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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 40262

Chapter 40262 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Roos, D.; Lubitz, B.; Maring, J.; Doumanis, A.; Wittkopf, D.; Kühnl, P., 1990:
Hematologic parameters in repeated autologous blood donation

Legen'kov, V.I.; Kiselev, R.K., 1991:
Hematologic parameters in the peripheral blood of cosmonauts

Fortagne, M.; Schäfer, M., 1989:
Hematologic parameters of Probstheidaer pigmy goats in relation to pregnancy and lactation

Lange, R.D.; Andrews, R.B.; Gibson, L.A.; Wright, P.; Dunn, C.D.; Jones, J.B., 1985:
Hematologic parameters of astrorats flown on SL-3

Cubeddu, G.M.; Bini, P.P.; Floris, B.; Carcangiu, V.; Bomboi, G.; Pintori, G., 1991:
Hematologic parameters of the white donkeys of Asinara

Sánchez-Fayos, M.P.; Outeiriño, J.; Benítez, J.; Calabuig, T.; Prieto, E.; Sánchez-Guilarte, J.; Bosch, J.M.; Rodríguez, C.; Sánchez-Fayos, J., 1988:
Hematologic phenotype versus cytogenic phenotype in 124 chronic myeloproliferative syndromes (1979-1987)

Cooley, J.R.; Kitay, D.Z., 1977:
Hematologic problems in pregnancy V. Obstetric transfusion therapy

Anonymous, 1990:
Hematologic problems in the ICU

Rader, E.S., 1975:
Hematologic problems in urology. Basic mechanisms and clinical approach

Baisden, R., 1978:
Hematologic problems of the elderly

Fossi, M.; Méndez-Castellano, H.; Jaffé, W.G.; Martínez-Torres, C.; Leets, I.; Taylor, P.; Layrisse, M., 1987:
Hematologic profile and absorption of iron from diets consumed by a population of low socioeconomic level of 2 Venezuelan states

Fukui, H.; Umegaki, K., 1978:
Hematologic profile of the old: anemia and blood coagulation

Johnson, T.; Kass, M.A., 1986:
Hematologic reactions to carbonic anhydrase inhibitors

Devergie, A., 1990:
Hematologic reconstitution after transplant with umbilical cord blood cells

Gutiérrez Martín, M.; Romero Colás, S.; Calvo Martínez de Laguna, T.; Fernández Garcés, F.; Vicente González, J., 1989:
Hematologic repercussions of physical exercise in the mountains

Banez, E.I., 1990:
Hematologic response to acute inflammation: the band neutrophil revisited

Thomas, M.F.; Penney, D.G., 1977:
Hematologic responses to carbon monoxide and altitude: a comparative study

Bartlett, R.H.; Fong, S.W.; Woldanski, C.; Hung, E.; Styler, D.; MacArthur, C., 1975:
Hematologic responses to prolonged extracorporeal circulation (ECC) with microporous membrane devices

Ogonovskiĭ, T.M.; Soroka, A.V.; Shemet, V.P., 1978:
Hematologic services to the population of the Ternopol Oblast

Balon, R.; Berchou, R., 1986:
Hematologic side effects of psychotropic drugs

Angéla, K.; Judit, B., 1976:
Hematologic side effects of thiamphenicol

Wilson, J.R.; Harris, J.W., 1977:
Hematologic side-effects of dapsone

Outeiriño Pérez, J.J.; Sánchez Fayos, J.; Outeiriño Hernanz, J.; Calabuig, T.; Bosch, J.M.; Sánchez Guilarte, J.; Rodríguez Centella, C.; Prieto Pareja, E.; Sánchez Martín, J.A., 1989:
Hematologic significance of erythrocytic macrocytosis: prospective analysis of 109 successively studied cases

Popa, G., 1986:
Hematologic stress syndrome

Lira, P.; Grebe, G.; Llanos, J.; Foradori, A.; Raddatz, A.; Legues, M.E.; Muñoz, B., 1976:
Hematologic studies in patients with subtotal gastrectomy

Byrne, J., 1976:
Hematologic studies: part 1. A review of the CBC: the quantitative tests

Byrne, J., 1976:
Hematologic studies: part 2. A review of the CBC: the differential white cell count

Byrne, J., 1976:
Hematologic studies: part 3. A review of the CBC: stained red cell examination

Byrne, J., 1977:
Hematologic studies: part 5. How to evaluate the shape of red blood cells

Byrne, J., 1977:
Hematologic studies: part 6. A review of mean corpuscular values and red cell indices

Lebedev, V.I.; Kovalev, G.P., 1977:
Hematologic syndrome in children with malignant tumors

Potekhina, R.N.; Shilkina, N.P.; Poltyrev, A.S., 1979:
Hematologic syndrome in the clinical picture of systemic lupus erythematosus

Meberg, A., 1989:
Hematologic syndrome of growth-retarded infants

Künzer, W., 1976:
Hematologic therapy and its side effects

Thompson, M.B.; Dunnick, J.K.; Sutphin, M.E.; Giles, H.D.; Irwin, R.D.; Prejean, J.D., 1991:
Hematologic toxicity of AZT and ddC administered as single agents and in combination to rats and mice

Galbaud du Fort, G., 1988:
Hematologic toxicity of antidepressive agents

Jirillo, A.; Demicheli, R., 1985:
Hematologic toxicity of mitomycin-C (MMC) administered every three weeks in combination schedules

Jirillo, A.; Demicheli, R.; Bonciarelli, G.; Lonardi, F.; Balli, M., 1987:
Hematologic toxicity of mitomycin-c (MMC) administered every three weeks in monochemotherapy of patients with solid tumors

Sotto, J.J.; Simon, P.; Subtil, P.; Rozenbaum, A.; Najean, Y.; Pecking, A., 1976:
Hematologic toxicity of thiophenicol

Brogan, K.L.; Zell, S.C., 1990:
Hematologic toxicity of zidovudine in HIV-infected patients

Estrada, R.; Chaves, F.; Robles, A.; Rojas, E.; Segura, E.; Gutiérrez, J.M., 1992:
Hematologic values and serum enzymes in horses inoculated with snake venoms for the production of antivenins in Costa Rica

Vellar, O.D.; Sondenå, E.R.; Bay, I.G., 1977:
Hematologic values in a random sample of the adult population

Gonzales-Cortés, J.; Aranda-Torrelio, E.; Torres-Fernández, R.; Fernández-Salgueiro, O., 1985:
Hematologic values in newborn infants in La Paz, Bolivia

Kakoma, I.; James, M.A.; Jackson, W.; Bennett, G.; Ristic, M., 1985:
Hematologic values of normal Bolivian squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus): a comparison between wild-caught and laboratory-bred male animals

Dmitriev, V.I.; Krylov, A.A., 1975:
Hematologic "masks" of lung cancer

Taylor, C.; Rogers, G.; Goodman, C.; Baynes, R.D.; Bothwell, T.H.; Bezwoda, W.R.; Kramer, F.; Hattingh, J., 1987:
Hematologic, iron-related, and acute-phase protein responses to sustained strenuous exercise

Lin, S.M.; Chu, C.M.; Shih, L.Y.; Liaw, Y.F., 1991:
Hematological abnormalities in acute viral hepatitis and acute hepatitis in HBsAg carrier

Homann, C.; Hasselbalch, H.C., 1992 :
Hematological abnormalities in alcoholism

Hazama, S.; Hirose, K.; Saito, K.; Enokihara, H.; Komatsu, H.; Furusawa, S.; Shishido, H., 1978:
Hematological abnormalities in miliary tuberculosis

Khato, J.; Sato, T.; Sato, H.; Abe, K.; Endo, E.; Ohta, E.; Fukuoka, Y., 1977:
Hematological alterations in tumor-bearing rats, with reference to pathogenesis of chronic type of disseminated intravascular coagulation syndrome

Pavliuk, I.D.; Chura, D.A.; Eremeeva, L.S.; Kirik, I.V.; Skidanovich, S.I., 1987:
Hematological and biochemical changes in animals exposed to khardin and ethanol

Markov, L.; Ivanov, A.; Kutsarova, T., 1987:
Hematological and biochemical changes in human glucose-citrated blood preserved in polyvinyl chloride bags

Ball, M.J., 1991:
Hematological and biochemical effects of parenteral nutrition with medium-chain triglycerides: comparison with long-chain triglycerides

Gladenko, I.N.; Shevtsova, G.N.; Zaĭtseva, L.D., 1979:
Hematological and biochemical indices in feeding animals synthetic nitrogenous substances

Sabourin, S.; Stanley, P.; Chartrand, C., 1975:
Hematological and biochemical normogram and daily variations of the base parameters in the normal dog

Payan, H.M.; Gilbert, E.F.; Mattson, M., 1978:
Hematological and biochemical paraneoplastic disorders

Gregor, G., 1979:
Hematological and biochemical studies of mini-lewe miniature swine. 1. Blood picture and serum proteins

Gregor, G., 1979:
Hematological and biochemical studies on Mini-Lewe minature swine. 3. Fat status and metabolic end products

Loyke, H.F., 1986:
Hematological and blood pressure studies in the CCl4 treated rats

Nogueira de Lemos, L.A., 1976:
Hematological and clinical aspects of neonatal septicemia

Boss, P.H.; Gerber, H.; Tschudi, P., 1979:
Hematological and clinical chemistry examination in Swiss breeds of sheep

Dao, C.; Devred, C.; Diebold, J.; Bilski-Pasquier, G., 1977:
Hematological and clinical manifestations of bone marrow metastasis of carcinomas. Apropos of 36 cases verified by biopsy

Maejima, K.; Nagase, S., 1992:
Hematological and clinico-biochemical characteristics of leukemia in Fischer 344 rats

Boreux, G.; Rudolf, H.; Miescher, P.A.; Klein, D., 1975:
Hematological and genetic investigations of a family affected with May-Hegglin anomaly

Minoccheri, F.; Magnabosco, P.; Chiavari, C., 1979:
Hematological and hematochemical parameters in various phases of production of veal calves. Preliminary note

Doerfer, J.; Wässer, S.; Breidenbach, H.; Domula, M., 1986:
Hematological and hemostatic findings in Kawasaki's syndrome

Ogiu, T., 1978:
Hematological and histopathological characteristics of leukemias induced by 1-alkyl-1-nitrosoureas in Donryu rats

Arnaud, J.P.; Griscelli, C.; Couvreur, J.; Desmonts, G., 1975:
Hematological and immunological abnormalities in congenital toxoplamosis

Uomizu, K., 1988:
Hematological and immunological disorders in HTLV-I carriers undergoing hemodialysis

Urban, C.; Höllwarth, M.; Kaulfersch, W.; Slavc, I., 1985:
Hematological and oncological indications for splenectomy in children

Noweir, M.H.; El-Gazzar, R.M.; Mikhail, M.M.; El-Dakhakhni, M.; Khalil, H.A., 1977:
Hematological and pathological changes in guinea-pigs chronically exposed to flax dust

Damgaard, B.M.; Hansen, S.W., 1992:
Hematological and plasma chemical characteristics in beech marten (Martes foina)

Katoh, M.; Ozawa, M.; Akima, T.; Ikeda, H.; Fujii, T.; Ishii, M., 1992:
Hematological and serum biochemical changes with age in term fetuses, offspring and dams in normal Sprague-Dawley rats

Didisheim, P.; Fuster, V., 1976:
Hematological and vascular concepts in relation to stroke

Nash, R.; Shojania, A.M., 1987:
Hematological aspect of Rh deficiency syndrome: a case report and a review of the literature

Glukhova, L.G., 1987:
Hematological aspect of contact with poisonous organochlorine and organophosphate chemicals

Zittoun, R., 1978:
Hematological aspects of Sjögren's syndrome. Foreword

Schmidt, P.M., 1992:
Hematological aspects of acro-syndromes

Anonymous, 1988:
Hematological aspects of infectious diseases I

Anonymous, 1988:
Hematological aspects of infectious diseases II

Berges García, A.; Baptista-González, H., 1988:
Hematological aspects of the dental patient

Hewitt, C.D.; Innes, D.J.; Herman, M.M.; Savory, J.; Wills, M.R., 1992:
Hematological changes after long-term aluminum administration to normal adult rabbits

Osin, A.Ia., 1986:
Hematological changes in children of various ages

Aminzhanov, M., 1977:
Hematological changes in echinococcosis in sheep

Quaglino, D.; Corazza, G.R., 1992:
Hematological changes in infectious diseases. Hematological consequences of viral infections (1)

Rupniewska, Z.M.; Kurowska, M., 1978:
Hematological changes in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Lindemann, R.; Ekanger, R.; Opstad, P.K.; Nummestad, M.; Ljosland, R., 1978:
Hematological changes in normal men during prolonged severe exercise

Dimitrov, D.Ia., 1977:
Hematological changes in pregnancy

Golemanov, D.; Aminkov, B.; Maneta, M., 1986:
Hematological changes in sheep during neuroleptanalgesia with droperidol and fentanyl

Higashihara, T.; Takeshima, T.; Kuhara, T.; Tajima, M.; Tamura, H., 1990:
Hematological changes in the mice transplanted with methylcholanthrene-induced fibrosarcoma

Piankijagum, A.; Visudhiphan, S.; Aswapokee, P.; Suwanagool, S.; Kruatrachue, M.; Na-Nakorn, S., 1977:
Hematological changes in typhoid fever

Martínez Santos, P.; Díaz Fernández, A.J., 1976:
Hematological changes produced by alcohol

Gupta, M.; Bandopadhyay, S.; Paul, B.; Majumder, S.K., 1979:
Hematological changes produced in mice by ochratoxin A

Lira, P.; Foradori, A.; Grebe, G.; Legues, M.E.; Muñoz, B.; Arteaga, A.; Vela, P., 1978:
Hematological characteristics in Chilean pregnant women

Palva, I., 1976:
Hematological complications caused by clozapine (Leponex)

Handel, H., 1986:
Hematological complications of heart surgery

DiSesa, V.J.; Collins, J.J.; Cohn, L.H., 1989:
Hematological complications with the St. Jude valve and reduced-dose Coumadin

Popa, G.; Pencea, V.; Niculescu, M.; Gavrilescu, M.; Iordächescu, L.; Moscovici, R., 1979:
Hematological considerations on mucopolysaccharidoes

Lomov, O.P.; Plakhov, N.N., 1985:
Hematological criteria of the body's thermal adaptation in sailors

Osin, A.Ia., 1986:
Hematological criteria of the reactivity of children of health group I in the system of general mass screening

Koike, T., 1987:
Hematological cytochemistry: current status

Saita, G., 1978:
Hematological damage of occupational origin in industry

Arévalo, F.; Pérez-Suárez, G.; López-Luna, P., 1987:
Hematological data and hemoglobin components in bats (Vespertilionidae)

Jameson, S., 1977:
Hematological deficiencies during pregnancy

Vermeiden, I.; Brouwers, A.; Stolz, E., 1979:
Hematological diagnosis by an analysis of the secondary bleeding after a biopsy

Kihara, S.; Matsuzawa, Y., 1990:
Hematological disorder and hyperlipoproteinemia

Arimori, S., 1991:
Hematological disorders

Sakurada, K.; Miyazaki, T.; Musashi, M.; Kobayashi, M., 1986 :
Hematological disorders in malignancy

Yoshida, Y.; Hirashima, K.; Asano, S.; Takaku, F.; Furusawa, S.; Ogawa, T.; Arimori, S.; Abe, T.; Suzuki, T.; Kato, Y., 1991:
Hematological effect of 14 days treatment of recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor for neutropenia in myelodysplastic syndromes

Babiak, L.M.; Rybak, M.J., 1986:
Hematological effects associated with beta-lactam use

Joffe, R.T., 1988:
Hematological effects of lithium potentiation of carbamazepine in patients with affective illness

Baltschukat, K.; Nothdurft, W., 1990:
Hematological effects of unilateral and bilateral exposures of dogs to 300-kVp X rays

Rosenfeld, G.; Reichmann, C.E.; Jaria, L.J.; Andrade, S.O., 1976:
Hematological effects produced on horses and sheeps pasturing upon Brachiaria radicans Napper (Tanner grass) in winter time

Linhard, J.; Diebolt, G., 1978:
Hematological features of sickle-cell disease

Stengel, B.; Touranchet, A.; Boiteau, H.L.; Harousseau, H.; Mandereau, L.; Hémon, D., 1990:
Hematological findings among styrene-exposed workers in the reinforced plastics industry

Cravetto, C.A.; Nejrotti, M.; Curtaz, G.; Curtaz, G., 1977:
Hematological findings and blood coagulation tests in anorexia nervosa

Horikoshi, A.; Abe, M.; Kanemaru, M.; Sakurai, T.; Iizuka, Y.; Takeuchi, J.; Ohshima, T., 1988:
Hematological findings characteristic of 8-year preclinical phase before onset of blastic crisis in a CML patient

Talluto, M.R., 1975:
Hematological findings in acute infections and septicemias

Cintorino, M.; Leoncini, L.; Del Vecchio, M.T.; de' Santi, M.M.; Lavarini, E.; Musaró, M.A.; Tarantino, C., 1986:
Hematological findings in adult T-cell lymphoma by cytofluorographic analysis. Correlation with histopathology, ultrastructure and immunohistochemistry in 4 cases

Hathirat, P.; Ayuthya, P.I.; Sasanakul, W.; Bintadish, P.; Boonvanich, P., 1976:
Hematological findings in normal Thai children

Harvey, A.M., 1976:
Hematological firsts at Hopkins

Kuznetsov, P.P.; Shustov, V.Ia., 1986:
Hematological indicators after exposure to acrylonitrile (review of the literature)

Brown, L.S.; Chu, A.; Lee, H.; Allain, J.P., 1991:
Hematological indices in a cohort of HTLV-I/II and HIV-1 infected intravenous drug users in New York City

Kumar, A.; Sharma, C.B., 1987:
Hematological indices in copper-poisoned rats

Rewkiewicz-Dziarska, A.; Wielopolska, A.; Gill, J., 1977:
Hematological indices of Apodemus agrarius (Pallas, 1771) from different urban environments

Baumgartner, R.; Laber, G., 1975:
Hematological investigations in rats experimentally infected with m. arthritidis

Paul, R.; Vorne, M., 1992:
Hematological isotope studies

Soyama, K.; Nakanishi, S.; Misawa, S.; Imashuku, S., 1987:
Hematological malignancies complicated with invasive candidiasis, and D-arabinitol levels in serum, particularly the relation between D-arabinitol values and neutrophil count

Nakahara, K.; Yoneyama, A.; Nakamura, T., 1988:
Hematological malignancies from the point of view of cell surface antigens. Comparison of single color with two color analysis and a proposal of a flow chart to diagnose hematological malignancies with cell surface markers

Dash, S.; Kumar, S.; Dash, R.J., 1988:
Hematological malignancy in hemoglobin D disease

Zittoun, R.; Debain, P.; James, J.M.; Bilski-Pasquier, G., 1978:
Hematological manifestations and complications in Sjögren's syndrome

Krylov, A.A.; Dmitriev, V.I., 1979:
Hematological manifestations and "masks" of cancer of various localizations

Plotnikov, I.K.; Rossiev, V.A.; Raĭtseva, I.N., 1986:
Hematological masks in kidney tumors

Baĭdurin, S.A.; Shilova, V.N.; Iungbliut, A.A.; Lokhvitskaia, L.B.; Zhakipova, A.T., 1987:
Hematological masks of malignant neoplasms of the internal organs

Lange, R.D.; Andrews, R.B.; Gibson, L.A.; Congdon, C.C.; Wright, P.; Dunn, C.D.; Jones, J.B.; Lange, R.D., 1987:
Hematological measurements in rats flown on Spacelab shuttle, SL-3

Karrer, K.; Denck, H.; Pridun, N., 1979:
Hematological observations in patients following immunostimulation through intrapleural application of Corynebacterium parvum

Kutlar, A.; Hattori, Y.; Bakioglu, I.; Kutlar, F.; Kamel, K.; Huisman, T.H., 1985:
Hematological observations on Arabian SS patients with a homozygosity or heterozygosity for a beta S chromosome with haplotype #31

Felley, C.; Knecht, H.; Grutter, F.; Hohlfeld, P.; Hauert, J.; Germond, M.; de Grandi, P.; Bossart, H.; Bachmann, F., 1990:
Hematological parameters and prognosis in established or imminent HELLP syndrome. Apropos of 12 case reports

D'Alesandro, M.M.; Reed, H.L.; Lopez, A., 1992:
Hematological parameters are altered during cold air exposure

Bauersachs, S.; Kirchgessner, M., 1992:
Hematological parameters, selenium concentration and glutathione peroxidase activities in serum and the liver of rats at different selenium and vitamin E levels

Sánchez Avalos, J.C.; Delani Barry, R.; Blaksley, M.; Calahonra, R., 1975:
Hematological picture in the renal homograft

Robak, T., 1991:
Hematological problems in acquired immunodeficiency syndromes (AIDS)

Clément, D.; Denolin-Reubens, R.; Krémer, R.; Moriau, M., 1979:
Hematological problems in cardiovascular diseases

Maier, C., 1975:
Hematological problems in geriatrics

Lira, P.; Foradori, A.; Grebe, G.; Legues, M.E., 1978:
Hematological profile in young adults in Chile

Gupta, S.; Kalra, K.; Chaudhri, B.N.; Yadav, H.S., 1975:
Hematological profiles in Indian childhood and juvenile cirrhosis of liver

Tilly, H.; Bastit, D.; Vannier, J.P.; Monconduit, M.; Piguet, H., 1987:
Hematological reconstitution after autologous peripheral blood transplantation

Román, A.; Sánchez Fayos, J.; Olavarría, E.; Outeiriño, J., 1992:
Hematological repercussions of human immunodeficiency virus infection and their treatment

Morozova, V.T.; Martsishevskaia, R.L., 1986:
Hematological research in the clinic (a review of the literature)

Nerenberg, S.T.; Zedler, P.; Prasad, R.; Biskup, N.S.; Pedersen, L., 1978:
Hematological response of rabbits to chronic, repetitive, severe bleedings for the production of antisera

Pinto, L.; Nobili, B.; Esposito, L.; Tolone, C., 1978:
Hematological screening of a group of children from a school population

Ul'ianov, M.I.; Mashkov, O.A.; Mikaelian, N.P.; Os'minina, A.T., 1978:
Hematological shifts in hemosorption using charcoal sorbents

Lundh, B.; Hasselgren, K.H., 1979:
Hematological side effects from antihypertensive drugs

Heimpel, H.; Raghavachar, A., 1987:
Hematological side effects of co-trimoxazole

Merlin, P., 1986:
Hematological standards of the Gudali zebu in the high planes northwest Cameroon

Biancotti, P.P.; Caropreso, A.; Di Vincenzo, G.C.; Ganzit, G.P.; Gribaudo, C.G., 1992 :
Hematological status in a group of male athletes of different sports

Kobayashi, M.; Suzuki, H.; Kato, Y.; Morishima, Y.; Ogata, K.; Kawashiwa, K.; Yamada, K.; Saito, H., 1978:
Hematological studies in patients with anorexia nervosa

Kotlarek-Haus, S.; Lawińska, B.; Brodzka, W.; Tychowski, K.; Stańkowska, K.; Kusiak, M.; Kuliczkowski, K., 1976:
Hematological studies of the populations of Lower Silesia living in different ecological conditions

Shirakura, T.; Murai, Y.; Kobayashi, M., 1977:
Hematological studies on acute bone marrow failure due to chloramphenicol, thiamphenicol and penicillin in the aged, with special reference to peripheral blood figures and liver function

Kägi, P.; Rüegg, R.; Straub, P.W.; Hossli, G., 1977:
Hematological studies on changes caused by warming of the blood with microwaves

Rosenfeld, G.; Reichmann, C.E.; Faria, L.J.; Andrade, S.O.; Scott, W.N., 1975:
Hematological studies on cows pasturing on Brachiaria radicans napper in winter time

Talesnik, E.; Campbell, M.; Puentes, R.; Pruyas, M.; Taboada, H.; López, T.M., 1977:
Hematological study of bacterial septicemia of the infant

Osterwalder, B.; Gratwohl, A.; Reusser, P.; Tichelli, A.; Speck, B., 1988:
Hematological support in patients undergoing allogenetic bone marrow transplantation

Dayhaw-Barker, P., 1992:
Hematological testing

Popa, G.; Burcoveanu, C., 1978:
Hematological toxic implications of drugs

de Sanctis, C.; De Luca, S.; Succi, A.; Gargiulo, P.; Mugnaini, L.; Antilli, A.; Signora, M.; Cruciani, A.R., 1986:
Hematological toxicity and nandrolone decanoate during polychemotherapy of bronchogenic carcinoma. Preliminary note

Riccardi, A.; Danova, M.; Quartero, L.; Besozzi, M.; Molinari, E.; Brugnatelli, S.; Ascari, E., 1989:
Hematological values from quantitative buffy coat analysis (QBC II) system: evaluation in a hematological/oncological outpatient section

Nilsen, B.R.; Moe, P.J., 1979:
Hematological values in children from birth to 16 years of age

Wittwer, F.; Böhmwald, H.; Vidal, E.; Oberg, C., 1979:
Hematological values in dogs infected with microfilaria (Dipetalonema sp.)

Palomo, I.; Guerra, M.; Gutiérrez, B.; Piña, E.; Padilla, S.; Pino, M., 1986:
Hematological values in healthy adults

Vogelaere, P.; Brasseur, M.; Quirion, A.; Leclercq, R.; Laurencelle, L.; Bekaert, S., 1990:
Hematological variations at rest and during maximal and submaximal exercise in a cold (0 degree C) environment

Vogelaere, P.; Brasseur, M.; Leclercq, R.; Quirion, A., 1988:
Hematological variations with submaximal long-term physical exercise

Campbell, L.J.; Van der Weyden, M.B., 1991:
Hematological, biochemical and bone scan findings in patients with marrow carcinoma

Fornieles Rubio, F.; González Maldonado, R.; Rico Irles, J., 1991:
Hematological, biochemical and electroneurophysiological changes in asymptomatic drinkers: a sensitivity study

Peters, H.A.; Croft, W.A.; Woolson, E.A.; Darcey, B.; Olson, M., 1986:
Hematological, dermal and neuropsychological disease from burning and power sawing chromium-copper-arsenic (CCA)-treated wood

Milianovskiĭ, A.I.; Mel'nik, A.N.; Rubis, V.N.; Iurchenko, L.I.; Salata, A.N., 1976:
Hematological, morphological and histochemical indices to the intravenous and endolymphatic administration of cytostatic preparations and radioactive iodolipol I-131 in dogs

Akuzawa, M.; Matumoto, M.; Okamoto, K.; Nakashima, F.; Shinozaki, M.; Morizono, M., 1989:
Hematological, osmotic, and scanning electron microscopic study of erythrocytes of dogs given beta-acetylphenylhydrazine

Armitage, J.O., 1992:
Hematologists and health care policy in America

Drivsholm, A., 1977:

Sealfon, M.S.; Britt, A.E., 1977:
Hematology Problem

Schoentag, R.A., 1988:
Hematology analyzers

Philp, R.B.; Freeman, D.; Francey, I.; Bishop, B., 1975:
Hematology and blood chemistry in saturation diving: I. Antiplatelet drugs, aspirin, and VK744

Philp, R.B.; Freeman, D.; Francey, I., 1975:
Hematology and blood chemistry in saturation diving: II. Open-sea vs. hyperbaric chamber

Puerta, M.L.; Munõz Pulido, R.; Huecas, V.; Abelenda, M., 1989:
Hematology and blood chemistry of chicks of white and black storks (Ciconia ciconia and Ciconia nigra)

García del Campo, A.L.; Huecas, V.; Fernández, A.; Puerta, M.L., 1991:
Hematology and blood chemistry of macaws, Ara rubrogenys

Harrison, S.D.; Burdeshaw, J.A.; Crosby, R.G.; Cusic, A.M.; Denine, E.P., 1978:
Hematology and clinical chemistry reference values for C57BL/6 X DBA/2 F1 mice

Jaeschke, G.; Rudolph, R., 1991:
Hematology and cytodiagnosis of leukosis of the horse (review)

Kimzey, S.L.; Johnson, P.C.; Ritzman, S.E.; Mengel, C.E., 1976:
Hematology and immunology studies: the second manned Skylab mission

Greene, W.A., 1975:
Hematology and the Derivation of Psychosomatic Concepts

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