Clinical observations of porcelain veneers: a three-year report

Christensen, G.J.; Christensen, R.P.

Journal of Esthetic Dentistry 3(5): 174-179


ISSN/ISBN: 1040-1466
PMID: 1815716
DOI: 10.1111/j.1708-8240.1991.tb00994.x
Accession: 039576176

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One hundred and sixty-five Cerinate porcelain veneers were placed by 11 private practice clinicians from diverse locations throughout the USA. The veneers were evaluated over a 3-year service period using Kodachrome photographs and grading of clinical characteristics by evaluators. The following factors were evaluated: (1) esthetics; (2) margin fit; (3) margin discoloration; (4) breakage; (5) gingival irritation; (6) patient acceptance; and (7) caries. Specific characteristics and their evaluations over three years were: (1) Esthetics started out excellent and remained that way; (2) Margin fit was acceptable at the beginning of the study and was actually perceived to improve, perhaps related to cement at the margins wearing and smoothing; (3) Margin discoloration started very low and became slightly worse; (4) Breakage was present during each of the 3 years, and 13 percent of veneers had some breakage after 3 years. Changes in clinical procedures are suggested in this paper to diminish this problem; (5) Gingival irritation was minimal throughout the study; (6) Patient acceptance was excellent at the beginning of the study and improved; and (7) Dental caries involvement was minimal, with only one veneered tooth showing caries involvement. Over the 3-year period, the veneers provided excellent service overall.

Clinical observations of porcelain veneers: a three-year report