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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 39771

Chapter 39771 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Fleisher, D.; Stewart, B.H.; Amidon, G.L., 1985:
Design of prodrugs for improved gastrointestinal absorption by intestinal enzyme targeting

Boger, J.; Bennett, C.D.; Payne, L.S.; Ulm, E.H.; Blaine, E.H.; Homnick, C.F.; Schorn, T.W.; Lamont, B.I.; Veber, D.F., 1985:
Design of proteolytically-stable, peptidal renin inhibitors and determination of their fate in vivo

Zweig, M.H., 1987:
Design of protocols to evaluate the efficacy of allergenic extracts and allergy tests

Bousquet, J.; Guerin, B.; Michel, F.B., 1987:
Design of protocols to evaluate the safety and efficacy of allergenic extracts

Anonymous, 1975:
Design of public spaces encompasses more than decor

Caragher, T.E.; Grannis, G.F., 1977:
Design of quality-control specimens for use with a small multi-channel analyzer

Daniliuk, N.K.; Serpinskiĭ, O.I.; Siniakov, A.N., 1991:
Design of recombinant-stable plasmids of the pFH series

Williams, P.D.; Payne, L.S.; Perlow, D.S.; Holloway, M.K.; Siegl, P.K.; Schorn, T.W.; Lynch, R.J.; Doyle, J.J.; Strouse, J.F.; Vlasuk, G.P., 1991:
Design of renin inhibitors containing conformationally restricted mimetics of the P1-P1' and P1 through P2' sites

Guilleminot, R.; Gómez, B., 1988:
Design of retainers with metal framework for patients with cleft lip and cleft palate

Miller, A.D.; Bender, M.A.; Harris, E.A.; Kaleko, M.; Gelinas, R.E., 1988:
Design of retrovirus vectors for transfer and expression of the human beta-globin gene

Laane, C.; Hilhorst, R.; Veeger, C., 1987:
Design of reversed micellar media for the enzymatic synthesis of apolar compounds

Zhenodarova, S.M., 1990:
Design of ribozymes

Lindqvist, C., 1975:
Design of self-help devices for handicapped

Dervan, P.B.; Baker, B.F., 1986:
Design of sequence-specific DNA cleaving molecules. Comparison of distamycin-EDTA X Fe(II) and N-bromoacetyldistamycin

Dervan, P.B., 1986:
Design of sequence-specific DNA-binding molecules

Montenay-Garestier, T.; Hélène, C.; Thuong, N.T., 1991:
Design of sequence-specific bifunctional nucleic acid ligands

Vadgama, J.V., 1989:
Design of simple devices to measure solute fluxes and binding in monolayer cell cultures

Tomlinson, E., 1991:
Design of site-specific protein drugs

Kino, G.S.; DeSilets, C.S., 1979:
Design of slotted transducer arrays with matched backings

Hampton, A.; Kappler, F.; Chawla, R.R., 1979:
Design of species- or isozyme-specific enzyme inhibitors. 1. Effect of thymidine substituents on affinity for the thymidine site of hamster cytoplasmic thymidine kinase

Ondetti, M.A.; Rubin, B.; Cushman, D.W., 1977:
Design of specific inhibitors of angiotensin-converting enzyme: new class of orally active antihypertensive agents

Halpert, J.R.; Jaw, J.Y.; Johnson, E.F., 1989:
Design of specific mechanism-based inactivators of hepatic and adrenal microsomal cytochromes P-450 responsible for progesterone 21-hydroxylation

Seligman, A.M.; Sternberger, N.J.; Paul, B.D.; Friedman, A.E.; Shannon, W.A.; Wasserkrug, H.L.; Plapinger, R.E.; Lynm, D., 1975:
Design of spindle poisons activated specifically by prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) and new methods for PAP cytochemistry

Fischman, S.L., 1979:
Design of studies to evaluate plaque control agents

Hampton, A.; Slotin, L.A.; Kappler, F.; Sasaki, T.; Perini, F., 1976:
Design of substrate-site-directed inhibitors of adenylate kinase and hexokinase. Effect of substrate substituents on affinity on affinity for the adenine nucleotide sites

Hampton, A.; Sasaki, T.; Perini, F.; Slotin, L.A.; Kappler, F., 1976:
Design of substrate-site-directed irreversible inhibitors of adenosine 5'-phosphate aminohydrolase. Effect of substrate substituents on affinity for the substrate site

Klineberg, I.J.; Murray, G.M., 1985:
Design of superstructures for osseointegrated fixtures

Sedlácek, J.; Fábry, M.; Smrt, J., 1987:
Design of synthetic oligonucleotide duplexes for site-directed mutagenesis with recombinant plasmids

Lehn, J.M., 1976:
Design of synthetic receptor and carrier molecules for the Li+ cation

Imanaka, T.; Nakae, M.; Ohta, T.; Takagi, M., 1992:
Design of temperature-sensitive penicillinase repressors by replacement of Pro in predicted beta-turn structures

Seeman, I.; Poe, G.S.; McLaughlin, J.K., 1989:
Design of the 1986 National Mortality Followback Survey: considerations on collecting data on decedents

Gunn, W.J.; Iverson, D.C.; Katz, M., 1985:
Design of the School Health Education Evaluation

Conway, M.J.; Boyle, P., 1989:
Design of the UCH/RNID cochlear implant system

van Ginneken, A.M.; Smeulders, A.W.; Jansen, W.; Baak, J.P.; Brooymans, I., 1990:
Design of the diagnostic encyclopedia workstation (DEW)

Benevides, J.M.; Weiss, M.A.; Thomas, G.J., 1991:
Design of the helix-turn-helix motif: nonlocal effects of quaternary structure in DNA recognition investigated by laser Raman spectroscopy

Zweifach, B.W., 1987:
Design of the microcirculation

Schneider, A., 1978:
Design of the spring elements for orthodontic plate appliances. II

Wang, G.J., 1987:
Design of the strabismus-diagnostic rule for use in Parks' 3-step test

Ross, J.G.; Gold, R.S.; Lavin, A.T.; Errecart, M.T.; Nelson, G.D., 1991:
Design of the teenage health teaching modules evaluation

Whitley, R.J.; Soong, S.J.; Alford, C.A.; Hirsch, M.S.; Schooley, R.; Oxman, M.N.; Connor, J.D.; Betts, R.; Dolin, R.; Reichman, R.C., 1985:
Design of therapeutic studies in herpes simplex encephalitis

Kantor, T.G., 1975:
Design of therapeutic trials for dimethyl sulfoxide

Greenwell, F.P., 1978:
Design of tomographic equipment

Brockhurst, P.J.; Svensson, N.L., 1977:
Design of total hip prosthesis: the femoral stem

Långström, B.; Andersson, Y.; Antoni, G.; Axelsson, S.; Bjurling, P.; Fasth, K.J.; Gee, A.; Kihlberg, T.; Ulin, J.; Watanabe, Y., 1991:
Design of tracer molecules with emphasis on stereochemistry, position of label and multiple isotopic labeling. An important aspect in studies of biologic function using positron emission tomography

Capell, H.A., 1988:
Design of trials to study variability in response: clinical aspects; end points in trials

Whiting, B.; Howie, C.A.; Dunagan, F.M., 1988:
Design of trials to study variability in response: statistical aspects

Björnestedt, R.; Widersten, M.; Board, P.G.; Mannervik, B., 1992:
Design of two chimaeric human-rat class alpha glutathione transferases for probing the contribution of C-terminal segments of protein structure to the catalytic properties

Shrout, P.E.; Newman, S.C., 1989:
Design of two-phase prevalence surveys of rare disorders

Osborne, W.R.; Miller, A.D., 1988:
Design of vectors for efficient expression of human purine nucleoside phosphorylase in skin fibroblasts from enzyme-deficient humans

Yeh, P.; Landais, D.; Lemaître, M.; Maury, I.; Crenne, J.Y.; Becquart, J.; Murry-Brelier, A.; Boucher, F.; Montay, G.; Fleer, R., 1992:
Design of yeast-secreted albumin derivatives for human therapy: biological and antiviral properties of a serum albumin-CD4 genetic conjugate

Tanizawa, K.; Kanaoka, Y., 1979:
Design of "inverse substrates": a new approach for the chemical studies of hydrolytic enzymes

Iskander, M.F.; Tumeh, A.M., 1989:
Design optimization of interstitial antennas

Spaulding, W.D., 1992:
Design prerequisites for research on cognitive therapy for schizophrenia

Khristiuk, V.A., 1986:
Design principles for a multifunction programmed electrocardiostimulator

Sutherland, W.H.; Smith, C.W., 1977:
Design principles of telecobalt collimators

Shimohigashi, Y., 1986:
Design principles: enkephalins with predictable mu/delta receptor specificity

Anonymous, 1975:
Design problems converted to advantages in mental health center

Anonymous, 1975:
Design promotes group teamwork

Cameron, H.U.; Bhimji, S., 1988:
Design rationale in early clinical trials with a hemispherical threaded acetabular component

Hutchens, C.G., 1987:
Design simulation of ultrasonic transducer systems

Huff, J., 1992:
Design strategies, results and evaluations of long-term chemical carcinogenesis studies

Younger, J.; Strauss, S.S., 1986:
Design tactics

Block, C., 1975:
Design to dispel fear of oral surgery

Nakamura, H.; Ogoshi, T.; Tsujimoto, K., 1988:
Design to improve the quality of life of leukemic patients

Korukhov, N.Iu.; Pisarevskiĭ, A.A.; Lots, I.A.; Tsimarkina, G.E.; Perminova, Z.A., 1988:
Design variants of the "auxiliary liver" apparatus

Schwartz, R.S.; Murchison, D.G., 1987:
Design variations of the rotational path removable partial denture

Bestente, G.; Garino, P.; Ghisio, G., 1985:
Design verification on a speech synthesizer using electron beam testing techniques

Greenland, S.; Morgenstern, H., 1991:
Design versus directionality

Williams, P.E., 1978:
Design vs. serendipity in curriculum development

Erickson, J.; Neidhart, D.J.; VanDrie, J.; Kempf, D.J.; Wang, X.C.; Norbeck, D.W.; Plattner, J.J.; Rittenhouse, J.W.; Turon, M.; Wideburg, N., 1990:
Design, activity, and 2.8 A crystal structure of a C2 symmetric inhibitor complexed to HIV-1 protease

Ma, Y.Z.; Tn, R.C.; Zheng, J.B., 1987:
Design, animal experiments and clinical use of a compressive intramedullary rod

Remington, P.L.; Smith, M.Y.; Williamson, D.F.; Anda, R.F.; Gentry, E.M.; Hogelin, G.C., 1988:
Design, characteristics, and usefulness of state-based behavioral risk factor surveillance: 1981-87

Urdea, M.S., 1987:
Design, chemical synthesis, and molecular cloning of a gene for human epidermal growth factor

Chi, M.S., 1979:
Design, construction and clinical use of hand-refractometer

Markland, W.; Roberts, B.L.; Saxena, M.J.; Guterman, S.K.; Ladner, R.C., 1991:
Design, construction and function of a multicopy display vector using fusions to the major coat protein of bacteriophage M13

Wells, F., 1990:
Design, development and decline of a medicine. Report of a conference

Werner, B., 1979:
Design, development and future: unit service management

Clare, A.W.; Cairns, V.E., 1978:
Design, development and use of a standardized interview to assess social maladjustment and dysfunction in community studies

Cabo, J.; Castejón, R.; Cordovilla, G.; Rosembloom, M.; Gamallo, C.; Laschinger, J.; Alvarez, F., 1989:
Design, efficiency and application of experimental methods in heart transplantation

D'Ottavio, A.E.; Bassan, N.D., 1989:
Design, evaluation and application of a model for evaluating the cognitive abilities related to scientific aptitude in medical students

Spolyar, J.L., 1988:
Design, evaluation, and use of a portable cephalometric cephalostat: the Porta-Stat (an X-ray subsystem)

Spolyar, J.L., 1988:
Design, evaluation, and use of a temporomandibular arthrometric cephalostat, the Porta-Stat (an X-ray subsystem). Part II. Use

Spolyar, J.L., 1988:
Design, evaluation, and use of a temporomandibular arthrometric cephalostat, the Porta-Stat (an x-ray subsystem). Part I. Design and evaluation

Kjellström, T.; Lamme, S.; Mattiasson, I.; Stavenow, L.; Tunestål, A.; Trell, E.; Larsson, L.; Svensson, K., 1985:
Design, findings and five-year follow-up of preventive medical lipid intervention clinic in Malmö

Ehmer, D.; Oelzner, W., 1977:
Design, function and advantage of a centralized suction device based on the principle of a fluid-ring vacuum pump

Rauschecker, H.; Schauer, A.; Rothe, H.; Sauer, R.; Scheurlen, H.; Schumacher, M., 1988:
Design, goals and preliminary results of the first national breast cancer study--the Federal Ministry of Research and Technology study of "small breast cancer"

Costanza, M.E.; Gaw, V.P., 1987:
Design, implementation, and evaluation of a longitudinal cancer curriculum

Van 't Hof, M.A.; Hautvast, J.G.; Schroll, M.; Vlachonikolis, I.G., 1991:
Design, methods and participation. Euronut SENECA investigators

Meinert, C.L.; Borhani, N.O.; Langford, H.G., 1989:
Design, methods, and rationale in the Hypertension Prevention Trial. Hypertension Prevention Trial Research Group

Lever, S.Z.; Burns, H.D.; Kervitsky, T.M.; Goldfarb, H.W.; Woo, D.V.; Wong, D.F.; Epps, L.A.; Kramer, A.V.; Wagner, H.N., 1985:
Design, preparation, and biodistribution of a technetium-99m triaminedithiol complex to assess regional cerebral blood flow

Kontoghiorghes, G.J., 1990:
Design, properties, and effective use of the oral chelator L1 and other alpha-ketohydroxypyridines in the treatment of transfusional iron overload in thalassemia

Anderson, B.M., 1978:
Design, structure and care of microinstruments

Sawyer, T.K.; Pals, D.T.; Mao, B.; Staples, D.J.; de Vaux, A.E.; Maggiora, L.L.; Affholter, J.A.; Kati, W.; Duchamp, D.; Hester, J.B., 1988:
Design, structure-activity, and molecular modeling studies of potent renin inhibitory peptides having N-terminal Nin-For-Trp (Ftr): angiotensinogen congeners modified by P1-P1' Phe-Phe, Sta, Leu psi[CH(OH)CH2]Val or leu psi[CH2NH]Val substitutions

Arano, Y.; Magata, Y.; Horiuchi, K.; Matsumoto, K.; Fujibayashi, Y.; Ohmomo, Y.; Tanaka, C.; Saji, H.; Yokoyama, A., 1989:
Design, synthesis and 64Cu labeling of fatty acid analogs containing dithiosemicarbazone chelate

Fink, J.; Boman, A.; Boman, H.G.; Merrifield, R.B., 1989:
Design, synthesis and antibacterial activity of cecropin-like model peptides

Ueda, I.; Ishii, K.; Arai, H.; Ikeda, S.; Hitomi, Y.; Hatanaka, M., 1991:
Design, synthesis and antiinflammatory activity of a new indomethacin ester. 2-[N-[3-(3-(piperidinomethyl)phenoxy)propyl]carbamoylmethylthio]ethyl 1-(p-chlorobenzoyl)-5-methoxy-2-methyl-indole-3-acetate

Krstenansky, J.L.; Owen, T.J.; Yates, M.T.; Mao, S.J., 1988:
Design, synthesis and antithrombin activity for conformationally restricted analogs of peptide anticoagulants based on the C-terminal region of the leech peptide, hirudin

Ljungqvist, A.; Feng, D.M.; Tang, P.F.; Kubota, M.; Okamoto, T.; Zhang, Y.W.; Bowers, C.Y.; Hook, W.A.; Folkers, K., 1987:
Design, synthesis and bioassays of antagonists of LHRH which have high antiovulatory activity and release negligible histamine

Masereel, B.; Lohrmann, E.; Schynts, M.; Pirotte, B.; Greger, R.; Delarge, J., 1992:
Design, synthesis and biological activity of a series of torasemide derivatives, potent blockers of the Na+ 2Cl- K+ co-transporter: in-vitro study

Combs, D.W.; Rampulla, M.S.; Russell, R.K.; Rampulla, R.A.; Klaubert, D.H.; Ritchie, D.; Meeks, A.S.; Kirchner, T., 1990:
Design, synthesis and bronchodilatory activity of a series of quinazoline-3-oxides

Williams, D.P.; Regier, D.; Akiyoshi, D.; Genbauffe, F.; Murphy, J.R., 1988:
Design, synthesis and expression of a human interleukin-2 gene incorporating the codon usage bias found in highly expressed Escherichia coli genes

Reily, M.D.; Thanabal, V.; Lunney, E.A.; Repine, J.T.; Humblet, C.C.; Wagner, G., 1992:
Design, synthesis and solution structure of a renin inhibitor. Structural constraints from NOE, and homonuclear and heteronuclear coupling constants combined with distance geometry calculations

Moser, R., 1992:
Design, synthesis and structure of an amphipathic peptide with pH-inducible haemolytic activity

Bailly, C.; Pommery, N.; Houssin, R.; Henichart, J.P., 1989:
Design, synthesis, DNA binding, and biological activity of a series of DNA minor-groove-binding intercalating drugs

Hanko, R.; Hammond, M.D.; Fruchtmann, R.; Pfitzner, J.; Place, G.A., 1990:
Design, synthesis, and 5-lipoxygenase-inhibiting properties of 1-thio-substituted butadienes

Takenuki, K.; Matsuda, A.; Ueda, T.; Sasaki, T.; Fujii, A.; Yamagami, K., 1988:
Design, synthesis, and antineoplastic activity of 2'-deoxy-2'-methylidenecytidine

al-Obeidi, F.; Hruby, V.J.; Hadley, M.E.; Sawyer, T.K.; Castrucci, A.M., 1990:
Design, synthesis, and biological activities of a potent and selective alpha-melanotropin antagonist

Moe, G.R.; Kaiser, E.T., 1985:
Design, synthesis, and characterization of a model peptide having potent calcitonin-like biological activity: implications for calcitonin structure/activity

Aebersold, R.; Bures, E.J.; Namchuk, M.; Goghari, M.H.; Shushan, B.; Covey, T.C., 1992:
Design, synthesis, and characterization of a protein sequencing reagent yielding amino acid derivatives with enhanced detectability by mass spectrometry

Runquist, E.A.; Helmkamp, G.M., 1988:
Design, synthesis, and characterization of bis-phosphatidylcholine, a mechanistic probe of phosphatidylcholine transfer protein catalytic activity

Shah, K.J.; Coats, E.A., 1977:
Design, synthesis, and correlation analysis of 7-substituted 4-hydroxyquinoline-3-carboxylic acids as inhibitors of cellular respiration

Goodman, M.M.; Callahan, A.P.; Knapp, F.F., 1985:
Design, synthesis, and evaluation of omega-iodovinyl- and omega-iodoalkyl-substituted methyl-branched long-chain fatty acids

Lala, A.K.; Dixit, R.R.; Koppaka, V.; Patel, S., 1988:
Design, synthesis, and fluorescence studies of fluorenyl fatty acids as new depth-dependent fluorescent probes for membranes: getting over the looping-back problem

Alhaider, A.A.; Abdelkader, M.A.; Lien, E.J., 1985:
Design, synthesis, and pharmacological activities of 2-substituted 4-phenylquinolines as potential antidepressant drugs

Feldman, P.L.; James, M.K.; Brackeen, M.F.; Bilotta, J.M.; Schuster, S.V.; Lahey, A.P.; Lutz, M.W.; Johnson, M.R.; Leighton, H.J., 1991:
Design, synthesis, and pharmacological evaluation of ultrashort- to long-acting opioid analgetics

Rosen, T.; Chu, D.T.; Lico, I.M.; Fernandes, P.B.; Marsh, K.; Shen, L.; Cepa, V.G.; Pernet, A.G., 1988:
Design, synthesis, and properties of (4S)-7-(4-amino-2-substituted-pyrrolidin-1-yl)quinolone-3-carboxylic acids

Townsend, L.B.; Drach, J.C.; Wotring, L.L.; Vittori, S.; Pudlo, J.S.; Swayze, E.E.; Gupta, P.; Maruyama, T.; Saxena, N.; Coleman, L.A., 1991:
Design, synthesis, and studies on the structure activity relationships of certain pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine nucleosides and structurally related analogs as potential antineoplastic and antiviral agents

Manallack, D.T.; Andrews, P.R.; Woods, E.F., 1985:
Design, synthesis, and testing of insulin hexamer-stabilizing agents

Fatope, M.O.; Abraham, D.J., 1987:
Design, synthesis, and testing of potential antisickling agents. 10. (2,2-Dimethylchroman-6-yl)alkanoic acids

Sheh, L.; Mokotoff, M.; Abraham, D.J., 1987:
Design, synthesis, and testing of potential antisickling agents. 9. Cyclic tetrapeptide homologs as mimics of the mutation site of hemoglobin S

Anderson, W.K.; Bhattacharjee, D.; Houston, D.M., 1989 :
Design, synthesis, antineoplastic activity, and chemical properties of bis(carbamate) derivatives of 4,5-bis(hydroxymethyl)imidazole

Kuntz, E., 1979:
Design-build requires close administrator involvement

Kuntz, E., 1979:
Design-builders note business upturn

Kuntz, E., 1979:
Design-builders offer fewer options

Beaver, B.B.; Maloney, J.D.; Castle, L.W.; Morant, V.A.; Keefe, J.M.; Ching, E., 1986:
Design-dependent cross-talk in a second generation DDD pacemaker

Gräf, W.; Vollmuth, G., 1977:
Design-dependent transmission of bacteria by internal infection of dental turbines

Kamiya, H., 1987:
Designate proposal: from the clinical pediatric standpoint

Habibi, B., 1987:
Designated blood donors: an illusion not to be maintained

Anonymous, 1989:
Designated care programs for patients with AIDS and HIV related illnesses in designated care centers

Kluge, E.H., 1989:
Designated organ donation: private choice in social context

Shore, E., 1987:
Designated trainers

Göing, H., 1978:
Designated use of allergens

Grever, B., 1985:
Designation of Alberta psychiatric units changes for 1985 or 1986?

McLean, D.M., 1989:
Designation of a test strain of hepatitis A virus

Neill, S.D.; Ellis, W.A.; O'Brien, J.J., 1979:
Designation of aerotolerant Campylobacter-like organisms from porcine and bovine abortions to the genus Campylobacter

Shear, C.L.; Burke, G.L.; Freedman, D.S.; Webber, L.S.; Berenson, G.S., 1987:
Designation of children with high blood pressure--considerations on percentile cut points and subsequent high blood pressure: the Bogalusa Heart Study

Ariél', B.M.; Litvinov, A.V., 1992:
Designation of giant mononuclear cells in tuberculosis

Lee, R.C., 1979:
Designation of health manpower shortage areas for use by public health service programs

Loew, F.M., 1979:
Designation of laboratory animals

Ascher, N.L.; Evans, R.W., 1987:
Designation of liver transplant centers in the United States

Werner, J.L.; Langwell, K.M.; Budde, N.W., 1979:
Designation of physician shortage areas: the problem of specialty mix variations

Gao, J.Z., 1990:
Designation, classification and treatment of endometrial stromal sarcoma--a report of 9 cases

Ohashi, N., 1976:
Designed and real working situations in machine systems operation

Engel, M.; Williams, R.W.; Erickson, B.W., 1991:
Designed coiled-coil proteins: synthesis and spectroscopy of two 78-residue alpha-helical dimers

Kumar, R.; Dunn, L.L., 1989:
Designed diagnostic restriction fragment length polymorphisms for the detection of point mutations in ras oncogenes

Nicolaou, K.C.; Dai, W.M.; Tsay, S.C.; Estevez, V.A.; Wrasidlo, W., 1992:
Designed enediynes: a new class of DNA-cleaving molecules with potent and selective anticancer activity

Constantine, L.L., 1976:
Designed experience: a multiple, goal-directed training program in family therapy

Combs, R., 1991:
Designed for growth

Ineichen, B., 1992:
Designed for living

Combs, R., 1992:
Designed for team practice

Freudenreich, C.; Pfangert, U.; Weis, M.; Zeppezauer, M.; Biellmann, J.F., 1986:
Designed inhibitors of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase. Effect of active-site metal ion substitution

Porter-O'Grady, T., 1992:
Designed to fail: the service crisis in hospitals

Hanson, J.A.; Kopp, M.K., 1979:
Designer and properties of a multianode, cylindrical proportional counter for position sensing at high count rates

Caloz, M., 1987:
Designer dental offices

Beck, J.; Morgan, P.A., 1986:
Designer drug confusion: a focus on MDMA

Vogtsberger, K.N., 1989:
Designer drugs

Chesher, G., 1990:
Designer drugs--the "whats" and the "whys"

Pariza, M.W., 1992:
Designer foods: effects on development of cancer

Bartus, R.T., 1989:
Designer genes: current fad or lasting fashion?

Hagelsten, J.O., 1987:
Designer narcotics

Anonymous, 1976:
Designer's Prize

Kaiser, L.R., 1992:
Designers of the future

Anonymous, 1990:
Designing CD4 immunoadhesins for AIDS therapy

Brandt, E.N.; Mayer, W.N.; Mason, J.O.; Brown, D.E.; Mahoney, L.E., 1985:
Designing a National Disaster Medical System

Kron, J., 1978:
Designing a better place to die

Kitto, J.; Dale, B., 1985:
Designing a brief discharge planning screen

Anonymous, 1978:
Designing a cast prosthesis (II)

Stewart, S.L.; Vitello-Cicciu, J.M., 1989:
Designing a competency-based orientation program for the care of cardiac surgical patients

Eskin, F.; Hewett, D.; Hindle, A.; Wilson, J.T.; Wright, K.; Jolley, D.J., 1978:
Designing a comprehensive service for a health care group: a framework for planning

Brannan, P., 1986:
Designing a computer-assisted orientation program for the operating room

Anonymous, 1992:
Designing a computer-display shoot-out

Shahabudin, S.H., 1990:
Designing a continuing medical education programme in Malaysia based on practitioners' needs

Hall, B.; Grossman, J.; Peterson, F.H., 1992 :
Designing a critical care unit: description of a multidisciplinary process

Nyamathi, A.; Shin, D.M., 1990:
Designing a culturally sensitive AIDS educational program for black and Hispanic women of childbearing age

Smilkstein, G., 1990:
Designing a curriculum for training community-responsive physicians

Hertz, C.G.; Williams, H.; Hutchins, E.B., 1976:
Designing a curriculum in a clinical setting: an iterative process

Liebelt, P.; Sleyster, E.C., 1985:
Designing a datacommunications network to support decentral computer facilities within the Eurotransplant organization

Carr-Hill, R.A.; Sheldon, T., 1991:
Designing a deprivation payment for general practitioners: the UPA(8) wonderland

Stegmayer, P.; Lovrien, F.C.; Smith, M.; Keller, T.; Gohdes, D.M., 1988:
Designing a diabetes nutrition education program for a Native American community

Day, M.; Bunn, J.; Mackinnon, M., 1991:
Designing a diabetes specialist course

Chant, A.D., 1991:
Designing a doctor

Kishore, S.; Feingold, E., 1989:
Designing a flexible user interface for both users and programmers

King, D.J., 1986:
Designing a forms management program

Bleich, H.L.; Slack, W.V., 1992:
Designing a hospital information system: a comparison of interfaced and integrated systems

Williams, S.D., 1987:
Designing a market plan

Dienemann, J.A.; Wintz, L., 1992:
Designing a marketing plan that works

Rees, L., 1991:
Designing a medical curriculum for the 21st century

Anderson, S.E.; Good, L.R.; Hurtig, W.E., 1976:
Designing a mental health center to replace a county hospital

Varnadoe, L.A., 1978:
Designing a mission-oriented laboratory

Zost, E.D., 1976:
Designing a modern hospital pharmacy

Fillingham, C.; Kongats, A., 1990:
Designing a multilevel care facility for seniors

Schillen, T.B., 1991:
Designing a neural network simulator--the MENS modelling environment for network systems: I

Clift, J.M., 1991:
Designing a nursing science curriculum for administrators in Austria

Azumi, Y., 1988:
Designing a pamphlet for patient education concerning diet and exercise

Abdoo, Y.M., 1992:
Designing a patient care medication and recording system that uses bar code technology

Cummings, C., 1992:
Designing a patient education system

Hilderbrand, R.M.; Swenson, H.M., 1976:
Designing a plaque control program

Rogalin, J.A., 1979:
Designing a plaque control program for general dentistry practices

Green, K., 1990:
Designing a practice brochure

Wilson, C.K., 1988:
Designing a quality assurance program evaluation: a process model

Beard, D., 1990:
Designing a radiology workstation: a focus on navigation during the interpretation task

Lippman, D.T.; Ponton, K.S., 1989:
Designing a research poster with impact

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Designing a respirator fit testing program

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Designing a resuscitation trolley

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Designing a safety program for a college health service

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Designing a shared radiology quality assurance program

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Designing a state-of-the-art operating room complex

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Designing a suit for theatre nurses

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Designing a supply department

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Designing a teaching plan

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Designing a teaching program for outpatient antibiotic therapy

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Designing a test bank computer program

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Designing a training program for understanding sensory losses in aging

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Designing a user interface and computer screens for instruction: some considerations

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Designing adult areas

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Designing an artificial nipple and its effect on breast feeding

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Designing an effective ED nursing quality assurance program

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Designing an effective orientation program

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Designing an implant by CT scanning and solid modelling. Arthrodesis of the shoulder after excision of the upper humerus

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Designing an incentive program

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Designing an internal organizational merger

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Designing an obstetrics department

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Designing an outcome-oriented computer decision-support system for cardiovascular ICU--a preliminary report

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Designing and application of removable space retainers

Anonymous, 1979:
Designing and building a curriculum

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Designing and developing a new measuring instrument

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Designing and evaluating a health care delivery system through the use of interactive computer graphics

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Designing and evaluating an episodic, problem-based geriatric curriculum

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Designing and evaluation of a dynamic cardiac phantom for ECG gated blood-pool scintigraphy

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Designing and implementing a computer learning center in a college of medicine

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Designing and implementing a computerized parts-inventory management system

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Designing and implementing a performance-based employee evaluation system

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Designing and implementing a supplemental staffing system

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Designing and implementing relevant courses in dental management

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Designing and implementing the use of microcomputers in a program for hearing-impaired students

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Designing and starting a research project: a case study

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Designing and testing self-help interventions

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Designing and utilization of a chart in individualized care

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Designing assessment procedures for educationally at-risk Southeast Asian-American students

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Designing automated information systems

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Designing batteries of short-term tests with largest inter-tier correlation

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Designing better dentistry: the ergonomic approach

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Designing cancer nursing courses for community hospitals

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Designing case-control studies

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Designing cells to deliver drugs

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Designing cheap buildings is expensive

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Designing clinical curriculum to foster positive student attitudes

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Designing clinical trials in the post CAST era--where do we go from here?

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Designing clinical trials of treatment for osteoporosis: recruitment and follow-up

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Designing clinical trials with arbitrary specification of survival functions and for the log rank or generalized Wilcoxon test

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Designing computer assisted instruction programs for diabetic patients: how can we make them really useful?

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Designing computer programs: two student projects

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Designing computer simulations

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Designing computer support for daily hospital staffing decisions

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Designing content for CE offering. AORN education

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Designing critical care units: an overview

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Designing dental health education materials for schoolteachers: formative evaluation research

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Designing doctor shows restraint

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Designing drugs

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Designing effective AIDS prevention workshops for gay and bisexual men

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Designing effective programs

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Designing emergency department forms

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Designing environments for mentally retarded clients

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Designing fee schedules by formulae, politics, and negotiations

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Designing for dentistry

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Designing for disabled people

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Designing for everyone. Plenary papers from the 11th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association. Paris, July 1991

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Designing for patient comfort

Moy, P., 1991:
Designing for patient comfort: a renovation at the Perley Hospital

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Designing for quality care

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Designing for the "band wagon"

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Designing half-eye binocular spectacle magnifiers

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Designing health care facilities for the elderly

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Designing health delivery systems

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Designing health insurance information for the Medicare beneficiary: a policy synthesis

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Designing instructional formats: the effects of verbal and pictorial components on hearing-impaired students' comprehension of science concepts

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Designing interactive video instruction. An educator's perspective

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Designing interventions to prevent HIV-1 infection by promoting use of condoms and spermicides among intravenous drug abusers and their sexual partners

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Designing learning to increase competency in interpersonal communication skills

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Designing learning units for health education

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Designing legible slides for national meetings

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Designing measuring instruments for formative evaluation

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Designing medical books

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Designing mental health studies: the case for experimental design

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Designing mental health studies: the pragmatics of nonexperimental design

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Designing methods for musculoskeletal conditioning in weightlessness

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Designing multi-viscosity embedding media utilizing novel resin/anhydride/catalyst combinations

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Designing new roles: nursing in the '90s and beyond

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Designing novel nicotinic agonists by searching a database of molecular shapes

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Designing nursing care for patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease. Part I. Update

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Designing nursing research: the qualitative-quantitative debate

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Designing of a brain stimulator suitable for intracranial self-stimulation experiments for studying the brain-stimulation reward system

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Designing of a chart indicating the consciousness level, to be used in the neurology department

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Designing of a disposable plastic tube for blood sedimentation and its efficacy

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Designing of a hospital information system using a computer--systematization of prescriptions at wards

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Designing of a model for internal examination--for the study of physiology of labor

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Designing of a mood scale

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Designing of a polarcardiometer and evaluation of its reliability

Anonymous, 1975:
Designing of a sectioned mattress using styrofoam

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Designing of a stereophonic stethoscope

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Designing of an artificial testis and its clinical application

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Designing of and experience with multichannel cochlear implants

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Designing of health education: a thought from the viewpoint of health care

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Designing of partial dentures with free end saddles

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Designing of peptide substrates. Different approaches exemplified by new chromogenic substrates for kallikreins and urokinase

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Designing of the crown bridge from the standpoint of periodontal tissue protection

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Designing our descendants. Seven traits for the future

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Designing outpatient discharge instructions that work

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Designing peptide and protein ligands for biological receptors

Carnine, D., 1989:
Designing practice activities

Magyari, T., 1990:
Designing public education brochures to reach low literate and minority persons

Arrington, B.C., 1992:
Designing quality brochures

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Designing roles for assistive personnel in a rural hospital

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Designing school dental health programmes in South Africa

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Designing self-report instruments for family assessment

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Designing services for the elderly

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Designing simulations and games: a workshop for health care professionals

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Designing solutions

Beer, M.J., 1989:
Designing sterile environments

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Designing substance abuse preventive interventions within a developmental framework

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Designing surgical instruments: a nurse's innovation

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Designing synthetic superagonists of C3a anaphylatoxin

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Designing teaching strategies

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Designing the associateship

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Designing the dental office for relaxation

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Designing the dental suite for a team

Steel, J.E., 1987:
Designing the future

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Designing the national resident assessment instrument for nursing homes

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Designing the nursing management program through objective needs survey

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Designing therapeutically effective 5-lipoxygenase inhibitors

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Designing thrombolytic agents: focus on safety and efficacy

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Designing tomorrow

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Designing with the elderly. A user needs survey for housing low-income senior citizens

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Designing your hospitals. Planning needs

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Designing your laboratory

Johnson, S.H., 1986:
Designing your nursing career

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Designing your own surgery

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Designing your retirement plan

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Designing, building, and using a fluorescence recovery after photobleaching instrument

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Designing, improving, and developing public health activities based on true desires of citizens and public health nurses. A panel discussion

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Designs and analysis of two-stage studies

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Designs and applications of palatal expansion appliances

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Designs for efficient clinical trials

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Designs for group sequential phase II clinical trials

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Designs for partial denture bases without harmful effects on the periodontal tissues

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Designs for synthetic case-control studies in open cohorts

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Designs for the planning the building of rural population centers and the problems of their public health and welfare organization

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Designs in dental technology

Qian, F.T., 1979:
Designs of anterior removable restorations

Anonymous, 1985:
Designs with a difference

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Desinfection of ultrasonic and other inhalers

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Desinsertion of the superior oblique in A-patterns

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Desinsertions of aortic valve prostheses treated by subcoronary implantation of the valve

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Desipramine and imipramine overdose in a psychotic adolescent

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Desipramine and some other antidepressant drugs decrease the major norepinephrine metabolite 3,4-dihydroxyphenylglycol-sulphate in the rat brain

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Desipramine and the EKG

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Desipramine and the phencyclidine derivative BTCP differently inhibit [3H]TCP binding to high- and low-affinity sites

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Desipramine and weight gain

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Desipramine for interstitial cystitis

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Desipramine given repeatedly enhances behavioural effects of dopamine and d-amphetamine injected into the nucleus accumbens

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Desipramine in agoraphobia with panic attacks: an open, fixed-dose study

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Desipramine in small doses induces antinociception in the increasing temperature hot-plate test, but not in the tail-flick test

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Desipramine in the treatment of attention deficit disorder in adolescents

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Desipramine in the treatment of children with attention deficit disorder

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Desipramine isn't when it's disopyramide

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Desipramine potentiates spinal antinociception by 5-hydroxytryptamine, morphine and adenosine

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Desipramine side-effect

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Desipramine-induced conduction disorder

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Desipramine-induced conduction disorder mimicking myocardial infarction

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Desipramine-induced delirium at "subtherapeutic" concentrations: a case report

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Desipramine-induced oral-pharyngeal disturbances: stuttering and jaw myoclonus

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Desipramine-induced urticaria: a clinical problem

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Desipramine: a possible treatment for depersonalization disorder

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Desirability for sterilization among pregnant patients

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Desirable and necessary duration of effectiveness of herbicides. (The problem of persistence of herbicides)

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Desirable and undesirable food customs, practices and habits

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Desirable attributes of a teacher

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Desirable changes in statutory regulations on radiation protection in Austria

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Desirable characteristics for posterior composite resin cavities

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Desirable drug combinations

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Desirable level of serum cholesterol

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Desirable needs of a nurse: a survey

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Desirable numbers of medical students, assistant professors and practitioners

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Desirable performance characteristics and clinical utility of immunoglobulin and light-chain assays derived from data on biological variation

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Desirable performance characteristics for cholesterol assays

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Desirable qualities in physicians

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Desirable residence?

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Desirable serum total cholesterol with low HDL cholesterol levels. An undesirable situation in coronary heart disease

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Desirable temperature in the operating room during neonatal resuscitation

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Desirable versus undesirable life events: their relationship to stress and mental distress

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Desire and self-worth

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Desire and the loss of object

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Desire for attention

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Desire for children and the practice of family planning

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Desire for control and choice of antiemetic treatment for cancer chemotherapy

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Desire for development of student activities?

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Desire for esthetics drove on research

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Desire for therapeutic abortion in the dependents of foreign workers. Outpatients psychiatric evaluation

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Desire to drink: relationship to age, blood alcohol concentration, and severity of withdrawal syndrome on admission for detoxification

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Desire to have a child as an example of the significance of the subjective factor in human reproduction

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Desire, knowledge..., belief, choice, ...and ability

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Desired and undesired effects of fasting therapy

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Desired and undesired effects of the most important antibiotics

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Desired competencies and employment prospects for educational research personnel in schools of dental medicine

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Desired control and felt control as mediators of stress in a dental setting

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Desired duty schedule arouses enthusiasm

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Desired family size and its determinants among urban Nigerian women: a two-stage analysis

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Desired fertility, the "up to God" response, and sample selection bias

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Desired pupillary dilation achieved with a smaller drop volume of phenylephrine in rabbits

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Desk top publishing in diabetes

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Desk-top computer assisted processing of thermoluminescent dosimeters

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Desk-top publishing using IBM-compatible computers

Anonymous, 1990:
Desk-top systems for office chemistries

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Desk-top, stand-alone computer system for patch test clinic

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Desktop image analysis: workstations of the future

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Desktop laboratory technology for general practice

Benedict, S., 1989:
Desktop publishing

Giannavola, S., 1988:
Desktop publishing for a small medical media production department: a case study

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Desmethylimipramine (DMI) counteracts learned helplessness in rats

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Desmethylimipramine promotes recovery of self-stimulation from the prefrontal cortex following footshock

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Desmethylimipramine treatment increases melatonin production in humans

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Desmin and vimentin coexist at the periphery of the myofibril Z disc

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Desmin antibodies in acute infectious myopericarditis

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Desmin distribution in the cardiac outflow tract of the chick embryo during aortico-pulmonary septation

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Desmin filaments in cultured Ito cells

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Desmin heterogeneity in the main electric organ of Electrophorus electricus

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Desmin-containing stellate cells in the rat liver

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Desoximetasone (topicort) and other topical corticosteroids

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Despair over the future NHS

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Despair. A psychopathological study (3)

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Desperate remedies: a Gothic tale of madness and modern medicine

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Desperately seeking primary prevention

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Desperately seeking reimbursement

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Desperately seeking science: the creation of knowledge in family practice

LeBourdais, E., 1988:
Despite CMA misgivings, support for midwifery appears to be growing

Anonymous, 1978:
Despite Church opposition, Italy adopts new law providing free abortion for a variety of indications

Polakoff, P.L., 1989:
Despite appearances, no clean bill of health for semiconductor trade

Roddy, P.C., 1985:
Despite continued improvement, coal miners perceive health as poor

Regan, W.A., 1978:
Despite contract, defendant refused to pay hospital bill

Ragan, W.A., 1978:
Despite contracted radiologist, staff uses other consultants

Gowans, E.M.; Fraser, C.G., 1987:
Despite correlation, random spot and 24-h urine specimens are not interchangeable

Geekie, D.A., 1976:
Despite embarassments I am proud to be a servant of the medical profession

Plant, J., 1978:
Despite equivocal data, activity to curb waste gases mounts

Schultz, D.W.; Whitehouse, R., 1978:
Despite hemiplegia, dentist returns to practice, thanks to innovative NYU program

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Despite lack of monospecific anti-DRw13 sera, a corresponding class II determinant can be defined by a DRw13 restricted anti-influenza virus T cell clone

James, W., 1988:
Despite new regulations, caution a must when baby walkers are used

Newald, J., 1986:
Despite obstacles, New Jersey excels in long-term care

McElveen, J.C., 1985:
Despite pre-emption threat local right-to-know laws increase

Randall, T., 1991:
Despite some overlap, ethical and legal issues of physician self-referral remain distinct

Hjelmqvist, B., 1992:
Despite the shortage of personnel, time, computers and resources: a lot of quality assurance work is done at the Swedish surgical departments today

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Despite the war ... our problems stay

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Despite unionization, administrators can control policy, cost, quality

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Desquamation of the stratum corneum: kinetics following U.V. induced injury

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Desquamative gingivitis

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Desquamative gingivitis and chlorhexidine

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Desquamative gingivitis and stomatitis

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Desquamative gingivosis

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Desquamative interstitial pneumonitis vs usual interstitial pneumonitis

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Desquamative interstitial pneumopathy

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Desquamative rash in an immunocompromised adult. Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome (SSSS)

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Desquamative vulvitis

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Dessication by nebulization (spray drying) of low-concentration histolysate solutions

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Dessication resistance in thermotolerant Campylobacter species

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Destabilase, the novel epsilon-(gamma-Glu)-Lys isopeptidase with thrombolytic activity

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Destabilase: an enzyme of medicinal leech salivary gland secretion hydrolyzes the isopeptide bonds in stabilized fibrin

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Destabilization of an alpha-helix-bundle protein by helix dipoles

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Destabilization of codon-anticodon interaction in the ribosomal exit site

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Destabilization of cytoplasmic mouse mammary tumor RNA by heat shock: prevention by cycloheximide pretreatment

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Destabilization of herpes simplex virus type 1 virions by local anesthetics, alkaline pH, and calcium depletion

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Destabilization of the duplex and the high-salt Z-form of poly(dG-methyl5dC) by substitution of ethyl for the 5-methyl group

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Destabilization of the immune homeostasis in patients with nonspecific ulcerative colitis of varying degrees of severity

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Destabilization of the secondary structure of RNA by ribosomal protein S1 from Escherichia coli

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Destabilization of the striated muscle syncytium caused by Rous sarcoma virus

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Destaining effects of immersion oils on Giemsa-stained chromosomes (R-bands)

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Destigmatization of behavior therapy

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Destigmatizing hospitalization

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Destination: Ethiopia: an ordinary nurse confronts extraordinary needs

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Destinations in pathology

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Destinations of some fast-transported proteins in sensory neurons of bullfrog sciatic nerve

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Destinations of stroke patients discharged from the Montreal area acute-care hospitals

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Destined for leadership

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Destiny is not a matter of chance

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Destiny of 5-methylcystosine of newly synthesized DNA fraction in bone marrow cells

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Destiny rides again

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Destiny rides again as twins overeat

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Destitution at the festive season

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Destombes-Rose-Dorfman disease in children

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Destombes; lipid and cytophagocytic benign histiocytosis

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Destripeptide insulin-like growth factor-I in milk from bovine somatotropin-treated cows

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Destroyed lung

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Destroyers and other verses. Henry Head, the poet

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Destroyers. Written treatment contracts can help cure self destructive behaviors of the borderline patient

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Destroying some old myths

Anonymous, 1988:
Destroying the demand for drugs

Fisher, P.W., 1979:
Destroying the whole-time option

Vidal, D.; Creach, O.; Genton, A.; Beaudry, Y.; Fontanges, R., 1985:
Destruction and cutaneous decontamination of diacetoxyscirpenol (mycotoxin from the trichothecene group) by sodium hypochlorite

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Destruction and division of cells of the mesenchyma of the intestinal tube during the period of histogenesis

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Destruction and regeneration of the seminiferous tubules after local x-ray irradiation of the testes of sexually mature rats

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Destruction and repair of mammary gland parenchyma of cows infected with foot-and-mouth disease

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Destruction and repair of periodontal tissues during burst episodes of activity in hamster periodontitis

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Destruction before detonation: the impact of the arms race on health and health care

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Destruction by anti-NGF of autonomic, sudomotor neurones and subsequent hyperinnervation of the foot pad by sensory fibres

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Destruction of HL-A-cytotoxins by enzymes

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Destruction of IgG-sensitized erythrocytes by human blood monocytes: modulation of inhibition by IgG

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Destruction of Leishmania mexicana amazonensis promastigotes by normal human serum

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Destruction of Microbacterium lacticum, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in milk by spray-drying. I. Selective count of surviving bacteria

Chopin, A.; Mocquot, G.; Le Graet, Y., 1977:
Destruction of Microbacterium lacticum, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus in milk by sprayedrying. II. Effect of drying conditions

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Destruction of Salmonella on poultry meat with lysozyme, EDTA, x-ray, microwave and chlorine

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Destruction of Toxoplasma gondii by HC1 solution

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Destruction of VX2 tumor in rabbits by hyperthermia plus bleomycin suspended in sesame oil

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Destruction of a cadaver by insects

Bakhmet'ev, V.I., 1990:
Destruction of a long tubular bone in combined mechanical and thermal exposures

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Destruction of a major extracellular adhesive glycoprotein (fibronectin) of human fibroblasts by neutral proteases from polymorphonuclear leukocyte granules

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Destruction of a sub-population of cortical neurones by suicide transport of volkensin, a lectin from Adenia volkensii

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Destruction of a translationally controlled mRNA in Xenopus oocytes delays progesterone-induced maturation

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Destruction of afferent nerve terminals in the inner ear of frog by aminooxyactic acid

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Destruction of ala nasi and loss of columella in borderline tuberculoid leprosy--a case report

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Destruction of alkyl sulfates by a Citrobacter freundii culture

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Destruction of allogeneic tumour cells by peritoneal macrophages

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Destruction of anionic sites in blood-retinal barrier after retinal photocoagulation

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Destruction of aromatic amines in laboratory wastes through oxidation with potassium permanganate/sulfuric acid into non-mutagenic derivatives

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Destruction of arteriosclerotic lesions of human cadaveric arteries by laser irradiation with copper vapors

Mills, K.W., 1975:
Destruction of articular cartilage in the rheumatoid joint

Sondel, P.M.; Hank, J.A.; Kohler, P.C.; Chen, B.P.; Minkoff, D.Z.; Molenda, J.A., 1986:
Destruction of autologous human lymphocytes by interleukin 2-activated cytotoxic cells

Cherkin, A., 1975:
Destruction of bacterial endotoxin pyrogenicity by hydrogen peroxide

Staehler, G.; Schmiedt, E.; Hofstetter, A., 1978:
Destruction of bladder neoplasms by means of transurethral neodym-YAG-laser coagulation

Zweig, J.I.; Kabakow, B., 1986:
Destruction of both extensive local recurrent and primary breast cancer with topical aqueous 5-FU: a clinical observation

Hughes, T.L.; Villa-Godoy, A.; Kesner, J.S.; Fogwell, R.L., 1987:
Destruction of bovine ovarian follicles: effects on the pulsatile release of luteinizing hormone and prostaglandin F2 alpha-induced luteal regression

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Destruction of cartilage in the adjuvants disease of the rat

Willert, H.G., 1987:
Destruction of cement casings

Acher, A.J.; Juven, B.J., 1977:
Destruction of coliforms in water and sewage water by dye-sensitized photooxidation

Malacinski, G.M.; Brothers, A.J.; Chung, H.M., 1977:
Destruction of components of the neural induction system of the amphibian egg with ultraviolet irradiation

Salger, H., 1990:
Destruction of confidence in established jurisprudence--1.1 promille as the new limit value of absolute inability to drive?

Hashimoto, Y.; Tanimoto, K.; Yoshinoya, S.; Miyamoto, T., 1987:
Destruction of cultured vascular endothelial cells and red blood cells by immune-activated polymorphonuclear leukocytes

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Destruction of cytochrome P-450 and formation of green pigments by contraceptive steroids in rat hepatocyte suspensions

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Destruction of dental polymers and its role in the etiology of denture stomatitis

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Destruction of dextran-coated target cells by normal human lymphocytes and monocytes. Induction by a human anti-dextran serum with IgG antibodies restricted to the IgG2 subclass

Gunion, M.W.; Grijalva, C.V.; Taché, Y.; Novin, D., 1991:
Destruction of different fiber tracts underlies development of lateral hypothalamic lesion-induced hyperthermia and loss of bombesin-induced hypothermia

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Destruction of dopaminergic nerve terminals in nucleus accumbens: effect on d-amphetamine self-administration

Unseld, A.; de Matteis, F., 1978:
Destruction of endogenous and exogenous haem by 2-allyl-2-isopropylacetamide: role of the liver cytochrome P-450 which is inducible by phenobarbitone

Stead, N.W.; McKee, P.A., 1978:
Destruction of factor VIII procoagulant activity in tissue culture media

Birbaum, C.; Eckert, J., 1985:
Destruction of helminth eggs in sewage sludge purification plants

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Destruction of intraportal tumor thrombus of hepatocellular carcinoma by laser irradiation

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Destruction of joint homografts. An experimental study

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Destruction of lymphocytes by a non-viral fraction of HTLV III positive patients' plasma

Del'vig, A.A., 1978:
Destruction of mRNA poly-A sequences by polynucleotide phosphorylase in rat liver microsomes

Koshelev, V.N.; Papaev, V.A.; Serebrianik, M.N., 1975:
Destruction of melanoma metastases with a laser

von Knebel Doeberitz, C.; Sievers, J.; Sadler, M.; Pehlemann, F.W.; Berry, M.; Halliwell, P., 1986:
Destruction of meningeal cells over the newborn hamster cerebellum with 6-hydroxydopamine prevents foliation and lamination in the rostral cerebellum

Toguzov, R.T.; Sitnikov, V.F.; Prokudin, V.Iu.; Tikhonov, I.V.; Pimenov, A.M., 1986:
Destruction of muscle tissue and purine compound metabolism in hereditary muscular dystrophy

Tsukagoshi, S., 1986:
Destruction of neoplastic cells

Fraden, J., 1979:
Destruction of noise in biotelemetry

Kärjä, J.; Jokinen, K.; Seppälä, A., 1976:
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