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Changes in precordial movements in non-ischaemic heart disease patients after i.v. administration of isoproterenol and dopamine. Comparison between normal and cardiopathic subjects

Strozzi, C.; Cocco, G.; Padovan, G.C.

Giornale Italiano di Cardiologia 9(6): 635-639


ISSN/ISBN: 0046-5968
PMID: 488599
Accession: 039503167

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18 patients with non-ischemic heart disease have been studied with reference to the kinetocardiographic changes before and after i.v. administration of dopamine (DOP) (Revivan) or Isoproterenol (ISP) (Aleudrin). For this purpose a simultaneous registration of ECG (lead D2), Kinetocardiogram (KCG) in K25 and K45 was performed. Volume curves were considered as a normal features of KCG, curves showing systolic outward movements during the ejection phase were classified as pathologic. The reduction or disappearance of the systolic movements during the drug administration, were considered as kinetic improvement, the increase of their site was judged as kinetic worsening. During the infusion, 17 KCGs maintained a normal morphological pattern; out of 19 pathological KCGs, 4 did not show any change, and 15, 5 reached a complete normalization. It is pointed out the overlap of the precordial kinetics in the ventricular hypertrophies and in the normal subjects (kinetic improvement), and the possibility to differentiate a systolic outward movement due to synergic contraction of hypertrophied ventricle from a systolic outward movement to be reffered to a diskynetic contraction in the myocardial ischemia (kinetic worsening).

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