Section 40
Chapter 39,624

Comparative study of the antigenic composition of strains of Borrelia anserina. 2. Antigenic structure and immunobiologic relationships of a newly isolated strain

Dzhankov, I.; Sumrov, I.; Lozeva, T.

Veterinarno-Meditsinski Nauki 12(6): 3-7


ISSN/ISBN: 0324-1068
PMID: 1226699
Accession: 039623142

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Agar immunoelectrophoresis and an immunofluorescence method were used to analyse antigenically a newly isolated spirochete strain of the Borrelia anserina species. It was established that by its antigen structure it could not be classified under the already described two serologic types, Surnevo I and Pamoukchii. The strain possesses five antigens common to serotype Surnevo I and four antigens common to serotype Pamoukchii. Besides, it has also one typespecific antigen. This strain was said to belong to a new, third serotype named venets.

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