Comparison of histone-like proteins from blue-green algae with ribosomal basic proteins of alga and wheat germ histones

Gofshteĭn, L.V.; Iurina, N.P.; Romashkin, V.I.; Oparin, A.I.

Biokhimiia 40(5): 1104-1111


ISSN/ISBN: 0320-9725
PMID: 813782
Accession: 039630016

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Histone-like proteins was found in blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans, which has no nucleus. F2b2, F2a2, F2a1 fractions were found in histone-like algae proteins and no fraction F1. Content of basic amino acids (arginine being prevailing in algae protein) is quite identical in histone-like algae proteins and in wheat germs histones, while the content of acid amino acids is considerably higher in algae. The presence in procaryotic cells of basic proteins similar in a number of properties to histones of higher organisms suggests that these proteins are evolutionary precursors of eucaryotic histones.