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Effect of preliminary chronic irradiation and alpha-tocopherol on the frequency of chromosome aberrations in mouse bone marrow cells, induced by exposure to acute gamma-irradiation

Aliev, A.A.; Akhundov, V.Iu.; Alekperov, U.K.; Gamzaeva, I.A.; Asadova, A.I.

Radiobiologiia 25(1): 78-81


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-8192
PMID: 3975375
Accession: 039936639

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The incidence of chromosome aberrations in bone marrow cells of femur did not exceed the spontaneous one in CBA mice exposed, during 70 days, to gamma-radiation at dose--rates of 33.7-35.8 nA/kg and cumulative dose of 2.75 Gy. A single acute exposure of intact animals to a dose of 2.98 Gy increased significantly the mutation level. Preirradiation with small doses increased the resistance of hereditary structures to sublethal radiation doses. Exogenous alpha-tocopherol (0.06 mg/20 g mass) protected the genetic apparatus of cells from total-body irradiation and was an additional factor decreasing the mutation level after acute exposure of mice at the background of long-term irradiation with small doses.

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