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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 39458

Chapter 39458 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Reuber, M.D., 1979:
Carcinomas of the liver in Osborne-Mendel rats ingesting methoxychlor

Reuber, M.D., 1979:
Carcinomas of the liver in female mice fed toluene-2,4-diamine

Carter, D.; Yesner, R., 1985:
Carcinomas of the lung with neuroendocrine differentiation

Pontvert, D.; Bataini, P.; Brugere, J.; Jaulerry, C.; Brunin, F., 1987:
Carcinomas of the nasopharynx in adults

Menéndez Felipe, J.V.; Oliveras Moreno, J.M., 1987:
Carcinomas of the oral cavity: cancer of the floor of the mouth

Tasaka, K.; Watanabe, H.; Enjoji, M., 1975:
Carcinomas of the pancreas, gallbladder, extrahepatic bile ducts and duodenal papilla. A statistical observation of 137 autopsy cases

Cheng, V.S.; Wang, C.C., 1977:
Carcinomas of the paranasal sinuses: a study of sixty-six cases

Jaulerry, C.; Brunin, F.; Rodriguez, J.; Bataïni, J.P.; Brugère, J., 1986:
Carcinomas of the posterior pharyngeal wall. Experience of the Institut Curie. Analysis of the results of radiotherapy

Cartia, Q.; Meo, G.; Aricò, A.; Tomarchio, S.; Rivetti, R.; Geretto, P., 1992:
Carcinomas of the right colon. A review of 60 consecutive cases

Oliaro, A.; Formento, E.; Massa, F.; Beccaria, E., 1978:
Carcinomas of the small intestine

Matsusaka, T.; Soejima, K.; Kodama, Y.; Saito, T.; Inokucki, K., 1976:
Carcinomas of the stomach in the young adults

Batsakis, J.G., 1986:
Carcinomas of the submandibular and sublingual glands

Jost, J.L.; Germain, M.; Vayre, P., 1978:
Carcinomas of the transverse colon. A series of 75 cases

Lefèbvre, J.L.; Vankemmel, B.; Adenis, L.; Buisset, E.; Demaille, A., 1987:
Carcinomas of the upper aerodigestive tract before age 40 (excluding children). Apropos of 100 cases

Lefèbvre, J.L.; Vankemmel, B.; Demaille, M.C.; Buisset, E.; Demaille, A., 1987:
Carcinomas of the upper aerodigestive tract in the female. Apropos of 132 cases

Stasik, M.J., 1988:
Carcinomas of the urinary bladder in a 4-chloro-o-toluidine cohort

Talbert, M.L.; Young, R.H., 1989:
Carcinomas of the urinary bladder with deceptively benign-appearing foci. A report of three cases

Reuber, M.D., 1978:
Carcinomas, sarcomas and other lesions in Osborne-Mendel rats ingesting endrin

Hengefeld, J.W.; Swen, J.W.; Bakker, P.M.; Endtz, L.J., 1978:
Carcinomatosis of the cerebral meninges

Vinnik, L.A.; Letichesvskiĭ, L.Ia.; Chernukhin, A.A.; Tikhomirov, V.L., 1992:
Carcinomatous angiitis of the lungs simulating disseminated tuberculosis in occult gastric cancer

Garcia-Morteo, D.; Lema, B.; Maldonado-Cocco, J.A.; Garcia-Morteo, O., 1987:
Carcinomatous arthritis of the elbow caused by metastatic breast carcinoma

Kusunoki, S.; Kanazawa, I., 1992:
Carcinomatous autonomic neuropathy and the autoantibodies in paraneoplastic neuropathy

Sarbach, B., 1977:
Carcinomatous cerebellar degeneration with cortical atrophy and inflammatory reaction involving the dentate nucleus: case report

Kennedy, T.J.; Miller, S.H.; Graham, W.P.; Davis, T.S., 1977:
Carcinomatous change in old scars

Baraka, M.E.; Sadek, S.A., 1985:
Carcinomatous changes in pharyngeal diverticula

Olsen, W.L.; Winkler, M.L.; Ross, D.A., 1987:
Carcinomatous encephalitis: CT and MR findings

McGill, T., 1976:
Carcinomatous encephalomyelitis with auditory and vestibular manifestations

Baev, S.; Manolov, G.; Vasilev, S.; Stoianova, M., 1986:
Carcinomatous invagination of the colon

Watts, N.B.; Sewell, C.W., 1988:
Carcinomatous involvement of the thyroid presenting as subacute thyroiditis

Taczanowska, K., 1975:
Carcinomatous leptomeningitis

Reñé, R.; Aguilar, M.; Cardenal, F.; Graus, F.; Ferrer, J.E.; Peres-Serra, J., 1987:
Carcinomatous leptomeningitis as a complication of solid tumors. Presentation of 17 cases

Wallace, R.J.; Cohen, A.; Awe, R.J.; Greenberg, D.; Hadlock, F.; Park, S.K., 1979:
Carcinomatous lung abscess. Diagnosis by bronchoscopy and cytopathology

Redhammer, R.; Boca, M., 1985:
Carcinomatous lymphangiopathy of the lungs as a cause of cardiorespiratory failure

Cervantes Requena, F.; Costa Roma, J.; Vivancos Lleida, J.; Blajot, I.; Balcells Gorina, A., 1979:
Carcinomatous lymphangitis of the lung. Report of 21 cases

Smith, D.B.; Howell, A.; Harris, M.; Bramwell, V.H.; Sellwood, R.A., 1985:
Carcinomatous meningitis associated with infiltrating lobular carcinoma of the breast

Zagnoli, F.; Mocquard, Y.; Rouhart, F.; Amice, J.; Hourmant, P.; Zagnoli, A.; Guillet, G.; Goas, J.Y., 1988:
Carcinomatous meningitis disclosing a melanoma

Mandell, S.; Wernz, J.; Morales, P.; Weinberg, H.; Steinfeld, A., 1985:
Carcinomatous meningitis from transitional cell carcinoma of bladder

Fisher, M.A.; Weiss, R.B., 1979:
Carcinomatous meningitis in gastrointestinal malignancies

Touzi, M.; Liote, F.; Golenzer-Cywiner, C.; Hubault, A.; Haguenau, M.; Kuntz, D., 1990 :
Carcinomatous meningitis revealed by rachialgia with stiff neck

Moseley, R.P.; Benjamin, J.C.; Ashpole, R.D.; Sullivan, N.M.; Bullimore, J.A.; Coakham, H.B.; Kemshead, J.T., 1991:
Carcinomatous meningitis: antibody-guided therapy with I-131 HMFG1

Lemma, E.; Minghetti, G.; Ferracini, R., 1976:
Carcinomatous metatases on the Chiari's network

Paul, T.; Katiyar, B.C.; Misra, S.; Pant, G.C., 1978:
Carcinomatous neuromuscular syndromes. A clinical and quantitative electrophysiological study

Croft, P., 1976:
Carcinomatous neuromyopathy

Xu, B.N., 1987:
Carcinomatous neuromyopathy: reports of 3 autopsy and 1 biopsy cases

Izumo, S.; Matsumuro, K.; Osame, M., 1989:
Carcinomatous neuropathy

Gaeta, M.; Russi, E.G.; Pandolfo, I.; Blandino, A.; Raffaele, L.; Salvi, L.; De Renzis, C., 1989:
Carcinomatous neuropathy in recurrent rectal carcinoma. The results of radiotherapy and the role of CT

Guo, Y.P., 1989:
Carcinomatous neuropathy: clinical and pathologic findings of sural nerve biopsy in 7 cases

Grubisić-Cabo, S.; Borić, K., 1985:
Carcinomatous pericarditis and cardiac tamponade as a primary manifestation of carcinoma of the bronchi and pancreas

Bennett, R.M.; Ginsberg, M.H.; Thomsen, S., 1976 :
Carcinomatous polyarthritis. The presenting symptom of an ovarian tumor and association with a platelet activating factor

Petersen, P.B., 1978:
Carcinomatous synovitis

Palomo, F.; Madero, S.; García-Albea, E.; Fernández, R., 1989:
Carcinomatous ventriculitis

Bagley, F.H.; Walsh, J.W.; Cady, B.; Salzman, F.A.; Oberfield, R.A.; Pazianos, A.G., 1978:
Carcinomatous versus radiation-induced brachial plexus neuropathy in breast cancer

Danev, S.; Stoĭchev, S., 1977:
Carcinoplacental alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes in malignant neoplasms

Singer, R.M.; Fishman, W.H., 1976:
Carcinoplacental alkaline phosphatase. Base level and hormone-induced activity associated with events in the cell cycle

Kishi, H.; Komatsu, H.; Kitagawa, R.; Ogawa, A., 1977:
Carcinosarcoma (collision tumor) of the urinary bladder: a case report

Ratzenhofer, M., 1978:
Carcinosarcoma and carcinoma. Analogies and differences. Primary and secondary stroma in carcinosarcoma and carcinoma

Genton, C.; Schreiner, W.E., 1977:
Carcinosarcoma and mixed mesodermal tumors of the uterus: a clinical and pathologic study of 10 cases

Manes, J.L.; Taylor, H.B., 1976:
Carcinosarcoma and mixed müllerian tumors of the fallopian tube: report of four cases

González-Carreró, J.; Nogueira March, J.L.; Ojea, A.; Figueiredo, L.; Jamardo, D.; Guate, J.L.; Cunqueiro, R., 1990:
Carcinosarcoma and papillary transitional cell carcinoma coexisting in the same bladder

Ganul, V.L.; Okulov, L.V.; Kirkilevskiĭ, S.I.; Gol'dshmid, B.Ia., 1985:
Carcinosarcoma and pseudosarcoma of the esophagus

Lesourd, A.; Joerg, A.; Lombard, M.; Brocheriou, C., 1990:
Carcinosarcoma and spindle cell carcinoma of the bladder. A comparison of 2 cases with an immunohistochemical study

McKee, P.H.; Fletcher, C.D.; Stavrinos, P.; Pambakian, H., 1990:
Carcinosarcoma arising in eccrine spiradenoma. A clinicopathologic and immunohistochemical study of two cases

Hornbøll, P.; Luggin, H.M., 1979:
Carcinosarcoma in the esophagus

Sigal, S.H.; Tomaszewski, J.E.; Brooks, J.J.; Wein, A.; LiVolsi, V.A., 1991:
Carcinosarcoma of bladder following long-term cyclophosphamide therapy

Hu, T.H.; Chien, C.S.; Hsieh, M.J.; Lin, C.C., 1992:
Carcinosarcoma of esophagus. Report of one case and review of the literature

Lindboe, C.F.; Mjønes, J., 1992:
Carcinosarcoma of prostate. Immunohistochemical and ultrastructural observations

Rao, S.S.; Rao, N.N.; Venkataratnam, G., 1986:
Carcinosarcoma of renal pelvis in a child. A case report

Rao, M.S.; Lotuaco, L.G.; McGregor, D.H., 1977:
Carcinosarcoma of the adult kidney

Kher, M.; Kherdekar, M.; Sharma, K.D.; Das, R.N., 1975:
Carcinosarcoma of the adult kidney. A case report with review of literature

Martinelli, G.; Bazzocchi, F.; Piccaluga, A.; Reggiani, A.; Buli, P.; Bercovich, E., 1977:
Carcinosarcoma of the bladder

Pope, T.L.; Fechner, R.E.; Brenbridge, A.N., 1987:
Carcinosarcoma of the breast: radiologic, ultrasonographic, and pathologic correlation

Weidner, N.; Zekan, P., 1986:
Carcinosarcoma of the colon. Report of a unique case with light and immunohistochemical studies

Ooi, A.; Kawahara, E.; Okada, Y.; Mizukami, Y.; Sugawara, S.; Noto, Y.; Fujita, H., 1986:
Carcinosarcoma of the esophagus. An immunohistochemical and electron microscopic study

Capron, J.P.; Poissonnier, P.; Liber, F.; Gosselin, B.; Laget, J.P., 1975:
Carcinosarcoma of the esophagus. Study of a case and review of the literature

Hinderleider, C.D.; Aguam, A.S.; Wilder, J.R., 1979:
Carcinosarcoma of the esophagus: a case report and review of the literature

Iyomasa, S.; Kato, H.; Tachimori, Y.; Watanabe, H.; Yamaguchi, H.; Itabashi, M., 1990:
Carcinosarcoma of the esophagus: a twenty-case study

Ferrari Júnior, A.P.; Camacho, L.; Manoukian, N.; Bafutto, M.; Lourenço, L.G.; Del Grande, J.C.; Colleoni-Neto, R.; da Silva, L.R.; Geocze, S., 1992:
Carcinosarcoma of the esophagus: diagnostic importance of partial endoscopic polypectomy

Javid, L.H.; Schabel, S.I.; Rittenberg, G.M., 1979:
Carcinosarcoma of the esophagus: report of two cases

Lu, G.Q.; Li, C.L.; Zhang, T., 1986:
Carcinosarcoma of the esophagus; 7 cases

Anonsen, C.; Dobie, R.A.; Hoekema, D.; Huang, T.W.; Gown, A.M., 1985:
Carcinosarcoma of the floor of mouth

Grote, R.; Kaemmerer, H., 1986:
Carcinosarcoma of the gallbladder in the computed tomogram

Ishihara, T.; Kawano, H.; Takahashi, M.; Yokota, T.; Uchino, F.; Matsumoto, N.; Fukuyama, N., 1990:
Carcinosarcoma of the gallbladder. A case report with immunohistochemical and ultrastructural studies

Bousquet, J.C.; You, K.; Cortez, A.; Grellet, J.; Vayre, P., 1986:
Carcinosarcoma of the gallbladder. Echographic and anatomopathological diagnosis. Apropos of a case with review of the literature

Inoshita, S.; Iwashita, A.; Enjoji, M., 1986:
Carcinosarcoma of the gallbladder. Report of a case and review of the literature

Fesenko, I.P.; Atlasov, I.P.; Martseniuk, V.I., 1985:
Carcinosarcoma of the kidneys

Schmidt-Bäumler, U.; Rupp, W., 1975:
Carcinosarcoma of the larynx

Rizzi, A.; Radaelli, F.; Robustellini, M.; Rossi, G.; Rocco, G., 1990:
Carcinosarcoma of the lung

Eng, J.; Sabanathan, S., 1992 :
Carcinosarcoma of the lung with gastrointestinal metastasis. Case report

Engel, A.F.; Groot, G.; Bellot, S., 1991:
Carcinosarcoma of the lung. A case-history of disseminated disease and review of the literature

Cai, Z.M., 1989:
Carcinosarcoma of the lung: a report of 3 cases and a review of the literature

Cantarella, G.; Magazzu', G.; De Matteis, V.A., 1979:
Carcinosarcoma of the lung: clinical case

Hu, L., 1979:
Carcinosarcoma of the lung: report of two cases and a review of the literature

Algaba, F.; Sóle-Balcells, F.J., 1992:
Carcinosarcoma of the prostate. Immunophenotype, morphologic course and clinico-pathologic differential diagnosis

Martin, S.A.; Fowler, M.; Catalona, W.J.; Boyarsky, S., 1979:
Carcinosarcoma of the prostate: report of a case with ultrastructural observations

Ridolfi, R.L.; Eggleston, J.C., 1978:
Carcinosarcoma of the renal pelvis

Cho, K.J.; Myong, N.H.; Choi, D.W.; Jang, J.J., 1990:
Carcinosarcoma of the stomach. A case report with light microscopic, immunohistochemical, and electron microscopic study

Bleiweiss, I.J.; Huvos, A.G.; Lara, J.; Strong, E.W., 1992:
Carcinosarcoma of the submandibular salivary gland. Immunohistochemical findings

Cristallini, E.; Buttaro, F., 1979 :
Carcinosarcoma of the thyroid gland (report of a case)

Jlidi, R.; Remadi, S.; Gloor, J.; Chatelanat, F., 1991:
Carcinosarcoma of the urinary bladder and renal metastasis

Johansen, S.E.; Stenwig, A.E.; Tveter, K.J., 1979:
Carcinosarcoma of the urinary bladder in an adult male

McCarthy, L.J.; Wahle, W.M.; Moosey, N.A., 1975:
Carcinosarcoma of the urinary bladder--a case report

Sommer, P.; Steven, K.; Duun, S., 1988:
Carcinosarcoma of the urinary bladder. Case report

Murao, T.; Tanahashi, T., 1985:
Carcinosarcoma of the urinary bladder. Report of a case with electron microscopy and review of the literature

Young, N.; Damien, M.; Schwartz, P.E.; Carter, D.; Mittal, K.R., 1988:
Carcinosarcoma of the uterine cervix initially interpreted as high grade sarcoma

Chen, T.S.; Chao, K.C.; Ng, H.T.; Chang, M.C.; Liu, H.C., 1987:
Carcinosarcoma of the uterine cervix. A case report

Iakovleva, I.A.; Shendereva, T.S., 1978:
Carcinosarcoma of the uterus and ovaries

Merchaoui, J.; Zermani, R.; Benfadhel, H.; Mezni, F.; Sakouhi, M.; Benzineb, T.; Ben Jilani, S., 1992:
Carcinosarcoma of the uterus. Clinical case and review of the literature

Izumi, S.; Hasegawa, T.; Tsutsui, F.; Kurihara, S., 1985 :
Carcinosarcoma of the uterus. Cytologic and ultrastructural features

Garmendia Larrea, J.C.; Rodríguez Andrés, J.A.; Campa Bortolo, J.; Lobo Morán, C.; López García, J.A.; Arocena Lanz, F., 1991:
Carcinosarcoma with chondromatous differentiation of the bladder

Suurmeijer, A.J., 1991:
Carcinosarcoma-like mural nodule in an ovarian mucinous tumour

Douvin, D.; Hervé de Sigalony, J.P.; Bloch, P.; Gallot, D.; Malafosse, M.; el Salem, C., 1978:
Carcinosarcoma-pseudosarcoma of the oesophagus. Review of the literature, classification, new histogenetic theories. (Report of three cases)

Bolton, B.; Sieunarine, K., 1990:
Carcinosarcoma: a rare tumour of the breast

Muntz, H.G.; Rutgers, J.L.; Tarraza, H.M.; Fuller, A.F., 1989:
Carcinosarcomas and mixed Müllerian tumors of the fallopian tube

Iakovides, J.; Delides, G.S., 1988:
Carcinosarcomas of the skin--report of two cases

Rao, D.V.; Bhagirathi, B., 1989:
Carcinoscorpius rotunda cauda amoebocyte lysate for detection of endotoxins--its preparation, stability, sensitivity and comparison with Limulus amoebocyte lysate

Hackl, H.; Wolf, D., 1977:
Carcinosis of the pleura or mesothelioma associated with a small hypernephroma

Bicker, U.; Fuhse, P., 1975:
Carcinostatic action of 2-cyanaziridines against a sarcoma in rats

Conroy, P.J.; Nodes, J.T.; Slater, F.; White, G.W., 1975:
Carcinostatic activity of 4-hydroxy-2-pent-en-1-al against transplantable murine tumour lines

Conroy, P.J., 1978:
Carcinostatic activity of methylglyoxal and related substances in tumour-bearing mice

Matrka, M.; Rambousek, V.; Drzková, L.; Zvĕrina, V., 1978:
Carcinostatic drugs based on 1-phenyl-3,3-dimethyltriazene. III. Analytical determination of pharmacologically important derivatives of 1-phenyl-3,30dimethyltriazene

Rambousek, V.; Zvĕrina, V.; Matrka, M., 1978:
Carcinostatic drugs based on 1-phenyl-3,3-dimethyltriazene. V. Acute oral toxicity

Perin, A.; Sessa, A.; Ciaranfi, E., 1978:
Carcinostatic effect of aliphatic aldehydes and aldehyde dehydrogenase activity in Ehrlich carcinoma, Sarcoma 180, and Yoshida AH 130 hepatoma

Matrka, M.; Rambousek, V.; Zvĕrina, V., 1978:
Carcinostatics based on 1-phenyl-3,3-dimethyl triazene. IV. Kinetics and proteolytic cleavage

Rambousek, V.; Zvĕrina, V.; Matrka, M., 1978:
Carcinostatics based on 1-phenyl-3,3-dimethyltriazene. Contribution on their metabolism

Matrka, V.; Rambousek, V.; Remes, M.; Zvĕrina, V., 1978:
Carcinostatics based on 1-phenyl-3,3-dimethyltriazene. II. Synthesis and control of purity of preparation

N'Golet, A.; Pasquier, B.; Pasquier, D.; Panh, M.H.; Rossignol, B.; Lachard, A.; Couderc, P., 1979:
Carcinoïd heart disease: clinical, light and electron microscopic study

Ehlers, G., 1975:
Carciogenesis due to accidents?

Piffaretti, J.M., 1979:
Carcrashes, eyes and seat-belts in Switzerland

Frank, V.; Fuska, J., 1978:
Carcyological effect of vermiculine on HeLa cells

Grishin, O.V.; Khokhlova, N.M.; Simonova, Z.V., 1985:
Card file for the registration of tetanus inoculations

Kapil, U.; Gupta, M.C., 1986:
Card for detection of malnutrition

Johnsson, J., 1991:
Card format deals this annual report a winning hand

Bustos, J.C.; Marín Zarza, F.; Samblas, J., 1976:
Card model protocol for statistical study in neurotraumatology

Anderson, G.C., 1986:
Card tables as siderails

Anonymous, 1991:
Card, poster ready to assist with patient talk

Schmidt, W., 1977:
Card-Hydergin for treatment of heart insufficiency in elderly patients with cerebrovascular deficiency

Callinan, V.; O'Hare, J.A., 1988:
Cardboard chewing: cause and effect of iron-deficiency anemia

Edelman, J.D.; Wingard, D.W., 1978:
Carden-tube insertion

Thomas, R.; Allen, J.; Pitts, B.J.; Schwartz, A., 1979:
Cardenolide analogs. An explanation for the usual properties of AY 22241

Fullerton, D.W.; Pankaskie, M.C.; Ahmed, K.; From, A.H., 1976:
Cardenolide analogues. 1. A 17beta-unsaturated aldehyde

Fullerton, D.S.; Gilman, T.M.; Pankaskie, M.C.; Ahmed, K.; From, A.H.; Duax, W.L.; Rohrer, D.C., 1977:
Cardenolide analogues. 2. 22-Methylenecard-14-enolides

Yoshioka, K.; Fullerton, D.S., 1978:
Cardenolide analogues. 3. A fast thin layer chromatographic separation of cardenolide diastereomers

Fullerton, D.S.; Yoshioka, K.; Rohrer, D.C.; From, A.H.; Ahmed, K., 1979:
Cardenolide analogues. 4. (20R)- and (20S)-Cardanolides: on the roles of the 20(22)-ene and 14beta-hydroxyl in genin activity

Gelbart, A.; Thomas, R., 1978:
Cardenolide analogues. 7. Synthesis and biological activity of some new steroidal guanylhydrazones

Boutagy, J.; Thomas, R., 1977:
Cardenolide analogues. VI. The metabolism of the prodrug diacetylcymarol in the rat

Vine, J.; Brown, L.; Boutagy, J.; Thomas, R.; Nelson, D., 1979:
Cardenolide analogues: 10--characterization of cardiac glycosides by chemical ionization mass spectrometry

Lichius, J.J.; Bugge, G.; Wichtl, M., 1992:
Cardenolide glycosides in Digitalis crossbreeds. Reciprocal crossbreeds of Digitalis lanata with other Digitalis species

Waclaw-Rozkrutowa, B., 1975:
Cardenolides of Trachomitum sarmatiense Woodson

Sovová, M., 1979:
Cardenolides of the genus Coronilla. I

Siewert, J.R.; Hölscher, A.H.; Becker, K.; Gössner, W., 1987:
Cardia cancer: attempt at a therapeutically relevant classification

Husemann, B., 1989:
Cardia carcinoma considered as a distinct clinical entity

Lepsien, G.; Schattenmann, G.; Siewert, R., 1978:
Cardia function following Billroth I and Billroth II gastrectomy (studies on the significance of duodenal passage for cardia function)

Taira, A.; Yamashita, M.; Arikawa, K.; Hamada, Y.; Toyohira, H.; Akita, H., 1979:
Cardia lymph in electrical ventricular fibrillation: an experimental study

Bahler, R.C.; Macleod, C.A., 1975:
Cardia venous blood flow in atrial pacing versus exercise-induced angina pectoris

Howes, L.G.; Hodsman, G.P.; Rowe, P.R.; Sumithran, E.; Johnston, C.I., 1989:
Cardiac 3,4-dihydroxyphenylethylene glycol (DHPG) and catecholamine levels during perindopril therapy of chronic left ventricular failure in rats

Howes, L.G.; Hodsman, G.P.; Maccarrone, C.; Kohzuki, M.; Johnston, C.I., 1989:
Cardiac 3,4-dihydroxyphenylethylene glycol (DHPG) and catecholamine levels in a rat model of left ventricular failure

Grosso, M.A.; Banerjee, A.; St Cyr, J.A.; Rogers, K.B.; Brown, J.M.; Clarke, D.R.; Campbell, D.N.; Harken, A.H., 1992:
Cardiac 5'-nucleotidase activity increases with age and inversely relates to recovery from ischemia

Zucchi, R.; Ronca-Testoni, S.; Galbani, P.; Yu, G.; Mariani, M.; Ronca, G., 1992:
Cardiac A2 adenosine receptors--influence of ischaemia

De Scheerder, I.K.; Maas, A.A.; Nieukoop, A.S.; van der Meer, P.; Huizer, T.; Roelandt, J.R.; de Jong, J.W., 1992:
Cardiac ATP breakdown and mechanical function during recurrent periods of anoxia

Anonymous, 1991:
Cardiac Arrest in Seattle: Conventional Versus Amiodarone Drug Evaluation (the CASCADE study)

Magalhães, C.O., 1990:
Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial: a disappointment?

Pelzer, D.; Cavalié, A.; Trautwein, W., 1985:
Cardiac Ca channel currents at the level of single cells and single channels

Kurachi, Y.; Asano, Y.; Takikawa, R.; Sugimoto, T., 1989:
Cardiac Ca current does not run down and is very sensitive to isoprenaline in the nystatin-method of whole cell recording

Corday, E., 1990:
Cardiac Care. Cholesterol--(is it another word for paranoia)

Moss, A.J.; DeCamilla, J.; Davis, H., 1977:
Cardiac Death in the first 6 months after myocardial infarction: potential for mortality reduction in the early posthospital period

Wendel, C.H., 1988:
Cardiac Doppler echocardiography principles and applications

Bru, P.; Comet, B.; Collet, F.; Barragan, P.; Cointe, R.; Jouve, B.; Colonna, J.; Lévy, S.; Gérard, R., 1988:
Cardiac Doppler in the selection of patients for aortic valvuloplasty. Comparison with data of phonomecanograms

Roudaut, R.; Jullien, E.; Reynaud, P.; Gosse, P.; Dallocchio, M., 1988:
Cardiac Doppler ultrasonography in the diagnosis and surveillance of chronic aortic insufficiency

Lesbre, J.P.; Choquet, D.; Mertl, C., 1988:
Cardiac Doppler. Gradients theory

Stotka, J.L., 1992:
Cardiac Kaposi's sarcoma in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Barkett, P.A., 1988:
Cardiac M.U.G.A. scan. Taking first-rate pictures of the heart

Mizushima, A.; Uchida, S.; Zhou, X.M.; Kagiya, T.; Yoshida, H., 1987:
Cardiac M2 receptors consist of two different types, both regulated by GTP

Boxer, R.A.; Fishman, M.; LaCorte, M.A.; Singh, S.; Cooper, R.S., 1986:
Cardiac MR imaging in Pompe disease

Richoz, B.; Essinger, A.; Meuli, R.A., 1991:
Cardiac MRI

Colletti, P.M.; DeFrance, A.; Tak, T.; Boswell, W.D.; Chandraratna, P.A., 1991:
Cardiac MRI cine and color Doppler in valvular disease: correlative imaging

Bourne, I.H., 1988:
Cardiac Munchausen's syndrome

Hilgemann, D.W.; Collins, A.; Cash, D.P.; Nagel, G.A., 1991:
Cardiac Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange system in giant membrane patches

Scholtysik, G., 1989:
Cardiac Na+ channel activation as a positive inotropic principle

Akera, T.; Bennett, R.T.; Olgaard, M.K.; Brody, T.M., 1976:
Cardiac Na+, K+-adenosine triphosphatase inhibition by ouabain and myocardial sodium: a computer simulation

Rhee, H.M.; Dutta, S.; Marks, B.H., 1976:
Cardiac NaK ATPase activity during positive inotropic and toxic actions of ouabain

Isenberg, G., 1976:
Cardiac Purkinje fibers: cesium as a tool to block inward rectifying potassium currents

Isenberg, G., 1977:
Cardiac Purkinje fibres: [Ca2+]i controls steady state potassium conductance

Isenberg, G., 1977:
Cardiac Purkinje fibres: [Ca2+]i controls the potassium permeability via the conductance components gK1 and gK2

Isenberg, G., 1977:
Cardiac Purkinje fibres: resting, action, and pacemaker potential under the influence of [Ca2+]i as modified by intracellular injection techniques

Isenberg, G., 1977:
Cardiac Purkinje fibres: the slow inward current component under the influence of modified [Ca2+]i

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