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Acute phase proteins in "small for dates" babies. II. Haptoglobin, transferrin, alpha-1-feto protein, alpha-1-acid glycoprotein and caeruloplasmin levels

Salimonu, L.S.

African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 21(1): 55-59


ISSN/ISBN: 0309-3913
PMID: 1283808
Accession: 039179553

Haptoglobin, transferrin, alpha-1-feto-protein (AFP), alpha-1-acid glycoprotein (AAGP) and caeruloplasmin levels were estimated in 14 "small for dates" (SFD) and 31 "appropriate for dates" (AFD) babies by the single radial immunodiffusion method. The mean caeruloplasmin levels was observed to be significantly reduced in the SFD babies when compared with the AFD babies (t = 3.4582, P < 0.02). None of the other 4 acute phase proteins showed any significant differences in mean concentration between the SFD babies and the controls. The diminished caeruloplasmin levels observed in SFD babies agrees with previous reports in post-natal undernutrition. Our findings of no significant differences in the other 4 acute phase proteins between SFD and AFD babies are however at variance with previous observations of elevated levels of AFP, haptoglobin and AAGP and reduced levels of transferrin in malnourished infants.

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