A.I. in pigs: influence of boar seminal plasma on breeding efficiency of diluted boar semen

Meding, J.H.

Nordisk Veterinaermedicin 28(4-5): 221-225


ISSN/ISBN: 0029-1579
PMID: 945555
Accession: 039135687

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Results are reported of an experiment which researhes the effect that addition of seminal plasma to diluted semen can have on the rate of fertilization. the ejaculates from 6 boars were divided into 4 groups. Group 1 was used as a control, and was dilated 1:4-1:6 with EDTA; this semen had an 84.6% impregnantion rate. The rest of the ejaculate was centrifuged at 1800-2000 rpm for 12-15 minutes. Group 2 consisted of the centrifugate resuspended in the supernatent; this group had an 86.3% impregnation rate. Group 3 consisted of the centrifugate dilated only with IVT; this group had an impregnation rate of 78.9%. Group 4 consisted of the centrifugate combined with IVT and 50% boar seminal plasma; this group had a 78.2% impregnantion rate. There were no significant differences between the pregnancy rates or the litter sizes among any of the groups. boar seminal plasma does not seem to have a positive effect on the fertilization rate of diluted semen.