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Cross-reactivity between human and canine helper and suppressor T cell antigens using monoclonal antibodies RPA-T4 and HuLy-m8

Iwamoto, K.; Takeishi, M.; Takagi, K.; Kuyama, T.; Yukawa, M.; Ishida, M.; Kuramochi, T.

Cellular and Molecular Biology 35(3): 271-278


ISSN/ISBN: 0145-5680
PMID: 2528406
Accession: 039709837

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The murine monoclonal antibodies RPA-T4 and HuLy-m8, specific for a framework determinant of human helper/inducer and suppressor/cytotoxic T cell antigens, cross-reacted with canine cell membrane molecules recognizing a biomolecular complex (50,000 to 55,000 daltons) similar to that described in humans. We investigated the distribution of these helper and suppressor T cell-like antigens on canine peripheral blood lymphocytes. With complement-mediated lymphocytotoxicity, 34% and 35% of the canine lymphocytes expressed the helper T cell-like antigens and the suppressor-like T cell antigens, respectively. When the lymphocytes were treated with RPA-T4 and HuLy-m8, the respective helper and suppressor function was significantly inhibited.

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