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Evolution of ischemic heart disease risk factors in "The Bucharest Multifactorial Preventive Trial of Coronary Heart Disease" after 15-year follow-up

Damşa, T.; Schioiu-Costache, L.; Georgescu, M.; Popescu, A.; Theodorini, S.; Teodorescu, S.; Stãnescu, C.; Mitu, S.

Medecine Interne 28(3): 229-233


ISSN/ISBN: 0377-1202
PMID: 2092393
Accession: 040083110

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The paper presents the evolution of the levels of smoking, hypercholesterolemia, essential hypertension and obesity in the course of a prophylactic action carried out for 15 years (1971-1986) in a group of 5000 males aged 40-60 years. In the group still available after 15 years of follow up consisting of 2000 subjects, a decrease was obtained in the number of smokers, from 22.3% to 5.6% of hypercholesterolemia from 31.3% to 23.7%. The cumulated incidence of essential hypertension has increased from 15.5% to 36.7% and of obesity from 12.6% to 14.4%. At the same time the incidence of angina pectoris and myocardial infarction increased from 1.1% to 5.3%. For comparison are presented data obtained in a similar control group.

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