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Difference of anti-complementary effect of double stranded DNA and single stranded DNA

Tsutsui, Y.; Suzuki, I.

Japanese Journal of Experimental Medicine 47(4): 307-309


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5031
PMID: 926403
Accession: 039818818

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Anti-complementary effect of both native double stranded DNA and denatured single stranded DNA was examined by the use of phage DNA of microgram level. The distinct difference of anti-complementary effect was detected between the double and single stranded DNA, that is, only single stranded DNA showed the anti-complementary effect. It is supposed that that the anti-complementary effect of single stranded DNA revealed by the present study is different from the anti-Clq effect which reported on both double and single stranded DNA by Agnello et al.

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