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Cloning and amplification of the gene encoding an extracellular beta-glucosidase from Trichoderma reesei: evidence for improved rates of saccharification of cellulosic substrates

Barnett, C.C.; Berka, R.M.; Fowler, T.

Bio/Technology 9(6): 562-567


ISSN/ISBN: 0733-222X
PMID: 1367522
Accession: 039589479

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We have cloned and determined the nucleotide sequence of the gene encoding an extracellular beta-glucosidase (bgl1) from the cellulolytic fungus Trichoderma reesei. The predicted open reading frame of the bgl1 gene is interrupted by two putative introns of 70 and 64 bp and encodes a protein with a calculated molecular weight of 75,341. The genomic segment encoding bgl1 was cloned into a vector that contained the selectable marker gene, amdS. Transformation of T. reesei with this vector resulted in several stable transformant strains all possessing an increased copy number of the bgl1 gene integrated into the genome together with elevated rates of glucose production from avicel. One transformant produced an extracellular cellulase with a five-fold increase in the rate of production of glucose from cellobiose, a 33% rate increase from avicel, and a 17% increase from phosphoric acid swollen cellulose. These data suggest that the cellulolytic activity of T. reesei strains may be specifically improved by transformation with cloned cellulase genes.

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