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Chapter 39,888

Early and late effects of adjuvant chemotherapy (adriamycin/cyclophosphamide) on the human granulopoiesis

Lohrmann, H.P.; Schreml, W.

Haematology and Blood Transfusion 24: 111-122


ISSN/ISBN: 0171-7111
PMID: 540792
Accession: 039887720

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In clinical practice, the hematopoietic toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents is routinely assessed by following the changes in the concentration of peripheral blood neutrophilic granulocytes. However, for two reasons peripheral blood granulocytes do not directly reflect the extent of toxicity exerted by cytotoxic drugs on the human granulopoiesis:a)since these drugs exert their cytocidal effects on the proliferating granulocytic compartments, this damage will appear in the peripheral blood with the appropriate delay determined by the kinetics of the granulocytic system b)the presence of the bone marrow granulocyte storage pool will dampen any injury to the early granulocytic compartments.

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