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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 40178

Chapter 40178 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Brun, A., 1987:
Frontal lobe degeneration of non-Alzheimer type. I. Neuropathology

Gustafson, L., 1987:
Frontal lobe degeneration of non-Alzheimer type. II. Clinical picture and differential diagnosis

Risberg, J., 1987:
Frontal lobe degeneration of non-Alzheimer type. III. Regional cerebral blood flow

Englund, E.; Brun, A., 1987:
Frontal lobe degeneration of non-Alzheimer type. IV. White matter changes

Jonker, C.; Postma, D.H.; Weinstein, H.C., 1991:
Frontal lobe dementia

Gustafson, L.; Brun, A.; Risberg, J., 1990:
Frontal lobe dementia of non-Alzheimer type

Beatty, W.W.; Goodkin, D.E.; Beatty, P.A.; Monson, N., 1989:
Frontal lobe dysfunction and memory impairment in patients with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis

Sandson, T.A.; Daffner, K.R.; Carvalho, P.A.; Mesulam, M.M., 1991:
Frontal lobe dysfunction following infarction of the left-sided medial thalamus

Mendez, M.F.; Zander, B., 1992 :
Frontal lobe dysfunction from meningeal sarcoidosis

Taylor, A.E.; Saint-Cyr, J.A.; Lang, A.E., 1986:
Frontal lobe dysfunction in Parkinson's disease. The cortical focus of neostriatal outflow

Reading, P.J., 1991:
Frontal lobe dysfunction in schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease--a meeting point for neurology, psychology and psychiatry: discussion paper

Joyce, E.M.; Robbins, T.W., 1991:
Frontal lobe function in Korsakoff and non-Korsakoff alcoholics: planning and spatial working memory

Barkley, R.A.; Grodzinsky, G.; DuPaul, G.J., 1992:
Frontal lobe functions in attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity: a review and research report

Laplante, L.; Everett, J., 1992:
Frontal lobe hypoactivity in schizophrenia: change in perspective

García-Mas, A.; Rosiñol Far, A.; Roca Bennasar, M.; Llinas, J.; Rossello Mir, J., 1991:
Frontal lobe involvement and cortical and subcortical deterioration in Parkinson's disease evaluated using quantified electroencephalography

Cakuls, P.; Finlayson, R., 1978:
Frontal lobe lesions

Guitton, D.; Buchtel, H.A.; Douglas, R.M., 1985:
Frontal lobe lesions in man cause difficulties in suppressing reflexive glances and in generating goal-directed saccades

Carlson, R.J., 1977:
Frontal lobe lesions masquerading as psychiatric disturbances

Turmel, A.; Giard, N.; Bouvier, G.; Labrecque, R.; Veilleux, F.; Rouleau, I.; Saint-Hilaire, J.M., 1992:
Frontal lobe seizures and epilepsy. Indications for cortectomies or callosotomies

Coulter, D.L., 1991:
Frontal lobe seizures: no evidence of self-injury

Flint, A.J.; Eastwood, M.R., 1988:
Frontal lobe syndrome and depression in old age

Pontius, A.A.; Ruttiger, K.F., 1976:
Frontal lobe system maturational lag in juvenile delinquents shown in narratives test

Massey, E.W., 1989:
Frontal lobe trauma in the elderly. Personality changes aren't always dementia

Alexander, M.P.; Benson, D.F.; Stuss, D.T., 1989:
Frontal lobes and language

Buchsbaum, M.S., 1990:
Frontal lobes, basal ganglia, temporal lobes--three sites for schizophrenia?

David, A.S., 1992:
Frontal lobology--psychiatry's new pseudoscience

Hunter, R., 1990:
Frontal metabolic deficits in Korsakoff syndrome

Mizuki, Y.; Miyoshi, A.; Nishigori, S.; Kajimura, H.; Imaizumi, J., 1985:
Frontal midline theta activity (Fm theta) as a physiological indicator of anxiety

Hashimoto, M.; Mukasa, H.; Yamada, S.; Nakamura, J.; Inanaga, K., 1988:
Frontal midline theta activity and platelet MAO in human subjects

Pop, R.; Miu, A., 1977:
Frontal mucocele exteriorized through an eyelid fistula

Cajgfinger, H.; Boulud, B.; Rebattu, J.P., 1975:
Frontal mucocele following an old injury

Hirota, Y.; Shimizu, Y.; Oosawa, H.; Iinuma, T., 1986:
Frontal mucocele--a report of 59 cases

Kurita-Tashima, S.; Tobimatsu, S.; Kato, M., 1991:
Frontal negativity of pattern-reversal visual evoked potentials in humans

Wendling, D.; Hagenmuller, I.; Guidet, M.; Jacquet, G.; Pageut, G., 1989:
Frontal osteoid osteoma

Marcos, J.; García, B.; Herrero, J.; Martí, M., 1990:
Frontal osteoma apropos of a case

García Rodríguez, M.R.; Cabanas López, A.; Fernández Domínguez, A.; García Calleja, J.M.; García Rodríguez, J.F., 1991:
Frontal osteoplasty technique. Report of a case of giant frontal osteoma

L.Viet, D., 1991:
Frontal partial epicondylectomy for release of the ulnar nerve at the elbow

Wang, Z., 1990:
Frontal pericranial and muscle flaps in repairing anterior skull base defect

Sudakoff, G.S.; Mitchell, D.G.; Stanley, C.; Graziani, L.J., 1991:
Frontal periventricular cysts on the first day of life. A one-year clinical follow-up and its significance

Bruneteau, R.J.; Mulliken, J.B., 1992:
Frontal plagiocephaly: synostotic, compensational, or deformational

Richards, B.S.; Birch, J.G.; Herring, J.A.; Johnston, C.E.; Roach, J.W., 1989:
Frontal plane and sagittal plane balance following Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation for idiopathic scoliosis

Figura, M.A.; Smith, S.D., 1976:
Frontal plane deformity of the subtalar joint in flexible flat foot: a preliminary study

Pedicelli, G.; Mattia, P.; Mazzuoli, G.; Santini, E.; Sapia, P.; Sorgia, M.V.; Spinelli, M.C., 1985:
Frontal radiogram of the thorax in the present-day diagnosis of the mediastinum. Technic of execution and semeiology

Navrátil, J., 1977:
Frontal reflector with an intensive light source

Thompson, J.N.; Dickinson, J.T., 1976:
Frontal sinus ablation and reconstruction

Wallace, C.E., 1985:
Frontal sinus abscess and secondary orbital cellulitis

Schultz, R.C., 1975:
Frontal sinus and supraorbital fractures from vehicle accidents

Colohan, A.R.; Jane, J.A.; Newman, S.A.; Maggio, W.W., 1985:
Frontal sinus approach to the orbit. Technical note

Gulisano, M.; Pacini, P.; Orlandini, G.E., 1978:
Frontal sinus dimensions in relation to the cranial index: anatomo-radiologic findings

Schenck, N.L., 1975:
Frontal sinus disease. III. Experimental and clinical factors in failure of the frontal osteoplastic operation

Schenck, N.L.; Rauchbach, E., 1976:
Frontal sinus disease. IV. Cellular response to experimentally-induced infection

Wright, D.L.; Hoffman, H.T.; Hoyt, D.B., 1992:
Frontal sinus fractures in the pediatric population

Wallis, A.; Donald, P.J., 1988:
Frontal sinus fractures: a review of 72 cases

Jamerson, R.E.; White, J.A., 1989:
Frontal sinus fractures: diagnosis and management

Luce, E.A., 1987:
Frontal sinus fractures: guidelines to management

Shockley, W.W.; Stucker, F.J.; Gage-White, L.; Antony, S.O., 1988:
Frontal sinus fractures: some problems and some solutions

Viterbo, F., 1991:
Frontal sinus hypertrophy

Romain, P.; Legros, M.; Hannion, X.; Schmidt, P.; Chalumeau, F.; Bazin, A., 1990:
Frontal sinus injuries: apropos of 67 cases

Wolfe, S.A.; Johnson, P., 1988:
Frontal sinus injuries: primary care and management of late complications

Joachims, H.Z.; Altman, M.M., 1976:
Frontal sinus mococele

Levine, M.R.; Kim, Y.D.; Witt, W., 1988:
Frontal sinus mucopyocele in cystic fibrosis

Conner, G.H., 1978:
Frontal sinus obliteration without osteoplastic flap

Bourry, M.; L.P.ung, F.; Pereira da Silva, M.A., 1990:
Frontal sinus osteoma in a skull found in the archeological excavations at the old Louvre

McNulty, J.S., 1986:
Frontal sinus reconstruction with bone or cartilage grafts

Schenck, N.L.; Tomlinson, M.J., 1977:
Frontal sinus trauma: experimental reconstruction with proplast

McGowan, N.R., 1985:
Frontal sinus valentine

Middleton, W.G.; Briant, T.D.; Fenton, R.S., 1985:
Frontal sinusitis--a 10 year experience

Hackney, F.L.; Nishioka, G.J.; Van Sickels, J.E., 1988:
Frontal soft tissue morphology with double V-Y closure following Le Fort I osteotomy

Okada, S.; Inoue, R., 1992:
Frontal spindle activity that appears in conjunction with nontraumatic diffuse encephalopathy

Nicoletis, C.; Gholam, D., 1992:
Frontal stage in cervicofacial lift: the "helmet crest" technique associated with rapid expansion

Bülow, J.; Friberg, L.; Gaardsting, O.; Hansen, M., 1985:
Frontal subcutaneous blood flow, and epi- and subcutaneous temperatures during scalp cooling in normal man

Derouesné, C., 1979:
Frontal syndrome. I. Neuropsychological symptomatølogy

Derouesné, C., 1979:
Frontal syndrome. II. Neurologic symptomatølogy

Derouesné, C., 1979:
Frontal syndrome. III. Etiology symptomatølogy

Blauth, W.; Harten, K.; Kirgis, A., 1987:
Frontal talus cleft--talus bipartitus

Kehrer, P., 1992:
Frontal thoracic radiography: normal criteria

Lemagne, J.M., 1986:
Frontal transposition of the levator muscle of the upper eyelid in the patient with ptosis and Marcus Gunn-type synkinesis

Riggio, S.; Burroni, M.; Merli, A., 1976:
Frontal vertebral cleft in the newborn

Lueger, R.J.; Gill, K.J., 1990:
Frontal-lobe cognitive dysfunction in conduct disorder adolescents

Kandel, E.; Freed, D., 1989 :
Frontal-lobe dysfunction and antisocial behavior: a review

Abreu-Lima, C.; Marques de Sa, J.P.; Coelho, G.; Almeida, J.; Silva-Carvalho, F.; Hernandez, C., 1988:
Frontal-plane QRS axis revisited: accuracy of current approximations and reappraisal of their merit in the diagnosis of right ventricular hypertrophy

Neill, D.B., 1976:
Frontal-striatal control of behavioral inhibition in the rat

Vaughn, R.; Pall, M.L.; Haynes, S.N., 1977:
Frontalis EMG response to stress in subjects with frequent muscle-contraction headaches

Song, Y.G.; Zhao, M., 1985:
Frontalis muscle flap for the treatment of severe ptosis

Bonavolontà, G., 1992:
Frontalis muscle transfer in the reconstruction of the exenterated orbit

Park, H.J.; Yu, Y.S., 1988:
Frontalis suspension in congenital ptosis using Lyodura

Katowitz, J.A., 1979:
Frontalis suspension in congenital ptosis using a polyfilament, cable-type suture

Salasche, S.J.; McCollough, M.L.; Angeloni, V.L.; Grabski, W.J., 1989:
Frontalis-associated lipoma of the forehead

Sagawa, K.; Kawakatsu, S.; Komatani, A.; Totsuka, S., 1990:
Frontality, laterality, and cortical-subcortical gradient of cerebral blood flow in schizophrenia: relationship to symptoms and neuropsychological functions

Holloway, J.B., 1975:
Frontier Nursing Service, 1925-1975

Goodman, E., 1990:
Frontier Nursing Service--sixty year study of nurse-midwifery: 1925-1985

Harper, E., 1989:
Frontier Nursing Service--then and now

Anonymous, 1985:
Frontier School and Case Western Reserve University join in affiliation to advance nursing education

Poe, D., 1978:
Frontier School of Medicine and Family Nursing: thoughts on family nursing practice

Allen, S., 1989:
Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing celebrates 50th anniversary, 1939-1989

Kelly, P.; Kelly, C., 1978:
Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing: Charlie's story

Hartung, E., 1978:
Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing: a student's viewpoint

Lee, M., 1978:
Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing: into wider neighborhoods

Wolfe, G.A., 1978:
Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing: reflections on a rural health experience

Horwitz, T., 1978:
Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing: students are teachers for a day

Palmer, S., 1978:
Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing: the husbands, bless 'em!

Maier, E., 1978:
Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing: the program today

Long, P.J., 1978:
Frontier School of Nursing and Family Nursing: education for tomorrow

Bigbee, J.L., 1992:
Frontier areas: opportunities for NPs' primary care services

Kousseff, B.G., 1979:
Frontier genetics: model for providing genetic services in urban New York

Robinson, M., 1987:
Frontier hospitals struggling for survival

Valkonen, I., 1978:
Frontier nurse: looking for work which provides independence and versatility

Eblin, T., 1986:
Frontier nurses brave wilderness to reach rural Kentucky patients

Kodera, Y.; Inada, Y., 1988:
Frontier of chemical modification of protein: application of polyethyleneglycol-modified enzymes in biotechnological processes

Vervoort, J.; Rietjens, I.M.; van Berkel, W.J.; Veeger, C., 1992:
Frontier orbital study on the 4-hydroxybenzoate-3-hydroxylase-dependent activity with benzoate derivatives

Uchiyama, H.; Asashima, M., 1992:
Frontier research on mesoderm induction in the early amphibian embryos

Putnam, V.A.; Barratt, C.M., 1985:
Frontier town dentistry

Sarver, N.; Black, R.J.; Bridges, S.; Chrisey, L., 1992:
Frontiers in HIV-1 Therapy: fourth conference of the NIAID National Cooperative Drug Discovery Groups-HIV

Anonymous, 1987:
Frontiers in cardiology: Alpha blockade and coronary heart disease risk reduction. Symposium, Washington, D.C., September 16, 1986

Anonymous, 1986:
Frontiers in clinical pharmacology and therapeutic drug monitoring. Proceedings of a symposium. Toronto, June 6th and 7th, 1985

Anonymous, 1988:
Frontiers in clinical science. Abstracts of the 84th meeting of the Association of Clinical Scientists. May 12 to 15, 1988, Newport Beach, California

Anonymous, 1990:
Frontiers in clinical science. Abstracts of the 92nd meeting of the Association of Clinical Scientists. May 10-13, 1990, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hsiung, G.D., 1989:
Frontiers in clinical virology in honor of G.D. Edith Hsiung, Ph.D. September 17, 1988, New Haven

Anonymous, 1989:
Frontiers in cocaine research. Symposium of the Canadian Federation of Biological Societies. Québec, Québec, Canada, June 15, 1988. Proceedings

Anonymous, 1985:
Frontiers in colorectal disease. St. Mark's Hospital 150th anniversary international conference supplement

Anonymous, 1990:
Frontiers in disease prevention. A National Conference on the Impact of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Guidelines. 5-6 June, 1989

Schreiber, J.B.; Meltzer, S.J.; Kutta, S.K., 1991:
Frontiers in gastroenterology: new clinical and research opportunities

Berman, I.R., 1992:
Frontiers in general surgery: pioneers, cowboys and desperados

Anonymous, 1991:
Frontiers in hand rehabilitation

Anonymous, 1991:
Frontiers in human retrovirology and related topics. Annual meeting. August 11-17, 1990. Abstracts

Koshland, D.E., 1987:
Frontiers in immunology

Anonymous, 1975:
Frontiers in inflammatory bowel disease. The proceedings of a conference sponsored by the McReynolds Foundation. Part 1

Shorter, R.G.; Shephard, D.A., 1975:
Frontiers in inflammatory bowel disease. The proceedings of a conference sponsored by the McReynolds Foundation. Part II

Anonymous, 1990:
Frontiers in microsurgery: replantation

Karczmar, A.G., 1987:
Frontiers in neuropharmacology. Introduction to the session on modulators

Koshland, D.E., 1988:
Frontiers in neuroscience

Oon, C.J.; Chan, S.H., 1990:
Frontiers in oncology

Beglinger, C.; Gyr, K., 1987:
Frontiers in pancreatic physiology

Koshland, D.E., 1987:
Frontiers in recombinant DNA

Pierce, J.A.; Sobel, B.E., 1991:
Frontiers in surgery. A perspective

Vidal Sanz, M., 1992:
Frontiers in surgery: nerve cell transplants

Anonymous, 1985:
Frontiers in thoracic imaging

Stahle, J.; Engström, H., 1979:
Frontiers in vestibular and oculo-motor research. Liber-amicorum in honour of Prof. Hans Engström. Preface

Ishii, T., 1991:
Frontiers of Alzheimer's disease research--from the 5th International Symposium of Psychiatric Research Institute of Tokyo (PRIT)

Anonymous, 1988:
Frontiers of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy No. 4. Disorders of the major duodenal papilla and sphincter of Oddi

Nemiroff, R.A.; Colarusso, C.A., 1988:
Frontiers of adult development in theory and practice

Lu, S.C., 1989:
Frontiers of gallstone therapy. How far have we come with nonsurgical methods?

Uribe-Elías, R.; Villalpando-Casas, J.J.; Varela-Rueda, C.E.; Uribe-Elías, R., 1990:
Frontiers of medical education

Yeagle, P.L., 1990:
Frontiers of membrane research: lipid-protein complexes in membranes; membrane fusion

Worden, F.G.; Childs, B.; Matthysse, S.; Gershon, E.S., 1976:
Frontiers of psychiatric genetics

Rapaka, R.S., 1986:
Frontiers of research in the medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology of opioid peptides

Lennholm, B., 1987:
Frontiers of research: Alzheimer's disease

Hall, T.A., 1988:
Frontiers of submicron spectroscopy and biological microanalysis. Contributions to a special biological symposium honoring T. A. Hall. Forty-fourth annual meeting, Electron Microscopy Society of America. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 10-15 August 1986

Cook, J., 1978:
Frontiers of surgery

Anonymous, 1990:
Frontiers of vision. 10th anniversary conference of the British College of Optometrists. 23-25 April 1990, London

Anonymous, 1991:
Frontiers on bone marrow transplantation: fetal hematopoiesis

Grahame, C., 1987:
Frontline revolt

Tertsch, D., 1976:
Fronto-basal (rhino-basal) craniocerebral injury

Probst, R.; Fiebach, A.; Moser, A., 1990:
Fronto-basal fractures in the child

Itoh, S.; Katsuura, G., 1985:
Fronto-cortical regulation of beta-endorphin actions in the rat

Marchac, D.; Cophignon, J.; Hirsch, J.F.; Renier, D., 1978:
Fronto-cranial remodeling for craniostenosis with mobilisation of the supra-orbital barr

Crompton, M.R., 1986:
Fronto-cranial suspension--an unusual form of hanging

Kataye, S., 1975:
Fronto-ethmoidal anterior encephalocele (case report)

Sen, D.K.; Puri, N.D.; Majid, A., 1979:
Fronto-ethmoidal mucocele as a cause of unilateral proptosis

Boudet, C.; Arnaud, B.; Bullier, B.; Navarre, L., 1976:
Fronto-ethmoidal mucocele in a 6-year-old child. Problems of reconstructive surgery

Lund, V.J.; Milroy, C.M., 1991:
Fronto-ethmoidal mucocoeles: a histopathological analysis

Verbeek, A.M., 1986:
Fronto-ethmoidal mucopyocele is adequately diagnosed by echography

Sirban, I.; Foldesy, Z.; Balaş, I., 1976:
Fronto-ethmoidal sinusitis and its complications in adjacent tissues

Champy, M.; Lodde, J.P.; Wilk, A., 1975:
Fronto-malar osteosynthesis by means of screwed plates

Sauvegrain, J.; Lombard, M.; Garel, L.; Truscelli, D., 1975:
Fronto-metaphyseal dysplasia

Pascual-Castroviejo, I.; Pascual-Pascual, S.I.; Pérez-Higueras, A., 1985:
Fronto-nasal dysplasia and lipoma of the corpus callosum

Ott-Tannenbaum, B.; Bührmann, K.; Tannenbaum, H.; Gruss, P., 1991:
Fronto-naso-orbital trauma as a joint neurosurgical and orofacial surgical challenge

Raulo, Y.; Djinjian, M.; Kéravel, Y.; N'Guyen, J.P., 1987:
Fronto-orbital fractures

Merville, L.; Real, J.P., 1979:
Fronto-orbito-nasal dislocations. Initial total reconstitution. Tactics. Essential conditions

Merville, L., 1977:
Fronto-orbito-nasal dislocations. Initial total reconstruction. Tactics. Advantages. Conditions

Pompei, S.; Feijó, W.; Rode, R., 1987:
Fronto-parietal cranioplasty: applications of acrylic resins thermically activated

Orzhekhovskaia, N.S., 1989:
Fronto-striatal correlations in normal and pathologic aging of the human brain

Alaywan, M.; Sindou, M., 1990:
Fronto-temporal approach with orbito-zygomatic removal. Surgical anatomy

Gilfillan, A., 1990:
Fronto-temporal lobe abscess following periodontal recall: discussion for antibiotic prophylaxis

Czochra, M.; Koźniewska, H.; Muszynski, A.; Kamiński, S., 1979:
Fronto-temporo-sphenoidal craniotomy using the Yasargil method in operations of aneurysms and expanding lesions of basal areas of the brain

Lévy, A., 1975:
Frontobasal cerebrospinal fluid fistula--diagnosis and therapy from the neurosurgeon's point of view

da Silva, J.A.; da Silva, C.E., 1975:
Frontobasal cranio-encephalic injuries

Srsen, S.; Srsnová, K.; Lányi, A., 1986:
Frontobasal dysplasia in the median cleft face syndrome

Fiebach, A.; Landolt, H., 1989:
Frontobasal fractures in children

Brachvogel, P.; Staffensky, R.H.; Koch, B., 1991:
Frontobasal fractures--treatment concept and incidence of late complications

Fain, J.; Chabannes, J.; Péri, G.; Jourde, J., 1975:
Frontobasal injuries and csf fistulas. Attempt at an anatomoclinical classification. Therapeutic incidence

Mracek, Z., 1976:
Frontobasal injuries. Injuries of the skull and brain in the region of the anterior cranial fossa and their treatment from the aspect of a neurosurgeon

Staindl, O., 1978:
Frontobasal injuries. Principles of surgical treatment with special reference to highly concentrated human fibrinogen as a tissue adhesive

Wahlmann, U.W.; Wagner, W., 1991:
Frontobasal involvement in midfacial fractures. Problems in diagnosis and therapy

Markakis, E.; Kolenda, H.; Behnke, J.; Mühlendyck, H., 1990:
Frontobasal osteoplastic orbitotomy in surgical treatment of intraorbital processes

Anonymous, 1987:
Frontobasal trauma--diagnosis and treatment course. Round table conference

Hayashi, T.; Kadowaki, T.; Shyojima, K.; Honda, E., 1986:
Frontoethmoidal lipomeningocele

Clauser, L.; Baciliero, U.; Nordera, P.; Curri, D.; Pinna, V.; Curioni, C., 1991:
Frontoethmoidal meningoencephalocele. A one-stage correction, reconstruction, and plating by means of the micro system

David, D.J.; Simpson, D.A., 1987:
Frontoethmoidal meningoencephaloceles

Moore, M.H.; Tan, E.; Reilly, P.L.; David, D.J., 1991:
Frontofacial advancement with a free flap: deadspace versus drainage

Weiss, L.; Reynolds, W.A.; Szymanowski, R.T., 1976:
Frontometaphyseal Dysplasia. Evidence for dominant inheritance

Medlar, R.C.; Crawford, A.H., 1978:
Frontometaphyseal dysplasia presenting as scoliosis

Kanemura, T.; Orii, T.; Ohtani, M., 1979:
Frontometaphyseal dysplasia with congenital urinary tract malformations

Kassner, E.G.; Haller, J.O.; Reddy, V.H.; Mitarotundo, A.; Katz, I., 1976:
Frontometaphyseal dysplasia: evidence for autosomal dominant inheritance

Naves, R.J.; Naves, S.M.; Boue, D.C.; Boue, C.P., 1986:
Frontonasal dysplasia of mild degree: importance of clinical examination

Apere, H.; Serville, F.; Collet, B.; Billeaud, C.; Sandler, B., 1989:
Frontonasal dysplasia or the median cleft face syndrome: a case report

Fox, J.W.; Golden, G.T.; Edgerton, M.T., 1976:
Frontonasal dysplasia with alar clefts in two sisters. Genetic considerations and surgical correction

Slover, R.; Sujansky, E., 1979:
Frontonasal dysplasia with coronal craniosynostosis in three sibs

Lorenz, P.; Prager, B.; Tellkamp, H., 1990:
Frontonasal dysplasia. Case report and review of the literature

Bakken, A.F.; Aabyholm, G., 1976:
Frontonasal dysplasia. Possible hereditary connection with other congenital defects

Griffith, B.H., 1976:
Frontonasal tumors: their diagnosis and management

Toriello, H.V.; Radecki, L.L.; Sharda, J.; Looyenga, D.; Mann, R., 1986:
Frontonasal "dysplasia," cerebral anomalies, and polydactyly: report of a new syndrome and discussion from a developmental field perspective

Orzhekhovskaya, N.S., 1990:
Frontostriatal relationships on normal and pathological aging of the human brain

Crade, M.; Crade, K.; Freeman, R.K., 1991:
Frontothalamic measurement in the second trimester of pregnancy

Bereznev, A.V.; Verkhogliad, I.G., 1976:
Frontotomy with restoration of the function of natural frontal-nasal canal

Kolokol'tsev, M.M., 1988:
Frost resistance of Trichinella larvae in the muscles of the European brown bear

Huguenin, R.L.; Miller, K.J.; Harwood, W.S., 1979:
Frost-weathering on Mars: experimental evidence for peroxide formation

Zhulin, V.A., 1978:

Ikawa, G.; dos Santos, P.A.; Yamaguchi, K.T.; Stroh-Recor, C.; Ibello, R., 1986:
Frostbite and bone scanning: the use of 99m-labeled phosphates in demarcating the line of viability in frostbite victims

Sveshnikov, A.I., 1989:
Frostbite and overall body cooling

Zimolo, A., 1979:
Frostbite and preventive measures

Glick, R.; Parhami, N., 1979:
Frostbite arthritis

Buchanan, W.W.; Pope Pius, I.I., 1987:
Frostbite arthritis consequence of first papal visit to Scotland?

Stevens, D.M.; D'Angelo, J.V., 1978:
Frostbite due due to improper use of frozen gel pack

Wulle, C., 1991:
Frostbite in children

Ervasti, O.; Virokannas, H.; Hassi, J., 1991:
Frostbite in reindeer herders

Taylor, M.S.; Kulungowski, M.A.; Hamelink, J.K., 1989:
Frostbite injuries during winter maneuvers: a long-term disability

Vogel, J.E.; Dellon, A.L., 1989:
Frostbite injuries of the hand

Mehta, R.C.; Wilson, M.A., 1989:
Frostbite injury: prediction of tissue viability with triple-phase bone scanning

Elliott, D.C., 1991:
Frostbite of the mouth: a case report

Salimi, Z., 1985:
Frostbite. Assessment of tissue viability by scintigraphy

Pelizzo, C.; Franchi, G.L., 1978:
Frostbite. Clinical note

McCauley, R.L.; Heggers, J.P.; Robson, M.C., 1990:
Frostbite. Methods to minimize tissue loss

Foray, J.; Salon, F.; Foray, P.; Girer, A.; Simond, B.; Lacoste, V.; Chedal-Bornu, M., 1986:
Frostbite. New prognostic and therapeutic contributions. Apropos of statistics on 1000 cases

Salimi, Z.; Wolverson, M.K.; Herbold, D.R.; Vas, W., 1986:
Frostbite: experimental assessment of tissue damage using Tc-99m pyrophosphate. Work in progress

Marsigny, B.; Foray, J., 1990:
Frostbite: findings May 1990

Peterson, G.; Hugar, D.W., 1979:
Frostbite: its diagnosis and treatment

Laroche, G.P., 1978:
Frostbite: review and new concepts

Hamed, L.M.; Fang, E.N.; Fanous, M.M.; Mames, R.; Friedman, S., 1992:
Frosted branch angiitis: the role of systemic corticosteroids

Ashburner, M., 1992:
Frosted flies

Ravault, M.; Site, J.; Trepsat, C.; Nemoz, C.; Meynier, A.M., 1979:
Frosted states of the retinal periphery. Statistical analysis of 291 records

Barth, C.L.; Hayashi, H.; Deegan, M.J., 1985:
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Fuctional-metabolic disorders in typhoid infection

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Fuctioning pituitary adenoma

Thomas, K.C.; Ingledew, W.M., 1990:
Fuel alcohol production: effects of free amino nitrogen on fermentation of very-high-gravity wheat mashes

Marliss, E.B., 1978:
Fuel fluxes in the fasted, fed, pregnant and diabetic human

Shephard, R.J., 1991:
Fuel for exercise

Michelson, N.; Holstein, B., 1990:
Fuel for the Danish children

Pasi, A.; Fritzsche, A.; Amstutz, M.; Hartmann, H., 1985:
Fuel gases as a cause of fatal poisoning

Felig, P.; Wahren, J., 1975:
Fuel homeostasis in exercise

Callikan, S.; Ferre, P.; Pegorier, J.P.; Girard, J.R.; Marliss, E.B.; Assan, R., 1979:
Fuel metabolism in fasted newborn rabbits

Simler, S.L., 1979:
Fuel oil prices soar; supplies will be tight

Foss, M.C.; Von-Oeyen, P.; Vlachokosta, F.V.; Aoki, T.T., 1992:
Fuel oxidation by insulin-dependent diabetics during late pregnancy in response to an oral glucose load

Shalini, V.K.; Srinivas, L., 1990:
Fuel smoke condensate induced DNA damage in human lymphocytes and protection by turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Bessey, P.Q.; Aoki, T.T.; Wilmore, D.W., 1985:
Fuel utilization following injury: relationship to hormonal environment

Rothkopf, M., 1990:
Fuel utilization in neoplastic disease: implications for the use of nutritional support in cancer patients

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Fuel-mediated teratogenesis. Use of D-mannose to modify organogenesis in the rat embryo in vivo

Hunter, E.S.; Sadler, T.W., 1989:
Fuel-mediated teratogenesis: biochemical effects of hypoglycemia during neurulation in mouse embryos in vitro

Buchanan, T.A.; Freinkel, N., 1988:
Fuel-mediated teratogenesis: symmetric growth retardation in the rat fetus at term after a circumscribed exposure to D-mannose during organogenesis

Meglasson, M.D.; Manning, C.D.; Najafi, H.; Matschinsky, F.M., 1987:
Fuel-stimulated insulin secretion by clonal hamster beta-cell line HIT T-15

Jenks, J.A., 1976:
Fuelling the kitchen electricity

Anonymous, 1976:
Fuelling the kitchen: gas

Plaza, I.; Mariscal, R.P.; Muñoz, M.T.; Ros-Jellici, J.; López, D.; Madero, R.; Hidalgo, I.; Ceñal, M.J.; Baeza, J.; Cobaleda, A., 1990:
Fuenlabrada study: lipid and lipoprotein levels in children and adolescents associated with ischemic cardiopathy prevalence among their relatives

Moschandreas, D.J.; Relwani, S.M.; Luebcke, E.H., 1990:
Fugitive emissions of NO2 from vented gas appliances in residences--a pilot study

Statnick, R.M.; Kolnsberg, H.J., 1976:
Fugitive emissions: measurement and control. Report on the first symposium

Rice, E.; Fisher, C., 1976:
Fugue states in sleep and wakefulness: a psychophysiological study

Lipson, A.H.; Kozlowski, K.; Barylak, A.; Marsden, W., 1991:
Fuhrmann syndrome of right-angle bowed femora, absence of fibulae and digital anomalies: two further cases

Rickards, R.W.; Wu, J.P., 1985:
Fujianmycins A and B, new benz[a]anthraquinone antibiotics from a Streptomyces species

Hayashi, H.; Koya, H.; Kitajima, K.; Kimura, I.; Katori, M.; Oh-Ishi, S., 1979:
Fujiwara trait: the first case of kininogen deficiency in Japan

Radian, A.B.; Corsatea, L., 1988:
Fukala's operation in marked myopia

Furuya, T.; Hikichi, M.; Iitaka, Y., 1976:
Fukinotoxin, a new pyrrolizidine alkaloid from Petasites japonicus

Pavlov, V.; Dimov, D.; Irintchev, E., 1978 :
Fukuda writing and stepping tests in the evaluation of vestibular disturbances in labyrinth diseases

Gukovich, V.A.; Tarasevich, E.P., 1975:
Fukuda writing test in the evaluation of vestibular reactions during stapedioplasty and in the first days thereafter

Ohtake, T.; Nagashima, T.; Tanabe, H.; Oda, M.; Satoh, J., 1987:
Fukuyama type congenital muscular dystrophy (FCMD) with a long survival--an autopsy case report

Segawa, M.; Nomura, Y.; Hachimori, K.; Shinoyama, N.; Hosaka, A.; Mizuno, Y., 1979:
Fukuyama type congenital muscular dystrophy as a natural model of childhood epilepsy

Castellacci, A.M.; Gualtierotti, R.; Santillo, G.; Simoni, F.; Pieroni, O.; Pazzaglia, R., 1992:
Fukuyama-type congenital muscular dystrophy with the presence of ocular anomalies

Caffarra, P.; Scaglioni, A.; Malvezzi, L.; Girotti, F.; Soliveri, P.; Musicco, M.; Previdi, P., 1991:
Fuld's formula and WAIS subtests in differential diagnosis of dementia

Crump, A., 1990:
Fulfilling a living will

Iverson-Carpenter, M.S.; Haskin, D.; Maas, M.; Hardy, M.; Button, M., 1988:
Fulfilling nutritional requirements

Moore, W., 1991:
Fulfilling potential

McGriff, E.P., 1985:
Fulfilling the commitment to practice without joint faculty appointments

Ovretveit, J., 1992:
Fulfilling the need for a coordinated approach. Case management and community nursing

Broering, N.C., 1992:
Fulfilling the promise: implementing IAIMS at Georgetown University

Kazakov, O.P.; Borodin, V.G., 1986:
Fulfilling the recommendations of the All-Army Conference on Improving the Living Conditions of Troops in a military unit

Chudobová, M., 1990:
Fulfillment of personnel staffing requirements in health facilities in Bohemia and individual regions as of September 30 1988

Dienstbier, Z., 1978:
Fulfillment of research tasks from the P 17 PROGRAM OF THE State Technological Development Plan

Mal'tseva, Z.S., 1978:
Fulfillment of the mandate from the Minister of Public Health of the USSR, "Procedure for writing out prescriptions for ambulatory patients and delivery of drugs to them"--an important condition for improving the quality of drug availability to the population

Peyraud, A.P., 1975:
Fulfillment. Can you achieve it as a dental assistant?

Crawford, R., 1978:

Nesterov, A.I.; Nasonova, V.A.; Vorob'ev, I.V.; Maksakova, E.N.; Bolotina, A.Iu., 1975:
Fulfillments of the problem-related plan concerning "Rheumatism and joint diseases" in 1974

Prokopec, J., 1976:
Fulfilment of tasks of the 5th 5-year plan in our overall health care

Warin, J.F.; Haissaguerre, M.; L.M.tayer, P.; Montserrat, P.; Massière, J.P., 1989:
Fulguration and pre-excitation syndrome. Results in 121 patients

Haissaguerre, M.; Warin, J.F.; D'Ivernois, C.; L.M.tayer, P.H.; Montserrat, P., 1990:
Fulguration for AV nodal tachycardia: results in 42 patients with a mean follow-up of 23 months

Warin, J.F.; Haissaguerre, M., 1989:
Fulguration of accessory pathways in any location: report of seventy cases

Clementy, J.; Nasciamento, L.; Gimenez, M.; Choussat, A., 1989:
Fulguration of accessory pathways in children. Value of two-dimensional echocardiography

Chauvin, M.; Marcellin, L.; Brechenmacher, C., 1991:
Fulguration of atrial flutter in man. A pathological case

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Fulguration of auriculoventricular conduction in the treatment of supraventricular tachycardias

Haissaguerre, M.; Warin, J.F.; Lemétayer, P., 1988:
Fulguration of foci of atrial tachycardia in the adult

Clémenty, J., 1989:
Fulguration of the bundle of His. An explanation based on 128 consecutive personal cases

Critelli, G.; Pulignano, G.; Patruno, N.; Urbani, P.; Ambrosini, M.; Greco, C.; Reale, A., 1990:
Fulguration of the bundle of His. Description of 3 new cases

Sabanegh, E.S.; Thompson, I.M., 1991 :
Fulguration of urethral condylomata: modified technique using visual urethrotome

Haissaguerre, M.; Warin, J.F.; Lemétayer, P.; Guillem, J.P.; Blanchot, P., 1989:
Fulguration of ventricular tachycardia using high cumulative energy: results in thirty-one patients with a mean follow-up of twenty-seven months

Holst, S.; Peterson, N.E., 1988:
Fulguration-ablation of atypical accessory urethra

Lemery, R., 1990:
Fulguration. A new approach in the treatment of heart arrhythmia

de Molina Fernández, M.I., 1992:
Fulguration. A new concept in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

Ohta, N.; Kubota, I.; Takao, T.; Shimonishi, Y.; Yasuda-Kamatani, Y.; Minakata, H.; Nomoto, K.; Muneoka, Y.; Kobayashi, M., 1991:
Fulicin, a novel neuropeptide containing a D-amino acid residue isolated from the ganglia of Achatina fulica

Marseigne, I.; Roy, P.; Dor, A.; Durieux, C.; Pélaprat, D.; Reibaud, M.; Blanchard, J.C.; Roques, B.P., 1989:
Full agonists of CCK8 containing a nonhydrolyzable sulfated tyrosine residue

Anonymous, 1977:
Full and partial after care. ADA guidelines

Kimura, M.; Kimura, I.; Kondoh, T.; Kimura, M., 1986:
Full and partial relaxing CCK-C-terminal fragments in hog duodenal circular muscle

Bax, M., 1989:
Full assessment of the child

Park, J.S.; Kano, K.; Niki, K.; Akutsu, H., 1991:
Full assignment of heme redox potentials of cytochrome c3 of D. vulgaris Miyazaki F by 1H-NMR

Koike, T.; Ota, H.; Koike, M., 1991:
Full automatic blood recovery unit with automatic priming system

Grossi, G.; Bargossi, A.; Battistoni, R.; Lippi, A.; Sprovieri, G., 1989:
Full automation of catecholamine metabolite determination by column switching and high-performance liquid chromatography

Anonymous, 1985:
Full backing for exhaustive research. ICN supports regulation document

Morel, F.; Gerlach, A.; Bois, D., 1990:
Full band impressions

Wells, D.G.; Zelcer, J.; Hein, H.A., 1987:
Full bladder

Armstrong, P., 1989:
Full blood count values in adolescents

Seidl, S., 1977:
Full blood preservation or erythrocyte concentrate

Buth, K.; Schulz, A., 1988:
Full ceramic bridges

Schwickerath, H., 1988:
Full ceramic bridges. Framework of stone or hard stone

Schäffer, H.; Hölbling, M., 1990:
Full ceramic restorations of Optec HSP

Diehl, J.; Setz, J., 1988:
Full ceramic systems compared. View of technical work results

Fritz, M.E., 1989:
Full circle or forward

Raper, M.; Raper, M., 1990:
Full circle. Interview by Joanna Trevelyan

Weiss, B.D., 1985:
Full clinical departments of family practice: their relationship to hospital privileges in university hospitals

Broyles, R.W.; Rosko, M.D., 1986:
Full cost determination: an application of pricing and patient mix policies under DRGs

Carlson, C.; Krueger, K.R., 1991:
Full coverage cosmetic dentistry and gingival health

Holmstrom, S.E.; Gammon, R.L., 1989:
Full crown restorations

Ceravolo, F.J.; Meyers, H.E.; Michael, J.J.; Bennett, C.R., 1986:
Full dentition periodontal surgery using intravenous conscious-sedation. A report of 10,000 cases

Kakudo, Y., 1976:
Full denture (complete denture base) and physiology

Lescher, J.; Morenas, M.; Queuille, G., 1988:
Full denture bases: what can be expected from association of carbon fibers and polymethylmethacrylate? Mechanical resistance study

Baker, C.E., 1977:
Full denture construction

Sonneveld, P.; Michiels, J.J., 1990:
Full dose chemotherapy in elderly patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: a feasibility study using a mitoxantrone containing regimen

Miller, C., 1975:
Full employment opportunity: does it exist for the handicapped?

Broadhead, D.M.; Kirk, J.M.; Burt, A.J.; Gupta, V.; Ellis, P.M.; Besley, G.T., 1986:
Full expression of Hunter's disease in a female with an X-chromosome deletion leading to non-random inactivation

Drewinko, B.; Lichtiger, B., 1985:
Full expression of blood group-related, transplantation-related, and carcinoembryonic antigens in human colorectal cancer cells with different degrees of phenotypic differentiation

Annear, D.I., 1985:
Full expression of methicillin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus

Kinninmonth, A.W.; Hutchinson, J.D., 1991:
Full face protection in orthopaedics: a practical appliance for use in high risk cases

Yoshino, S.; Shoji, H.; Komagamine, M., 1990:
Full flexion after total knee replacement in rheumatoid arthritis

Calamand, P.; Colomb, C., 1990:
Full impressions with silicone elastomers. The wash technic

Vaitl, P.; Bender, W.; Hubmann, W.; Hummel, C.; Kröner, A.; Kröner, M., 1989:
Full inpatient versus partial inpatient psychiatric after-care--a comparative retrospective study

Bertling, W.M., 1989:
Full length L1 retroposons contain tRNA-like sequences near the 5' termini--hypothesis on the replication mechanism of retroposons

Devine, S.E.; Hussain, A.; Davide, J.P.; Melera, P.W., 1991:
Full length and alternatively spliced pgp1 transcripts in multidrug-resistant Chinese hamster lung cells

Giorda, R.; Turco, E.; Trucco, M., 1991:
Full length beta chain cDNAs of DQw9 and DQw8 molecules encode proteins that differ only at amino acid 57

Kolluri, R.; Kinniburgh, A.J., 1991:
Full length cDNA sequence encoding a nuclease-sensitive element DNA binding protein

Kaplan, D.J.; Duncan, C.H., 1988:
Full length cDNA sequence for bovine high mobility group 1 (HMG1) protein

Luu The, V.; Lachance, Y.; Labrie, C.; Leblanc, G.; Thomas, J.L.; Strickler, R.C.; Labrie, F., 1989:
Full length cDNA structure and deduced amino acid sequence of human 3 beta-hydroxy-5-ene steroid dehydrogenase

Wang, L.L., 1991:
Full length urethral stricture. One-stage urethroplasty using double island skin tube from perineum and scrotum

Polte, T.; Newman, W.; Gopal, T.V., 1990:
Full length vascular cell adhesion molecule 1 (VCAM-1)

Hahn, J.A., 1979:
Full maxillary subperiosteal pterygoid extention implant

Bellvehí, M.; Salla, R.M.; Espinàs, J.; Juncosa, S., 1992 :
Full moon: more work at the delivery rooms?

McLean, J.W., 1978:
Full mouth reconstruction

Garefis, P.N., 1979:
Full mouth reconstruction with dental implants

Fahrenback, J.J., 1976:
Full mouth rehabilitation

Simard, J.; Vincent, A.; Duchesne, R.; Labrie, F., 1988:
Full oestrogenic activity of C19-delta 5 adrenal steroids in rat pituitary lactotrophs and somatotrophs

Braunwarth, J.; Hellge, A., 1991:
Full porcelain partial crown. 2. Preparation

Hellge, A.; Braunwarth, J., 1991:
Full porcelain partial crown. 3. Bonding technique

Hellge, A.; Braunwarth, J., 1991:
Full porcelain partial crowns. 1. Preparation

Fulop, G.M.; Phillips, R.A., 1986:
Full reconstitution of the immune deficiency in scid mice with normal stem cells requires low-dose irradiation of the recipients

Flood, J.G.; Williams, T.D.; Bacon, R.C., 1990:
Full recovery following massive overdose with insulin and thyroxine

Pasternak, J.F.; Volpe, J.J., 1979:
Full recovery from prolonged brainstem failure following intraventricular hemorrhage

Bauknecht, V.L., 1978:
Full reimbursement for P/MH services vital

Beck, J.D., 1986:
Full remission of acute non-lymphatic leukemia lasting for 16 months following combination therapy with aclacinomycin A

Ishii, T.; Sugita, Y.; Bannai, S., 1989:
Full replacement of 2-mercaptoethanol by cysteine plus selenium compounds in augmenting DNA synthesis of mitogen-stimulated mouse spleen lymphocytes

Itoh, S.; Iwaki, M., 1991:
Full replacement of the function of the secondary electron acceptor phylloquinone(= vitamin K1) by non-quinone carbonyl compounds in green plant photosystem I photosynthetic reaction centers

Boiarskiĭ, A.M., 1979:
Full safe keeping for the animal livestock

Hendrickson, H., 1975:
Full scope of optometric care

Okazaki, K.; Watanabe, M.; Ando, Y.; Hagiwara, M.; Terasawa, M.; Hidaka, H., 1992:
Full sequence of neurocalcin, a novel calcium-binding protein abundant in central nervous system

Skriabin, K.G.; Kraev, A.S.; Rubtsov, P.M.; Baev, A.A., 1979:
Full sequence of the nucleotides of the spacer region located between the genes for yeast 18S and 5.8S RNA

Martonik, J.F., 1977:
Full shift sampling to represent employee exposure

Piza-Katzer, H.; Rath, T.; Weinstabl, R., 1988:
Full skin thickness burn injury of a knee joint in an 81-year-old patient

Vardy, D.A.; Khoury, M.; Ben-Meir, P.; Ben-Yakar, Y.; Shoenfeld, Y., 1989:
Full skin thickness burns caused by contact with the pavement in a heat-stroke victim

Wimbish, G.H.; Johnson, K.G., 1990:
Full spectral GC/MS identification of delta 9-carboxy-tetrahydrocannabinol in urine with the Finnigan ITS40

Kligman, L.H., 1987:
Full spectrum solar radiation as a cause of dermal photodamage: UVB to infrared

Siecker, B.R., 1979:
Full speed ahead...on an empty tank

Pelland, J., 1991:
Full steam ahead. Opening speech by the OIIQ's president, Jeannine Pelland, at the 70th annual general meeting

Unadkat, J.D., 1989:
Full stomach reduces serum concentrations of zidovudine

Ortíz Peralta, O.; Vaca Guerrón, C.; Banegas Zambrano, J., 1977:
Full term ovarian pregnancy. Evaluation of oxytocin in its diagnosis

L.B.uedec, G.; Fondrinier, E.; Sauvezie, B.; Bruhat, M.A., 1988:
Full term pregnancy and Soulier-Boffa syndrome

Purroy, A.; Errasti, P.; Otero, R.; Toledo, J.; Alterkawi, A.; Girón, J.J., 1978:
Full term pregnancy in a women with a previous renal transplant

Pedersen, K.H., 1991:
Full term tubal pregnancy without rupture of the tube

Anonymous, 1988:
Full text of AIDS, HIV policy statement

Campanelli, M., 1978:
Full thickness autograft following neoplastic excision

Wilson, G.R.; Davidson, P.M., 1985:
Full thickness burns from ready-mixed cement

Martin, D.L.; Chang, P.S.; McGrouther, D.a., 1985:
Full thickness graft of haemangiomatous skin

Zoltie, N.; Verlende, P.; Logan, A., 1989:
Full thickness grafts taken from the plantar instep for syndactyly release

Shah, R.S.; Parulkar, B.G.; Samsi, A.B.; Mathur, S.K., 1986:
Full thickness replacement of the abdominal wall with synthetic mesh (a report of 2 cases)

Oswalt, G.C.; Lloyd, L.K.; Bueschen, A.J., 1979:
Full thickness skin graft urethroplasty for anterior urethral strictures

Radhakrishna, R.; Rao, P.L., 1990:
Full thickness skin necrosis following intramuscular injection (a case report)

Fosdike, V., 1978:
Full time fatherhood

Curti, L.G.; Siccardi, M.; Santianello, E.B.; Fresco, G., 1992:
Full-blown hypothyroidism associated with vitiligo and acropachy. Report of one case

Cox, J.N.; Wenger, J.M.; Pizzolato, G.P.; Reverdin, A., 1986:
Full-contact and dissecting aneurysm of the thrombosed left internal carotid artery associated with encephalomalacia

Goto, J., 1978:
Full-crown preparation for the front tooth

Tominaga, S.; Kondo, M.; Ando, Y.; Yamashita, S.; Uematsu, M.; Shigematsu, N.; Nishiguchi, I.; Hashimoto, S., 1985:
Full-dose CHOP chemotherapy--feasibility and influence upon radiotherapy

Shipley, W.U.; Rose, M.A.; Perrone, T.L.; Mannix, C.M.; Heney, N.M.; Prout, G.R., 1985:
Full-dose irradiation for patients with invasive bladder carcinoma: clinical and histological factors prognostic of improved survival

Chiarello, S.E., 1992:
Full-face cryo- (liquid nitrogen) peel

Phillips, C.; Devereux, J.P.; Camilla Tulloch, J.F.; Tucker, M.R., 1986:
Full-face soft tissue response to surgical maxillary intrusion

Sandberg, M.A.; Pawlyk, B.S.; Berson, E.L., 1986:
Full-field electroretinograms in miniature poodles with progressive rod-cone degeneration

Andréasson, S.; Blennow, G.; Ehinger, B.; Strömland, K., 1991:
Full-field electroretinograms in patients with the carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome

Soriani, P.G.; Nenciati, M., 1979:
Full-form gastric trichobezoar

Campo, R.V., 1988:
Full-frame angiography for the Zeiss fundus camera

Chan, K.K.; Lou, S.L.; Huang, H.K., 1989:
Full-frame transform compression of CT and MR images

Widgerow, A.D., 1990:
Full-house/spaghetti wrist injuries. Analysis of results

Zeira, M.; Tosi, P.F.; Mouneimne, Y.; Lazarte, J.; Sneed, L.; Volsky, D.J.; Nicolau, C., 1991:
Full-length CD4 electroinserted in the erythrocyte membrane as a long-lived inhibitor of infection by human immunodeficiency virus

Wu, S.K.; Lu, D.; Madden, M.; Liu, C.P.; Miyokawa, N.; Bach, F.H.; Saunders, T.L., 1990:
Full-length DQ beta cDNA sequences of HLA-DR2/DQw1 subtypes: genetic interactions between two DQ beta loci generate human class II HLA diversity

Balsano, C.; Avantaggiati, M.L.; Natoli, G.; D.M.rzio, E.; Will, H.; Perricaudet, M.; Levrero, M., 1991:
Full-length and truncated versions of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) X protein (pX) transactivate the cmyc protooncogene at the transcriptional level

Deininger, P.L., 1987:
Full-length cDNA clones: vector-primed cDNA synthesis

Fu, J.; Tan, B.H.; Yap, E.H.; Chan, Y.C.; Tan, Y.H., 1992:
Full-length cDNA sequence of dengue type 1 virus (Singapore strain S275/90)

Okamoto, H.; Kanai, N.; Mishiro, S., 1992:
Full-length nucleotide sequence of a Japanese hepatitis C virus isolate (HC-J1) with high homology to USA isolates

Bauerle, C.; Keegstra, K., 1991:
Full-length plastocyanin precursor is translocated across isolated thylakoid membranes

Garcia, P.D.; Walter, P., 1988:
Full-length prepro-alpha-factor can be translocated across the mammalian microsomal membrane only if translation has not terminated

Crowe, S.M.; Mills, J.; Kirihara, J.; Boothman, J.; Marshall, J.A.; McGrath, M.S., 1990:
Full-length recombinant CD4 and recombinant gp120 inhibit fusion between HIV infected macrophages and uninfected CD4-expressing T-lymphoblastoid cells

Wathelet, M.; Moutschen, S.; Cravador, A.; DeWit, L.; Defilippi, P.; Huez, G.; Content, J., 1986:
Full-length sequence and expression of the 42 kDa 2-5A synthetase induced by human interferon

Pakdel, F.; L.G.c, F.; L.G.ff, P.; Valotaire, Y., 1990:
Full-length sequence and in vitro expression of rainbow trout estrogen receptor cDNA

Okamoto, H.; Kurai, K.; Okada, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Lizuka, H.; Tanaka, T.; Fukuda, S.; Tsuda, F.; Mishiro, S., 1992:
Full-length sequence of a hepatitis C virus genome having poor homology to reported isolates: comparative study of four distinct genotypes

Winkelmann, J.C.; Chang, J.G.; Tse, W.T.; Scarpa, A.L.; Marchesi, V.T.; Forget, B.G., 1990:
Full-length sequence of the cDNA for human erythroid beta-spectrin

Rady, M.Y.; Rady, A.M., 1987:
Full-length ureteric splintage in the management of bilharzial ureteric strictures

Batt-Humphries, S.; Simonsen, C.; Ehrenfeld, E., 1979:
Full-length viral RNA synthesized in vitro by vesicular stomatitis virus-infected HeLa cell extracts

Verweij, C.L.; Diergaarde, P.J.; Hart, M.; Pannekoek, H., 1986:
Full-length von Willebrand factor (vWF) cDNA encodes a highly repetitive protein considerably larger than the mature vWF subunit

Putz, M.; Cuvelliez, F., 1987:
Full-mouth impressions of preparations intended to receive ceramic-metallic crowns

Anonymous, 1987:
Full-mouth reconstruction: fixed removable

Fiedler, A.; Baganz, D., 1991:
Full-porcelain bridge with InCeram technique in pouring experiment

Katayama, H.; Yamaguchi, K.; Kozuka, T.; Takashima, T.; Matsuura, K.; Nakata, H.; Tanabe, M.; Brunger, C., 1991:
Full-scale investigation into adverse reaction in Japan. Risk factor analysis. The Japanese Committee on the Safety of Contrast Media

Hackley, J.A., 1977:
Full-service hospice offers home, day, and inpatient care

Mathé, G.; Lopez, M.D.; Fréchet, M., 1987:
Full-share integration of psychopathology in general or internal medicine thanks to the Szondi test. I. An objective language and a quantitative method

Fréchet, M., 1987:
Full-share integration of psychopathology in general or internal medicine thanks to the Szondi test. II. Principle and applications of the test

London, W.P., 1987:
Full-spectrum classroom light and sickness in pupils

DeMarco, P.; Pokorny, J.; Smith, V.C., 1992:
Full-spectrum cone sensitivity functions for X-chromosome-linked anomalous trichromats

Baumritter, J.; Skrobisz, M., 1992:
Full-symptom ischemic stroke in the area of the left posterior cerebral artery

Tsunoda, Y.; Yasui, T.; Shioda, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Uchida, T.; Sugie, T., 1987:
Full-term development of mouse blastomere nuclei transplanted into enucleated two-cell embryos

Berendes, R.; Winkhaus, I.; Bolte, A., 1979:
Full-term pregnancies following habitual abortions

Marazzini, F.; Molteni, P., 1978:
Full-term pregnancy after Haultain's operation

Russell, J.A.; Hanley, D.A., 1989:
Full-term pregnancy after allogeneic transplantation for leukemia in a patient with oligomenorrhea

Tóth, E.; Seres, G., 1976:
Full-term pregnancy after external migration of the ovum

Mazorchuk, B.F.; Grigorenko, P.P.; Rasenko, A.V.; Krikun, P.P., 1978:
Full-term pregnancy associated with bilateral ovarian cancer

Pirhonen, J.; Hulkko, S., 1986:
Full-term pregnancy following failed induced abortion

Colpi, G.M.; Negri, L.; Stamm, J.; Balerna, M., 1992:
Full-term pregnancy obtained with sperm recovered by seminal tract washout from an anejaculating, spinal cord injury man

Damborenea, R.G.; Lampreabe, I.; Sangrador, M.; Morán, J.M.; Larrasquitu, J.L.; Muñiz Martin, R.; D.S.ncho, J.L.; Gomezullate, P.; Orofino, L.; Villar Coolsa, F.; Montenegro, J., 1977:
Full-term pregnancy with the help of hemodialysis in a renal failure patient

Llaurado, J.G., 1986:
Full-text computer retrieval of medical literature

Collen, M.F.; Flagle, C.D., 1985:
Full-text medical literature retrieval by computer. A pilot test

Anderson, R.L.; Weinstein, G.S., 1987:
Full-thickness bipedicle flap for total lower eyelid reconstruction

Freedman, A.M.; Hidalgo, D.A., 1990:
Full-thickness cheek and lip reconstruction with the radial forearm free flap

Fudem, G.M.; Orgel, M.G., 1988:
Full-thickness erosion of the skull secondary to tissue expansion for scalp reconstruction

Peyman, G.A.; Meisels, H.I.; Batko, K.A.; Vlchek, J.K., 1975:
Full-thickness eye wall biopsy. I. An experimental approach to the tissue diagnosis and study of choroidal and retinal lesions

Peyman, G.A.; Homer, P.; Kasbeer, R.; Vlchek, J., 1975:
Full-thickness eye wall biopsy. II. In primates

Peyman, G.A.; Raichand, M., 1979:
Full-thickness eye wall resection of choroidal neoplasms

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Full-thickness eye wall resection: technique, case descriptions, and histological findings

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Full-thickness skin graft urethroplasty

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Full-time Program Directors and Chiefs of Service

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Full-time abdominal pregnancy with a living child

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Full-time cancer patient

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Full-time code

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Full-time coordinators meet governance head-on

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Full-time course in the Arhus Dental University: TV allowed us to see and hear the elderly but we could not talk with them

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Full-time employees of the National Cancer Institute, as of April 1, 1977

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Full-time father

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Full-time hospital anesthesiologist won against IRS

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Full-time hospital employees

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Full-time hospital physicians

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Full-time nurse or part-time nurse: who comes out ahead?

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Fully airconditioned rooms

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