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Anti-inflammatory activity of superoxide dismutases: studies on adjuvant induced polyarthritis in rats

Jadot, G.; Michelson, A.M.; Puget, K.

Free Radical Research Communications 2(1-2): 27-42


ISSN/ISBN: 8755-0199
PMID: 3509801
DOI: 10.3109/10715768609088053
Accession: 039290366

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The anti-arthritic activities of various superoxide dismutases and of liposomal bovine Cu-SOD have been compared in the adjuvant induced Lewis Inbred Rat model. Various approaches, including plethysmometric measurements, red cell sedimentation rates, while cell counts, levels of IgA and IgG immunoglobulins and scoring by visual, radiographic and scintigraphic techniques all concord in a demonstration of different activities for different SODs. The most efficient are liposomal bovine Cu-SOD and E. coli Mn-SOD, a moderate activity being shown by free bovine Cu-SOD. Poor or zero results are obtained with human Mn-SOD, human Cu-SOD or the homologous rat Cu-SOD.

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