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Effect of jejunal resection on the gastric acid secretory response to pentagastrin, histamine and feeding in dogs

Brihaye, C.; Woussen-Colle, M.C.; Limbosch, J.M.; de Graef, J.

Digestion 14(2): 153-162


ISSN/ISBN: 0012-2823
PMID: 950078
DOI: 10.1159/000197920
Accession: 039927697

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In dogs with gastric fistulas and denervated pouches from the oxyntic area, the acid secretory responses to a meal and to graded doses of histamine and pentagastrin were measured before and after resection of the upper half of the small bowel. Intestinal resection caused a small but significant increase in submaximal and maximal response from the pouch to histamine and pentagastrin without modification of the ED50. This effect was not observed in the innervated stomach. The response from the pouch to feeding was markedly increased and prolonged. These data indicate that both an increase in stimulation and an increase of the response to this stimulation are responsible for the increased acid secretion observed in the pouch when resected dogs were fed. These effects could be explained by the withdrawal of inhibitors of intestinal origin.

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