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Chapter 40,007

Elimination of the "chromogen oxidase" activity of bilirubin oxidase added to obviate bilirubin interference in hydrogen peroxide/peroxidase detecting systems

Maguire, G.A.

Clinical Chemistry 31(12): 2007-2008


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-9147
PMID: 2998643
Accession: 040006514

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The use of bilirubin oxidase to remove interference by bilirubin in hydrogen peroxide/peroxidase detecting systems is hampered by its inherent "chromogen oxidase" activity (its ability to oxidize the chromogens used in the systems). This unwanted activity is greater than 99% inhibited by 0.5 mmol/L cyanide, 97% inhibited by 20 mmol/L azide. At these same concentrations, they inhibit bilirubin oxidase activity by 95% and 73%, respectively. Sequential addition of reagents allows the use of bilirubin oxidase without interference by the chromogen oxidase activity.

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