Human skin grafts from mixed lymphocyte culture-positive donors provide help for the rapid rejection of simultaneously transplanted skin grafts from mixed lymphocyte culture-negative donors

Jonker, M.; Koch, C.T.; van Oud Alblas, A.B.; Frederiks, E.; van Rood, J.J.

Transplantation 27(4): 231-234


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-1337
PMID: 155911
DOI: 10.1097/00007890-197904000-00004
Accession: 040316838

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The influence of grafting more than one skin transplant simultaneously on one recipient was investigated. When a mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC)-negative skin was transplanted along with an MLC-positive skin, the MLC-negative skin survived for a significantly shorter time than when transplanted alone. This indicated that the MLC-positive skin provided a stimulus that could provide help to reject the MLC-negative skin. This finding might be important clinically. When an MLC-negative transplant is given to a patient, one should not transfuse this patient with MLC-positive leukocyte-rich blood.