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Combined retrograde-antegrade ureteral stent passage: salvage procedure for a ureteral leak

Gray, R.J.; Intriere, L.; Dolmatch, B.L.; Edson, M.; Fischer, J.

Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology Jvir 3(3): 557-558


ISSN/ISBN: 1051-0443
PMID: 1515729
DOI: 10.1016/s1051-0443(92)72014-4
Accession: 039607271

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The authors describe a stent placement procedure for treatment of an infected ureteral leak after failure of traditional antegrade and retrograde approaches. In this procedure, a guide wire was placed across the distal ureteral segment into a urinoma with use of cystoscopic guidance. Thereafter, an antegrade approach was used to pass a wire loop snare, capture the guide wire, and withdraw it through the proximal ureter for subsequent stent passage. This approach allowed percutaneous stabilization of a ureteral leak in a patient who would have otherwise required immediate surgical repair.

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