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A set of 4 nuclear proteins binds to a DNA sequence within the FOS promoter region

Radtke, J.; Dooley, S.; Blin, N.; Unteregger, G.

Molecular Biology Reports 15(2): 87-92


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-4851
PMID: 1660958
DOI: 10.1007/bf00364844
Accession: 039114139

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We investigated DNA-protein-interactions occurring in the promoter region of c-fos using two-dimensional electrophoresis and south-western-blotting. When nuclear extracts from the human glioblastoma cell line HeRoSV were tested for their DNA-binding behaviour to a 650 bp-fragment within the promoter region of c-fos, we found 4 proteins designated as 120/6.6, 75/5.4, 65/6.4 55/5.0 interacting with this fragment. An additional protein 60/6.0 was detected by using a digoxygenine-labelled probe. These observations let us to assume that beside the well characterized SRF and FOS-JUN proteins additional factors recognize the promoter sequence and may play a role in c-fos regulation.

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