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Autoreactive T cells from normal mice recognize mycobacterial 65 kd heat-shock protein from Mycobacterium bovis

Matsuzaki, G.; Yoshikai, Y.; Harada, M.; Nomoto, K.

International Immunology 3(2): 215-220


ISSN/ISBN: 0953-8178
PMID: 1709051
DOI: 10.1093/intimm/3.2.215
Accession: 039356882

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We established a TCR V beta 6+ CD4+ autoreactive T cell line from lymph node cells of unprimed BALB/c mice bred in a specific pathogen-free condition. The T cell line proliferated in the presence of irradiated spleen cells expressing MHC class II I-Ad and/or I-Ed molecules. The proliferative response of the autoreactive T cell line was significantly enhanced in response to 65 kd heat-shock protein (hsp) from Mycobacterium bovis, a member of the hsp60 family, which is highly conserved in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Our results suggest that the autoreactive T cells in normal mice may recognize endogenous peptides of self-hsp60 bound to MHC class II gene products and are cross-reactive to mycobacterial 65 kd hsp. The autoreactive hsp-specific T cells may therefore play an important role in the immune surveillance against invasion of various pathogens and tumors by recognizing infected and transformed autologous cells that express high levels of endogenous hsp60.

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