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Cellular immunity in mammary cancer patients as measured by the leukocyte migration test (LMT) . a follow-up study

Rieche, K.; Arndt, A.; Pasternak, G.

International Journal of Cancer 17(2): 212-218


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-7136
PMID: 1248905
DOI: 10.1002/ijc.2910170210
Accession: 039484704

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In 58 cases of mammary cancer treated by surgery the leukocyte migration test (LMT) has been applied to the study of cellular immunity using homogenate from autochthonous and homologous tumors as antigens. A positive test, i.e. inhibition of migration by antigen, was observed in 52 patients from 1 day up to 40 days after surgery. Six patients were negative. There was extensive immunological cross-reactivity among mammary cancer in that a positive test was also obtained with homogenate from homologous mammary tumors. Generally, antigens from other tumors did not react. The test was also negative when the leukocytes were derived from healthy persons. Sera from mammary cancer patients abrogated the inhibitory effect of tumor antigen. The disappearance of positivity about 40 days after surgery and its reappearance during the metastatic process indicates that the positive LMT is associated with progressive disease.

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