Cytogenetic and hormonal studies of persons occupationally irradiated with ionizing radiation

Ivanov, B.; Maleeva, A.; Praskova, L.; Mileva, M.; Bulanova, M.

Vutreshni Bolesti 18(4): 36-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0506-2772
PMID: 494631
Accession: 039730110

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Cytogenetic investigations were carried out on 23 subjects and hormonal -- on 18 of them, working in the sphere of ionizing radiation at medical institutions. After the quantitative processing of the results from the cytogenetic investigations, statistically significant differences were established to exist in cell obtaining with aberations, chromozome and chromatide fragments as compared with the spontaneous frequency of healthy subjects. Statistically significant differences were observed also in the group with length of service over 10 years as regards the dicentrics obtaining as well. With the follow-up of hormone concentrations in blood plasma a statistical decrease was found in the level of sex hormones -- testosterone in males and progesterone in females, accompanied by increased level of FSH, suggesting a primarily damage of gonads (testis and ovaries). Plasma cortisol level is statistically significant increased in all subjects examined whereas aldosterone level is normal in subjects with a length of service to 10 years and statistically significant decrease with a length of service over 10 years.