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Antagonizing effects of YM-14673, a new TRH derivative, on behavioral and electroencephalographic changes in reserpinized animals

Yamamoto, M.; Shimizu, M.; Iwai, A.

Psychopharmacology 95(2): 162-166


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-3158
PMID: 3137591
DOI: 10.1007/bf00174502
Accession: 039286121

Effects of YM-14673 (N alpha-[[S)-4-oxo-2-azetidinyl)-carbonyl]-L-histidyl-L-prolinamide dihydrate), a new TRH derivative, on reserpine-induced behavioural and electroencephalographic changes were observed in comparison with those of TRH. YM-14673 antagonized reserpine-induced hypothermia and decrease in convulsion threshold in mice. The number of PGO waves recorded from the lateral geniculate body was decreased by administration of YM-14673 in reserpinized cats. The anti-reserpine activity of intravenous YM-14673 was about 8-20 times more potent than that of TRH. In inhibiting reserpine-induced hypothermia, the oral ED2 degrees C relative to IV ED2 degrees C as an indirect indication of absorption rate of the drugs was 15 for both YM-14673 and TRH. These results suggest that YM-14673 possesses more potent facilitatory effects on the central monoamine systems than TRH.

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