Effects of a novel fatty acid derivative [ (7E) -8- (2-naphthyl) -5,6-trans-5,6-methano-7-octenoic acid] on arachidonic acid metabolism in cultured cells

Ohta, T.; Ohtsu, A.; Hazato, A.; Kurozumi, S.

Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Medicine 19(3): 279-287


ISSN/ISBN: 0262-1746
PMID: 3933018
DOI: 10.1016/0262-1746(85)90141-6
Accession: 039956332

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The effects of a novel synthetic fatty acid derivative (TEI-8005:(7E)-8-(2-naphthyl)-5,6-trans-5, 6-methano-7-octenoic acid) on arachidonic acid metabolism in some cultured cells were studied. The compound significantly stimulated prostaglandin (especially prostacyclin) biosynthesis in cultured vascular cells and gastric mucosal epithelial cells, and inhibited lipoxygenase product formation in n-butyrate-treated mastocytoma. In aortic smooth muscle cells in which cyclooxygenase activity was reduced, it strongly stimulated prostaglandin formation in young cells with reduced cyclooxygenase activity but had less effect in aged cells. These result indicated that TEI-8005 enhanced prostaglandin formation in cells with either normal or reduced cyclooxygenase activity.