Section 41
Chapter 40,167

Formation of the skeleton. VIII. Growth of a long bone: periostealization of the metaphysial bone

Juster, M.; Moscofian, A.; Balmain-Oligo, N.

Bulletin de l'Association des Anatomistes 59(165): 437-442


ISSN/ISBN: 0376-6160
PMID: 1203556
Accession: 040166028

The growth of the diaphysis of a long bone is manifested in three distinct constituent parts: the bone periosteal collar and, at both ends, the two metaphyses. These grow on the epiphyseal plate side and at the other end, they are integrated into the periosteal bone collar. This integration involves changes in the periosteal bone as well as in the fibro-cellular-layer which surrounds it. All these modifications have been described as constitutuing "the periostealisation of metaphyseal bone".

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