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Acute colonic pseudo-obstruction (Ogilvie's syndrome) . Presentation of 14 of our own cases and analysis of 1027 cases reported in the literature

Wegener, M.; Börsch, G.

Surgical Endoscopy 1(3): 169-174


ISSN/ISBN: 0930-2794
PMID: 3332478
DOI: 10.1007/bf00590926
Accession: 039173709

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In addition to the presentation of 14 of our own patients, this study analyzes 1027 cases with acute colonic pseudo-obstruction reported in the literature from 1948 to 1987. Principal associated diseases are cardiopulmonary insufficiencies, postoperative conditions, and systemic disorders. The syndrome is related to a disturbance of colonic autonomic innervation resulting in gross dilatation of the cecum and the right hemicolon. Therapeutic measures include conservative management, colonoscopic decompression, and surgical procedures. The latter have been associated with high morbidity and mortality. Our data support a nonoperative approach to this condition, including conservative measures and colonoscopic decompression as the initial therapy of choice with few complications and high efficacy.

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