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Fatty acid composition of cholesteryl esters in cholesterol-fed rabbits treated with lipid-lowering agent (ethyl 2- (p-chlorophenoxy) isobutyrate)

Sato, M.; Takano, T.

Japanese Journal of Pharmacology 29(2): 261-269


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5198
PMID: 537249
DOI: 10.1254/jjp.29.261
Accession: 040134370

Regression mechanism of Ethyl 2-(p-chlorophenoxy) isobutyrate (CPIB) in the arterial wall was studied for elucidation in terms of fatty acid-compositional change in cholesterol-fed rabbits. The following evidence was obtained: (1) The amount of cholesterol and cholesteryl ester in the atheromatous aorta were reduced after CPIB treatment. (2) CPIB resulted in a significant increase in the ratio of linoleate to oleate in both the arterial wall and serum after withdrawal of the cholesterol diet. It is suggested that there is a preferential hydrolysis of linoleate-rich cholesteryl ester in both the arterial wall and the serum.

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