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An immunochemical analysis of a myelin basic protein serum factor: cross reactivity with residues 69-71 of the rabbit encephalitogenic sequence 65-74 of myelin basic protein

Potter, N.T.; Hashim, G.A.; Day, E.D.

Journal of Neuroscience Research 15(4): 457-466


ISSN/ISBN: 0360-4012
PMID: 2425097
DOI: 10.1002/jnr.490150403
Accession: 039249534

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A partially purified myelin basic protein serum factor (MBP-SF), cross-reactive with residues 65-74 (TTHYGSLPQK) of myelin basic protein, has been employed in an immunochemical study to identify the nature of the cross-reacting determinant more precisely. To probe the structural requirements of this determinant, Scatchard inhibition analyses and competitive peptide inhibition radioimmunoassays were employed with a series of peptide analogs of the 65-74 region and with three different reagent antisera: a rabbit anti-rat myelin antiserum (#My05) and two antisera, one rabbit (#162) and one chicken (#66), raised against synthetic peptide S24 (TTHYGSLPQKG). Scatchard inhibition analyses with MBP-SF revealed specific inhibition of binding of 125I-S24 to #162 and #My05, but not to #66. Further delineation of the structural requirements of the cross-reactive determinant, employing a liquid-phase radioimmunoassay, revealed a unique reactivity pattern for the chicken anti-S24 antiserum which, unlike #162 and #My05, did not cross-react under high-affinity conditions with synthetic peptide S20 (GSLPQK, representing the C-terminal half of S24). This, in concert with the Scatchard data, is suggestive of the presence of a cross-reactive determinant centered around residues 69-71 of MBP.

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