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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 39293

Chapter 39293 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Saeki, T.; Tanaka, K., 1987:
Antiatheromatous properties of elastase in cholesterol-fed rabbits and ex vivo suppressive effect of elastase on smooth muscle cell proliferation in the presence of hypercholesterolemia

Gammill, R.B.; Bell, F.P.; Bell, L.T.; Bisaha, S.N.; Wilson, G.J., 1990:
Antiatherosclerotic agents. A structurally novel bivalent inhibitor of acylCoA:cholesterol O-acyltransferase with systemic activity

Ram, C.V., 1990:
Antiatherosclerotic and vasculoprotective effects of calcium antagonists: clinical implications

Finckh, B.; Niendorf, A.; Rath, M.; Beisiegel, U., 1991:
Antiatherosclerotic effect of probucol in WHHL rabbits: are there plasma parameters to evaluate this effect?

Ueda, K., 1989:
Antiatherosclerotic effects of Ca2+ antagonists

Sowers, J.R., 1992:
Antiatherosclerotic effects of calcium channel blockers

Willis, A.L.; Nagel, B.; Churchill, V.; Whyte, M.A.; Smith, D.L.; Mahmud, I.; Puppione, D.L., 1985:
Antiatherosclerotic effects of nicardipine and nifedipine in cholesterol-fed rabbits

Braun, M.; Sarbia, M.; Kienbaum, P.; Hohlfeld, T.; Weber, A.; Schrör, K., 1992:
Antiatherosclerotic properties of oral cicaprost in hypercholesterolemic rabbits

Pain, G.A.; Ushakova, A.G., 1977:
Antiatherosclerotic role of the liver in active pulmonary tuberculosis

Singh, M.M.; Singh, R.; Lahiri, V.L.; Elhence, B.R.; Goyal, S.P.; Singh, S.P., 1988:
Antiautonomic nerve antibodies in autonomic neuropathy of diabetes mellitus

Ball, A.P.; Gray, J.A.; Murdoch, J.M., 1975:
Antibacterial Drugs today: II

Grier, N.; Dybas, R.A.; Strelitz, R.A.; Witzel, B.E.; Dulaney, E.L., 1979:
Antibacterial N-[omega, omega'-bis(alicyclic and aryl)-sec-alkyl]poly(methylene)triamine and -tetramine hydrochloride salts

Kumasawa, K.; Naito, T., 1975:
Antibacterial action by bacteriocin produced by Shigella sonnei 100052

Shepherd, J.A.; Waigh, R.D.; Gilbert, P., 1988:
Antibacterial action of 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol (bronopol)

Kontakiotis, E.; Kerani-Koumoutsea, M., 1990:
Antibacterial action of calcium hydroxide as a root canal medicament

Truchliński, J.; Truchlińska, J.; Tyczkowski, J.; Wójcik, T.S., 1977:
Antibacterial action of dioxyquinoxaline and its derivatives

Ramanoelina, A.R.; Terrom, G.P.; Bianchini, J.P.; Coulanges, P., 1987:
Antibacterial action of essential oils extracted from Madagascar plants

Mickelson, M.N., 1979:
Antibacterial action of lactoperoxidase-thiocyanate-hydrogen peroxide on Streptococcus agalactiae

Morioka, T.; Saito, T.; Nara, Y.; Onoda, K., 1988:
Antibacterial action of powdered semiconductor on a serotype g Streptococcus mutans (short communication)

Olenick, J.G., 1975:
Antibacterial action of primaquine: effects in vitro on polypeptide synthesis and in vivo on ribosomes and ribosomal ribonucleic acid

Yang, Y.F., 1986:
Antibacterial action of shanxiangyuan produced by different technology products

Jossifova, L.T.; Manolov, I.; Golovinsky, E.V., 1989:
Antibacterial action of some saturated and unsaturated long-chain carboxylic acids and their bis(2-chloroethyl)aminoethyl esters in vitro

Kedzia, B.; Wrociński, T.; Mrugasiewicz, K.; Gorecki, P.; Grzewińska, H., 1975:
Antibacterial action of urine containing products of arbutin metabolism

Yamauchi, M.; Nigauri, A.; Yamamoto, K.; Nakazato, G.; Kawano, J.; Kimura, K., 1989:
Antibacterial actions of denture base resin on oral bacteria

Ullmann, U.; Wurst, W., 1979:
Antibacterial active components in human urine after administration of penicillins

Limbert, M.; Isert, D.; Klesel, N.; Markus, A.; Seeger, K.; Seibert, G.; Schrinner, E., 1991:
Antibacterial activities in vitro and in vivo and pharmacokinetics of cefquinome (HR 111V), a new broad-spectrum cephalosporin

Hsu, L.Y.; Chang, S.C.; Luh, K.T.; Hsieh, W.C., 1991:
Antibacterial activities of amoxicillin alone and in combination with clavulanic acid correlated with beta-lactamase production

Bodet, C.A.; Jorgensen, J.H.; Drutz, D.J., 1985:
Antibacterial activities of antineoplastic agents

Watanabe, T.; Goi, H.; Hara, T.; Sugano, T.; Tanaka, Y.; Kazuno, Y.; Matsuhashi, Y.; Yamamoto, H.; Yokota, T., 1987:
Antibacterial activities of arbekacin, a new aminoglycoside antibiotic, against methicillin-cephem-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Patchett, A.A.; Taub, D.; Weissberger, B.; Valiant, M.E.; Gadebusch, H.; Thornberry, N.A.; Bull, H.G., 1988:
Antibacterial activities of fluorovinyl- and chlorovinylglycine and several derived dipeptides

Deguchi, K.; Yokota, N.; Koguchi, M.; Nakane, Y.; Suzuki, Y.; Fukayama, S.; Ishihara, R.; Oda, S., 1991:
Antibacterial activities of ofloxacin against recent isolates from patients with community-acquired infections

Deguchi, K.; Yokota, N.; Koguchi, M.; Nakane, Y.; Fukayama, S.; Nishimura, Y.; Oda, S.; Tanaka, S.; Sato, K.; Kato, M., 1987:
Antibacterial activities of various aminoglycosides against clinically isolated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Came, P.E.; O'Connor, J.R.; Dobson, R.A.; Wagner, R.B.; Fabian, R.J., 1979:
Antibacterial activities, nephrotoxicity, and ototoxicity of a new aminoglycoside, Win 42122-2

Cruciani, M.; Monzillo, V.; Navarra, A.; Tinelli, C.; Concia, E., 1988:
Antibacterial activity after a single-dose of norfloxacin, ofloxacin and pipemidic acid detected in urine of volunteers

Sestini, P.; Nencioni, L.; Villa, L.; Boraschi, D.; Tagliabue, A., 1987:
Antibacterial activity against Streptococcus pneumoniae by mouse lung lymphocytes

Abramova, M.A.; Lukin, A.A.; Smirnova, T.A.; Koz'mina, L.M., 1978:
Antibacterial activity and bacteriophages of Bacillus pumilus

Yu, K.W.; Neu, H.C., 1989:
Antibacterial activity and beta-lactamase stability of MDL 19,592, an oral cephalosporin

Bauernfeind, A.; Jungwirth, R.; Schweighart, S.; Theopold, M., 1990:
Antibacterial activity and beta-lactamase stability of eleven oral cephalosporins

Sakamoto, M.; Yamamoto, K.; Isshiki, K.; Ishikura, T.; Fukagawa, Y.; Yoshioka, T., 1990:
Antibacterial activity and chemical modifications of PS-5 at the C-3 side chain

Albasini, A.; Vampa, G.; Pecorari, P.; Rastelli, A.; De Benedetti, P.G., 1978:
Antibacterial activity and chemical reactivity of sulphanylamides. Rate constants of alkaline hydrolysis of N4-acetylsulphanylamides

Absolonová, V.; Lochmann, O.; Vyhnánek, F.; Procházka, M., 1985:
Antibacterial activity and clinical use of Noxyflex-S

Rahman, M.A.; Summerton, J.; Foster, E.; Cunningham, K.; Stirchak, E.; Weller, D.; Schaup, H.W., 1991:
Antibacterial activity and inhibition of protein synthesis in Escherichia coli by antisense DNA analogs

Elwell, L.P.; Ferone, R.; Freeman, G.A.; Fyfe, J.A.; Hill, J.A.; Ray, P.H.; Richards, C.A.; Singer, S.C.; Knick, V.B.; Rideout, J.L., 1987:
Antibacterial activity and mechanism of action of 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine (BW A509U)

Singh, M.P.; Lee, Y.I.; Singh, R.; Micetich, R.G.; Wilkinson, B.J., 1991:
Antibacterial activity and penicillin-binding protein affinity of new cephalosporin derivatives in Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli

Balsari, A.; Dubini, F.; Stradi, R.; Riviera, L., 1987:
Antibacterial activity and pharmacokinetics in mice of two new derivatives of norfloxacin

Bergan, T., 1985:
Antibacterial activity and pharmacokinetics of nitroimidazoles. A review

Rodriguez, F.; Lorian, V., 1985:
Antibacterial activity in blood cultures

Rutter, J.M.; Jones, G.W.; Brown, G.T.; Burrows, M.R.; Luther, P.D., 1976:
Antibacterial activity in colostrum and milk associated with protection of piglets against enteric disease caused by K88-positive Escherichia coli

Scane, T.M.; Hawkins, D.F., 1986:
Antibacterial activity in human amniotic fluid: dependence on divalent cations

Rawle, L.; Adams, D.; Witherley, J., 1985:
Antibacterial activity in paper points for endodontic therapy

Birmingham, A.T.; Coleman, A.J.; Orme, M.L.; Park, B.K.; Pearson, N.J.; Short, A.H.; Southgate, P.J., 1978:
Antibacterial activity in serum and urine following oral administration in man of DL473 (a cyclopentyl derivative of rifampicin)

Cevikbaş, A., 1978:
Antibacterial activity in the skin secretion of the frog Rana ridibunda

Deforges, L.; Fournet, M.P.; Soussy, C.J.; Duval, J., 1986:
Antibacterial activity in vitro of 10 quinolones against 20 strains of Legionella pneumophila

Carmenini, G.; Basso, N.; Terranova, V.; Nuzzolo, L., 1975:
Antibacterial activity in vitro of cefazolin

Kono, M.; O'Hara, K.; Ohmiya, K.; Iida, H.; Kibayashi, C.; Kasahara, K., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of (+)-negamycin prepared by a new method

Chesnut, R.W.; Durham, N.N.; Brown, R.A.; Mawdsley, E.A.; Berlin, K.D., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of 15-azasteroids alone and in combination with antibiotics

Concia, E.; Perversi, L.; Monzillo, V.; Cruciani, M., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of 3d-generation cephalosporins and other antibiotics on recently isolated strains

Pirotte, B.; Delarge, J.; Coyette, J.; Frere, J.M., 1991:
Antibacterial activity of 5-acylaminothiazole derivatives, synthetic drugs related to beta-lactam antibiotics

Krishnan, R.; Lang, S.A., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of 6,8-disubstituted-quinolone-3-carboxylic acids

Moulton, R.G.; Gerner, G.D., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of BCG-induced, interferon-containing sera

Tomatsu, K.; Ando, S.; Masuyoshi, S.; Hirano, M.; Miyaki, T.; Kawaguchi, H., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of BMY-28142, a novel broad-spectrum cephalosporin

Toyohara, M., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of Enviomycin for atypical mycobacteria. 2. Animal experiments

Moriguchi, M.; Hara, Y.; Hatanaka, S., 1987:
Antibacterial activity of L-2-amino-4-chloro-4-pentenoic acid isolated from Amanita pseudoporphyria Hongo

Harrison, I.T.; Kurz, W.; Massey, I.J.; Unger, S.H., 1978:
Antibacterial activity of N-(beta-styryl) formamides related to tuberin

Subrahmanyam, A.; Rao, A.N., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of Nigrospora spherica (Sacc.) Mason

Chantot, J.F.; Klich, M.; Teutsch, G.; Bryskier, A.; Collette, P.; Markus, A.; Seibert, G., 1992:
Antibacterial activity of RU44790, a new N-tetrazolyl monocyclic beta-lactam

Benson, C.A.; Walton, F.E.; Trenholme, G.M., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of Ro 17-2301 and other antimicrobial agents against cefotaxime-resistant aerobic gram-negative bacilli

Lewin, C.S., 1992:
Antibacterial activity of a 1,8-naphthyridine quinolone, PD 131628

Ripa, S.; Prenna, M., 1975:
Antibacterial activity of a carbenicillin-cephaloridin combination

Afanas'eva, T.I.; Leonenko, V.A.; Kravchenko, N.A.; Cherkasova, I.A.; Safonova, T.B., 1975:
Antibacterial activity of a lysozyme-like enzyme from staphylococci

Neu, H.C.; Aswapokee, N.; Fu, K.P.; Aswapokee, P., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of a new 1-oxa cephalosporin compared with that of other beta-lactam compounds

Kotera, Y.; Inoue, Y.; Ohashi, M.; Ito, K.; Tsukamoto, G., 1991:
Antibacterial activity of a new tetracyclic quinolone, No. 5290, against norfloxacin- and ciprofloxacin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus

Murashko, S.N.; Moroz, A.F.; Brodinova, N.S., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of a number of preparations and their combination with a proteolytic enzyme against the microflora of burn and surgical wounds

Neu, H.C.; Labthavikul, P., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of amifloxacin (WIN 49, 375), a new quinolone agent

Nicoletti, G.; Russo, G.; Toscano, M.A.; Gismondo, M.R., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of amikacin towards gentamicin-resistant, Gram-negative bacilli

Woods, D.L.; Malan, A.F.; Gunston, K.D.; Steyn, D.L.; Meyer, J.; Dempster, W.S., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of amniotic fluid

Jankowski, R.P.; Aikins, H.E.; Vahrson, H.; Gupta, K.G., 1977:
Antibacterial activity of amniotic fluid against Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and Brucella abortus

Picknell, B.; Mizen, L.; Sutherland, R., 1977:
Antibacterial activity of antibiotics in acrylic bone cement

Campanile, F.; Fioretti, M.C.; Bonmassar, E.; Puccetti, P., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of antibiotics in experimental encephalitis. An indirect approach to the evaluation of the pharmacokinetic pattern

Helm, E.B.; Paulus, I.; Shah, P.M.; Stille, W., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of antibiotics in human bile

Noguchi, H.; Kubo, M.; Kurashige, S.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1978:
Antibacterial activity of apalcillin (PC-904) against gram-negative bacilli, especially ampicillin-, carbenicillin-, and gentamicin-resistant clinical isolates

Sordillo, L.M.; Campos, M.; Babiuk, L.A., 1991:
Antibacterial activity of bovine mammary gland lymphocytes following treatment with interleukin-2

Vanhoof, R.; Nyssen, H.J.; Nulens, E.; Roebben, E.; Hubrechts, J.M., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of carumonam and cefpirome on hospital strains resistant to gentamicin and cephalothin: comparison with other beta-lactam antibiotics, new fluoroquinolones, aminoglycosides and other antibiotics

Odeberg, H.; Olsson, I., 1975:
Antibacterial activity of cationic proteins from human granulocytes

Meyers, B.R.; Hirschman, S.Z., 1978:
Antibacterial activity of cefamandole in vitro

Yamada, T.; Yokota, Y.; Ikeda, F.; Mine, Y.; Kitada, T., 1992:
Antibacterial activity of cefixime against Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes, and Haemophilus influenzae in the presence of Moraxella (Branhamella) catarrhalis

Braveny, I.; Dickert, H.; Machka, K., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of cefotaxim in comparison with seven cephalosporins

Bauernfeind, A.; Jungwirth, R., 1991:
Antibacterial activity of cefpodoxime in comparison with cefixime, cefdinir, cefetamet, ceftibuten, loracarbef, cefprozil, BAY 3522, cefuroxime, cefaclor and cefadroxil

Wiedemann, B.; Jansen, A., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of cefpodoxime proxetil in a pharmacokinetic in-vitro model

Kojo, H.; Nishida, M.; Goto, S.; Kuwahara, S., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of ceftizoxime (FK 749), a new cephalosporin, against cephalosporin-resistant bacteria, and its stability to beta-lactamase

Potaschmacher, L.; Jefferson, K.A., 1978:
Antibacterial activity of cefuroxime

Eykyn, S.; Jenkins, C.; King, A.; Phillips, I., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of cefuroxime, a new cephalosporin antibiotic, compared with that of cephaloridine, cephalothin, and cefamandole

Kaminaga, Y.; Sato, Y.; Hanada, K.; Ito, A., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of cephem antibiotics against isolates from clinical specimens at the Yokohama City University Hospital

Chimura, T.; Nakahara, M., 1989:
Antibacterial activity of cervical mucus in pregnant or non-pregnant women

Kolev, K.K.; Vŭrbanova, S.; Chervenkov, S.; Pavlov, A., 1987:
Antibacterial activity of chlorquinaldol esters and 2-styryl-substituted derivatives

Bellini, A.; Quaglio, M.P.; Guarneri, M.; Cavazzini, G., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of cholane compounds: amido and amino derivatives (VI)

Giamarellou, H.; Jackson, G.G., 1975:
Antibacterial activity of cinoxacin in vitro

Konrad-Dalhoff, I.; Dalhoff, A., 1987:
Antibacterial activity of ciprofloxacin against immobilized Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Qadri, S.M.; Saldin, H.; Ueno, Y.; al-Ballaa, S.R., 1992:
Antibacterial activity of citreamicin-alpha (LL-E 19085 alpha) against gram-positive cocci

Ekström, B.; Fellner, H.; Forsgren, U.; Magni, L.; Ortengren, B., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of co-trimazine in vitro and in vivo

Okubo, T.; Inoue, M.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1975:
Antibacterial activity of combinations of cefazolin and semisynthetic penicillins

Iqbal, M.S.; Khurshid, S.J.; Iqbal, M.Z., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of copper-amino acid complexes

Van Klingeren, B.; Ten Ham, M., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol

Berry, C.W.; Moore, T.J.; Safar, J.A.; Henry, C.A.; Wagner, M.J., 1992:
Antibacterial activity of dental implant metals

Tobias, R.S.; Browne, R.M.; Wilson, C.A., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of dental restorative materials

Samokhvalov, A.N.; Kozenasheva, L.Ia.; Shevchenko, S.I., 1988:
Antibacterial activity of derivatives of alpha-amino-alkyl(aryl)phosphonic acids

Hamada, M.; Homma, Y.; Tamamura, T.; Kondo, S., 1977:
Antibacterial activity of dibekacin against gentamicin-resistant organisms

Roberts, S.M.; Severin, G.A.; Lavach, J.D., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of dilute povidone-iodine solutions used for ocular surface disinfection in dogs

Bol'shakov, L.V., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of dioxidine under aero- and anaerobic conditions

Frost, B.M.; Valiant, M.E.; Weissberger, B.; Dulaney, E.L., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of efrotomycin

Sands, M.; Torres, J., 1977:
Antibacterial activity of emetine

Soussy, C.J.; Deforges, L.; Duval, J., 1987:
Antibacterial activity of enoxacin in vitro and in urine

Vanhoof, R.; Hubrechts, J.M.; Roebben, E.; Claeys, M.; Nyssen, H.J., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of enoxacin: comparison with aminoglycosides, beta-lactams and other antimicrobial agents

Toyohara, M., 1978:
Antibacterial activity of enviomycin for atypical mycobacteria. 1. Antibacterial activity in vitro

Garg, S.C.; Dengre, S.L., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of essential oil of Tagetes erecta Linn

Kambu, K.; Tona, L.; Luki, N.; Cimanga, K.; Uvoya, A., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of extracts from plants used in preparation as antidiarrheals at Kinshasa, Zaire

Akpata, E.S.; Akinrimisi, E.O., 1977:
Antibacterial activity of extracts from some African chewing sticks

Pal, S.C.; Maiti, A.P.; Chatterjee, B.P.; Nandy, A., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of flowers & flower buds of Saraca indica Linn

Grassi, G.G.; Ferrara, A.; Navone, A.; Peona, V.; Sala, P., 1977:
Antibacterial activity of fosfomycin. II. Determination of minimal bactericidal concentration in association with other antibiotics

Mendez, F.J.; Alvarez, A.A.; Mendoza, M.C.; Hardisson, C., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of fosmidomycin on chromosomic and plasmid-determined fosfomycin-resistant strains

Woźniak-Parnowska, W.; Lukasiewicz, A., 1975:
Antibacterial activity of guanidine derivatives of trichloromethylamines

Frost, B.M.; Valiant, M.E.; Dulaney, E.L., 1979 :
Antibacterial activity of heneicomycin

Zuckerman, H.; Kahana, A.; Carmel, S., 1975:
Antibacterial activity of human cervical mucus

Saionji, K.; Shitara, M.; Miyake, N.; Inoue, K.; Kobayashi, I., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of imipenem in combination with ampicillin against methicillin-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus

Kropp, H.; Gerckens, L.; Sundelof, J.G.; Kahan, F.M., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of imipenem: the first thienamycin antibiotic

Ahn, C.; Stiles, M.E., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of lactic acid bacteria isolated from vacuum-packaged meats

Bakker-Woudenberg, I.A.; Lokerse, A.F.; Roerdink, F.H., 1989:
Antibacterial activity of liposome-entrapped ampicillin in vitro and in vivo in relation to the lipid composition

Dastidar, S.G.; Das, S.; Mookerjee, M.; Chattopadhyay, D.; Ray, S.; Chakrabarty, A.N., 1988:
Antibacterial activity of local anaesthetics procaine & lignocaine

Qadri, S.M.; al-Sedairy, S.; Ueno, Y., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of lomefloxacin against Brucella melitensis

Guibert, J.; Kitzis, M.D.; Acar, J.F.; Masquelier, A.M.; Bellanger, B., 1989:
Antibacterial activity of lomefloxacin in the urine during the 4 days following a single 400 mg oral dose

Tagliabue, A.; Nencioni, L.; Romano, M.; Villa, L.; De Magistris, M.T.; Boraschi, D., 1987:
Antibacterial activity of lymphocytes armed with IgA

Gauthier, M.J.; Flatau, G.N., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of marine violet-pigmented Alteromonas with special reference to the production of brominated compounds

Grio, R.; Zaccheo, F.; Marchino, G.L.; Macchioni, S.; Rustichelli, S.; Piacentino, R.; Coppola, C., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of meclocycline (Mecloderm) in non-specific vaginitis. Study of 262 cases

Kitzis, M.D.; Acar, J.F.; Gutmann, L., 1989:
Antibacterial activity of meropenem against gram-negative bacteria with a permeability defect and against staphylococci

Ravizzola, G.; Foresti, I.; Minelli, F., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of mezlocillin against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria from clinical isolates

Knothe, H., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of mezlocillin and azlocillin/A survey

Lukásová, J., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of milk-fermenting bacteria

Joly, B.H.; Sirot, J.L.; Cluzel, M.G., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of minocycline alone and associated with other antibiotics

McCarthy, M.; MacCulloch, D., 1987:
Antibacterial activity of mupirocin (Bactroban)

Sutherland, R.; Boon, R.J.; Griffin, K.E.; Masters, P.J.; Slocombe, B.; White, A.R., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of mupirocin (pseudomonic acid), a new antibiotic for topical use

Didry, N.; Pinkas, M.; Dubreuil, L., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of naphthoquinones of plant origin

Phillips, I.; Smith, A.; Shannon, K., 1977:
Antibacterial activity of netilmicin, a new aminoglycoside antibiotic, compared with that of gentamicin

Cupková, V.; Espersen, F.; Høiby, N., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of new synthesized amino-oxides and quaternary ammonium salts

Topuzov, V.S.; Tsyganenko, A.Ia.; Kalinichenko, N.F.; Vasil'chenko, V.N.; Kovalenko, N.I.; Davidenko, V.B.; Gabysheva, L.S.; Liapunov, N.A.; Starobinets, Z.G.; Osolodchenko, T.P., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of nitazole and its use in combined treatment of appendicular peritonitis in children

Wang, C.Y.; Chiu, C.W.; Muraoka, K.; Michie, P.D.; Bryan, G.T., 1975:
Antibacterial activity of nitropyrroles, nitrothiphenes, and aminothiophenes in vitro

Iwata, S.; Kawashima, C.; Sakamoto, H.; Isohata, E.; Kin, Y.; Yokota, T.; Kusumoto, Y.; Sato, Y.; Akita, H.; Oikawa, T., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of norfloxacin on methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Comparison with oral antibacterial agents

Soussy, C.J.; Le Van Thoi, J.; Duval, J., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of norfloxacin, ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin according to resistance phenotypes to nalidixic acid and pefloxacin

Sato, K.; Inoue, Y.; Fujii, T.; Aoyama, H.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of ofloxacin and its mode of action

Chantot, J.F.; Bryskier, A., 1985:
Antibacterial activity of ofloxacin and other 4-quinolone derivatives: in-vitro and in-vivo comparison

Dineen, P., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of oxidized regenerated cellulose

Guibert, J.; Kitzis, M.D.; Brumpt, I.; Acar, J.F., 1989:
Antibacterial activity of pefloxacin in the urine during the 7 days following a single 800 mg oral dose

Zboińska, E.; Sztajer, H.; Lejczak, B.; Kafarski, P., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of phosphono dipeptides based on 1-amino-1-methylethanephosphonic acid

Cullmann, W.; Stieglitz, M., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of piperacillin and tazobactam against beta-lactamase-producing clinical isolates

Andersson, R.E.; Daeschel, M.A.; Hassan, H.M., 1988:
Antibacterial activity of plantaricin SIK-83, a bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus plantarum

Sobolieva, V.O.; Honcharov, O.I., 1979:
Antibacterial activity of preparations from the spurges, Euphorbia seguieriana Neck., E. virgultosa Klok. and E. semivilliosa Prokh

Uri, J.V., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of primycin against multiple strains of gram-positive bacteria

Yourassowsky, E.; Vander Linden, M.P., 1976:
Antibacterial activity of ribostamycin on Enterobacteriaceae

Samoĭlova, L.N.; Fomina, I.P.; Bodunkova, L.E., 1977:
Antibacterial activity of rifampicin against the causative agents of suppurative, septic diseases

Gelen, A.M.; Mishustina, I.E.; Gulevskaya, S.A.; Pechnikov, N.V.; Ledova, L.A., 1978:
Antibacterial activity of seawater and microvibrion-predators (Microvibrio marinus Roscoffensis) in it

Lewis, R.P.; Meyer, R.D.; Kraus, L.L., 1976 :
Antibacterial activity of selected beta-lactam and aminoglycoside antibiotics against cephalothin-resistant Enterobacteriaceae

Scheit, K.H.; Zimmer, M.; Rao, N.S.; Prasad, K.S.; Bhargava, P.M., 1986:
Antibacterial activity of seminalplasmin, a basic protein from bovine seminal plasma

Hinton, M., 1990:
Antibacterial activity of short-chain organic acids

Rossi, A.; Branca, G.; Manzara, S.; Morace, G.; Polonelli, L.; Spagnolo, N.; Ttonci, M., 1978:
Antibacterial activity of sisomicin

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Antibiotic advice

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Antibiotic aerosols

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Antibiotic colitis--new cause, new treatment

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Antibiotic cover for cardiac surgery

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Antibiotic coverage in oral surgery

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Antibiotic dosage in cystic fibrosis

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Antibiotic dosing

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Antibiotic irrigation of the bladder

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Antibiotic irrigation prophylaxis in the high-risk cesarean section patient

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Antibiotic irrigation-perfusion treatment for chronic osteomyelitis

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Antibiotic lavage for peritonitis

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Antibiotic lavage in the prevention of intraperitoneal sepsis

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Antibiotic lock technique

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Antibiotic management in oral medicine

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Antibiotic monitoring

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Antibiotic more effective for AIDS-related pneumonia

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Antibiotic myths and reality

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Antibiotic policies: control of antibiotic usage

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Antibiotic prophylaxis

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Antibiotic prophylaxis and surgical-wound infections

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for cold coagulation of the cervix

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for dental treatment

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for endoscopic sphincterotomy

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for gastrointestinal procedures: the case against antibiotics

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for herniorrhaphy and breast surgery

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for injured patients

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for medical-risk patients

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for minor lacerations. Controlled clinical trial

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for open-heart surgery

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for prevention of bacterial endocarditis and infections of major joint prostheses [corrected

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for puerperal endometritis following premature rupture of the membranes

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for scheduled operative procedures

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for surgery after vesico-ureteral reflux in children

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Antibiotic prophylaxis for the hydrocephalic dental patient with a shunt

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Antibiotic prophylaxis in abdominal surgery

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Antibiotic prophylaxis in accident surgery

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