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Control of the tRNA-tufB operon in Escherichia coli. 1. rRNA gene dosage effects and growth-rate-dependent regulation

Van Delft, J.H.; Verbeek, H.M.; De Jong, P.J.; Schmidt, D.S.; Talens, A.; Bosch, L.

European Journal of Biochemistry 175(2): 355-362


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-2956
PMID: 2456926
DOI: 10.1111/j.1432-1033.1988.tb14204.x
Accession: 039683149

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'Ribosome feedback' effects on the expression of the genes specifying tRNA and EF-Tu in E. coli have been studied at increased rrnB doses (rRNA gene doses). We confirm previous observations that the introduction into the cell of a multicopy plasmid carrying the rrnB operon reduces the cellular content of most tRNAs, including those encoded by the tRNA-tufB operon, but leaves the 5S rRNA content unaffected. Increase of the dosage of intact, but not of deleted rRNA genes, causes a slight drop in total EF-Tu that can be fully accounted for by a decrease in EF-TuB level. The drop in EF-TuB content (approx. 25%) is much smaller than that in tRNA content (approx. 80%). The synthesis rate of total EF-Tu is hardly affected, indicating that the turnover of EF-Tu has not changed. The ratio of tRNA over tuf RNA synthesis rates remains the same after elevation of rrnB dosage. Considering the large decrease in tRNA content this means that both RNA synthesis rates decrease to approximately the same extent. The relatively small drop in EF-Tu synthesis must be due, therefore, to an enhancement of the number of EF-Tu molecules synthesized per mRNA molecule. Apparently a post-transcriptional mechanism, regulating EF-Tu synthesis, becomes operative under these conditions. Growth-rate-dependent regulation of the tRNA-tufB operon has been studied using lysogens carrying tRNA':lacZ and tRNA-tufB':lacZ operon fusions and a tufB':lacZ' gene fusion. These experiments show that the cellular contents of tRNA, tufB RNA and EF-TuB vary in direct proportion to the growth rate. This indicates that growth rate control of tRNA-tufB operon transcription resembles that of stable RNA operons and not of r-protein operons, and that the read-through of the terminator at the end of the tRNA gene cluster remains unaltered.

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