Calculation of punch displacement and work of powder compaction on a rotary tablet press

Oates, R.J.; Mitchell, A.G.

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 41(8): 517-523


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3573
PMID: 2571694
Accession: 039443466

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To calculate the work of compaction during tableting it is necessary to have accurate values of force and punch displacement. The direct measurement of punch displacement on a rotary press is both costly and complicated but calculated displacements will be in considerable error unless deflections in the press during compression, are taken into account. By analysing the physical restraints imposed on the punches during tablet compression, an expression for punch displacement was derived. From preliminary measurements made on the table press of machine deflections and punch displacement under static conditions, the terms of this expression were evaluated for dynamic conditions. This analytic solution was then used to determine the true punch displacement and work of compaction from direct measurements of vertical force and turret position.