4- (O-benzylphenoxy) -N-methylbutylamine (bifemelane) and other 4- (O-benzylphenoxy) -N-methylalkylamines as new inhibitors of type a and B monoamine oxidase

Naoi, M.; Nomura, Y.; Ishiki, R.; Suzuki, H.; Nagatsu, T.

Journal of Neurochemistry 50(1): 243-247


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3042
PMID: 3335842
DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-4159.1988.tb13256.x
Accession: 039019714

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4-(O-Benzylphenoxy)-N-methylbutylamine (Bifemelane, BP-N-methylbutylamine), a new psychotropic drug, was found to inhibit monoamine oxidase (MAO) in human brain synaptosomes. It inhibited type A MAO (MAO-A) competitively and type B (MAO-B) noncompetitively. BP-N-methylbutylamine had a much higher affinity to MAO-A than an amine substrate, kynuramine, and it was a more potent inhibitor of MAO-A than of MAO-B. The Ki values of MAO-A and -B were determined to be 4.20 and 46.0 microM, respectively, while the Km values of MAO-A and -B with kynuramine were 44.1 and 90.0 microM, respectively. The inhibition of MAO-A and -B by BP-N-methylbutylamine was found to be reversible by dialysis of the incubation mixture. MAO-A in human placental and liver mitochondria and in a rat clonal pheochromocytoma cell line, PC12h, was inhibited competitively by BP-N-methylbutylamine, while MAO-B in human liver mitochondria was inhibited noncompetitively, as in human brain synaptosomes. BP-N-methylbutylamine was not oxidized by MAO-A and -B. The effects of other BP-N-methylalkylamines, such as BP-N-methylethylamine, -propylamine, and -pentanylamine, on MAO activity were examined. BP-N-methylbutylamine was the most potent inhibitor of MAO-A, and BP-N-methylethylamine and -propylamine inhibited MAO-B competitively, whereas BP-N-methylbutylamine and -pentanylamine inhibited it noncompetitively. Inhibition of these BP-N-methylalkylamines on MAO-A and -B is discussed in relation to their chemical structure.

4-(O-benzylphenoxy)-N-methylbutylamine (bifemelane) and other 4-(O-benzylphenoxy)-N-methylalkylamines as new inhibitors of type a and B monoamine oxidase