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Further studies of four incision radial keratotomy

Spigelman, A.V.; Williams, P.A.; Lindstrom, R.L.

Refractive and Corneal Surgery 5(5): 292-295


ISSN/ISBN: 1042-962X
PMID: 2488824
Accession: 040187361

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This investigation evaluated the results of radial keratotomy on 52 eyes in 30 patients; 32 eyes had follow-up of greater than one year. The spherical equivalent refraction for 91% of these patients was within 1 diopter of emmetropia. We have followed five eyes between one and two to three years after surgery, observing a continued effect of the surgery with a mean gain in the hyperopic direction of +0.72 diopters. Initial overcorrections must be avoided in radial keratotomy.

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