Experimental data to substantiate the antitumor action of hydrazine sulfate

Tret'iakov, A.V.; Filov, V.A.; Riazanov, E.M.; Tarkov, A.S.

Voprosy Onkologii 25(6): 100-103


ISSN/ISBN: 0507-3758
PMID: 462860
Accession: 040097921

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It was found that under the influence of hydrazine sulfate, which in the dosage of 60 mg/kg would induce a 50% suppression of Walker carcinosarcoma in rats, there is the decreased activity of mitochondrial monoamine oxidase and a sharp reduction in the activity of some microsomal phosphatases. Vitamin B6 injection some hours before injecting hydrazine sulfate lessens the rate of suppression of the tumor growth up to 50%. The results obtained indicate that the antitumor effect of hydrazine sulfate may be related to the suppressed monoamine oxidate activity and vitamin B6 deficiency.