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Chapter 39,428

Bronchoalveolar lavage in the pig--comparison of normal, pathogen-free and pneumonic animals

Gehrke, I.; Pabst, R.

Pneumologie 44(Suppl 1): 297-298


ISSN/ISBN: 0934-8387
PMID: 1973298
Accession: 039427690

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The cells found in the BAL fluid of the pig were characterised morphologically and immunocytologically with monoclonal antibodies. The percentage of macrophages was found to be 80%, and that of lymphocytes, 20%. Granulocytes are characteristic when pneumonia is presenting. B-cells are rarely observed in germ-free animals, account for 5-8% in the normal animal, and are elevated in pneumonia. The percentage of T-helper cells is not changed by germ-free breeding or in the presence of pneumonia. In germ-free animals, the percentage of T-suppressor cells is reduced, but remains unchanged in pneumonia.

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