Effects of nitrogen dioxide on alveolar macrophages surviving in the gas phase. a new experimental model for the study of in vitro cytotoxicity of toxic gases

Voisin, C.; Aerts, C.; Jakubczak, E.; Houdret, J.L.; Tonnel, T.B.

Bulletin Europeen de Physiopathologie Respiratoire 13(1): 137-144


ISSN/ISBN: 0395-3890
PMID: 843644
Accession: 039976566

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Alveolar macrophages surviving in the gas phase were exposed to concentrations of NO2 (0.1, 1 and 2 ppm) for 30 minutes. The exposed cells showed morphological changes, a decrease in bactericidal activity and a reduction of the ATP content. The severity of these changes is related to NO2 concentration. This new experimental model offers new possibilities for studies on the cytotoxicity of gases.