. A controlled trial by the British Thoracic and Tuberculosis Association

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Short-course cyclical chemotherapy in advanced breast cancer

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Short-course treatment in pulmonary tuberculosis

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Short-course triple chemotherapy for diagnosis of tuberculosis

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Short-latency inputs to motor cortex in conscious monkeys [proceedings

Lemon, R.N.; van der Burg, J., 1979:
Short-latency peripheral inputs to thalamic neurones projecting to the motor cortex in the monkey

Lemon, R.N., 1979:
Short-latency peripheral inputs to the motor cortex in conscious monkeys

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Short-stay hospital care for mentally handicapped

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Short-stay surgery for inguinal hernia. Clinical outcome of the Shouldice operation

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Short-term alternating corticotherapy with single doses at 48 hour intervals in acute viral hepatitis

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Short-term and long-term effects of plasmapheresis on serum proteins and immunoglobulins

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Short-term and long-term effects of psychotropic drugs in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

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Short-term antithyroid drug therapy

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Short-term antithyroid drug therapy for the thyrotoxicosis of Graves's disease

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Short-term catheterization following electroresection of the prostate and adenomectomy

Anonymous, 1976:
Short-term chemotherapy of pulmonary tuberculosis. A controlled trial. The Research Committee of the Tuberculosis Association of India

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Short-term effects of aflatoxin B1 on serum lipids in subhuman primates

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Short-term effects of gamma-globulins on sleep organization in epileptic patients

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Short-term effects of insulin and glucagon on lipid synthesis in isolated rat hepatocytes. Covariance of acetyl-CoA carboxylase activity and the rate of 3H2O incorporation into fatty acids

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Short-term effects on Artemia salina of aponin and Gomphosphaeria aponina in unialgal cultures and in mixed cultures with gymnodinium breve

Bartus, R.T., 1978:
Short-term memory in the rhesus monkey: effects of dopamine blockade via acute haloperidol administration

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Short-term mutagenicity test systems for detecting carcinogens. Report of an International Symposium in Dortmund

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Short-term tissue reactions to enclosed glutaraldehyde-fixed tissue

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Short-term triiodothyronine in prevention of temporary hypothyroidism after subtotal thyroidectomy for Graves' disease

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Short-term use of lithium carbonate in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis

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Shortened adrenocortical response to trauma in repeatedly injured rats: effect on hepatic tyrosine aminotransferase

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Shortening of Escherichia coli F-prime F110 by deletion of plasmid-borne chromosomal DNA

Moth, B., 1978:
Shortwave diathermy and ultrasound in physiotherapy

Gayrard, P., 1978:
Should asthmatic patients laugh?

Brashear, R.E., 1978:
Should asymptomatic patients with inoperable bronchogenic carcinoma receive immediate radiotherapy? No

Taylor, T.V.; Lambert, M.E.; Qureshi, S.; Torrance, B., 1978:
Should cholecystectomy be combined with vagotomy and pyloroplasty?

Albano, W.A., 1977:
Should elderly patients undergo surgery for cancer

Bartlett, J.G.; Alexander, J.; Mayhew, J.; Sullivan-Sigler, N.; Gorbach, S.L., 1976:
Should fiberoptic bronchoscopy aspirates be cultured?

Dent, D.M., 1975:
Should he have an operation?

Vornbrock, J.G., 1979:
Should hospitals use zero-base planning and budgeting?

Olofsson, C., 1979:
Should long term care be scrapped? No, it has enormous development potential!

Thompson, M.H.; Venables, C.W., 1976:
Should peptic ulcer treatment relieve symptoms or heal ulcers?

Felman, Y.M., 1978:
Should prematiral syphilis serologies continue to be mandated by law?

Schroeder, J.S., 1977:
Should premature ventricular beats be treated in the ambulatory patient? A protagonist's view

D'Amato, P.H.; Taylor, J.B.; Rios, J.C., 1977:
Should premature ventricular beats be treated in the ambulatory patient? An antagonist's view

Anonymous, 1978:
Should renal-transplant patients be screened for C.M.V.?

D.Wachter, R., 1979:
Should the Shine-Dalgarno hypothesis be extended to eukaryotic protein initiation? [proceedings

Shurlock, B., 1979:
Should the lax set the pace?

Rozovsky, L.E., 1976:
Should the nurse's role be defined in law?

Freireich, E.J., 1979:
Should the patient know?

Van Dale, P.; Van Houtte, P.; D.J.ger, R.; Jacobovitz Derks, D.; Rocmans, P., 1978:
Should we still operate small cell carcinoma of the lung?

Jäger, M.; Wirth, C.J., 1977:
Shoulder arthrodesis and muscle transplantation for the functional improvement of upper-plexus lesions

Siegel, A.; Engelbrecht, E., 1977:
Shoulder joint endoprosthesis "St.Georg"

Kölbel, R.; Rohlmann, A.; Bergmann, G.; Friedebold, G., 1977:
Shoulder joint replacement-using the Kölbel-Friedebold method

Kedra, A.W.; Kutarski, A., 1977:
Shoulder-hand algodystrophic syndrome in patients following myocardial infarct

Griffin, A.J., 1975:
Shoulder-hand syndrome

Zaslavskiĭ, E.S.; Kotenko, V.V., 1978:
Shoulder-hand syndrome (reflex dystrophy of the upper extremity)

Low, L.C.; McCruden, D.C.; Ramsay, L.E., 1978:
Shoulder-hand syndrome after laparoscopic sterilisation

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Shoulder-hand syndrome associated with hemiplegia

Eto, F., 1978:
Shoulder-hand syndrome following hemiplegia.--1. Vasomotor disturbances in the paralysed upper extremity

Eto, F., 1978:
Shoulder-hand syndrome following hemiplegia.--2. Clinicopathological study on the cerebral localization and its pathogenetic role

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Shoulder-hand syndrome following myocardial infarct

Davis, S.W.; Petrillo, C.R.; Eichberg, R.D.; Chu, D.S., 1977:
Shoulder-hand syndrome in a hemiplegic population: a 5-year retrospective study

Anonymous, 1976:
Shoulder-pole clinics

Anonymous, 1976:
Shroud of silence is wearing thin

Bourgeois, M., 1979:
Shunning of incest in human and nonhuman primates. Preliminary note

Yamada, H.; Tajima, M.; Kageyama, N.; Nakamura, S., 1977:
Shuntgraphy and flushing device manometric test for functional evaluation of ventriculo-peritoneal shunts

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Shy and Drager syndrome. Physiopathological and pharmacological approach based upon one case

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Sialic acid content and IgG binding of the glycocalyx of preserved erythrocytes

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Sialic acid in thyroglobulin. II. Influence of sialic acid on ionization of tyrosine residues

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Sialic acid metabolism in rats undergoing chemically-induced mammary gland carcinogenesis in specific dietary states

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Sialidosis: a review of human neuraminidase deficiency

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Sialochemistry of KCS patients

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Sialogluciduria in lysosomal diseases: quantitative and qualitative analysis of urinary low molecular sialoglucides from patients with mucopolysaccharidosis and with mucolipidosis

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Sialoglycoproteins and filtration barriers in the glomerular capillary wall

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Sialographic findings in inflammations of the salivary glands

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Sialyl- and fucosyltransferases in the biosynthesis of asparaginyl-linked oligosaccharides in glycoproteins. Mutually exclusive glycosylation by beta-galactoside alpha2 goes to 6 sialyltransferase and N-acetylglucosaminide alpha1 goes to 3 fucosyltransferase

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Sialyltransferase in human malignant melanoma

Ledbetter, B.; Coldeerger, J., 1979:
Sibling visitation on a pediatric unit

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Sick sinus syndrome and AV node re-entry

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Sickle-cell anaemia and viscid aqueous humor associated with senile cataracts

Anonymous, 1977:
Sickle-cell arthropathy

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Sickle-cell disease: Two new therapeutic strategies

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Sickled erythrocytes, hyphema, and secondary glaucoma: II. Injected sickle cell erythrocytes into human, monkey, and guinea pig anterior chambers: the induction of sickling and secondary glaucoma

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Sickled erythrocytes, hyphema, and secondary glaucoma: VI. The relationship between intracameral blood cells and aqueous humor pH, PO2, and PCO2

Goldberg, M.F.; Tso, M.O., 1979:
Sickled erythrocytes, hyphema, and secondary glaucoma: VII. The passage of sickled erythrocytes out of the anterior chamber of the human and monkey eye: light and electron microscopic studies

Anonymous, 1979:
Sickness absence in hospital staff

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Side effects and contraindications of beta-receptor blocking agents

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Side effects of aminoglycosides: nephrotoxicity

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Side effects of antibiotics in patients with thermal burns

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Side effects of antitubercular agents in the neurologic and psychiatric area

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Side effects of azulfidine therapy

Sterz, H., 1975:
Side effects of beta receptor blockaders on the lungs

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Side effects of colaspase

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Side effects of drugs and in vivo tests

Pittner, H., 1979:
Side effects of drugs during pharmacotherapy at a medical clinic

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Side effects of drugs used to treat tuberculosis

Götestam, K.G., 1979:
Side effects of opiates and detoxication regime in opiate abuse

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Side effects of parenterally administered carbohydrates during the postoperative phase

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Side effects of phenothiazines

Jackson, R., 1978:
Side effects of potent topical corticosteroids

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Side effects of roentgen contrast media injections with and without antihistaminics

White,, 1979:
Side-effect of thiacetazone

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Side-effects of beta-adrenergic drugs

Nolte, D. , 1979:
Side-effects of oxygen therapy in patients with chronic lung disease

Andersson, K.E., 1979:
Side-effects of prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors

Blostein, R., 1979:
Side-specific effects of sodium on (Na,K)-ATPase. Studies with inside-out red cell membrane vesicles

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Sideeffects of colloids

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Sideroblast score: A sensitive indicator of iron deficiency and hypoproliferative anemia

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Sideroblastic anaemia and leukaemia in multiple myeloma

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Sidewinder angiographic catheter: easy formation aortic bifurcation

Dyke, S.C., 1975:
Sidney Campbell Dyke

Poppel, M.H.; Rubenfeld, S., 1979:
Sidney Rubenfeld, 1907--1978

Shipsey, M., 1978:
Sight on social work: the social worker's involvement with the patient undergoing cataract surgery

Williamson, V.M.; Doi, R.H., 1979:
Sigma factor is not released during transcription in Bacillus subtilis

Tanev, I., 1978:
Sigmoid colon tone in patients with bacillary dysentery

Godeau, P.; Herreman, G.; de Prost, Y.; Marty, J.P.; Baloc, P.T.; Gray, F., 1979:
Sigmoid perforation during the course of cholesterol emboli simulating polyarteritis nodosa

Anonymous, 1979:
Sign here for treatment

Coppola, R.; Tabor, R.; Buchsbaum, M.S., 1978:
Signal to noise ratio and response variability measurements in single trial evoked potentials

Anonymous, 1978:
Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation, Helsingfors: Neuroendocrine symposium, September 22-23, 1978, Swedish-Finnish Cultural Centre, Hanaholmen (Esbo), Finland. Abstracts

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Significance and limits of alpha-fetoprotein levels in the prenatal diagnosis of malformations of the central nervous system

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Significance and methods of the dye stuffs analysis under the specially consideration of the fluorochromes

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Significance and prognosis of a late systolic murmur as an isolated finding. Clinical course over 9-22 years

Borger, H.H., 1977:
Significance and therapy of extrasystole

Lee, J., 1976:
Significance in medical statistics

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Significance in neonatal myasthenia gravis of inhibitory effect of amniotic fluid on binding of antibodies to acetylcholine receptor

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Significance of 14q translocations in non-Hodgkin lymphomas

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Significance of Alfatesine in anesthesia for multiple dental extractions before major cardiac surgery

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Significance of HCG test in the diagnosis of gonadal dysfunction in boys

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Significance of HL-A antigens in rheumatic diseases

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Significance of HLA and non-HLA antigens in bone marrow transplantation

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Significance of HLA-D/DR matching in renal transplantation

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Significance of LDH-determination in children with suspected myocarditis

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Significance of PAS-positive myeloblastic leukemia

Fishman, A.; Isikoff, M.B.; Barkin, J.S.; Friedland, J.T., 1979:
Significance of a dilated pancreatic duct on CT examination

Böhm, S., 1978:
Significance of a general umbilical-cord pH for the evaluation of acidosis morbidity

Möschl, P.; Lubec, G.; Keiler, A.; Kreuzer, W., 1979:
Significance of alpha 1-acid glycoprotein for the diagnosis of stomach cancer

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Significance of alpha fetoprotein and human chorionic gonadotropin determination in malignant testicular tumors

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Significance of alpha-fetoprotein in liver disease

Kater, L.; Vogten, A.J., 1976:
Significance of anti-HBc in patients with hepatic disease. A comparative immunohistochemical study of blood and hepatic tissue

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Significance of anti-albumin antibodies in chronic liver disease

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Significance of anti-lymphocyte antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus

Svensson, S.O.; Emås, S.; Kaess, H.; Dörner, M., 1979:
Significance of antral pH for gastrin release by insulin hypoglycemia in duodenal ulcer patients

List, W.F., 1975:
Significance of blood gas analysis in anesthesiology

Kalenda, Z., 1977:
Significance of capnography in cases of pneumothorax occurring during artificial respiration

Mertz, D.P., 1978:
Significance of clearance values in advanced renal insufficiency

Ovchinnikov, I.M.; Savel'eva, K.A.; Lazarevich, I.V., 1978:
Significance of digestive organ pathology in the pathogenesis of chronic pharyngitis

Mazzuoli, G.F.; D'Erasmo, E.; Scarda, A.; Minisola, S.; Mancini, D.; Aliberti, L.M., 1979:
Significance of early increase in stable and radioactive plasma calcium after parathyroidectomy in primary hyperparathyroidism

Brock, D.J.; Barron, L.; Duncan, P.; Scrimgeour, J.B.; Watt, M., 1979:
Significance of elevated mid-trimester maternal plasma-alpha-fetoprotein values

Gräf, W., 1977:
Significance of environmental hygiene for aging individuals

Berman, M.L., 1975:
Significance of enzyme induction to clinical anesthesia

Klepzig, H., 1976:
Significance of ergometry for insurance medicine

Boone, D.J.; Tietz, N.W.; Weinstock, A., 1977:
Significance of gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) activity measurements in alcohol-induced hepatic injury

Brunner, H.; Schiller, G., 1977:
Significance of gamma-glutamyl-transpeptidase in the diagnosis of liver diseases

Nagamachi, Y., 1977:
Significance of gastric mucosal pepsinogen and plasma corticosteroid levels in the course of cinchophen ulceration

Kamata, S., 1979:
Significance of hemopoietic dysplasia--from the initial suggestion of the term, hemopoietic dysplasia, to the organization of Internation Preleukemia Study Group

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Significance of histopathological findings in Dupuytren's contracture

Baltă, N.; Lenkei, R.; Bordeianu, A.; Gheorghe, N.; Metz, L., 1978:
Significance of immuno-serological studies in chronic hepatopathies

Radhakrishman, S.; Mallick, M.A.; Samuel, V., 1978:
Significance of immunologic test in the detection of hepatocellular carcinoma

Wagner, V.; Wagnerová, M., 1977:
Significance of immunoreactive alpha 2-macroglobulin in health and disease

Mendez, G.; Isikoff, M.B., 1979:
Significance of intrapancreatic gas demonstrated by CT: a review of nine cases

Ikeda, K.; Suita, S., 1979:
Significance of lipid administration in intravenous hyperalimentation for children

King, C.R.; Prescott, G.; Pernoll, M., 1978:
Significance of meconium in midtrimester diagnostic amniocentesis

Gessa, G.L.; Gessa, R., 1976:
Significance of metabolites of cerebral monoamines in relation to neuronal function

Gasser, M., 1976:
Significance of microorganisms found in throat swabs

Kazarian, K.K.; Sharma, P.; Caron, N.; Arias, J.; Del Guercio, L.R., 1977:
Significance of mixed venous oxygen reserve in traumatic shock

Willgerodt, H., 1977:
Significance of modern in-vitro tests for thyroid diagnosis in childhood

Cattabeni, F.; Galli, C.L.; Groppetti, A.; Racagni, G., 1979:
Significance of neurochemical parameters in the preclinical evaluation of neuroleptic drugs

Myerowitz, R.L.; Norden, C.W.; Demchak, T.A., 1978:
Significance of noncapsular antigens in protection against experimental Haemophilus influenzae type b disease: cross-reactivity

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Significance of oscillation frequency in intrapartum fetal monitoring

Godaux, E.; Desmedt, J.E.; Genin, M.; Demaret, P., 1979:
Significance of phasic units observed in ballistic movement (proceedings)

Bustos, R.; Kulovich, M.V.; Gluck, L.; Gabbe, S.G.; Evertson, L.; Vargas, C.; Lowenberg, E., 1979:
Significance of phosphatidylglycerol in amniotic fluid in complicated pregnancies

Bajpayee, D.P., 1975:
Significance of plasma copper and caeruloplasmin concentrations in rheumatoid arthritis

Lotz, P.R.; Martel, W.; Rohwedder, J.J.; Green, R.A., 1979:
Significance of pneumomediastinum in blunt trauma to the thorax

Geryk, B.; Stolcová, E., 1978:
Significance of preventive and dispensary provisions for the correct therapy of undescended testes

Coggi, G.; Arpa, P., 1977:
Significance of proliferative lesions of bladder

Moss, A.J.; Bissada, N.K.; Boyd, C.M.; Hunter, W.C., 1979:
Significance of protein-bound neuraminic acid levels in patients with prostatic and bladder carcinoma

Boss, J.H.; Rosenmann, E., 1976:
Significance of reappearance of serum alpha-fetoprotein in the adult rat

Jagos, P.; Hofírek, B.; Hamsík, V.; Peroutková, Z., 1977:
Significance of ruminal juice examination in the diagnosis of subclinical rumen dysfunction

Zein, N.; Ganuza, C.; Kushner, I., 1979:
Significance of serum C-reactive protein elevation in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

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Significance of serum alpha fetoprotein and immunoglobulin G concentrations as a parameter of gestational-age examination in abnormalities and twins

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Significance of serum alpha-fetoprotein determination. Experiences with our own radioimmunoassay

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Significance of serum antigens and antibodies in obstetrical practice

Erdmann, E.; Krawietz, W.; Vogt, W., 1976:
Significance of serum digoxin concentration and its influencing factors

Ito, M., 1976:
Significance of shunting operation for compensated hydrocephalus--experimental study of the ependymal layer with HRP and electron microscopy--

Cherniakhovskiĭ, F.R.; Bychkov, V.A.; Mordvinova, N.B.; Baranova, G.V.; Atamanov, I.A., 1975:
Significance of some immunobiological indices in acute purulent destructive pneumonia in children

Liebetrau, B.; Grossmann, G., 1976:
Significance of starter cultures for raw sausage aging in view of food and nutrition hygiene

Nicolaescu, T.; Bittman, E.; Bordeianu, A.; Boros, I.; Gheorghe, N.; Stoiculescu, P., 1977:
Significance of the AgHB and of the immune reaction in chronic hepatitis

Hunold, W., 1977:
Significance of the Gastrotest in the analysis of gastric secretion

Ito, J.; Yamazaki, Y.; Fukuda, M.; Ueki, K., 1977:
Significance of the anterior cerebral vein in cerebral angiography

Strausz, I.; Baráth, P.; Kékes, E.; Szántó, A., 1978:
Significance of the apexcardiogram in non-invasive assessment of postextrasystolic potentiation

de Leeuw, P.W., 1979:
Significance of the autonomic nervous system for vascular and volume regulation

Sacco, F.; Benedetti Panici, P.; Villani, L.; D.R.berto, P.; Barile, G.; Iacobelli, S., 1978:
Significance of the contemporary determination of tumor associated antigens in patients with various types of neoplasms of the genital tract

Hansen, W.; Schoutens, E.; Yourassowsky, E., 1979 :
Significance of the detection of beta-galactosidase and of beta-xylosidase in the taxonomic study of the genus Haemophilus

Balogh, T.; Pejtsik, B.; Ambrus, M.; Bajtai, G.; Páli, K., 1975:
Significance of the determination of alpha-1 fetoprotein in intrauterine diagnosis

Miklós, U.; Anurás, K.; Dénes, M.; Lajos, D., 1977:
Significance of the determination of gamma glutamyl transpeptidase and enzyme activity in acute hepatitis

Forsum, U.; Klareskog, L.; Tjernlund, U.M.; Peterson, P.A., 1978:
Significance of the expression of HLA-DR antigen on epidermal Langerhans cells

Gesser, H., 1976:
Significance of the extracellular bicarbonate buffer system to anaerobic glycolysis in hypoxic muscle

Sasaki, S., 1979:
Significance of the intestinal bacterial flora

D.Iraldi, A.P., 1977:
Significance of the maillet method (ZIO) for cytochemical studies of subcellular structures

Shearer, G.M.; Schmitt-Verhulst, A.M.; Rehn, T.G., 1977:
Significance of the major histocompatibility complex as assessed by T-cell-mediated lympholysis involving syngeneic stimulating cells

Lomov LuM.K.pylov, V.A.; Prozorovskiĭ, S.V.; Polkovnikova, O.V.; Lopatina, N.V., 1977:
Significance of the morphology of colonies of cholera and NAG-vibrios for the laboratory diagnosis of cholera

Aznar, J.A.; Tascon, A.; Luño, E.; Rafecas, J.; Mayans, J.; Marty, M.L., 1977:
Significance of the quotient procoagulant f. VIII/antigenic f. VIII in disseminated intravascular coagulation

Yamawaki, H.; Tsukuda, H., 1979:
Significance of the variation in isozymes of liver lactate dehydrogenase with thermal acclimation in goldfish--II. Effect of pH

Bagnis, R.; Chanteau, S.; Yasumoto, T., 1977:
Significance of the various toxins present on dead coral substrata in the origin of ciguatera

Gericke, D.; Drahovsky, D., 1979:
Significance of tumor markers in clinical oncology

Anonymous, 1977:
Significance of tumor-associated antigens AFP and CEA in obstetric and gynecologic diagnosis

Pickenhain, L., 1976:
Significane of internal feedback for the learning process (demonstrated on the example of motoric learning)

Betzler, M.; Flad, H.D., 1979:
Significnace of tumor-immunology tests in surgery

Zamacona Ravelo, G.; Rossi Flores, J.C., 1975:
Signs of allergic rhinitis

Hoffman, P., 1976:
Signs tell patients where to go

Tacke, R., 1977:
Sila analogs of meflophenhydramine

Kovacs, K.; Horvath, E.; Bayley, T.A.; Hassaram, S.T.; Ezrin, C., 1978:
Silent corticotroph cell adenoma with lysosomal accumulation and crinophagy. A distinct clinicopathologic entity

Hara, M.; Takeuchi, K., 1978:
Silent glioma

Anonymous, 1979:
Silent prevention

Rudolph, H., 1975:
Silhouette projection as a visual aid in education of crown and bridge technics

Hsiung, H.M.; Wu, J.; McPherson, T.A., 1978:
Silica gel radioimmunoassay for myelin basic protein

Chipperfield, B.; Chipperfield, J.R.; Bower, N.R., 1977:
Silicon and aluminium in heart deaths

Schwarz, K., 1977:
Silicon, fibre, and atherosclerosis

Peeters, R.; D.S.hepper, A.; Van Vooren, W.; Hubens, A., 1978:
Silicone catheter embolisation during total parenteral nutrition

Cockington, R.A., 1979:
Silicone elastomer for nasojejunal intubation and central venous cannulation in neonates

Pscheidt, G.R.; Meltzer, H.Y., 1976:
Siliconising agent inhibits platelet M.A.O

Beck, B.; Irmscher, G.; Zschunke, E., 1976:
Silicosis and scleroderma--attempt at synopsis

Tanaka, D.; Goldman, P.S., 1976:
Silver degeneration and autoradiographic evidence for a projection from the principal sulcus to the septum in the rhesus monkey

Ogawa, Y., 1979:
Silver impregnation for nervous tissues with potassium ferrocyanide

Tolivia, D., 1977:
Silver impregnation of the nervous centers in paraffin sections

Endo, S., 1976:
Silver methenamine and phosphotungstic acid staining of the acrosome of Mytilus edulis

Menkes, B.; Miclea, C., 1975:
Silver nitrate impregnated granules in the chick embryo pituitary gland

Bourgeois, C.A.; Hernandez-Verdun, D.; Hubert, J.; Bouteille, M., 1979:
Silver staining of NORs in electron microscopy

Gallyas, F., 1979:
Silver staining of myelin by means of physical development

Dresser, M.E.; Moses, M.J., 1979:
Silver staining of synaptonemal complexes in surface spreads for light and electron microscopy

Riley, D.A., 1977:
Silver staining the caveolae intracellularis of smooth muscle

Spinelli, D.N., 1975:
Silver tipped metal microelectrodes: a new method for recording and staining single neurones

Plewig, G.; Lincke, H.; Wolff, H.H., 1977:
Silver-blue nails

Zenzes, M.T.; Schmid, M.; Engel, W., 1977:
Silver-stained nucleolus organizers in the guinea pig, Cavia cobaya

Pathak, S.; Hsu, T.C., 1979:
Silver-stained structures in mammalian meiotic prophase

Vogel, W.; Schempp, W.; Puel, V., 1978:
Silver-staining specificity in metaphases after incorporation of 5-bromodeoxyuridine (BUDR)

Brade, L.; Schmidt, W.A., 1979:
Simian rotavirus (SA 11) in serodiagnosis of human rotavirus infections

Ramia, S.; Sattar, S.A., 1979:
Simian rotavirus SA-11 plaque formation in the presence of trypsin

Deppert, W., 1978:
Simian virus 40 (SV40)-specific proteins associated with the nuclear matrix isolated from adenovirus type 2-SV40 hybrid virus-infected HeLa cells carry SV40 U-antigen determinants

Deppert, W., 1979:
Simian virus 40 T- and U-antigens: immunological characterization and localization in different nuclear subfractions of simian virus 40-transformed cells

Reddy, V.B.; Ghosh, P.K.; Lebowitz, P.; Piatak, M.; Weissman, S.M., 1979:
Simian virus 40 early mRNA's. I. Genomic localization of 3' and 5' termini and two major splices in mRNA from transformed and lytically infected cells

Deppert, W.; Pates, R., 1979:
Simian virus 40 specific proteins on surface of HeLa cells infected with adenovirus 2--SV40 hybrid virus Ad2+ND2

Deppert, W.; Walter, G.; Linke, H., 1977:
Simian virus 40 tumor-specific proteins: subcellular distribution and metabolic stability in HeLa cells infected with nondefective adenovirus type 2-simian virus 40 hybrid viruses

Deppert, W.; Walter, G., 1976:
Simian virus to (SV40) tumor-specific proteins in nucleus and plasma membrane of HeLa cells infected by adenovirus 2-SV40 hybrid virus Ad2+ND2

Ross, D.L.; Vohra, J.K.; Sloman, J.G., 1979:
Similar QRS morphology in sinus rhythm and ventricular tachycardia

Castilla, C.; Paris, H.; Murat, J.C., 1978:
Similar distribution of the activities of neutral alpha-glucosidase (gamma-amylase) and glucose-6-phosphatase in subcellular fractions from rat and trout livers

Order, S.E., 1978:
Similar lymphocytes in Hodgkin's disease and breast cancer

Bisby, M.A., 1977:
Similar polypeptide composition of fast-transported proteins in rat motor and sensory axons

Sacks, H.S.; Shahshahani, M.; Kitabchi, A.E.; Fisher, J.N.; Young, R.T., 1979:
Similar responsiveness of diabetic ketoacidosis to low-dose insulin by intramuscular injection and albumin-free infusion

Buligescu, L.; Lenkei, R.; Leaşu, T.; Cherciu, C., 1976:
Similarities and differences of the AgHB+ and AgHB- forms of aggressive chronic hepatitis

Curry, R.C.; Pepine, C.J.; Sabom, M.B.; Conti, C.R., 1979:
Similarities of ergonovine-induced and spontaneous attacks of variant angina

Rovnova, E.I.; Kosiakov, P.N.; Isaeva, E.I.; Pankratov, V.S., 1975:
Similarity and difference in the antigenic composition of hemagglutinins isolated from influenza A2 viruses at different time intervals

Baumal, R., 1979:
Similarity of casein- and endotoxin-induced, myeloma- associated and aged SJL/J amyloid in various strains of mice

Ramseier, H.; Aguet, M.; Lindenmann, J., 1977:
Similarity of idiotypic determinants of T-and B-lymphocyte receptors for alloantigens

McCabe, R., 1977:
Simon Community

Watson, J.R.; Lawrence, R.C.; Lovering, E.G., 1978:
Simple GLC analysis of anticonvulsant drugs in commercial dosage forms

Taylor, M.R.; Keane, C.T.; Kerrison, I.M.; Stronge, J.L., 1979:
Simple and effective measures for control of enteric cross-infection in a children's hospital

Díez-Canseco Gambetta, J.; Montalvo Mingot, L., 1977:
Simple and multiple adenomatous gastric polyposis. Study of 25 cases

Chang, Z.L.; Papendick, V.E., 1976:
Simple and rapid determination of a new pharmaceutically active amine hydrochloride

Kapuściński, J.; Skoczylas, B., 1977:
Simple and rapid fluorimetric method for DNA microassay

Khramov, V.A.; Spasov, A.A., 1979:
Simple and sensitive method for determining indole derivatives in biological specimens

Zaĭchik, V.E.; Tsisliak, I.V., 1978:
Simple apparatus for lyophilization of biological products

Vasilenko, V.E., 1979:
Simple apparatus for measured delivery of small quantities of substances during their semiquantitative determination by thin-layer chromatography

Shaw, W.A.; Harlan, W.R., 1977:
Simple assay for glycerophospholipid hydrolase activity of postheparin plasma

Brown, O.R.; Stees, J.L., 1976:
Simple assay for the condensation component enzyme (beta-ketoacyl synthetase) of fatty acid synthetase

Goldson, A.L.; Young, J.; Espinoza, M.C.; Henschke, U.K., 1978:
Simple but sophisticated immobilization casts

Truskov, V.M.; Ardavichene, T.A., 1978:
Simple chamber for the microelectrophoresis

Prokhorov, M.Iu.; Tiunov, M.P.; Shakalis, D.A., 1977:
Simple colorimetric micromethod of determination of free fatty acids

Anonymous, 1977:
Simple cystometry

Shida, H.; Morimoto, M.; Inokawa, K.; Tsugane, J.; Ikeda, Y., 1979:
Simple deep hypothermia for open-heart surgery

Goto, K.; Akematsu, T.; Shimazu, H.; Sugiyama, T., 1975:
Simple differential Giemsa staining of sister chromatids after treatment with photosensitive dyes and exposure to light and the mechanism of staining

Pekkel', V.A., 1977:
Simple fluorometer based on a model of photoelectrocolorimeter FEK-56

Poochikian, G.K.; Cradock, J.C., 1979:
Simple high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the separation of 3,6-diacetylmorphine hydrochloride (heroin) and hydrolysis products

Matthiesen, U., 1979:
Simple identification of barbiturates after methylation with DMF-DMA by capillary gas chromatography and mass spectrometry

Hiramatsu, Y., 1978:
Simple interpretation of radiograms. 7. Abdominal radiograms. (2)

Hirosawa, K.; Hiramatsu, Y., 1978:
Simple interpretation of radiograms. 8. X-ray examination of the upper gastrointestinal tract (1)

Hirosawa, K.; Hiramatsu, Y., 1978:
Simple interpretation of radiographs. 10. Raised lesions of the gastric wall

Hirasawa, K.; Hiramatsu, Y., 1978:
Simple interpretation of radiographs. 12. Angiography (1)

Hiramatsu, Y., 1979:
Simple interpretation of radiographs. 15. CT scanning. (2)

Hirosawa, K.; Hiramatsu, Y., 1978:
Simple interpretation of radiographs. 9. X-ray diagnosis of the upper gastrointestinal system (2)

Hirosawa, K.; Hiramatsu, Y., 1979:
Simple interpretation of x-ray pictures. 13. Angiography (2). Lymphography

Hiramatsu, Y.; Hara, H., 1979:
Simple interpretation of x-ray pictures. 14. CT scan (1)

Kobler, E.; Sulser, H.; Deyhle, P., 1976:
Simple intravital staining as a diagnostic aid in control gastroscopy in pernicious anemia

Pirogov, A.A.; Orlov, A.A., 1978:
Simple means of recording spike activity of cerebral neurons in unrestricted animals

England, J.M.; Hewer, M.G.; Bashford, C.C.; Hughes-Jones, N.C.; Down, M.C., 1975:
Simple method for automating the differential leucocyte-count

Baird, I.; Littlewood, E.R.; Ornstein, M., 1978:
Simple method for faecal collection

Silverbach, S., 1979:
Simple method for marking knee arthrograms

Gremillion, D.E., 1979:
Simple method for passage of small-bore nasogastric feeding catheter

Gaidamovich, S.Y.; Melnikova, E.E.; Krasnobaeva, Z.N., 1977:
Simple method for preparation of immune sera to envelope and nucleocapsid antigens of Semliki Forest virus

Bratthall, D.; Hager, B., 1977:
Simple method for the evaluation of the buffering action and secretory velocity of saliva

Schössler, W.; Zorn, H.; Patzelt, D., 1979:
Simple method for the preparation of haptoglobin

Bruckner, I.I., 1978:
Simple method of establishing the dosage of antibiotics in chronic renal insufficiency

Somova, L.A.; Blinova, N.I.; Chakhava, O.V., 1977:
Simple method of growing sporeless anaerobic microorganisms on flat media

Mallea, L.; Diaz, J.V.; Gonzales-Griego, A., 1979:
Simple method of isolating lymphocytes from human peripheral blood

Dalmatov, V.V.; Klishevich, V.P.; Matushchenko, A.A., 1979:
Simple method of obtaining erythrocytic diagnostic agents for titration of antimeningococcal antibodies

Zuev, V.A.; Mirchink, E.P.; Peters, V.V.; Isaeva, E.A., 1975:
Simple method of preparation of a semifluid coating medium with methylcellulose for the determination of the plaque-forming abilities of viruses

Maĭzel', E.B.; Kasymov, A.K., 1978:
Simple method of protection of the reaction mixture from the effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide in potentiometric titration

Ivanov, A.I., 1975:
Simple method of separation of AZO-derivatives of bile bilirubin with the aid of paper chromatography

Geisen, H.P.; Frank, R.; Doerr, H.W.; Enders, G., 1979:
Simple method to detect virus-specific IgM antibodies in patients' serum samples after immunosorption of immunoglobulins G and A

Bellon, G.; Hornebeck, W.; Derouette, J.C.; Robert, L., 1978:
Simple methods for the quantification of elastase and its inhibitors in human sera

Moin, V.M., 1975:
Simple micro-express method of globulin determination

Hammes, G.G.; Rodbell, M., 1976 :
Simple model for hormone-activated adenylate cyclase systems

Inui, J.; Miura, Y.; Imamura, H., 1977:
Simple on-line digital determination of the cardiac action potential and its application

Koelz, H.R.; Brändli, H.H.; Blum, A.L., 1975:
Simple perfusion pump for gastrointestinal manometry

Delacroix, D.; Vaerman, J.P., 1979:
Simple purification of goat IgG1 and IgG2 subclasses by chromatography on protein A-sepharose at various pH

Givental', N.I.; Bogdanova, L.F., 1978:
Simple qualitative methods of detecting beta-lactamase-producing strains of microorganisms

Malawista, S.E., 1978:
Simple screening test on clotted blood for chronic granulomatous disease of childhood

Dusitsin, N.; Promsuttirak, P., 1976:
Simple smear method to identify the vas quickly

Torney, D.L.; Espinosa, H.D., 1976:
Simple teaching aid with clinical applications

Victorov, I.; Nguyen-Legros, J.; Boutry, J.M.; Gay, M.; Berger, B.; Hauw, J.J., 1978:
Simple technic for culture of locus coeruleus nucleus in the newborn mouse

Smith, Q.T.; Hamilton, M.J.; Shapiro, B.L., 1976:
Simple technique for detection of cystic fibrosis heterozygotes and homozygotes

Severinghaus, J.W., 1979:
Simple, accurate equations for human blood O2 dissociation computations

Yvert, J.P.; Mazière, B.; Verhas, M.; Comar, D., 1979:
Simple, fast preparation of gallium-68-labelled human serum albumin microspheres

Schneider, P.B., 1979:
Simple, rapid thyroid function testing with 99mTc-pertechnetate thyroid uptake ratio and neck/thigh ratio

Uete, T.; Morikawa, M.; Shimizu, S.; Shimano, N.; Konishi, A., 1977:
Simple, refined fluorometric method for measuring cystyl-amino peptidase activity

Kuo, M.; Jones, C.R.; Mahn, T.H.; Miller, P.R.; Nicholls, L.J.; Gibbons, W.A., 1979:
Simplification and spin-spin analysis of the side chain proton magnetic resonance spectrum of the decapeptide gramicidin S using difference scalar decoupling and biosynthesis of specifically deuterated analogs

Naeim, F.; Gregg, B.; Gatti, R.A.; Leibold, W.; Walford, R.L., 1977:
Simplification of B-cell antisera of the Merrit system with platelets and lymphoblastoid cell lines

Wittekind, D.; Hilgarth, M.; Kretschmer, V., 1979:
Simplification of the Papanicolaou stain which is easily reproducable

Kalina, G.P., 1979:
Simplified and accelerated methods of determining the generic affiliation of bacteria of the intestinal bacilli group

Huguenard, P., 1978:
Simplified anesthesia in case of disaster

Fike, R.M.; van Oss, C.J., 1979:
Simplified cell microelectrophoretic method applied to the macrophage electrophoretic mobility test for cancer diagnosis

Higuchi, S.; Urabe, H.; Shiobara, Y., 1979:
Simplified determination of lorazepam and oxazepam in biological fluids by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Semenov, S.M.; Tikhonov, A.S., 1977:
Simplified liquid nutrient media for controlling antibiotic activity, the spectrum of their antibacterial action and the sensitivity of microorganisms

Vediayev, I.P.; Antonov, I.I.; Kharitonov, B.B., 1978:
Simplified method for elaboration of tissues excised for replantation during radical operations of elephantiasis

Supriaga, V.G., 1976:
Simplified method of laboratory diagnosis of strongyloidiasis

Górski, T.; Syrowatka, T., 1979:
Simplified method of separation and determination of residues of chloroorganic pesticides and polychlorinated diphenyls in human fatty tissue

Kaufman, S.L., 1979:
Simplified method of transcatheter embolization with polyvinyl alcohol foam (Ivalon)

Hatano, R.; Yamada, T.; Sunamori, M.; Tsukuura, T.; Sakamoto, T., 1975:
Simplified operative technique for the long-segment atypical coarctation of the aorta

Seaman, G.V.; Swank, R.L.; Tamblyn, C.H.; Zukoski, C.F., 1979:
Simplified red-cell electrophoretic mobility test for multiple sclerosis

Haukenes, G., 1979:
Simplified rubella haemagglutination inhibition test not requiring removal of non-specific inhibitors

West, M.; Burdash, N.M.; Freimuth, F., 1977 :
Simplified silver-plating stain for flagella

Chan, K.C.; Fuller, J.L., 1977:
Simplified soldering of cast gold contacts

Grossman, S.H.; Mollo, E.; Ertingshausen, G., 1976:
Simplified, totally enzymatic method for determination of serum triglycerides with a centrifugal analyzer

Ballinger, B.R., 1979:
Simulated discharge system of prescription and long-term drug treatment in a psychiatric hospital

Colby, L.E.; Bevis, R.R., 1978:
Simulated intraoral laser microwelding of orthodontic appliances

Lipp, M.; Koch, E.; Brandner, G.; Bredt, W., 1979:
Simulation and prevention of retrovirus--specific reactions by mycoplasmas

Meier zu Eissen, P.; Blaszcyk, N.; Schmauss, A.K., 1975:
Simulation of ankylosis

Schreiner, R.L.; Stevens, D.; Gosling, C.G.; Sternecker, C.L.; Gresham, E.L., 1979:
Simulators to teach pediatric skills

Levy, H.R.; Daouk, G.H., 1979:
Simultaneous analysis of NAD- and NADP-linked activities of dual nucleotide-specific dehydrogenases. Application to Leuconostoc mesenteroides glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

Zeki, S.M., 1977:
Simultaneous anatomical demonstration of the representation of the vertical and horizontal meridians in areas V2 and V3 of rhesus monkey visual cortex

Franchimont, P.; Zangerle, P.F.; Nogarede, J.; Bury, J.; Molter, F.; Reuter, A.; Hendrick, J.C.; Collette, J., 1976:
Simultaneous assays of cancer-associated antigens in various neoplastic disorders

Hutchinson, D.N.; Hesling, A.G.; Darling, W.M., 1977:
Simultaneous bacterial and viral infections of meninges

Squadrini, F.; Taparelli, F.; Giovannini, G.; Vaccari, F., 1977:
Simultaneous bacterial and viral meningitis

Abele, R.; Alberto, P.; Germano, G.; Obrecht, J.P.; Wagenknecht, L., 1976:
Simultaneous combination of adriamycin, bleomycin, cyclohexyl-chloroethyl nitrosourea with dimethyl-triazeno imidazole carboxamide in the treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma

Chang, R.J.; Buster, J.E.; Blakely, J.L.; Okada, D.M.; Hobel, C.J.; Abraham, G.E.; Marshall, J.R., 1976:
Simultaneous comparison of delta 5-3beta-hydroxysteroid levels in the fetoplacental circulation of normal pregnancy in labor and not in labor

Weber, T.; Secher, N.J., 1979:
Simultaneous continuous pH- and PaO2-measurements during labour. Case-report

Niwa, Y.; Yamamoto, K.; Kita, E.; Umegaki, K., 1979:
Simultaneous demonstration of phagocytic function by polystyrene latex particles and cytochemistry in human normal and leukemic cells

Howarth, A.T.; Clegg, G., 1978:
Simultaneous detection and quantitation of drugs commonly involved in self-administered overdoses

Müller, G.; Klug, H., 1979:
Simultaneous detection of pili and capsules on Neisseria gonorrhoeae by means of the electron microscope

Chezzi, C.; Dettori, G.; Manzari, V.; Aglianò, A.M.; Sanna, A., 1976:
Simultaneous detection of reverse transcriptase and high molecular weight RNA in tissue of patients with Hodgkin's disease and patients with leukemia

Shimizu, N.; Dorman, B.P.; Ruddle, F.H., 1978:
Simultaneous detection of two unlinked human surface antigens on single hybrid cells by indirect immunofluorescence

Ehrsson, H., 1976:
Simultaneous determination of (-)- and (+)- propranolol by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry using a deuterium labeling technique

Burgschat, H.; Netter, K.J., 1977:
Simultaneous determination of 4-nitroanisole, 4-nitrophenol, and 4-nitrocatechol by phase-sensitive ac polarography

El-Aaser, A.A.; El-Merzabani, M.M., 1975:
Simultaneous determination of 5'-nucleotidase and alkaline phosphatase activities in serum

Senf, L.; Walch, R.; Scholz, E.; Macheleidt, S., 1978:
Simultaneous determination of I-125-hippuran and Cr 51-EDTA clearance in children (proceedings)

Chernomordik, A.B., 1976:
Simultaneous determination of antibiotic sensitivity in a number of bacterial cultures

Lund, U.; Hansen, S.H., 1978:
Simultaneous determination of atropine and its acidic and basic degradation products by mixed-column high-performance liquid chromatography

Kawahara, K.; Ofuji, T., 1979:
Simultaneous determination of befunolol, a beta-blocking agent, and its metabolite in human plasma by gas chromatography with electron-caputre detection

Minneman, K.P.; Hegstrand, L.R.; Molinoff, P.B., 1979:
Simultaneous determination of beta-1 and beta-2-adrenergic receptors in tissues containing both receptor subtypes

Krobitsyn, V.T., 1976:
Simultaneous determination of functional capacity of the stromal and surface cells of the stomach

Cone, E.J.; Darwin, W.D., 1978:
Simultaneous determination of hydromorphone, hydrocodone and their 6alpha- and 6beta-hydroxy metabolites in urine using selected ion recording with methane chemical ionization

Gotelli, G.R.; Stanfill, R.E.; Kabra, P.M.; Farina, F.A.; Marton, L.J., 1978:
Simultaneous determination of phosphatidylglycerol and the lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio in amniotic fluid

Walle, T.; Morrison, J.; Walle, K.; Conradi, E., 1975:
Simultaneous determination of propranolol and 4-hydroxypropranolol in plasma by mass fragmentography

Tunell, G.L.; Hart, M.N., 1977:
Simultaneous determination of skeletal muscle fiber, types I, IIA, and IIB by histochemistry

Rigo, A.; Rotilio, G., 1977:
Simultaneous determination of superoxide dismutase and catalase in biological materials by polarography

Bustamante, A.; Bakos, E.; D.S.orni, P.D., 1978:
Simultaneous diagnosis of Chagas and toxoplasmosis infections using indirect immunofluorescence

Green, M.R., 1975:
Simultaneous differential staining of nucleic acids, proteins, conjugated proteins and polar lipids by a cationic carbocyanine dye

Viamonte, M.; viamonte, M., 1975:
Simultaneous double-image display technic: didactic application

Lefèbvre, N., 1975 :
Simultaneous excision of two prophages Mu-lc+

Veatch, W.R.; Mathies, R.; Eisenberg, M.; Stryer, L., 1975:
Simultaneous fluorescence and conductance studies of planar bilayer membranes containing a highly active and fluorescent analog of gramicidin A

Teodorescu, M.; Mayer, E.P.; Dray, S., 1976:
Simultaneous identification of T and B cells in blood smears using antibody coated bacteria

Utekhin, V.I.; Vörös, J., 1979:
Simultaneous identification of enterocytes with acidophilic granules and enterochromaffin cells of the human intestinal mucosa by using Gomori's trichrome mixture

Dickinson, R.J.; Murdoch, J.M.; Edmond, E., 1976:
Simultaneous infection of the meninges by Coxsackie B virus and Neisseria meningitidis in an elderly female

Berdal, P.; Iversen, O.H.; Weyde, R., 1975:
Simultaneous intermittent bleomycin and radiological treatment of laryngeal cancer

Emans, J.H., 1977:
Simultaneous interpretation

Kabra, P.M.; Koo, H.Y.; Marton, L.J., 1978:
Simultaneous liquid-chromatographic determination of 12 common sedatives and hypnotics in serum

Ajika, K., 1979:
Simultaneous localization of LHRH and catecholamines in rat hypothalamus

Kabra, P.M.; Stafford, B.E.; Marton, L.J., 1977:
Simultaneous measurement of phenobarbital, phenytoin, primidone, ethosuximide, and carbamazepine in serum by high-pressure liquid chromatography

Rippe, B.; Kamiya, A.; Folkow, B., 1978:
Simultaneous measurements of capillary diffusion and filtration exchange during shifts in filtration-absorption and at graded alterations in the capillary permeability surface area products (PS)

Lund, G.F.; Folk, G.E., 1976:
Simultaneous measurements of heart rate and oxygen consumption in black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus)

Joyner, W.L.; Svensjö, E.; Arfors, K.E., 1979:
Simultaneous measurements of macromolecular leakage and arteriolar blood flow as altered by PGE1 and beta 2-receptor stimulant in the hamster cheek pouch

Go, V.L., 1976:
Simultaneous measurements of tumour-associated antigens in gastrointestinal cancer

LaManna, J.C.; Saive, J.J.; Macdonald, V.W.; Jöbsis, F.F., 1978:
Simultaneous monitoring by optical techniques of respiratory chain and intracellular pH in toad ventricle strip

Sydykov, K.S.; Isabekov, N.I., 1979:
Simultaneous multiple open and closed fractures of the pelvic bones with an isolated injury to the femoral artery and rupture of the bladder (a case from practice)

Arnold, W.; Hess, G.; Meyer zum Büschenfelde, K.H.; Kösters, W.; Biswas, R.; Strauch, M.; Knolle, J., 1976:
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Simultaneous recording of Ca2+ and pH when studying the processes of calcium transport in sarcoplasmic reticulum

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Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of trimethoprim and sulphamethoxazole in pharmaceutical preparations

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Simultaneous transcutaneous oxygen tension and tissue pH monitoring in sick neonates

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Simultaneous a common language?

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Simultaneous transvesical prostatectomy and reconstructive surgery of inguinoscrotal hernia

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Simultaneous use of CEA and GGT in the diagnosis of hepatic metastasis

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Simultaneous visualization of two antigens in the same tissue section by combining immunoperoxidase with immunofluorescence techniques

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Sinal myoclonus

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Singing, signing, smiling: total communication for non-verbal hearing children

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Single cell studies on the antibody-forming potential of fractionated, hapten-specific B lymphocytes

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Single daily dose of pindolol in the treatment of arterial hypertension

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Single frequency RF powered ECG telemetry system

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Single mechanosensitive ion channel--a model of elementary reception acts and macromolecular transformations

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Single oral dose of cimetidine and prolactin

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Single pass fine-needle aspiration biopsy

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Single solution for oral therapy of diarrhoea

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Single trauma as a cause of periodontal pocket

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Single unit activity in the lateral amygdala of the cat during sleep and waking

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Single, well centered lateral view of lumbosacral spine: is coned view necessary?

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Single- and multiple-dose kinetics of estazolam, a triazolo benzodiazepine

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Single-antibiotic therapy for streptococcal endocarditis

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Single-channel biochemical automatic unit AB-1

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Single-channel parameters of gramicidin A,B, and C

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Single-contrast/double-contrast Gi

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Single-dose glucocorticoid for prevention of respiratory-distress syndrome

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Single-dose minocycline in the treatment of gonococcal urethritis. Clinical efficacy in relation to bacterial resistance and its effects on associated Chlamydia trachomatis infections

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Single-drug chemotherapy of bladder cancer with adriamycin, VM-26 or bleomycin. A phase II multicentric, co-operative study

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Single-mouse urine collection and pH monitoring system

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Single-radial-complement-fixation: a new immunodiffusion technique. Assay of the antibody response to the type-specific antigens of influenza virus in post-infection human sera

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Single-step selection of clones of a mouse hepatoma line deficient in aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase

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Single-strand breakage on binding of DNA to cells in the genetic transformation of Diplococcus pneumoniae

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Single-strand scission and repair of DNA in mammalian cells by bleomycin

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Single-stranded regions in Streptococcus pneumoniae chromosomal deoxyribonucleic acid and their relation to transformation

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Single-unit activity in the auditory cortex of monkeys selectively attending left vs. right ear stimuli

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Singlet oxygen as a mediator in the hematoporphyrin-catalyzed photooxidation of NADPH to NADP+ in deuterium oxide

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Sinister eosinophils and the heart

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Sino-atrial node lesion and its role in the development of different disorders of cardiac rhythm

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Sinoatrial pacemaker shift following atrial stimulation in man

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Sinus extrasystole

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Sinus node function in man. Statistical analysis

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Sinusoidal fetal heart rate pattern following intrauterine fetal transfusion

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Sipple disease

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Sipple families

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Sipple's syndrome: type II endocrine polyneoplasia

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Sir Hugh Robson

Robson, K., 1979:
Sir Kenneth Robson

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Sir Richard Christophers: A Tribute

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Sirepar treatment of psoriasis

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Sister Janet Hunting, M.B.H.A. Sister at Christies Beach Community Health Centre

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Sister Mary Joseph's nodule and its relationship to diagnosis of carcinoma of the umbilicus

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Sister chromatid differential staining by direct staining in Na2HPO4-Giemsa solution and the mechanism involved

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Site dependence for topical absorption of nitroglycerin in rats

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Site of Epstein-Barr virus replication in the oropharynx

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Site of action of RNase I on the 50 S ribosome of Escherichia coli and the association of the enzyme with the partially degraded subunit

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Site of action of oestrogens in controlling the release of LH and FSH in the rhesus monkey

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Site of bicarbonate effect in Hill reaction. Evidence from the use of artificial electron acceptors and donors

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Site specificity of bleomycin-mediated single-strand scissions and alkali-labile damage in duplex DNA

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Site-directed mutagenesis: effect of an extracistronic mutation on the in vitro propagation of bacteriophage Qbeta RNA

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Site-exposure model for proton-lactose symport in Escherichia coli

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Site-site interactions among insulin receptors. Characterization of the negative cooperativity

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Site-specific anti-cytochrome c antibodies. Inhibition of the reactions between cytochrome c and its respiratory chain electron exchange partners

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Sites of alkylation of poly(U) by agents of varying carcinogenicity and stability of products

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Sites of breakdown of the blood-aqueous barrier after paracentesis of the rhesus monkey eye

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Sites of organic acid production and patterns of digesta movement in the gastrointestinal tract of the rock hyrax

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Sites of the barium effect on Helix heart muscle cells

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Sites within gene lacZ of Escherichia coli for formation of active hybrid beta-galactosidase molecules

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Sitting on the fence in x-ray reporting

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Situation and trends of hyposensitisation treatment

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Situation of elderly dialysis patients as judged by the physicians in charge

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Six cases of cerebromedullospinal disconnection after cardiac arrest

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Six flaws revealed: how to make your audit/MCE studies more meaningful

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Six years of H2-antagonists

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Six years' experience with cryosurgery in the oral cavity

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Six-drug combination chemotherapy for nonresectable bronchogenic carcinoma

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Six-monthly dental checks

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Six-monthly dental examinations

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Six-year M.D. at Boston University

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Six-year M.D. at Northwestern University

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Six-year experience with phosphate substitution in the postoperative phase

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Sixth life sciences symposium: the impact of energy production on health. II. The development and communication of health information. September 13-15, 1978

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Size and shape of mycoplasma virus MV-Lg-L 172 DNA

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Size and transforming activity of deoxyribonucleic acid in Diplococcus pneumoniae during thymidine starvation

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Size distribution of colonies for the detection of cytogenetic lesions due to X-rays and cytostatics

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Size increase and form allometry during evolution of ciliate species in the genera Colpoda and Tillina (Ciliophora: Colpodida)

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Size of pellets and individual properties of boar semen in relation to the number of motile spermatozoa following defrosting

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Size of the "distortion" area of the membrane close to the ion channel formed by gramicidin A

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Size-specific information channels and selective attention: visual evoked potential and behavioral measures

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Skaraborg's formula with high staff flexibility: feelings are high

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Skateboard injuries

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Skeletal abnormalities in storage diseases

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Skeletal changes in neurofibromatosis

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Skeletal maturation and its relation to clinical orthodontics

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Skeletal muscle PO2: indicator of peripheral tissue perfusion in haemorrhagic shock

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Skeletal muscle bloodflow, bloodgas and electrolyte changes after 1-3 hours of arterial occlusion in man

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Skeletal muscle lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in rats after space flight and in hypokinesia

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Skeletal muscles and the potassium balance in acute massive blood loss

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Skeletal regeneration in a Red Sea scleractinian coral population

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Skeletal tuberculosis

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Sketch of the habits of the howling monkey (Allouatta sp.) and report of the preliminary study of this primate in the tropical biological station of "Los Tuxtlas" Veracruz, Mexico

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Ski boot compression syndrome

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Skin absortion of 8-hydroxyquinolines

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Skin alterations in collagenoses

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Skin changes in graft-vs-host disease

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Skin changes in the use of the antineoplastic antibiotic bleomycin

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Skin cleansing and bath therapy in skin diseases. Part 2: Skin cleansing in dermatoses, bath therapy

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Skin closure with polyglycolic acid (Dexon)

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Skin disease in cattle, caused by Dermatophilus congolensis

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Skin eruptions due to azapropazone

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Skin flap esophagostomy. A new procedure

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Skin impedance, an objective criterion of the functional state of the autonomic branches of the nervous system

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Skin irritation in newborns

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Skin lesions in graft versus host disease

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Skin lesions responding to zinc oil during total parenteral feeding

Anonymous, 1979:
Skin manifestation of internal diseases

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Skin manifestations in nervous system diseases. New dermatological data of neurological interest

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Skin manifestations with vasculitis due to co-trimoxazole

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Skin necrosis from extravasation of intravenous fluids in children

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Skin plasty of large and deep burn defects in children

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Skin polyamine levels in psoriasis: the effect of dithranol therapy

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Skin rash in patient receiving glucagon

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Skin rejection in graft-versus-host disease

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Skin sensitivity to Battey and Kansasii sensitins in a selected rural population and students. II. Skin sensitivity to Kansasii sensitin and RT-23 tuberculin simulatneously

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Skin substitution in neck and facial burns

Anonymous, 1977:
Skin testing in coeliac disease

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Skin tests for 48/80 and histamine

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Skin tests for coeliac disease

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Skin tests of delayed hypersensitivity: their application in surgery

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Skin-test anomaly

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Skull base examination by computed tomography--model study and clinical value

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Skull radiography in trauma

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Skull x-ray policy

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Skunks have gene sequences in their cellular DNA related to squirrel monkey retrovirus: transmission between species of a new world primate endogenous type D retrovirus

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Slaving oscillographic recorders for teaching purposes

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Sleep and psychophysical rehabilitation

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Sleep and respiration in the syndrome "apnea during sleep" in the child

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Sleep and secretory activity of the anterior pituitary

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Sleep apnoea syndromes

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Sleep in the young adult studied through automatic analysis of recordings

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