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Combination chemotherapy of UFT with adriamycin (ADM) and cisplatin (CDDP) for advanced gastrointestinal cancer

Koda, K.; Nakazawa, O.; Morita, K.; Kure, T.; Terada, S.; Matsunaga, T.; Tsuji, Y.; Miyazaki, E.; Nakajima, K.; Morii, K.

Gan to Kagaku Ryoho. Cancer and ChemoTherapy 17(9): 1893-1900


ISSN/ISBN: 0385-0684
PMID: 2118336
Accession: 039604249

Thirty four patients with advanced gastric cancer (GC), colon cancer (CC) biliary tract cancer (BC) and pancreatic cancer (PC) were treated with a combined chemotherapy of UFT with ADM (UFT-A), or UFT with ADM and CDDP (UFT-AC). The UFT-A regimen consisted of UFT, 600 mg/body daily. As for ADM, 10 mg/body was given intravenously from day 1-4 and repeated every two weeks. The UFT-AC regimen consisted of UFT 400-600 mg/body daily. As for ADM, 7.5 mg/m2 was given from day 7-9 and CDDP 50 mg/m2 on day 7, repeated every 3-4 weeks. Partial responses (PR) were seen in 7 cases (36.8%) (5 cases of GC, 1 case of CC and 1 case of BC) out of 19 evaluable patients (8 cases of GC, 4 cases of CC, 4 cases of BC and 3 case of PC) treated with UFT-A. Complete response in a case of CC and PR in 6 cases (47.7%) (3 cases of GC and 3 cases of BC) were observed out of 15 evaluable patients (7 cases of GC, 2 cases of CC, 4 cases of BC and 2 cases of PC) treated with UFT-AC. There was no significant difference of survival curve between the two regimens, however, the median survival of responders for both regimens is longer than non-responders with statistical significance. As for side effects, UGI symptoms were recognized in 37% of UFT-A group and in 73% of UFT-AC group. A leukopenia count of less than 2,000/mm3 appeared in 11% of UFT-A group and in 20% of UFT-AC group. Considering these results, UFT-A and UFT-AC therapy appears to be useful in cases of advanced gastrointestinal cancer, especially gastric cancer.

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