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Determination of serum level of myoglobin and plasma level of autoantibodies to myoglobin in patients with angina pectoris

Grunow, G.; Dikov, M.; Reimann, H.; Norden, C.; Jermolin, G.

Folia Haematologica 115(4): 573-576


ISSN/ISBN: 0323-4347
PMID: 2465975
Accession: 039785401

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The serum level of myoglobin (Mb) was determined in 11 male patients with chronic ischemic heart disease (angiographically studied) by the mean of an enzyme immunoassay (EIA). By a second EIA we could detect in all our patients autoantibodies (autoAB) to Mb. While the level of Mb in all cases was normal (less than 100 ng/ml) we found differences in the level of autoAB to Mb (normal value 90-100%). 7 patients with unstable Angina pectoris exhibited decreased levels of autoAB to Mb (65%). In 4 patients with stable Angina pectoris autoAB to Mb were 93%. The physiological role of the autoAB to Mb remains still unclear. The simultaneous determination of Mb and the autoAB to Mb may be helpful in differential diagnosis of stable and unstable Angina pectoris.

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