Effects of chronic inhalation intoxication with carbon disulfide on the content of various lipid metabolism indices in the serum, aorta and cardiac muscle in rabbits. II. Lipid phosphorus and phospholipid fractions in the serum, aorta and cardiac muscle

Wesołowska, T.

Medycyna Pracy 30(5): 323-330


ISSN/ISBN: 0465-5893
PMID: 514068
Accession: 039962786

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Lipid phosphorus and single phospholipids content was checked in serum, aorta and cardiac muscle of rabbits exposed in toxicological chamber for 3 and 6 months, to carbon disulfide of low concentration (0.44 mg/l) and higher concentration (0.8 mg/l). Phospholipids were separated using thin--layer chromatography. Lipid phosphorus content in each fraction was determined colorimetrically. Statistical analysis of obtained results was done based on the Student "t" test. Lipid phosphorus content in serum, aorta and cardiac muscle was found to increase in animals exposed to CS2 in lower concentration. A decrease in lipid phosphorus content (statistically significant) was noted in the serum of rabbits intoxicated with CS2 in high concentration for 3 months. Changes in the percentage of phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelins in cardiac muscle were found.