Cytoprotection of gastric mucosa induced by tripotassium-dicitrato bismuthate against ethanol stress. Dependent mechanisms of sulfhydryl, dopaminergic and endogenous prostaglandin

Laudanno, O.M.; Bodini, O.A.; San Miguel, P.; Cesolari, J.A.; Capdopon, E.

Acta Gastroenterologica Latinoamericana 16(1): 33-38


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-9033
PMID: 3577618
Accession: 039733942

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In groups of white Wistar rats, the cytoprotective effect induced by TDB on the gastric mucosa against the ethanol injury, was studied; where macroscopic protection and histologic cytoprotection in gastric corpus was found, and no in antrum mucosa. The cytoprotective mechanism give by TDB, were studied by the test of Indomethacin, Cl2Hg, Domperidone, Chlorpromazine and Acetazolamide, where each drug was given as pretreatment. Was conclude that TDB give gastric cytoprotection by the mechanism of the nonprotein sulfhydryl, by to be one peripheral agonist of the neuronal dopamine receptors, by increase of endogenous prostaglandin, by little increment of cAMP and no participate the gastric bicarbonate secretion.