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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 40341

Chapter 40341 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kato, M.; Hagiwara, M.; Hidaka, H., 1992:
Identification of a 80 kDa calmodulin-binding protein as a new Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinase by renaturation blotting assay (RBA)

Srivastava, O.P.; McEntire, J.E.; Srivastava, K., 1992:
Identification of a 9 kDa gamma-crystallin fragment in human lenses

Janssen, U.; Richter-Landsberg, C.; Oestreicher, A.B.; De Graaf, P.N.; Gispen, W.H.; Flohr, H., 1992:
Identification of a B-50-like protein in frog brain synaptosomes

Huber, B.; Gershon, R.K.; Cantor, H., 1977:
Identification of a B-cell surface structure involved in antigen-dependent triggering: absence of this structure on B cells from CBA/N mutant mice

Balmforth, A.J.; Parkinson, F.E.; Altiok, N.; Fredholm, B.B., 1992:
Identification of a B2-bradykinin receptor linked to phospholipase C and inhibition of dopamine stimulated cyclic AMP accumulation in the human astrocytoma cell line D384

Cotter, T.W.; Thomashow, M.F., 1992:
Identification of a Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus genetic locus, hit, associated with the host-independent phenotype

Levy, S.; Yagen, B.; Mechoulam, R., 1978:
Identification of a C-glucuronide of delta6- tetrahydrocannabinol as a mouse liver conjugate in vivo

Manthei, U.; Nickells, M.W.; Barnes, S.H.; Ballard, L.L.; Cui, W.Y.; Atkinson, J.P., 1988:
Identification of a C3b/iC3 binding protein of rabbit platelets and leukocytes. A CR1-like candidate for the immune adherence receptor

Michael, J.M.; Moore, J.A.; Chaplin, H., 1976:
Identification of a C4 Subcomponent on C3d-coated erythrocytes

Cornélis, F.; Hashimoto, L.; Loveridge, J.; MacCarthy, A.; Buckle, V.; Julier, C.; Bell, J., 1992:
Identification of a CA repeat at the TCRA locus using yeast artificial chromosomes: a general method for generating highly polymorphic markers at chosen loci

Faure, F.; Jitsukawa, S.; Meuer, S.; Bohuon, C.; Triebel, F.; Hercend, T., 1988:
Identification of a CD2- CD3+ T cell receptor-gamma+ peripheral blood lymphocyte subpopulation

Benedetto, A.; Di Caro, A.; Camporiondo, M.P.; Gallone, D.; Zaniratti, S.; Tozzi, V.; Elia, G., 1992:
Identification of a CD21 receptor-deficient, non-Ig-secreting peripheral B lymphocyte subset in HIV-seropositive drug abusers

Kaprielian, Z.; Campbell, A.M.; Fambrough, D.M., 1989:
Identification of a Ca2+-ATPase in cerebellar Purkinje cells

Sanicola, M.; Ward, S.; Childs, G.; Emmons, S.W., 1990:
Identification of a Caenorhabditis elegans histone H1 gene family. Characterization of a family member containing an intron and encoding a poly(A)+ mRNA

Dingwall, A.; Gober, J.W.; Shapiro, L., 1990:
Identification of a Caulobacter basal body structural gene and a cis-acting site required for activation of transcription

Govitrapong, P.; Ebadi, M.; Murrin, L.C., 1986:
Identification of a Cl-/Ca2+-dependent glutamate (quisqualate) binding site in bovine pineal organ

Siguret, V.; Amselem, S.; Vidaud, M.; Assouline, Z.; Kerbiriou-Nabias, D.; Piétu, G.; Goossens, M.; Larrieu, M.J.; Bahnak, B.; Meyer, D., 1988:
Identification of a CpG mutation in the coagulation factor-IX gene by analysis of amplified DNA sequences

Mor, A.; Delfour, A.; Nicolas, P., 1991:
Identification of a D-alanine-containing polypeptide precursor for the peptide opioid, dermorphin

Schoors, D.F.; Vauquelin, G.P.; De Vos, H.; Smets, G.; Velkeniers, B.; Vanhaelst, L.; Dupont, A.G., 1991:
Identification of a D1 dopamine receptor, not linked to adenylate cyclase, on lactotroph cells

Andrews, B.J.; Herskowitz, I., 1989:
Identification of a DNA binding factor involved in cell-cycle control of the yeast HO gene

Halligan, B.D.; Desiderio, S.V., 1987:
Identification of a DNA binding protein that recognizes the nonamer recombinational signal sequence of immunoglobulin genes

Jarvis, E.E.; Hagen, D.C.; Sprague, G.F., 1988:
Identification of a DNA segment that is necessary and sufficient for alpha-specific gene control in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: implications for regulation of alpha-specific and a-specific genes

Kendall, K.; Cullum, J., 1986:
Identification of a DNA sequence associated with plasmid integration in Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2)

Snijders, A.; Benaissa-Trouw, B.J.; Oosting, J.D.; Snippe, H.; Kraaijeveld, C.A., 1989:
Identification of a DTH-inducing T-cell epitope on the E2 membrane protein of Semliki Forest virus

Phillips, A.M.; Bull, A.; Kelly, L.E., 1992:
Identification of a Drosophila gene encoding a calmodulin-binding protein with homology to the trp phototransduction gene

Lubahn, B.C.; Ware, J.; Stafford, D.W.; Reisner, H.M., 1989:
Identification of a F.VIII epitope recognized by a human hemophilic inhibitor

Roehl, H.H.; Conrad, S.E., 1990:
Identification of a G1-S-phase-regulated region in the human thymidine kinase gene promoter

Williams, P.J.; MacVicar, B.A.; Pittman, Q.J., 1989:
Identification of a GABA-activated chloride-mediated synaptic potential in rat pars intermedia

Fueshko, S.M.; Schengrund, C.L., 1992:
Identification of a GM1-binding protein on the surface of murine neuroblastoma cells

Fong, H.K.; Yoshimoto, K.K.; Eversole-Cire, P.; Simon, M.I., 1988:
Identification of a GTP-binding protein alpha subunit that lacks an apparent ADP-ribosylation site for pertussis toxin

Lithgow, T.; Timms, M.; Høj, P.B.; Hoogenraad, N.J., 1991:
Identification of a GTP-binding protein in the contact sites between inner and outer mitochondrial membranes

Imai, Y.; Miyake, S.; Hughes, D.A.; Yamamoto, M., 1991:
Identification of a GTPase-activating protein homolog in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Bank, R.A.; Crusius, B.C.; Zwiers, T.; Meuwissen, S.G.; Arwert, F.; Pronk, J.C., 1988:
Identification of a Glu greater than Lys substitution in the activation segment of human pepsinogen A-3 and -5 isozymogens by peptide mapping using endoproteinase Lys-C

McMorrow, I.; Souter, W.E.; Plopper, G.; Burke, B., 1990:
Identification of a Golgi-associated protein that undergoes mitosis dependent phosphorylation and relocation

Okamoto, T.; Murayama, Y.; Hayashi, Y.; Inagaki, M.; Ogata, E.; Nishimoto, I., 1991:
Identification of a Gs activator region of the beta 2-adrenergic receptor that is autoregulated via protein kinase A-dependent phosphorylation

Palm, D.; Münch, G.; Malek, D.; Dees, C.; Hekman, M., 1990:
Identification of a Gs-protein coupling domain to the beta-adrenoceptor using site-specific synthetic peptides. Carboxyl terminus of Gs alpha is involved in coupling to beta-adrenoceptors

Digweed, M.; Sperling, K., 1989:
Identification of a HeLa mRNA fraction which can correct the DNA-repair defect in Fanconi anaemia fibroblasts

Tzall, S.; Martiniuk, F.; Hirschhorn, R., 1991:
Identification of a HindIII and a TaqI RFLP at the acid alpha glucosidase (GAA) locus

Gomez, N.; Traverse, S.; Cohen, P., 1992:
Identification of a MAP kinase kinase kinase in phaeochromocytoma (PC12) cells

Post, S.R.; Miyazaki, H.; Tager, H.S., 1992:
Identification of a Mg(2+)- and guanyl nucleotide-dependent glucagon receptor cycle by use of permeabilized canine hepatocytes

Artigas, C.; Thomson, D.M.; Durko, M.; Sutherland, M.; Scanzano, R.; Shenouda, G.; Dubois, A.E., 1986:
Identification of a Mr 40,000 polypeptide from colorectal cancer which expresses organ-specific cancer neoantigen activity as determined by leukocyte adherence inhibition

Stephens, P.J.; McKenna, M.C.; Ensign, S.A.; Bonam, D.; Ludden, P.W., 1989:
Identification of a Ni- and Fe-containing cluster in Rhodospirillum rubrum carbon monoxide dehydrogenase

Bleiberg, I.; Harvey, A.K.; Smale, G.; Grotendorst, G.R., 1985:
Identification of a PDGF-like mitoattractant produced by NIH/3T3 cells after transformation with SV40

Sacca, R.; Cochran, B.H., 1990:
Identification of a PDGF-responsive element in the murine c-myc gene

Maclean, I.W.; Slaney, L.; Juteau, J.M.; Levesque, R.C.; Albritton, W.L.; Ronald, A.R., 1992:
Identification of a ROB-1 beta-lactamase in Haemophilus ducreyi

Auffray, Y.; Thammavongs, B.; Boutibonnes, P., 1991:
Identification of a RecA-like protein in Lactococcus lactis

Truchet, G.; Debellé, F.; Vasse, J.; Terzaghi, B.; Garnerone, A.M.; Rosenberg, C.; Batut, J.; Maillet, F.; Dénarié, J., 1985:
Identification of a Rhizobium meliloti pSym2011 region controlling the host specificity of root hair curling and nodulation

Wang, H.; Nicholson, P.R.; Stillman, D.J., 1990:
Identification of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA-binding protein involved in transcriptional regulation

Clark, M.W.; Zhong, W.W.; Keng, T.; Storms, R.K.; Barton, A.; Kaback, D.B.; Bussey, H., 1992:
Identification of a Saccharomyces cerevisiae homolog of the SNF2 transcriptional regulator in the DNA sequence of an 8.6 kb region in the LTE1-CYS1 interval on the left arm of chromosome I

Trees, D.L.; Iandolo, J.J., 1988:
Identification of a Staphylococcus aureus transposon (Tn4291) that carries the methicillin resistance gene(s)

Stein, H.; Dienemann, D.; Sperling, M.; Zeitz, M.; Riecken, E.O., 1988:
Identification of a T cell lymphoma category derived from intestinal-mucosa-associated T cells

Milanese, C.; Richardson, N.E.; Reinherz, E.L., 1986:
Identification of a T helper cell-derived lymphokine that activates resting T lymphocytes

Leclerc, C.; Deriaud, E.; Mimic, V.; van der Werf, S., 1991:
Identification of a T-cell epitope adjacent to neutralization antigenic site 1 of poliovirus type 1

George, F.W.; Law, J.L.; Rich, K.A.; Martin, W.J., 1990:
Identification of a T-cell epitope on the circumsporozoite protein of Plasmodium vivax

Kappes, D.J.; Browne, C.P.; Tonegawa, S., 1991:
Identification of a T-cell-specific enhancer at the locus encoding T-cell antigen receptor gamma chain

Spencer, D.M.; Hsiang, Y.H.; Goldman, J.P.; Raulet, D.H., 1991:
Identification of a T-cell-specific transcriptional enhancer located 3' of C gamma 1 in the murine T-cell receptor gamma locus

Koning, F.; Stingl, G.; Yokoyama, W.M.; Yamada, H.; Maloy, W.L.; Tschachler, E.; Shevach, E.M.; Coligan, J.E., 1987:
Identification of a T3-associated gamma delta T cell receptor on Thy-1+ dendritic epidermal Cell lines

Chen, C.L.; Ager, L.L.; Gartland, G.L.; Cooper, M.D., 1986:
Identification of a T3/T cell receptor complex in chickens

Ruckman, J.; Parma, D.; Tuerk, C.; Hall, D.H.; Gold, L., 1989:
Identification of a T4 gene required for bacteriophage mRNA processing

Katende, J.M.; Goddeeris, B.M.; Morzaria, S.P.; Nkonge, C.G.; Musoke, A.J., 1990:
Identification of a Theileria mutans-specific antigen for use in an antibody and antigen detection ELISA

Collis, C.M.; Hall, R.M., 1985:
Identification of a Tn5 determinant conferring resistance to phleomycins, bleomycins, and tallysomycins

Böhnlein, S.; Hauber, J.; Cullen, B.R., 1989:
Identification of a U5-specific sequence required for efficient polyadenylation within the human immunodeficiency virus long terminal repeat

Joziasse, D.H.; Damen, H.C.; de Jong-Brink, M.; Edzes, H.T.; Van den Eijnden, D.H., 1987:
Identification of a UDP-Gal:beta-galactoside beta 1----3-galactosyltransferase in the albumen gland of the snail Lymnaea stagnalis

Ronai, Z.A.; Weinstein, I.B., 1988:
Identification of a UV-induced trans-acting protein that stimulates polyomavirus DNA replication

McDonough, K.A.; Schwan, T.G.; Thomas, R.E.; Falkow, S., 1988:
Identification of a Yersinia pestis-specific DNA probe with potential for use in plague surveillance

Bleil, J.D.; Wassarman, P.M., 1990:
Identification of a ZP3-binding protein on acrosome-intact mouse sperm by photoaffinity crosslinking

Piller, F.; Blanchard, D.; Huet, M.; Cartron, J.P., 1986:
Identification of a alpha-NeuAc-(2----3)-beta-D-galactopyranosyl N-acetyl-beta-D-galactosaminyltransferase in human kidney

Chang, R.J.; Smilowitz, H., 1988:
Identification of a approximately 170K subunit of the cardiac calcium channel using a monoclonal antibody to the skeletal muscle dihydropyridine receptor

Ford, L.C.; DeLange, R.J.; Lebherz, T.B., 1977:
Identification of a bactericidal factor (B-lysin) in amnionic fluid at 14 and 40 weeks' gestation

Soltis, M.T.; Mekalanos, J.J.; Betley, M.J., 1990:
Identification of a bacteriophage containing a silent staphylococcal variant enterotoxin gene (sezA+)

Byrne-Essif, K.; Hoyme, H.E., 1990:
Identification of a balanced translocation carrier by spouse's low maternal serum alpha fetoprotein associated with an aneuploid fetus

Templeton, N.S.; Stetler-Stevenson, W.G., 1991:
Identification of a basal promoter for the human Mr 72,000 type IV collagenase gene and enhanced expression in a highly metastatic cell line

Stockman, P.K.; Beckett, G.J.; Hayes, J.D., 1985:
Identification of a basic hybrid glutathione S-transferase from human liver. Glutathione S-transferase delta is composed of two distinct subunits (B1 and B2)

Kapprell, H.P.; Owaribe, K.; Franke, W.W., 1988:
Identification of a basic protein of Mr 75,000 as an accessory desmosomal plaque protein in stratified and complex epithelia

Rao, S.P.; Gehlsen, K.R.; Catanzaro, A., 1992:
Identification of a beta 1 integrin on Mycobacterium avium-Mycobacterium intracellulare

Atweh, G.F.; Forget, B.G., 1986:
Identification of a beta-thalassemia mutation associated with a novel haplotype of RFLPs

Sorimachi, K.; Craik, D.J.; Lloyd, E.J.; Beyreuther, K.; Masters, C.L., 1990:
Identification of a beta-turn in the tertiary structure of a peptide fragment of the Alzheimer amyloid protein

Kobayashi, R.; Kobayashi, Y.; Hirs, C.H., 1978:
Identification of a binary complex of procarboxypeptidase A and a precursor of protease E in porcine pancreatic secretion

Köchel, H.G.; Kann, M.; Thomssen, R., 1991:
Identification of a binding site in the hepatitis B virus RNA pregenome for the viral Pol gene product

Craine, B.L.; Rupert, C.S., 1978:
Identification of a biochemically unique DNA-membrane interaction involving the Escherichia coli origin of replication

Jovall, P.A.; Lindström, K.; Pascher, I.; Pimlott, W.; Samuelsson, B.E., 1987:
Identification of a blood group A active hexaglycosylceramide with a type 1 carbohydrate chain in plasma of an A1 Le(a-b-) secretor

Takamatsu, H.; Burroughs, J.N.; Wade-Evans, A.M.; Mertens, P.P., 1990:
Identification of a bluetongue virus serotype 1-specific ovine helper T-cell determinant in outer capsid protein VP2

Spyropoulos, N., 1989:
Identification of a body from dental findings

Maehama, T.; Takahashi, K.; Ohoka, Y.; Ohtsuka, T.; Ui, M.; Katada, T., 1991:
Identification of a botulinum C3-like enzyme in bovine brain that catalyzes ADP-ribosylation of GTP-binding proteins

Clevers, H.; MacHugh, N.D.; Bensaid, A.; Dunlap, S.; Baldwin, C.L.; Kaushal, A.; Iams, K.; Howard, C.J.; Morrison, W.I., 1990:
Identification of a bovine surface antigen uniquely expressed on CD4-CD8- T cell receptor gamma/delta+ T lymphocytes

McLane, K.E.; Wu, X.D.; Conti-Tronconi, B.M., 1990:
Identification of a brain acetylcholine receptor alpha subunit able to bind alpha-bungarotoxin

Ishikawa, M.; Kuroda, Y.; Kobayashi, K.; Sawada, H.; Hayashi, M., 1991:
Identification of a brain-specific 27/26-kDa extracellular protein with the monoclonal antibody to differentiated PC12h pheochromocytoma cells

Mamuris, Z.; Aurias, A.; Dutrillaux, B., 1991:
Identification of a break-prone structure in the 9q1 heterochromatic region

Papsidero, L.D.; Nemoto, T.; Chu, T.M., 1978:
Identification of a breast tumor-associated orosomucoid by concanavalin A affinity chromatography

Davey, R.A.; Mayrhofer, G.; Ey, P.L., 1992:
Identification of a broad-specificity nucleoside transporter with affinity for the sugar moiety in Giardia intestinalis trophozoites

Haarhoff, K.; Reh, H., 1975:
Identification of a burned torso and reconstruction of homicide

Del Senno, L.; Degli Uberti, E.; Rossi, M.; Buzzoni, D.; Barbieri, R.; Rossi, P.; Patracchini, P.; Bernardi, F.; Marchetti, G.; Conconi, F., 1986:
Identification of a c-myc oncogene lacking the exon 1 in the normal cells of a patient carrying a thyroid carcinoma

Christophe, D.; Gérard, C.; Juvenal, G.; Bacolla, A.; Teugels, E.; Ledent, C.; Christophe-Hobertus, C.; Dumont, J.E.; Vassart, G., 1989:
Identification of a cAMP-responsive region in thyroglobulin gene promoter

Ho, L.; Javed, A.A.; Pepin, R.A.; Thekkumkara, T.J.; Raefsky, C.; Mole, J.E.; Caliendo, A.M.; Kwon, M.S.; Kerr, D.S.; Patel, M.S., 1988:
Identification of a cDNA clone for the beta-subunit of the pyruvate dehydrogenase component of human pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

Litwer, S.; Danner, D.J., 1985:
Identification of a cDNA clone in lambda gt11 for the transacylase component of branched chain ketoacid dehydrogenase

Pagliusi, S.; Antonicek, H.; Gloor, S.; Frank, R.; Moos, M.; Schachner, M., 1989:
Identification of a cDNA clone specific for the neural cell adhesion molecule AMOG

Fuss, B.; Pott, U.; Fischer, P.; Schwab, M.E.; Schachner, M., 1991:
Identification of a cDNA clone specific for the oligodendrocyte-derived repulsive extracellular matrix molecule J1-160/180

Newman, S.; Kitamura, K.; Campagnoni, A.T., 1987:
Identification of a cDNA coding for a fifth form of myelin basic protein in mouse

Mangin, M.; Webb, A.C.; Dreyer, B.E.; Posillico, J.T.; Ikeda, K.; Weir, E.C.; Stewart, A.F.; Bander, N.H.; Milstone, L.; Barton, D.E., 1988:
Identification of a cDNA encoding a parathyroid hormone-like peptide from a human tumor associated with humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy

Jones, D.E.; Brennan, M.D.; Harper, K.; Lindahl, R., 1987:
Identification of a cDNA encoding the tumor-associated aldehyde dehydrogenase of rat liver

Brostrom, C.O.; Huang, Y.C.; Breckenridge, B.M.; Wolff, D.J., 1975:
Identification of a calcium-binding protein as a calcium-dependent regulator of brain adenylate cyclase

Nijssen, J.G.; Roosenboom, C.F.; van den Bosch, H., 1986:
Identification of a calcium-independent phospholipase A2 in rat lung cytosol and differentiation from acetylhydrolase for 1-alkyl-2-acetyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (PAF-acether)

Iwasa, T.; Inoue, N.; Miyamoto, E., 1985:
Identification of a calmodulin-dependent protein kinase in the cardiac cytosol, which phosphorylates phospholamban in the sarcoplasmic reticulum

Oberdorf, J.A.; Lebeche, D.; Head, J.F.; Kaminer, B., 1988:
Identification of a calsequestrin-like protein from sea urchin eggs

Imai, Y.; Singer, M.S.; Fennie, C.; Lasky, L.A.; Rosen, S.D., 1991:
Identification of a carbohydrate-based endothelial ligand for a lymphocyte homing receptor

Bullerjahn, G.S.; Sherman, L.A., 1986:
Identification of a carotenoid-binding protein in the cytoplasmic membrane from the heterotrophic cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. strain PCC6714

Bennett, V.D.; Adams, S.L., 1990:
Identification of a cartilage-specific promoter within intron 2 of the chick alpha 2(I) collagen gene

Lau, Y.F.; Ying, K.L.; Donnell, G.N., 1985:
Identification of a case of Y:18 translocation using a Y-specific repetitive DNA probe

Klucis, E.; Crane, D.I.; Hughes, J.L.; Poulos, A.; Masters, C.J., 1991:
Identification of a catalase-negative sub-population of peroxisomes induced in mouse liver by clofibrate

Schechter, N.M.; Irani, A.M.; Sprows, J.L.; Abernethy, J.; Wintroub, B.; Schwartz, L.B., 1990:
Identification of a cathepsin G-like proteinase in the MCTC type of human mast cell

Lin, E.S.; Wilson, D.B., 1988:
Identification of a celE-binding protein and its potential role in induction of the celE gene in Thermomonospora fusca

Gabius, H.J.; Bardosi, A.; Gabius, S.; Hellmann, K.P.; Karas, M.; Kratzin, H., 1989:
Identification of a cell cycle-dependent gene product as a sialic acid-binding protein

Ostman, A.; Andersson, M.; Betsholtz, C.; Westermark, B.; Heldin, C.H., 1991:
Identification of a cell retention signal in the B-chain of platelet-derived growth factor and in the long splice version of the A-chain

Yonehara, S.; Ishii, A.; Yonehara, M.; Koyasu, S.; Miyajima, A.; Schreurs, J.; Arai, K.; Yahara, I., 1990:
Identification of a cell surface 105 kd protein (Aic-2 antigen) which binds interleukin-3

Lakshmanarao, S.S.; Toole-Simms, W.E.; Fattaey, H.K.; Leach, R.J.; Johnson, T.C., 1991:
Identification of a cell surface component of Swiss 3T3 cells associated with an inhibition of cell division

Allen, W.K.; Akeson, R., 1985:
Identification of a cell surface glycoprotein family of olfactory receptor neurons with a monoclonal antibody

Geltosky, J.E.; Weseman, J.; Bakke, A.; Lerner, R.A., 1979:
Identification of a cell surface glycoprotein involved in cell aggregation in D. discoideum

Patarroyo, M.; Beatty, P.G.; Fabre, J.W.; Gahmberg, C.G., 1985:
Identification of a cell surface protein complex mediating phorbol ester-induced adhesion (binding) among human mononuclear leukocytes

Gramzow, M.; Renneisen, K.; Schröder, H.C.; Müller, W.E.; Heimrich, B.; Haas, H.; Uhlenbruck, G., 1989:
Identification of a cell surface-associated protein involved in mouse neural cell aggregation by means of antibodies against the sponge aggregation factor

Clément, B.; Segui-Real, B.; Hassell, J.R.; Martin, G.R.; Yamada, Y., 1989:
Identification of a cell surface-binding protein for the core protein of the basement membrane proteoglycan

Cockell, M.; Stevenson, B.J.; Strubin, M.; Hagenbüchle, O.; Wellauer, P.K., 1989:
Identification of a cell-specific DNA-binding activity that interacts with a transcriptional activator of genes expressed in the acinar pancreas

Hefeneider, S.H.; Bennett, R.M.; Pham, T.Q.; Cornell, K.; McCoy, S.L.; Heinrich, M.C., 1990:
Identification of a cell-surface DNA receptor and its association with systemic lupus erythematosus

Sutherland, D.R.; Yeo, E.; Ryan, A.; Mills, G.B.; Bailey, D.; Baker, M.A., 1991:
Identification of a cell-surface antigen associated with activated T lymphoblasts and activated platelets

Miller, Y.E.; Daniels, G.L.; Jones, C.; Palmer, D.K., 1987:
Identification of a cell-surface antigen produced by a gene on human chromosome 3 (cen-q22) and not expressed by Rhnull cells

Glimcher, L.; Shen, F.W.; Cantor, H., 1977:
Identification of a cell-surface antigen selectively expressed on the natural killer cell

Patarroyo, M.; Beatty, P.G.; Serhan, C.N.; Gahmberg, C.G., 1985:
Identification of a cell-surface glycoprotein mediating adhesion in human granulocytes

Patarroyo, M.; Beatty, P.G.; Nilsson, K.; Gahmberg, C.G., 1986:
Identification of a cell-surface glycoprotein mediating cell adhesion in EBV-immortalized normal B cells

Turner, D.C.; Flier, L.A.; Carbonetto, S., 1989:
Identification of a cell-surface protein involved in PC12 cell-substratum adhesion and neurite outgrowth on laminin and collagen

Sadoul, J.L.; Peyron, J.F.; Ballotti, R.; Debant, A.; Fehlmann, M.; Van Obberghen, E., 1985:
Identification of a cellular 110 000-Da protein substrate for the insulin-receptor kinase

Kyprianou, N.; Isaacs, J.T., 1988:
Identification of a cellular receptor for transforming growth factor-beta in rat ventral prostate and its negative regulation by androgens

Kovesdi, I.; Reichel, R.; Nevins, J.R., 1986:
Identification of a cellular transcription factor involved in E1A trans-activation

Lange, R.; Hengge-Aronis, R., 1991:
Identification of a central regulator of stationary-phase gene expression in Escherichia coli

Kushnir, T.; Kaplan, O.; Askenasy, N.; Navon, G., 1989:
Identification of a characteristic 31P NMR signal in acute experimental pancreatitis with the aid of 1H-31P correlated 2D measurements of intact pancreas

Rushmore, T.H.; Sharma, R.N.; Roomi, M.W.; Harris, L.; Satoh, K.; Sato, K.; Murray, R.K.; Farber, E., 1987:
Identification of a characteristic cytosolic polypeptide of rat preneoplastic hepatocyte nodules as placental glutathione S-transferase

Haro, D.; Marrero, P.F.; Ayté, J.; Hegardt, F.G., 1990:
Identification of a cholesterol-regulated 180-kDa microsomal protein in rat hepatocytes

Henderson, A.S.; Ripley, S.; Hino, O.; Rogler, C.E., 1988:
Identification of a chromosomal aberration associated with a hepatitis B DNA integration site in human cells

Maurelli, A.T.; Sansonetti, P.J., 1988:
Identification of a chromosomal gene controlling temperature-regulated expression of Shigella virulence

Khurana, T.S.; Hoffman, E.P.; Kunkel, L.M., 1990:
Identification of a chromosome 6-encoded dystrophin-related protein

Miyamoto, S.; Sasaki, M.; Nishida, M.; Wake, N., 1991:
Identification of a chromosome carrying a putative tumor suppressor gene in human choriocarcinoma by microcell-mediated chromosome transfer

Gómez, B.; Manivel, J.C., 1977:
Identification of a chromosome region of Escherichia coli K-12 that influences the multiplication of bacteriophage T7

Schechter, N.M.; Choi, J.K.; Slavin, D.A.; Deresienski, D.T.; Sayama, S.; Dong, G.; Lavker, R.M.; Proud, D.; Lazarus, G.S., 1986:
Identification of a chymotrypsin-like proteinase in human mast cells

Stover, D.M.; Zehner, Z.E., 1992:
Identification of a cis-acting DNA antisilencer element which modulates vimentin gene expression

May, T.; Kern, H.; Müller-Taubenberger, A.; Nellen, W., 1989:
Identification of a cis-acting element controlling induction of early gene expression in Dictyostelium discoideum

Lewis, N.; Williams, J.; Rekosh, D.; Hammarskjöld, M.L., 1990:
Identification of a cis-acting element in human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) that is responsive to the HIV-1 rev and human T-cell leukemia virus types I and II rex proteins

Sarid, J., 1991:
Identification of a cis-acting positive regulatory element of the glial fibrillary acidic protein gene

Kinney, D.M.; Foster, J.W., 1985:
Identification of a cis-acting regulatory region in the pncB locus of Salmonella typhimurium

Wang, L.Q.; Balakir, R.; Horton, W.E., 1991:
Identification of a cis-acting sequence in the collagen II enhancer required for chondrocyte expression and the binding of a chondrocyte nuclear factor

Chain, A.C.; Zollman, S.; Tseng, J.C.; Laski, F.A., 1991:
Identification of a cis-acting sequence required for germ line-specific splicing of the P element ORF2-ORF3 intron

Ohta, M.; Nyunoya, H.; Tanaka, H.; Okamoto, T.; Akagi, T.; Shimotohno, K., 1988:
Identification of a cis-regulatory element involved in accumulation of human T-cell leukemia virus type II genomic mRNA

Bachwich, D.; Merchant, J.; Brand, S.J., 1992:
Identification of a cis-regulatory element mediating somatostatin inhibition of epidermal growth factor-stimulated gastrin gene transcription

Winn, D.M.; Wolfe, J.F.; Lindberg, D.A.; Fristoe, F.H.; Kingsland, L.; Sharp, G.C., 1979:
Identification of a clinical subset of systemic lupus erythematosus by antibodies to the SM antigen

Nishikimi, M.; Suzuki, H.; Ozawa, T., 1987:
Identification of a clone by epitope selection in molecular cloning using lambda gt11

Finch, J.; Andrews, K.; Krieg, P.; Fürstenberger, G.; Slaga, T.; Ootsuyama, A.; Tanooka, H.; Bowden, G.T., 1991:
Identification of a cloned sequence activated during multi-stage carcinogenesis in mouse skin

Kwan, S.P.; Terwilliger, J.; Parmley, R.; Raghu, G.; Sandkuyl, L.A.; Ott, J.; Ochs, H.; Wedgwood, R.; Rosen, F., 1990:
Identification of a closely linked DNA marker, DXS178, to further refine the X-linked agammaglobulinemia locus

Pierson, M.A.; Irons, K., 1992:
Identification of a cluster of nursing diagnoses for a caregiver support group

Abolhassani, M.; Chiao, J.W., 1991:
Identification of a co-stimulatory factor for human T cell proliferation

Zhu, H.; Pyrwes, R., 1992:
Identification of a coactivator that increases activation of transcription by serum response factor and GAL4-VP16 in vitro

Karpatkin, S.; Karpatkin, M.; Altszuler, H., 1978:
Identification of a coagulopoietin for prothrombin

Loewen, P.C., 1977:
Identification of a coenzyme A--glutathione disulfide (DSI), a modified coenzyme A disulfide (DSII), and a NADPH-dependent coenzyme A--glutathione disulfide reductase in E. coli

La Teana, A.; Brandi, A.; Falconi, M.; Spurio, R.; Pon, C.L.; Gualerzi, C.O., 1991:
Identification of a cold shock transcriptional enhancer of the Escherichia coli gene encoding nucleoid protein H-NS

Frey, J.; Diallo, T.; Ronziere, M.C.; Chamson, A.; Grimaud, J.A., 1979:
Identification of a collagen-like antigen different from C1Q component of complement in serum

Nusko, G.; Hahn, E.G., 1992:
Identification of a colorectal tumor mutated gene on chromosome 5q21: a further step in the clarification of genetic relations in the pathogenesis of colorectal neoplasms

Cheng, Q.; Jones, G.; Liu, E.X.; Kidson, C.; Saul, A., 1991:
Identification of a common Plasmodium epitope (CPE) recognised by a pan-specific inhibitory monoclonal antibody

Gebhardt, J.S.; Nierzwicki-Bauer, S.A., 1991:
Identification of a common cyanobacterial symbiont associated with Azolla spp. through molecular and morphological characterization of free-living and symbiotic cyanobacteria

Goyard, S.; Orlando, C.; Sabatier, J.M.; Labruyere, E.; d'Alayer, J.; Fontan, G.; van Rietschoten, J.; Mock, M.; Danchin, A.; Ullmann, A., 1989:
Identification of a common domain in calmodulin-activated eukaryotic and bacterial adenylate cyclases

Mucenski, M.L.; Taylor, B.A.; Ihle, J.N.; Hartley, J.W.; Morse, H.C.; Jenkins, N.A.; Copeland, N.G., 1988:
Identification of a common ecotropic viral integration site, Evi-1, in the DNA of AKXD murine myeloid tumors

Poirier, Y.; Kozak, C.; Jolicoeur, P., 1988:
Identification of a common helper provirus integration site in Abelson murine leukemia virus-induced lymphoma DNA

Kagimoto, K.; Waterman, M.R.; Kagimoto, M.; Ferreira, P.; Simpson, E.R.; Winter, J.S., 1989:
Identification of a common molecular basis for combined 17 alpha-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase deficiency in two Mennonite families

Matsubara, Y.; Narisawa, K.; Miyabayashi, S.; Tada, K.; Coates, P.M.; Bachmann, C.; Elsas, L.J.; Pollitt, R.J.; Rhead, W.J.; Roe, C.R., 1990:
Identification of a common mutation in patients with medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency

Caput, D.; Beutler, B.; Hartog, K.; Thayer, R.; Brown-Shimer, S.; Cerami, A., 1986 :
Identification of a common nucleotide sequence in the 3'-untranslated region of mRNA molecules specifying inflammatory mediators

Bergeron, D.; Poliquin, L.; Kozak, C.A.; Rassart, E., 1991:
Identification of a common viral integration region in Cas-Br-E murine leukemia virus-induced non-T-, non-B-cell lymphomas

Hagemann, S.; Miller, W.J.; Pinsker, W., 1992:
Identification of a complete P-element in the genome of Drosophila bifasciata

Ashton, D.H.; Wilson, A.A.; Evancho, G.M., 1975:
Identification of a component of crystalline egg albumin bactericidal for thermophilic aerobic sporeformers

Butzow, J.J.; Stankis, R.G., 1992:
Identification of a component separated on Mono Q purification of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase as an NTPase

Declerck, P.J.; De Mol, M.; Vaughan, D.E.; Collen, D., 1992:
Identification of a conformationally distinct form of plasminogen activator inhibitor-1, acting as a noninhibitory substrate for tissue-type plasminogen activator

Miliotis, M.D.; Morris, J.G.; Cianciosi, S.; Wright, A.C.; Wood, P.K.; Robins-Browne, R.M., 1990:
Identification of a conjunctivitis-associated gene locus from the virulence plasmid of Yersinia enterocolitica

Rothman, P.; Li, S.C.; Gorham, B.; Glimcher, L.; Alt, F.; Boothby, M., 1991:
Identification of a conserved lipopolysaccharide-plus-interleukin-4-responsive element located at the promoter of germ line epsilon transcripts

Donehower, L.A.; Slagle, B.L.; Wilde, M.; Darlington, G.; Butel, J.S., 1989:
Identification of a conserved sequence in the non-coding regions of many human genes

Antignac, E.; Fukuhara, M., 1992 :
Identification of a constitutive form of cytochrome P-450 with high activity towards macrolide antibiotics in Syrian golden hamster liver

Zhang, X.P.; Ebright, R.H., 1990:
Identification of a contact between arginine-180 of the catabolite gene activator protein (CAP) and base pair 5 of the DNA site in the CAP-DNA complex

Kawano, Y.; Noma, T.; Yata, J., 1990:
Identification of a cord blood T cell subset of CD3+4-8-45R+ suppressing interleukin 2 production in the autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction and the mode of action of exogenous IL2 in the induction of IL2 production

Alexander-Bridges, M.; Ercolani, L.; Kong, X.F.; Nasrin, N., 1992:
Identification of a core motif that is recognized by three members of the HMG class of transcriptional regulators: IRE-ABP, SRY, and TCF-1 alpha

Gray, A.; Jackson, D.N.; Howard, J.H., 1990:
Identification of a coronary-prone profile for business managers: comparison of three approaches to Type A assessment

Rosendale, B.E.; Jarrett, D.B.; Robinson, A.G., 1987:
Identification of a corticotropin-releasing factor-binding protein in the plasma membrane of AtT-20 mouse pituitary tumor cells and its regulation by dexamethasone

Warren, W.A., 1975:
Identification of a creatine kinase inhibitor in human serum

Everett, E.A.; Falick, A.M.; Reich, N.O., 1990:
Identification of a critical cysteine in EcoRI DNA methyltransferase by mass spectrometry

Pohl, T.; Wittmann-Liebold, B., 1988:
Identification of a cross-link in the Escherichia coli ribosomal protein pair S13-S19 at the amino acid level

Hara, T.; Miyata, T., 1991 :
Identification of a cross-linked peptide of a covalent complex between adrenodoxin reductase and adrenodoxin

Hseu, M.J.; Guillory, R.J.; Tzeng, M.C., 1990:
Identification of a crotoxin-binding protein in membranes from guinea pig brain by photoaffinity labeling

Adams, J.H.; Fang, X.; Kaslow, D.C.; Miller, L.H., 1992:
Identification of a cryptic intron in the Plasmodium vivax Duffy binding protein gene

Montminy, M.R.; Sevarino, K.A.; Wagner, J.A.; Mandel, G.; Goodman, R.H., 1986:
Identification of a cyclic-AMP-responsive element within the rat somatostatin gene

Rosen, G.D.; Birkenmeier, T.M.; Raz, A.; Holtzman, M.J., 1989:
Identification of a cyclooxygenase-related gene and its potential role in prostaglandin formation

Cosson, M.P.; Gros, C.; Talbot, J.C., 1976:
Identification of a cysteine residue of glutamate dehydrogenase that binds p-chloromercuribenzoic acid

Ruangyuttikarn, W.; Skiles, G.L.; Yost, G.S., 1992:
Identification of a cysteinyl adduct of oxidized 3-methylindole from goat lung and human liver microsomal proteins

Nelson, P.V.; Carey, W.F.; Morris, C.P., 1991:
Identification of a cystic fibrosis mutation: deletion of isoleucine506

Wrighton, S.A.; Molowa, D.T.; Guzelian, P.S., 1988:
Identification of a cytochrome P-450 in human fetal liver related to glucocorticoid-inducible cytochrome P-450HLp in the adult

Pedersen, S.E.; Bridgman, P.C.; Sharp, S.D.; Cohen, J.B., 1990:
Identification of a cytoplasmic region of the Torpedo nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha-subunit by epitope mapping

Grzeschik, K.H.; Siniscalco, M., 1976:
Identification of a de novo chromosome rearrangement in a man-mouse hybrid clone and its bearing on the cytological map of the human X chromosome

Gécz, J.; Saksová, L.; Kádasi, L.; Véghová, E., 1992:
Identification of a de novo mutation in a factor FVIII:C gene in a family requesting prenatal diagnosis of hemophilia A

Ruegg, C.L.; Strand, M., 1990:
Identification of a decapeptide region of human interferon-alpha with antiproliferative activity and homology to an immunosuppressive sequence of the retroviral transmembrane protein P15E

Mannhalter, C.; Hellstern, P.; Deutsch, E., 1987:
Identification of a defective factor XI cross-reacting material in a factor XI-deficient patient

Lennon, G.G.; Perry, R.P., 1989:
Identification of a defective mouse immunoglobulin D (diversity) element which can undergo DJH, but not VHD, recombination

Horsthemke, B.; Kessling, A.M.; Seed, M.; Wynn, V.; Williamson, R.; Humphries, S.E., 1985:
Identification of a deletion in the low density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor gene in a patient with familial hypercholesterolaemia

Quarless, S.A., 1986:
Identification of a deoxyribonuclease activity in the nuclei of the cervical carcinoma HeLa

Lacks, S.; Greenberg, B.; Neuberger, M., 1975:
Identification of a deoxyribonuclease implicated in genetic transformation of Diplococcus pneumoniae

Humphreys-Beher, M.G.; Blackwell, R.E., 1989:
Identification of a deoxyribonucleic acid allelic variant for beta 1-4 galactosyltransferase expression associated with male sperm binding/penetration infertility

Ushio, K.; Ishizuka, M.; Kogushi, M.; Fukui, S.; Toraya, T., 1986:
Identification of a dephosphorylated oxidation product of the molybdenum cofactor as 2-(1,2-dihydroxyethyl)thieno[3,2-g]pterin

Ghiselli, G.; Crump, W.; Musanti, R.; Gotto, A.M., 1990:
Identification of a detergent-solubilized plasma membrane protein from rat liver recognizing apolipoprotein A-IV

Dignam, S.S.; Yang, L.; Lezzi, M.; Case, S.T., 1989:
Identification of a developmentally regulated gene for a 140-kDa secretory protein in salivary glands of Chironomus tentans larvae

Cole, G.J.; McCabe, C.F., 1991:
Identification of a developmentally regulated keratan sulfate proteoglycan that inhibits cell adhesion and neurite outgrowth

Colle, M.L.; Byrd, R.J., 1977:
Identification of a dicentric isochromosome (X dic qi) in a case of gonadal dysgenesis

Kojima, T.; Ishimaru, S.; Higashijima, S.; Takayama, E.; Akimaru, H.; Sone, M.; Emori, Y.; Saigo, K., 1991:
Identification of a different-type homeobox gene, BarH1, possibly causing Bar (B) and Om(1D) mutations in Drosophila

Todd, M.B.; Malech, H.L., 1986:
Identification of a differentiation-specific cell surface antigen on HL60 cells that is associated with proliferation

Takahashi, M.; Fujimoto, Y., 1989:
Identification of a dihydropyridine-sensitive calcium channel in chick brain by a monoclonal antibody

Cummins, P.; Mulcahy, P.; O'Connor, B., 1992:
Identification of a dipeptidyl aminopeptidase type-II in the cytosolic fraction of bovine brain

Ranade, S.A.; Lagu, M.D.; Patankar, S.M.; Dabak, M.M.; Dhar, M.S.; Gupta, V.S.; Ranjekar, P.K., 1988:
Identification of a dispersed MboI repeat family in five higher plant genomes

Hostikka, S.L.; Eddy, R.L.; Byers, M.G.; Höyhtyä, M.; Shows, T.B.; Tryggvason, K., 1990:
Identification of a distinct type IV collagen alpha chain with restricted kidney distribution and assignment of its gene to the locus of X chromosome-linked Alport syndrome

Kellaris, K.V., 1989:
Identification of a disulfide between cysteine 214 and cysteine 277 in the beta subunit of native (Na+ + K+)ATPase

Jimenez, S.A.; Rao, V.H.; Reginato, A.M.; Yankowski, R., 1986:
Identification of a disulfide-bonded 70 Kd type X procollagen in embryonic chick sternum cartilage

Thevenin, C.; Rieckmann, P.; Kozlow, E.J.; Kehrl, J.H., 1992:
Identification of a diverged octamer binding site important in the B cell-specific expression of the CD20 gene

O'Neill, J.B.; Jaffe, H.; Hallberg, P.L.; Buzy, J.M.; Kingan, T.; Barbour, G.; Lawson, M.; Kwart, L.D.; Ruff, M.R.; Pert, C.B., 1990:
Identification of a domain in cytochrome C that displaces [3H]TCP binding from rat brain membrane receptors: synthesis of beta-neuroprotectin

Werstuck, G.; Capone, J.P., 1989:
Identification of a domain of the herpes simplex virus trans-activator Vmw65 required for protein-DNA complex formation through the use of protein A fusion proteins

Waters, J.A.; Jowett, T.P.; Thomas, H.C., 1986:
Identification of a dominant immunogenic epitope of the nucleocapsid (HBc) of the hepatitis B virus

Meister, B.; Askergren, J.; Tunevall, G.; Hemmings, H.C.; Greengard, P., 1991:
Identification of a dopamine- and 3'5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate-regulated phosphoprotein of 32 kD (DARPP-32) in parathyroid hormone-producing cells of the human parathyroid gland

Rimstad, E.; Hornes, E.; Olsvik, O.; Hyllseth, B., 1990:
Identification of a double-stranded RNA virus by using polymerase chain reaction and magnetic separation of the synthesized DNA segments

Rimon, S.; Melamed, R.; Savion, N.; Scott, T.; Nawroth, P.P.; Stern, D.M., 1987:
Identification of a factor IX/IXa binding protein on the endothelial cell surface

SivaRaman, L.; Subramanian, S.; Thimmappaya, B., 1986:
Identification of a factor in HeLa cells specific for an upstream transcriptional control sequence of an EIA-inducible adenovirus promoter and its relative abundance in infected and uninfected cells

Chen, L.; Mao, S.J.; Larsen, W.J., 1992:
Identification of a factor in fetal bovine serum that stabilizes the cumulus extracellular matrix. A role for a member of the inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor family

Van Vlasselaer, P.; Niki, T.; Strober, S., 1991:
Identification of a factor(s) from cloned murine natural suppressor cells that inhibits IL-2 secretion during antigen-driven T cell activation

Christie, G.W.; Barratt-Boyes, B.G., 1991:
Identification of a failure mode of the antibiotic sterilized aortic allograft after 10 years: implications for their long-term survival

Abe, M.; Kufe, D.W., 1987:
Identification of a family of high molecular weight tumor-associated glycoproteins

Tanaka, H.; Asami, O.; Hayano, T.; Sasaki, I.; Yoshitake, Y.; Nishikawa, K., 1989:
Identification of a family of insulin-like growth factor II secreted by cultured rat epithelial-like cell line 18,54-SF: application of a monoclonal antibody

Graves, R.A.; Tontonoz, P.; Platt, K.A.; Ross, S.R.; Spiegelman, B.M., 1992:
Identification of a fat cell enhancer: analysis of requirements for adipose tissue-specific gene expression

Chaudry, A.A.; Dutta-Roy, A.K., 1992:
Identification of a fatty acid-binding protein in human prostatic tissue

Kahlow, M.A.; Zuberi, T.M.; Gennis, R.B.; Loehr, T.M., 1991:
Identification of a ferryl intermediate of Escherichia coli cytochrome d terminal oxidase by resonance Raman spectroscopy

Montesano, R.; Matsumoto, K.; Nakamura, T.; Orci, L., 1991:
Identification of a fibroblast-derived epithelial morphogen as hepatocyte growth factor

Jaussaud, P.; Courtot, D.; Guyot, J.L.; Paris, J., 1987:
Identification of a flunixin metabolite in the horse by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Reyes Cruz, G.; Hernández Acasiete, M.; Ruiz Reyes, G., 1990:
Identification of a focus of beta-thalassemia in Tamiahua, Veracruz

Amrein-Gloor, M.; Gazzotti, P., 1987:
Identification of a fodrin-like protein in rat liver basolateral membranes

Santa Coloma, T.A.; Reichert, L.E., 1990:
Identification of a follicle-stimulating hormone receptor-binding region in hFSH-beta-(81-95) using synthetic peptides

Chillón, M.; Palacio, A.; Nunes, V.; Casals, T.; Giménez, J.; Estivill, X., 1992:
Identification of a frameshift mutation (1609delCA) in exon 10 of the CFTR gene in seven Spanish cystic fibrosis patients

Nogueira, C.P.; McGuire, M.C.; Graeser, C.; Bartels, C.F.; Arpagaus, M.; Van der Spek, A.F.; Lightstone, H.; Lockridge, O.; La Du, B.N., 1990:
Identification of a frameshift mutation responsible for the silent phenotype of human serum cholinesterase, Gly 117 (GGT----GGAG)

Harder, J.; Follmann, H., 1990:
Identification of a free radical and oxygen dependence of ribonucleotide reductase in yeast

Blackman, R.K.; Koehler, M.M.; Grimaila, R.; Gelbart, W.M., 1989:
Identification of a fully-functional hobo transposable element and its use for germ-line transformation of Drosophila

Jamieson, C.; Mauxion, F.; Sen, R., 1989:
Identification of a functional NF-kappa B binding site in the murine T cell receptor beta 2 locus

Bartholomew, C.; Windass, J.D., 1989:
Identification of a functional allele of a human interferon-alpha gene previously characterized as a pseudogene

Layton, J.E.; Morstyn, G.; Fabri, L.J.; Reid, G.E.; Burgess, A.W.; Simpson, R.J.; Nice, E.C., 1991:
Identification of a functional domain of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor using neutralizing monoclonal antibodies

Ross, M.E.; Evinger, M.J.; Hyman, S.E.; Carroll, J.M.; Mucke, L.; Comb, M.; Reis, D.J.; Joh, T.H.; Goodman, H.M., 1990:
Identification of a functional glucocorticoid response element in the phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase promoter using fusion genes introduced into chromaffin cells in primary culture

Abmayr, S.M.; Reed, R.; Maniatis, T., 1988:
Identification of a functional mammalian spliceosome containing unspliced pre-mRNA

Riba, L.; Becerril, B.; Servín-González, L.; Valle, F.; Bolivar, F., 1988:
Identification of a functional promoter for the Escherichia coli gdhA gene and its regulation

Malkin, R.; Aparicio, P.J., 1975:
Identification of a g equals 1.90 high-potential iron-sulfur protein in chloroplasts

Murray, P.A.; Kern, D.G.; Winkler, J.R., 1988:
Identification of a galactose-binding lectin on Fusobacterium nucleatum FN-2

Baldwin, G.S.; Chandler, R.; Scanlon, D.B.; Weinstock, J., 1986:
Identification of a gastrin binding protein in porcine gastric mucosal membranes by covalent cross-linking with iodinated gastrin

Verkerk, A.J.; Pieretti, M.; Sutcliffe, J.S.; Fu, Y.H.; Kuhl, D.P.; Pizzuti, A.; Reiner, O.; Richards, S.; Victoria, M.F.; Zhang, F.P., 1991:
Identification of a gene (FMR-1) containing a CGG repeat coincident with a breakpoint cluster region exhibiting length variation in fragile X syndrome

Hahnenberger, K.M.; Shapiro, L., 1987:
Identification of a gene cluster involved in flagellar basal body biogenesis in Caulobacter crescentus

Kamizono, A.; Nishizawa, M.; Teranishi, Y.; Murata, K.; Kimura, A., 1989:
Identification of a gene conferring resistance to zinc and cadmium ions in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Stauss, H.J.; Fink, M.A.; Starr, B.; Schreiber, H., 1987:
Identification of a gene encoding a tumor-specific antigen that causes tumor rejection

Brunner, A.; Chinn, J.; Neubauer, M.; Purchio, A.F., 1991:
Identification of a gene family regulated by transforming growth factor-beta

Morris, N.R.; Lai, M.H.; Oakley, C.E., 1979:
Identification of a gene for alpha-tubulin in Aspergillus nidulans

Sheir-Neiss, G.; Lai, M.H.; Morris, N.R., 1978:
Identification of a gene for beta-tubulin in Aspergillus nidulans

Jaskunas, S.R.; Burgess, R.R.; Nomura, M., 1975:
Identification of a gene for the alpha-subunit of RNA polymerase at the str-spc region of the Escherichia coli chromosome

Overhoff, B.; Klein, M.; Spies, M.; Freudl, R., 1991:
Identification of a gene fragment which codes for the 364 amino-terminal amino acid residues of a SecA homologue from Bacillus subtilis: further evidence for the conservation of the protein export apparatus in gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

Tavares, P.; Santos, M.A.; Lurz, R.; Morelli, G.; de Lencastre, H.; Trautner, T.A., 1992:
Identification of a gene in Bacillus subtilis bacteriophage SPP1 determining the amount of packaged DNA

Harrigan, M.T.; Campbell, N.F.; Bourgeois, S., 1991:
Identification of a gene induced by glucocorticoids in murine T-cells: a potential G protein-coupled receptor

Weber, J.M.; Schoner, B.; Losick, R., 1989:
Identification of a gene required for the terminal step in erythromycin A biosynthesis in Saccharopolyspora erythraea (Streptomyces erythreus)

Caparon, M.G.; Scott, J.R., 1987:
Identification of a gene that regulates expression of M protein, the major virulence determinant of group A streptococci

Dean, D.O.; James, R., 1991:
Identification of a gene, closely linked to dnaK, which is required for high-temperature growth of Escherichia coli

Tanimoto, K.; Iino, T.; Ohtsubo, H.; Ohtsubo, E., 1985:
Identification of a gene, tir of R100, functionally homologous to the F3 gene of F in the inhibition of RP4 transfer

Vile, R.G.; Ali, M.; Hunter, E.; McClure, M.O., 1992:
Identification of a generalised packaging sequence for D-type retroviruses and generation of a D-type retroviral vector

Ritter, J.K.; Yeatman, M.T.; Ferreira, P.; Owens, I.S., 1992:
Identification of a genetic alteration in the code for bilirubin UDP-glucuronosyltransferase in the UGT1 gene complex of a Crigler-Najjar type I patient

Correa-Oliveira, R.; James, S.L.; McCall, D.; Sher, A., 1986:
Identification of a genetic locus, Rsm-1, controlling protective immunity against Schistosoma mansoni

Comer, A.R.; Searles, L.L.; Kalfayan, L.J., 1992:
Identification of a genomic DNA fragment containing the Drosophila melanogaster ovarian tumor gene (otu) and localization of regions governing its expression

Hillyer, G.V.; Nieves-Frau, L.L.; Vazquez, G., 1986:
Identification of a genus-specific Schistosoma mansoni soluble egg antigen reactive with the serum of infected patients

Metzger, A.K.; Sheffield, V.C.; Duyk, G.; Daneshvar, L.; Edwards, M.S.; Cogen, P.H., 1991:
Identification of a germ-line mutation in the p53 gene in a patient with an intracranial ependymoma

Abraham, L.J.; Bradshaw, A.D.; Northemann, W.; Fey, G.H., 1991:
Identification of a glucocorticoid response element contributing to the constitutive expression of the rat liver alpha 1-inhibitor III gene

Compton, M.M.; Cidlowski, J.A., 1987:
Identification of a glucocorticoid-induced nuclease in thymocytes. A potential "lysis gene" product

Kupfer, S.R.; Summers, W.C., 1990:
Identification of a glucocorticoid-responsive element in Epstein-Barr virus

Clapper, M.L.; Tew, K.D., 1989:
Identification of a glutathione S-transferase associated with microsomes of tumor cells resistant to nitrogen mustards

Aprison, M.H.; Lipkowitz, K.B.; Simon, J.R., 1987:
Identification of a glycine-like fragment on the strychnine molecule

Calvete, J.J.; McGregor, J.L.; Rivas, G.; González-Rodríguez, J., 1987:
Identification of a glycoprotein III a dimer in polyacrylamide gel separations of human platelet membranes

Seganti, L.; Sinibaldi, L.; Orsi, N.; De Stasio, A.; Valenti, P., 1979:
Identification of a glycoprotein inhibitor of human serum, active towards the hemagglutinating activity of Sendai virus

Campbell, D.A.; Kurath, U.; Fleischmann, J., 1992:
Identification of a gp63 surface glycoprotein in Leishmania tarentolae

Lubben, T.H.; Gatenby, A.A.; Donaldson, G.K.; Lorimer, G.H.; Viitanen, P.V., 1990:
Identification of a groES-like chaperonin in mitochondria that facilitates protein folding

Malouin, F.; Parr, T.R.; Bryan, L.E., 1990:
Identification of a group of Haemophilus influenzae penicillin-binding proteins that may have complementary physiological roles

Newman, S.; Wright, S.; Fields, H., 1991:
Identification of a group of children with dyslexia by means of IQ-achievement discrepancies

Celis, J.E.; Crüger, D.; Kiil, J.; Lauridsen, J.B.; Ratz, G.; Basse, B.; Celis, A., 1990:
Identification of a group of proteins that are strongly up-regulated in total epidermal keratinocytes from psoriatic skin

Yolken, R.; Wee, S.B.; Eiden, J.; Kinney, J.; Vonderfecht, S., 1988:
Identification of a group-reactive epitope of group B rotaviruses recognized by monoclonal antibody and application to the development of a sensitive immunoassay for viral characterization

Pan, W.T.; Liu, Q.R.; Bancroft, C., 1990:
Identification of a growth hormone gene promoter repressor element and its cognate double- and single-stranded DNA-binding proteins

Asano, T.; Morishita, R.; Kato, K., 1988:
Identification of a guanine nucleotide-binding protein G(o) in human neuroblastoma

Wahl, S.M.; Boger, J.K.; Michael, V.; Duffy, L.K., 1992:
Identification of a haptoglobin-hemoglobin complex in the Alaskan Least Cisco (Coregonus sardinella)

Lesley, S.A.; Jovanovich, S.B.; Tse-Dinh, Y.C.; Burgess, R.R., 1990:
Identification of a heat shock promoter in the topA gene of Escherichia coli

Nano, F.E., 1988:
Identification of a heat-modifiable protein of Francisella tularensis and molecular cloning of the encoding gene

Heschl, M.F.; Baillie, D.L., 1989:
Identification of a heat-shock pseudogene from Caenorhabditis elegans

Grimm, B., 1992:
Identification of a hemA gene from Synechocystis by complementation of an E. coli hemA mutant

Iakhno, M.A.; Azadova, N.B.; Zakstel'skaia, L.Ia.; Gushchin, B.V.; Klimenko, S.M., 1976:
Identification of a hemadsorbing agent discovered in uninfected mouse L cell cultures and also the same cultures chronically infected with Sindbis virus

Cole, G.J.; Akeson, R., 1989:
Identification of a heparin binding domain of the neural cell adhesion molecule N-CAM using synthetic peptides

Imamura, T.; Tokita, Y.; Mitsui, Y., 1992:
Identification of a heparin-binding growth factor-1 nuclear translocation sequence by deletion mutation analysis

Sivaram, P.; Klein, M.G.; Goldberg, I.J., 1992:
Identification of a heparin-releasable lipoprotein lipase binding protein from endothelial cells

Geder, L.; Hyman, R.W.; Figueroa, M.; Oakes, J.E.; Iltis, J.P.; Dawson, M.S.; Rapp, F., 1978:
Identification of a herpesvirus isolated from cytomegalovirus-transformed human cells

Rauh, G.; Schuster, H.; Fischer, J.; Keller, C.; Wolfram, G.; Zöllner, N., 1991:
Identification of a heterozygous compound individual with familial hypercholesterolemia and familial defective apolipoprotein B-100

Rios, R.M.; Celati, C.; Lohmann, S.M.; Bornens, M.; Keryer, G., 1992:
Identification of a high affinity binding protein for the regulatory subunit RII beta of cAMP-dependent protein kinase in Golgi enriched membranes of human lymphoblasts

Sun, F.F.; Chau, L.Y.; Spur, B.; Corey, E.J.; Lewis, R.A.; Austen, K.F., 1986:
Identification of a high affinity leukotriene C4-binding protein in rat liver cytosol as glutathione S-transferase

Bechtel, P.J., 1979:
Identification of a high molecular weight actin-binding protein in skeletal muscle

Suzu, S.; Ohtsuki, T.; Yanai, N.; Takatsu, Z.; Kawashima, T.; Takaku, F.; Nagata, N.; Motoyoshi, K., 1992:
Identification of a high molecular weight macrophage colony-stimulating factor as a glycosaminoglycan-containing species

Strair, R.K.; Yap, S.H.; Nadal-Ginard, B.; Shafritz, D.A., 1978:
Identification of a high molecular weight presumptive precursor to albumin mRNA in the nucleus of rat liver and hepatoma cell line H4AZC2

Santana, V.; Wedderburn, N.; Abney, E.R.; Parkhouse, R.M., 1976:
Identification of a high molecular weight protein on the surface of murine thymus and thymus-dependent cells

Brown, J.C.; Hunt, R.C., 1976:
Identification of a high molecular weight trans-membrane protein in mouse L cells

Tiley, L.S.; Malim, M.H.; Tewary, H.K.; Stockley, P.G.; Cullen, B.R., 1992:
Identification of a high-affinity RNA-binding site for the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Rev protein

Cosio, E.G.; Frey, T.; Ebel, J., 1992:
Identification of a high-affinity binding protein for a hepta-beta-glucoside phytoalexin elicitor in soybean

French, J.F.; Matlib, M.A., 1988:
Identification of a high-affinity peripheral-type benzodiazepine binding site in rat aortic smooth muscle membranes

Chin, J.; Rupp, E.; Cameron, P.M.; MacNaul, K.L.; Lotke, P.A.; Tocci, M.J.; Schmidt, J.A.; Bayne, E.K., 1988:
Identification of a high-affinity receptor for interleukin 1 alpha and interleukin 1 beta on cultured human rheumatoid synovial cells

Katsuura, G.; Gottschall, P.E.; Arimura, A., 1988:
Identification of a high-affinity receptor for interleukin-1 beta in rat brain

Chin, J.; Cameron, P.M.; Rupp, E.; Schmidt, J.A., 1987:
Identification of a high-affinity receptor for native human interleukin 1 beta and interleukin 1 alpha on normal human lung fibroblasts

Hard, G.C., 1985:
Identification of a high-frequency model for renal carcinoma by the induction of renal tumors in the mouse with a single dose of streptozotocin

Oren, J.; Kelly, D.; Shannon, D.C., 1986:
Identification of a high-risk group for sudden infant death syndrome among infants who were resuscitated for sleep apnea

Musser, J.M.; Mattingly, S.J.; Quentin, R.; Goudeau, A.; Selander, R.K., 1989:
Identification of a high-virulence clone of type III Streptococcus agalactiae (group B Streptococcus) causing invasive neonatal disease

Bailey, J.M.; Verma, M., 1990:
Identification of a highly conserved 3' UTR in the translationally regulated mRNA for prostaglandin synthase

Som, S.; Friedman, S., 1991:
Identification of a highly conserved domain in the EcoRII methyltransferase which can be photolabeled with S-adenosyl-L-[methyl-3H]methionine. Evidence for UV-induced transmethylation of cysteine 186

Johns, D.C.; Feldman, A.M., 1992:
Identification of a highly conserved region at the 5' flank of the phospholamban gene

Matherly, L.H.; Czajkowski, C.A.; Angeles, S.M., 1991:
Identification of a highly glycosylated methotrexate membrane carrier in K562 human erythroleukemia cells up-regulated for tetrahydrofolate cofactor and methotrexate transport

Lo Bello, M.; Petruzzelli, R.; De Stefano, E.; Tenedini, C.; Barra, D.; Federici, G., 1990:
Identification of a highly reactive sulphydryl group in human placental glutathione transferase by a site-directed fluorescent reagent

Stole, E.; Seddon, A.P.; Wellner, D.; Meister, A., 1990:
Identification of a highly reactive threonine residue at the active site of gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase

Urata, H.; Kinoshita, A.; Misono, K.S.; Bumpus, F.M.; Husain, A., 1990:
Identification of a highly specific chymase as the major angiotensin II-forming enzyme in the human heart

Alam, R.; Lewis, D.M.; Olenchock, S.A., 1988:
Identification of a histamine release inhibitory factor (HRIF) and an inhibitor of histamine releasing factor synthesis (IHS) produced by guinea pig lymphoid cells

Alam, R.; Grant, J.A.; Lett-Brown, M.A., 1988:
Identification of a histamine release inhibitory factor produced by human mononuclear cells in vitro

Cocchiara, R.; Di Trapani, G.; Azzolina, A.; Albeggiani, G.; Geraci, D., 1988:
Identification of a histamine-releasing factor secreted by human pre-implantation embryos grown in vitro

Naito, M.; Kohara, Y.; Kurosawa, Y., 1992:
Identification of a homeobox-containing gene located between lin-45 and unc-24 on chromosome IV in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Wang, X.L.; Brodde, O.E., 1985:
Identification of a homogeneous class of beta 2-adrenoceptors in human platelets by (-)-125I-iodopindolol binding

Georgopoulos, C.P.; Hohn, B., 1978:
Identification of a host protein necessary for bacteriophage morphogenesis (the groE gene product)

Mollnes, T.E.; Klos, A.; Tschopp, J., 1988:
Identification of a human C5 beta-chain epitope exposed in the native complement component but concealed in the SC5b-9 complex

Sato, T.; Okubo, M.; Wada, Y.; Sato, N.; Kikuchi, K., 1989:
Identification of a human T cell clone with the cytotoxic T lymphocyte and natural killer-like cytotoxic function against autologous mammary carcinoma and K562 line

Mortari, F.; Saffran, D.C.; Singhal, S.K., 1989:
Identification of a human bone marrow-derived immunoenhancing factor, BDEF

McDermott, J.R.; Biggins, J.A.; Gibson, A.M., 1992:
Identification of a human brain peptidase with the specificity to generate the N-terminus of A4/beta-amyloid protein from its precursor

Grenett, H.E.; Bounelis, P.; Fuller, G.M., 1992:
Identification of a human cDNA with high homology to yeast omnipotent suppressor 45

Spector, D.J.; Tevethia, M.J., 1986:
Identification of a human cytomegalovirus virus DNA segment that complements an adenovirus 5 immediate early mutant

Gougos, A.; Letarte, M., 1988:
Identification of a human endothelial cell antigen with monoclonal antibody 44G4 produced against a pre-B leukemic cell line

Young, L.S.; Dawson, C.W.; Brown, K.W.; Rickinson, A.B., 1989:
Identification of a human epithelial cell surface protein sharing an epitope with the C3d/Epstein-Barr virus receptor molecule of B lymphocytes

Heisterkamp, N.; Rajpert-De Meyts, E.; Uribe, L.; Forman, H.J.; Groffen, J., 1991:
Identification of a human gamma-glutamyl cleaving enzyme related to, but distinct from, gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase

Quintrell, N.; Lebo, R.; Varmus, H.; Bishop, J.M.; Pettenati, M.J.; Le Beau, M.M.; Diaz, M.O.; Rowley, J.D., 1987:
Identification of a human gene (HCK) that encodes a protein-tyrosine kinase and is expressed in hemopoietic cells

Rataboul, P.; Faucon Biguet, N.; Vernier, P.; De Vitry, F.; Boularand, S.; Privat, A.; Mallet, J., 1988:
Identification of a human glial fibrillary acidic protein cDNA: a tool for the molecular analysis of reactive gliosis in the mammalian central nervous system

López, A.F.; Begley, G.; Andrews, P.; Butterworth, A.E.; Vadas, M.A., 1985:
Identification of a human granulocyte functional antigen (GFA-2) involved in antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity and phagocytosis

Ito, S.; Hara, T.; Matsumoto, H., 1985:
Identification of a human hemoglobin tryptic peptide (alpha-T4) from a bloodstain by fast protein liquid chromatography--determination of human origin

Graves, M.C.; Meidel, M.C.; Pan, Y.C.; Manneberg, M.; Lahm, H.W.; Grüninger-Leitch, F., 1990:
Identification of a human immunodeficiency virus-1 protease cleavage site within the 66,000 Dalton subunit of reverse transcriptase

Naidu, A.S.; Andersson, M.; Forsgren, A., 1992:
Identification of a human lactoferrin-binding protein in Staphylococcus aureus

Raucy, J.; Fernandes, P.; Black, M.; Yang, S.L.; Koop, D.R., 1987:
Identification of a human liver cytochrome P-450 exhibiting catalytic and immunochemical similarities to cytochrome P-450 3a of rabbit liver

Wrighton, S.A.; Campanile, C.; Thomas, P.E.; Maines, S.L.; Watkins, P.B.; Parker, G.; Mendez-Picon, G.; Haniu, M.; Shively, J.E.; Levin, W., 1986:
Identification of a human liver cytochrome P-450 homologous to the major isosafrole-inducible cytochrome P-450 in the rat

Allen, R.A.; Erickson, R.W.; Jesaitis, A.J., 1989:
Identification of a human neutrophil protein of Mr 24 000 that binds N-formyl peptides: co-sedimentation with specific granules

Drouet, C.; Reboul, A.; Colomb, M., 1989:
Identification of a human non-interferon lymphokine activating monocyte complement biosynthesis

Nakamura, T.; Gross, M.; Yamamuro, T.; Liao, S.K., 1987:
Identification of a human osteosarcoma-associated glycoprotein with monoclonal antibodies: relationship with alkaline phosphatase

Kishimoto, T.K.; Jutila, M.A.; Butcher, E.C., 1990:
Identification of a human peripheral lymph node homing receptor: a rapidly down-regulated adhesion molecule

Silk, S.T.; DeMarco, M.E., 1987:
Identification of a human platelet membrane protein alkylated under conditions inhibitory of phospholipase A2 activity

Chester, K.A.; Robson, L.; Begent, R.H.; Talbot, I.C.; Pringle, J.H.; Primrose, L.; Macpherson, A.J.; Boxer, G.; Southall, P.; Malcolm, A.D., 1989:
Identification of a human ribosomal protein mRNA with increased expression in colorectal tumours

Handy, D.E.; Larsen, S.H.; Karn, R.C.; Hodes, M.E., 1987:
Identification of a human salivary amylase gene. Partial sequence of genomic DNA suggests a mode of regulation different from that of mouse, Amy1

Ohashi, K.; Negoro, T.; Saji, F.; Tanizawa, O., 1989:
Identification of a human sperm antigen to infertile women's serum and follicular fluid with high sperm immobilizing activity

Saji, F.; Ohashi, K.; Kamiura, S.; Matsuzaki, N.; Negoro, T.; Tanizawa, O., 1987:
Identification of a human sperm antigen to sperm-immobilizing antibodies

Yin, S.J.; Wang, M.F.; Liao, C.S.; Chen, C.M.; Wu, C.W., 1990:
Identification of a human stomach alcohol dehydrogenase with distinctive kinetic properties

Shtivelman, E.; Henglein, B.; Groitl, P.; Lipp, M.; Bishop, J.M., 1989:
Identification of a human transcription unit affected by the variant chromosomal translocations 2;8 and 8;22 of Burkitt lymphoma

Taylor, D.D.; Gercel-Taylor, C.; Jenis, L.G.; Devereux, D.F., 1992 :
Identification of a human tumor-derived lipolysis-promoting factor

Roughley, P.J.; White, R.J.; Poole, A.R., 1985:
Identification of a hyaluronic acid-binding protein that interferes with the preparation of high-buoyant-density proteoglycan aggregates from adult human articular cartilage

Sjöberg, B.M.; Sanders-Loehr, J.; Loehr, T.M., 1987:
Identification of a hydroxide ligand at the iron center of ribonucleotide reductase by resonance Raman spectroscopy

McCaffrey, G.; Vale, R.D., 1989:
Identification of a kinesin-like microtubule-based motor protein in Dictyostelium discoideum

Parsot, C., 1992:
Identification of a lacZ gene in Vibrio cholerae

O'Connor, R.; Bradley, J.G.; O'Meara, A.; Cotter, T.G., 1989:
Identification of a leukocyte alloantigen with a high-frequency expression in leukemia patients

Williams, D.E.; Eisenman, J.; Baird, A.; Rauch, C.; Van Ness, K.; March, C.J.; Park, L.S.; Martin, U.; Mochizuki, D.Y.; Boswell, H.S., 1990:
Identification of a ligand for the c-kit proto-oncogene

De Meyts, P.; Gu, J.L.; Shymko, R.M.; Kaplan, B.E.; Bell, G.I.; Whittaker, J., 1990:
Identification of a ligand-binding region of the human insulin receptor encoded by the second exon of the gene

Chatelain, C.; De Bast, M.; Symann, M., 1988:
Identification of a light density murine megakaryocyte progenitor (LD-CFU-M)

Gold, D.P.; Bellgrau, D., 1991:
Identification of a limited T-cell receptor beta chain variable region repertoire associated with diabetes in the BB rat

Lewiński, T.; Zuławski, M.; Mioduszewska, O.; Dziukowa, J.; Szymendera, J.; Kozłowicz-Gudzińska, I.; Smorczewska, M.; Kodur, E.; Maryniak, R.; Pietraszek, A., 1990:
Identification of a limited form of small cell lung cancer among 103 patients pre-selected for chemotherapy combined with surgery

Carey, D.J.; Stahl, R.C., 1990:
Identification of a lipid-anchored heparan sulfate proteoglycan in Schwann cells

Díaz-Gil, J.J.; Gavilanes, J.G.; Sánchez, G.; García-Cañero, R.; García-Segura, J.M.; Santamaría, L.; Trilla, C.; Escartín, P., 1987:
Identification of a liver growth factor as an albumin-bilirubin complex

Malaisse-Lagae, F.; Stefan, Y.; Cox, J.; Perrelet, A.; Orci, L., 1979:
Identification of a lobe in the adult human pancreas rich in pancreatic polypeptide

Dufton, M.J.; Bladon, P.; Harvey, A.L., 1989:
Identification of a locality in snake venom alpha-neurotoxins with a significant compositional similarity to marine snail alpha-conotoxins: implications for evolution and structure/activity

Hawke, D.H.; Yuan, P.M.; Wilson, K.J.; Hunkapiller, M.W., 1987:
Identification of a long form of cystatin from human saliva by rapid microbore HPLC mapping

Liu, Q.R.; Chan, P.K., 1990:
Identification of a long stretch of homopurine.homopyrimidine sequence in a cluster of retroposons in the human genome

Diegelmann, R.F.; Schuller-Levis, G.; Cohen, I.K.; Kaplan, A.M., 1986:
Identification of a low molecular weight, macrophage-derived chemotactic factor for fibroblasts

Müller, F.; Oelerich, S., 1979:
Identification of a low moleculr weight IgM antibody with treponema pallidum specificity in sera of patients with chronic syphilis

Palvimo, J.; Linnala-Kankkunen, A., 1990:
Identification of a low-Mr acidic nuclear protein as prothymosin alpha

Rodman, T.C.; Pruslin, F.H., 1990:
Identification of a low-affinity subset of protamine-reactive IgM antibodies present in normal, deficient in AIDS, sera: implications for HIV latency

Leonhardt, H., 1990:
Identification of a low-copy-number mutation within the pUB110 replicon and its effect on plasmid stability in Bacillus subtilis

Jacob, T.J., 1991:
Identification of a low-threshold T-type calcium channel in bovine ciliary epithelial cells

Mori, M.; Zaike, Y.; Fujiwara, M.; Mori, S., 1985:
Identification of a lymphocyte surface marker on blood smears. II. ABC method

Curtiss, L.K.; Edgington, T.S., 1978:
Identification of a lymphocyte surface receptor for low density lipoprotein inhibitor, an immunoregulatory species of normal human serum low density lipoprotein

Hobbs, M.V.; Morgan, E.L.; Houghten, R.A.; Thoman, M.L.; Weigle, W.O., 1987:
Identification of a lymphocyte-activating pentapeptide sequence in the Fc region of human IgG1

Kunze, G.; Bode, R.; Schmidt, H.; Samsonova, I.A.; Birnbaum, D., 1987:
Identification of a lys2 mutant of Candida maltosa by means of transformation

Engst, K.; Shaw, P.D., 1992:
Identification of a lysA-like gene required for tabtoxin biosynthesis and pathogenicity in Pseudomonas syringae pv. tabaci strain PTBR2.024

Mithieux, G.; Rousset, B., 1989:
Identification of a lysosome membrane protein which could mediate ATP-dependent stable association of lysosomes to microtubules

Gomperts, M.; Pascall, J.C.; Brown, K.D., 1990:
Identification of a mRNA rapidly induced in an intestinal epithelial cell line by epidermal growth factor

Harvey, S.R.; Van Dusen, L.R.; Douglass, H.O.; Holyoke, E.D.; Chu, T.M., 1978:
Identification of a macromolecule containing an anticarcinoembryonic antigen-reactive substance and immunoglobulin M in human pancreatic cancer

Roussel, E.; Greenberg, A.H., 1989:
Identification of a macrophage-activating factor in granules of the RNK large granular lymphocyte leukemia

Kawano, M.; Matsushima, K.; Oppenheim, J.J., 1987:
Identification of a major 50-kDa molecular weight human B-cell growth factor with Tac antigen-inducing activity on B cells

Kawahara, Y.; Kawata, M.; Sunako, M.; Araki, S.; Koide, M.; Tsuda, T.; Fukuzaki, H.; Takai, Y., 1990:
Identification of a major GTP-binding protein in bovine aortic smooth muscle cytosol as the rhoA gene product

Kawata, M.; Kawahara, Y.; Araki, S.; Sunako, M.; Tsuda, T.; Fukuzaki, H.; Mizoguchi, A.; Takai, Y., 1989:
Identification of a major GTP-binding protein in bovine aortic smooth muscle membranes as smg p21, a GTP-binding protein having the same effector domain as ras p21s

Waer, M.; Ceuppens, J.L.; Vanrenterghem, Y.; van der Schueren, E.; Michielsen, P.; Vandeputte, M., 1986:
Identification of a major Leu 7/OKT 8 positive T-lymphocyte subpopulation in renal transplant patients pre-treated with total lymphoid irradiation

Bradshaw, J.P.; White, D.A., 1985:
Identification of a major N-glycosylated protein of rabbit mammary gland and its appearance during development in vivo

Burkhardt, H.; Holmdahl, R.; Deutzmann, R.; Wiedemann, H.; von der Mark, H.; Goodman, S.; von der Mark, K., 1991:
Identification of a major antigenic epitope on CNBr-fragment 11 of type II collagen recognized by murine autoreactive B cells

Waisman, D.M.; Khanna, N.C.; Tokuda, M., 1986:
Identification of a major bovine heart Ca2+ binding protein

Moore, R.W.; O'Connor, J.V.; Aust, S.D., 1978:
Identification of a major component of polybrominated biphenyls as 2,2', 3, 4,4', 5, 5'-heptabromobiphenyl

van de Werve, G.; Zaninetti, D.; Lang, U.; Vallotton, M.B.; Jeanrenaud, B., 1987:
Identification of a major defect in insulin-resistant tissues of genetically obese (fa/fa) rats. Impaired protein kinase C

Wooten, M.W.; Nel, A.E.; Goldschmidt-Clermont, P.J.; Galbraith, R.M.; Wrenn, R.W., 1985:
Identification of a major endogenous substrate for phospholipid/Ca2+-dependent kinase in pancreatic acini as Gc (vitamin D-binding protein)

Nair, B.C.; DeVico, A.L.; Nakamura, S.; Copeland, T.D.; Chen, Y.; Patel, A.; O'Neil, T.; Oroszlan, S.; Gallo, R.C.; Sarngadharan, M.G., 1992:
Identification of a major growth factor for AIDS-Kaposi's sarcoma cells as oncostatin M

Haas, G.; David, R.; Frank, R.; Gausepohl, H.; Devaux, C.; Claverie, J.M.; Pierres, M., 1991:
Identification of a major human immunodeficiency virus-1 reverse transcriptase epitope recognized by mouse CD4+ T lymphocytes

Pereira, A.; Braekman, J.C.; Dumont, J.E.; Boeynaems, J.M., 1990:
Identification of a major iodolipid from the horse thyroid gland as 2-iodohexadecanal

Noble, N.A.; Brewer, G.J., 1977:
Identification of a major locus contributing to erythrocyte 2,3-diphosphoglycerate variability in hooded (Long-Evans) rats

Burks, A.W.; Williams, L.W.; Helm, R.M.; Connaughton, C.; Cockrell, G.; O'Brien, T., 1991:
Identification of a major peanut allergen, Ara h I, in patients with atopic dermatitis and positive peanut challenges

Zwaagstra, J.C.; Ghiasi, H.; Nesburn, A.B.; Wechsler, S.L., 1991:
Identification of a major regulatory sequence in the latency associated transcript (LAT) promoter of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)

Bradley, M.P.; Forrester, I.T.; Heslop, B.F., 1987:
Identification of a male-specific (H-Y) antigen on the flagellar plasma membrane of ram epididymal spermatozoa

White, K.L.; Anderson, G.B.; Berger, T.J.; BonDurant, R.H.; Pashen, R.L., 1987:
Identification of a male-specific histocompatibility protein on preimplantation porcine embryos

Deneer, H.G.; Potter, A.A., 1989:
Identification of a maltose-inducible major outer membrane protein in Actinobacillus (Haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae

Hartman, D.J.; Hoogenraad, N.J.; Condron, R.; Høj, P.B., 1992:
Identification of a mammalian 10-kDa heat shock protein, a mitochondrial chaperonin 10 homologue essential for assisted folding of trimeric ornithine transcarbamoylase in vitro

Meehan, R.R.; Lewis, J.D.; McKay, S.; Kleiner, E.L.; Bird, A.P., 1989:
Identification of a mammalian protein that binds specifically to DNA containing methylated CpGs

Jonson, G.; Holmgren, J.; Svennerholm, A.M., 1991:
Identification of a mannose-binding pilus on Vibrio cholerae El Tor

Shibuya, Y.; Tonoki, H.; Kajii, N.; Niikawa, N., 1991:
Identification of a marker chromosome as inv dup(15) by molecular analysis

Webb, C.F.; Das, C.; Eneff, K.L.; Tucker, P.W., 1991:
Identification of a matrix-associated region 5' of an immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region gene

Behal, A.; Prakash, K.; Rao, M.R., 1987:
Identification of a meiotic prophase-specific nuclear matrix protein in the rat

Klein, C.E.; Steinmayer, T.; Kaufmann, D.; Weber, L.; Bröcker, E.B., 1991:
Identification of a melanoma progression antigen as integrin VLA-2

Kawai, K.; Kamatani, N.; Georges, E.; Ling, V., 1990:
Identification of a membrane glycoprotein overexpressed in murine lymphoma sublines resistant to cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II)

Ames, G.F.; Nikaido, K., 1978:
Identification of a membrane protein as a histidine transport component in Salmonella typhimurium

Sorscher, E.J.; Fuller, C.M.; Bridges, R.J.; Tousson, A.; Marchase, R.B.; Brinkley, B.R.; Frizzell, R.A.; Benos, D.J., 1992:
Identification of a membrane protein from T84 cells using antibodies made against a DIDS-binding peptide

Wong, B.; Tang, W.; Ziboh, V.A., 1992:
Identification of a membrane-associated 1-0-alkyl-2-arachidonoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine hydrolyzing phospholipase A2 in guinea pig 1 epidermis. Implications in the cutaneous biosynthesis of platelet-activating factor

Jansen, G.; Westerhof, G.R.; Kathmann, I.; Rademaker, B.C.; Rijksen, G.; Schornagel, J.H., 1989:
Identification of a membrane-associated folate-binding protein in human leukemic CCRF-CEM cells with transport-related methotrexate resistance

Kurt-Jones, E.A.; Beller, D.I.; Mizel, S.B.; Unanue, E.R., 1985:
Identification of a membrane-associated interleukin 1 in macrophages

Hildebrandt, E.; Albanesi, J.P., 1991:
Identification of a membrane-bound, glycol-stimulated phospholipase A2 located in the secretory granules of the adrenal medulla

Nelson, W.J.; Shore, E.M.; Wang, A.Z.; Hammerton, R.W., 1990:
Identification of a membrane-cytoskeletal complex containing the cell adhesion molecule uvomorulin (E-cadherin), ankyrin, and fodrin in Madin-Darby canine kidney epithelial cells

Touraille, S.; Briand, Y.; Durand, R., 1977:
Identification of a mersalyl- and N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive protein from pig heart mitochondrial subparticles. Relationship to the ADP N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive protein

Simpson, E.; Harrod, J.; Eilon, G.; Jacobs, J.W.; Mundy, G.R., 1985:
Identification of a messenger ribonucleic acid fraction in human prostatic cancer cells coding for a novel osteoblast-stimulating factor

Moesch, C.; Rince, M.; Raby, C.; Leroux-Robert, C., 1987:
Identification of a metabolite of floctafenine in urinary calculi

Kanda, K.; Suzuki, E.; Hiramatsu, K.; Oguri, T.; Miura, H.; Ezaki, T.; Yokota, T., 1991:
Identification of a methicillin-resistant strain of Staphylococcus caprae from a human clinical specimen

Hochstrasser, K.; Fritz, H., 1975:
Identification of a methionine residue as the reactive site for chymotrypsin in the double-headed proteinase inhibitor from the canine submandibular gland

Kondoh, H.; Ball, C.B.; Adler, J., 1979:
Identification of a methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein for the ribose and galactose chemoreceptors of Escherichia coli

Lye, R.J.; Porter, M.E.; Scholey, J.M.; McIntosh, J.R., 1987:
Identification of a microtubule-based cytoplasmic motor in the nematode C. elegans

Hasegawa, H.; Katoh, S.; Sueoka, T.; Yamada, S.; Ueda, U., 1977:
Identification of a mild oxide of sepiapterin

Targovnik, H.M.; Cochaux, P.; Corach, D.; Vassart, G., 1992:
Identification of a minor Tg mRNA transcript in RNA from normal and goitrous thyroids

Maekawa, T.; Leslie, R.; Kuriyama, R., 1991:
Identification of a minus end-specific microtubule-associated protein located at the mitotic poles in cultured mammalian cells

Takahashi, T.; Desnick, R.J.; Takada, G.; Schuchman, E.H., 1992:
Identification of a missense mutation (S436R) in the acid sphingomyelinase gene from a Japanese patient with type B Niemann-Pick disease

Martiniuk, F.; Mehler, M.; Bodkin, M.; Tzall, S.; Hirschhorn, K.; Zhong, N.; Hirschhorn, R., 1991:
Identification of a missense mutation in an adult-onset patient with glycogenosis type II expressing only one allele

Gitschier, J.; Wood, W.I.; Shuman, M.A.; Lawn, R.M., 1986:
Identification of a missense mutation in the factor VIII gene of a mild hemophiliac

Abou-Khalil, S.; Abou-Khalil, W.H.; Yunis, A.A., 1985:
Identification of a mitochondrial p-dinitrobenzene reductase activity in rat liver

Antoni, G.; Neri, P.; Mariani, M.; Lafata, M.; Cianfriglia, M., 1985:
Identification of a mixture of two different monoclonal antibodies by nonlinear regression analysis after solid phase radioimmunoassay with labeled antigen

Yamada, Y.; Ishikura, H., 1975:
Identification of a modified nucleoside in Escherichia coli tRNA1Ser as 2'-O-methylcytidine

Zimmer, D.B.; Van Eldik, L.J., 1986:
Identification of a molecular target for the calcium-modulated protein S100. Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase

Johnson, J.L.; Chaudhury, M.; Rajagopalan, K.V., 1991:
Identification of a molybdopterin-containing molybdenum cofactor in xanthine dehydrogenase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Gulino, D.; Ryckewaert, J.J.; Andrieux, A.; Rabiet, M.J.; Marguerie, G., 1990:
Identification of a monoclonal antibody against platelet GPIIb that interacts with a calcium-binding site and induces aggregation

Leo, O.; Foo, M.; Sachs, D.H.; Samelson, L.E.; Bluestone, J.A., 1987:
Identification of a monoclonal antibody specific for a murine T3 polypeptide

Strickland, D.K.; Steiner, J.P.; Migliorini, M.; Battey, F.D., 1988:
Identification of a monoclonal antibody specific for a neoantigenic determinant on alpha 2-macroglobulin: use for the purification and characterization of binary proteinase-inhibitor complexes

Morgan, D.O.; Roth, R.A., 1986:
Identification of a monoclonal antibody which can distinguish between two distinct species of the type I receptor for insulin-like growth factor

Weinshank, R.L.; Cain, C.D.; Vasquez, N.P.; Luben, R.A., 1985:
Identification of a monoclonal antibody which interacts with the parathyroid hormone receptor-adenylate cyclase system in murine bone

Price, M.R.; Crocker, G.; Edwards, S.; Nagra, I.S.; Robins, R.A.; Williams, M.; Blamey, R.W.; Swallow, D.M.; Baldwin, R.W., 1987:
Identification of a monoclonal antibody-defined breast carcinoma antigen in body fluids

Etingin, O.R.; Silverstein, R.L.; Hajjar, D.P., 1991:
Identification of a monocyte receptor on herpesvirus-infected endothelial cells

Kostura, M.J.; Tocci, M.J.; Limjuco, G.; Chin, J.; Cameron, P.; Hillman, A.G.; Chartrain, N.A.; Schmidt, J.A., 1989:
Identification of a monocyte specific pre-interleukin 1 beta convertase activity

Helderman, J.H.; Womble, D.; Ghandour, E.; Womble, S., 1992:
Identification of a monocyte-derived factor which regulates synthesis of insulin receptors on activated T-lymphocytes (MIRRF)

Rup, B.J.; Kahn, L.E., 1989:
Identification of a mouse anti-rat IgE monoclonal antibody, 44.7b, which inhibits IgE binding to RBL cells

Zimmer, W.E.; Ma, Y.P.; Goodman, S.R., 1991:
Identification of a mouse brain beta-spectrin cDNA and distribution of its mRNA in adult tissues

Angulo, J.F.; Rouer, E.; Benarous, R.; Devoret, R., 1991:
Identification of a mouse cDNA fragment whose expressed polypeptide reacts with anti-recA antibodies

Hilkens, J.; Colombatti, A.; Strand, M.; Nichols, E.; Ruddle, F.H.; Hilgers, J., 1979:
Identification of a mouse gene required for binding of Rauscher MuLV envelope gp70

Duvic, C.R.; Smith, G.; Sledge, W.E.; Lee, L.T.; Murray, M.D.; Roheim, P.S.; Gallaher, W.R.; Thompson, J.J., 1985:
Identification of a mouse monoclonal antibody, LHLP-1, specific for human Lp(a)

Barns, R.J.; Elmslie, R.G., 1977:
Identification of a mucosal form of enteropeptidase in triton X-100 extracts of porcine duodenal mucosa

Hitchins, R.N.; Harman, D.H.; Davey, R.A.; Bell, D.R., 1988:
Identification of a multidrug resistance associated antigen (P-glycoprotein) in normal human tissues

Tsilibary, E.C.; Reger, L.A.; Vogel, A.M.; Koliakos, G.G.; Anderson, S.S.; Charonis, A.S.; Alegre, J.N.; Furcht, L.T., 1990:
Identification of a multifunctional, cell-binding peptide sequence from the a1(NC1) of type IV collagen

de Belle, I.; Walker, P.R.; Smith, I.C.; Sikorska, M., 1991:
Identification of a multiprotein complex interacting with the c-fos serum response element

Zugibe, F.T.; Costello, J.T., 1985:
Identification of a murder weapon by a peculiar blunt force injury pattern and histochemical analysis

Holzmann, B.; McIntyre, B.W.; Weissman, I.L., 1989:
Identification of a murine Peyer's patch--specific lymphocyte homing receptor as an integrin molecule with an alpha chain homologous to human VLA-4 alpha

Gulley, M.L.; Ogata, L.C.; Thorson, J.A.; Dailey, M.O.; Kemp, J.D., 1988:
Identification of a murine pan-T cell antigen which is also expressed during the terminal phases of B cell differentiation

Devlin, B.H.; Wefald, F.C.; Kraus, W.E.; Bernard, T.S.; Williams, R.S., 1989:
Identification of a muscle-specific enhancer within the 5'-flanking region of the human myoglobin gene

Falkinham, J.O., 1979:
Identification of a mutation affecting an alanine-alpha-ketoisovalerate transaminase activity in Escherichia coli K-12

Lee, R.S.; Pagan, J.; Satre, M.; Vignais, P.V.; Senior, A.E., 1989:
Identification of a mutation in Escherichia coli F1-ATPase beta-subunit conferring resistance to aurovertin

Lake, S., 1991:
Identification of a mutation in an amyloid gene is a progress in the research of Alzheimer's disease

Kondo, R.; Wakamatsu, N.; Yoshino, H.; Fukuhara, N.; Miyatake, T.; Tsuji, S., 1991:
Identification of a mutation in the arylsulfatase A gene of a patient with adult-type metachromatic leukodystrophy

Schwindinger, W.F.; Francomano, C.A.; Levine, M.A., 1992:
Identification of a mutation in the gene encoding the alpha subunit of the stimulatory G protein of adenylyl cyclase in McCune-Albright syndrome

Bushby, K.M.; Cleghorn, N.J.; Curtis, A.; Haggerty, I.D.; Nicholson, L.V.; Johnson, M.A.; Harris, J.B.; Bhattacharya, S.S., 1991:
Identification of a mutation in the promoter region of the dystrophin gene in a patient with atypical Becker muscular dystrophy

Willems, P.J.; Darby, J.K.; DiCioccio, R.A.; Nakashima, P.; Eng, C.; Kretz, K.A.; Cavalli-Sforza, L.L.; Shooter, E.M.; O'Brien, J.S., 1988:
Identification of a mutation in the structural alpha-L-fucosidase gene in fucosidosis

Rushlow, K.E.; Deutch, A.H.; Smith, C.J., 1985:
Identification of a mutation that relieves gamma-glutamyl kinase from allosteric feedback inhibition by proline

Fujiki, H.; Palm, P.; Zillig, W.; Calendar, R.; Sunshine, M., 1976:
Identification of a mutation within the structural gene for the a subunit of DNA-dependent RNA polymerase of E. coli

Buskin, J.N.; Hauschka, S.D., 1989:
Identification of a myocyte nuclear factor that binds to the muscle-specific enhancer of the mouse muscle creatine kinase gene

Fahrenholz, F.; Hackenberg, M.; Müller, M., 1988:
Identification of a myometrial oxytocin-receptor protein

Narayanan, R.; Klement, J.F.; Ruben, S.M.; Higgins, K.A.; Rosen, C.A., 1992:
Identification of a naturally occurring transforming variant of the p65 subunit of NF-kappa B

Skriabin, B.V.; Koval'chuk, L.A.; Khal'chitskiĭ, S.E.; Gol'tsov, A.A.; Kaboev, O.K.; Plutalov, O.V.; Berlin, I.A.; Shvarts, E.I., 1989:
Identification of a nature of mutation in the 12th exon of phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in patients with phenylketonuria

Neshige, R.; Lüders, H., 1988:
Identification of a negative bitemporal component (N300) of the event-related potentials demonstrated by noncephalic recordings

Zinkel, S.S.; Pal, S.K.; Szeberényi, J.; Cooper, G.M., 1992:
Identification of a negative regulatory element that inhibits c-mos transcription in somatic cells

Hirano, S.; Kimoto, N.; Shimoyama, Y.; Hirohashi, S.; Takeichi, M., 1992:
Identification of a neural alpha-catenin as a key regulator of cadherin function and multicellular organization

Liesi, P.; Närvänen, A.; Soos, J.; Sariola, H.; Snounou, G., 1989:
Identification of a neurite outgrowth-promoting domain of laminin using synthetic peptides

Shimahara, T.; Tauc, L., 1976:
Identification of a neuron inducing heterosynaptic facilitation on a specific synapse in Aplysia

Ignatius, M.J.; Reichardt, L.F., 1988:
Identification of a neuronal laminin receptor: an Mr 200K/120K integrin heterodimer that binds laminin in a divalent cation-dependent manner

Mendelson, S.C.; Quinn, J.P., 1992:
Identification of a neuronal specific DNA-binding protein within the rat preprotachykinin promoter

Squinto, S.P.; McLane, J.A.; Held, I.R., 1985:
Identification of a neuroregulated phosphoprotein in skeletal muscle as the regulatory subunit of cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase II

Spring, D.J.; Lee, S.M.; Puppione, D.L.; Phillips, M.; Elovson, J.; Schumaker, V.N., 1992:
Identification of a neutral lipid core in a transiently expressed and secreted lipoprotein containing an apoB-48-like apolipoprotein

Benichou, S.; Legrand, R.; Nakagawa, N.; Faure, T.; Traincard, F.; Vogt, G.; Dormont, D.; Tiollais, P.; Kieny, M.P.; Madaule, P., 1992:
Identification of a neutralizing domain in the external envelope glycoprotein of simian immunodeficiency virus

Robinson, L.D.; Wooten, S.K.; Kelly, A.P., 1979:
Identification of a neutrophil chemotactic inhibitor in a patient with recurrent pyoderma

Okabe, T.; Sobue, K., 1987:
Identification of a new 84/82 kDa calmodulin-binding protein, which also interacts with actin filaments, tubulin and spectrin, as synapsin I

Ebeling, S.; Noti, J.D.; Hennecke, H., 1988:
Identification of a new Bradyrhizobium japonicum gene (frxA) encoding a ferredoxinlike protein

Keller, E.; Andreas-Zietz, A.; Knorr, D.; Scholz, S.; Albert, E.D., 1987:
Identification of a new HLA-B7-associated C21-hydroxylase deficiency gene by restriction enzyme length polymorphism

Aulak, K.S.; Cicardi, M.; Harrison, R.A., 1990:
Identification of a new P1 residue mutation (444Arg----Ser) in a dysfunctional C1 inhibitor protein contained in a type II hereditary angioedema plasma

Tcholakian, R.K.; Steinberger, A.; Newaz, S.N., 1987:
Identification of a new Sertoli cell metabolite of testosterone: 5 alpha-androstane-3 alpha,16 alpha,17 beta-triol, by HPLC and GC-MS

Huppi, K.E.; D'Hoostelaere, L.A., 1991:
Identification of a new V kappa gene family that is highly expressed in hybridomas from an autoimmune mouse strain

de Keyser, F.; Verbruggen, G.; Veys, E.M., 1989:
Identification of a new antinuclear antibody by immunoblotting

Law, S.W.; Conneely, O.M.; DeMayo, F.J.; O'Malley, B.W., 1992:
Identification of a new brain-specific transcription factor, NURR1

Khan, W.N.; Hammarström, S., 1990:
Identification of a new carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) family member in human fetal liver--cloning and sequence determination of pregnancy-specific glycoprotein 7

Aiken, M.L.; Ginsberg, M.H.; Plow, E.F., 1986:
Identification of a new class of inducible receptors on platelets. Thrombospondin interacts with platelets via a GPIIb-IIIa-independent mechanism

Villemur, R.; Monczak, Y.; Rassart, E.; Kozak, C.; Jolicoeur, P., 1987:
Identification of a new common provirus integration site in gross passage A murine leukemia virus-induced mouse thymoma DNA

Queiroz, D.M.; Mendes, E.N.; Toledo, M.R.; Trabulsi, L.R., 1990:
Identification of a new enteroinvasive Escherichia coli strain

Sajjadi, F.G.; Pasquale, E.B.; Subramani, S., 1991:
Identification of a new eph-related receptor tyrosine kinase gene from mouse and chicken that is developmentally regulated and encodes at least two forms of the receptor

Bellone, G.; Alloatti, G.; Levi, R.; Geuna, M.; Tetta, C.; Peruzzi, L.; Letarte, M.; Malavasi, F., 1989:
Identification of a new epitope of the 4F2/44D7 molecular complex present on sarcolemma and isolated cardiac fibers

Guerra, H.L.; Guimarães, C.T.; França, M.A.; Rocha, R.S.; Katz, N., 1991:
Identification of a new focus of schistosoma mansoni. (Municipality of Nova Lima, MG, Brazil

Saxena, I.M.; Lin, F.C.; Brown, R.M., 1991:
Identification of a new gene in an operon for cellulose biosynthesis in Acetobacter xylinum

Lee, J.H.; Wendt, J.C.; Shanmugam, K.T., 1990:
Identification of a new gene, molR, essential for utilization of molybdate by Escherichia coli

Manivel, V.; Panda, S.K.; Rao, K.V., 1992:
Identification of a new group-specific determinant on hepatitis B surface antigen with a synthetic peptide

Hieda, Y.; Nishizawa, Y.; Uematsu, J.; Owaribe, K., 1992:
Identification of a new hemidesmosomal protein, HD1: a major, high molecular mass component of isolated hemidesmosomes

Vigny, M.; Raulais, D.; Puzenat, N.; Duprez, D.; Hartmann, M.P.; Jeanny, J.C.; Courtois, Y., 1989:
Identification of a new heparin-binding protein localized within chick basement membranes

Wallace, M.R.; Dwulet, F.E.; Williams, E.C.; Conneally, P.M.; Benson, M.D., 1988:
Identification of a new hereditary amyloidosis prealbumin variant, Tyr-77, and detection of the gene by DNA analysis

Polzin, K.M.; Shimizu-Kadota, M., 1987:
Identification of a new insertion element, similar to gram-negative IS26, on the lactose plasmid of Streptococcus lactis ML3

Gutierres, V.C.; Fróes, O.M.; Amato, J.F., 1977:
Identification of a new intermediate host of Spirometra mansonoides Mueller, 1935 in the area of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Chesney, R.H.; Sollitti, P.; Vickery, D.R., 1985:
Identification of a new locus in the Escherichia coli cotransduction gap that represents a new genetic component of the L-asparagine utilization system

Koning, F.; Bakker, A.; Dubelaar, M.; Lesslauer, W.; Mullink, R.; Schuits, R.; Ligthart, G.; Naipal, A.; Bruning, H., 1986:
Identification of a new lymphocyte subset surface antigen, the expression of which disappears after in vitro and in vivo stimulation. Distribution, biochemistry, and functional studies

Chang, C.; Kokontis, J., 1988:
Identification of a new member of the steroid receptor super-family by cloning and sequence analysis

Smith, A.R.; Boursnell, M.E.; Binns, M.M.; Brown, T.D.; Inglis, S.C., 1990:
Identification of a new membrane-associated polypeptide specified by the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus

Gates, S.C.; Dendramis, N.; Wilson, R.W.; Kohrman, A.F., 1977:
Identification of a new metabolite of L-homocitrulline

Cawston, T.E.; Curry, V.A.; Clark, I.M.; Hazleman, B.L., 1990:
Identification of a new metalloproteinase inhibitor that forms tight-binding complexes with collagenase

García del Portillo, F.; de Pedro, M.A.; Ayala, J.A., 1991:
Identification of a new mutation in Escherichia coli that suppresses a pbpB (Ts) phenotype in the presence of penicillin-binding protein 1B

Ding, J.H.; Yang, B.Z.; Bao, Y.; Roe, C.R.; Chen, Y.T., 1992:
Identification of a new mutation in medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (MCAD) deficiency

Poenaru, S.; Liot, F.; Lemaigre, D.; Dessanges, J.F.; Attali, J.R.; Labeyrie, E., 1976:
Identification of a new neuro-endocrine syndrome "hyperponderosis with dewaking state". 1. Electropolygraphic study(proceedings)

Carr, V.M.; Farbman, A.I.; Colletti, L.M.; Morgan, J.I., 1991:
Identification of a new non-neuronal cell type in rat olfactory epithelium

Ben Yaghlane-Bouslama, H.; Petit, A.; Sofer, L.; Sirot, J.; Boujnah, A.; Kallel, H.; Labia, R., 1992:
Identification of a new penicillinase in a Klebsiella pneumoniae strain of which a mutant also produces an esterase hydrolyzing cephalothin and cefotaxime

Sarkar, G.; Pelletier, J.; Bassel-Duby, R.; Jayasuriya, A.; Fields, B.N.; Sonenberg, N., 1985:
Identification of a new polypeptide coded by reovirus gene S1

Dihanich, M.; Schmid, A.; Oppliger, W.; Benz, R., 1989:
Identification of a new pore in the mitochondrial outer membrane of a porin-deficient yeast mutant

Backer, J.S.; Getz, G.S., 1987:
Identification of a new promoter within the tRNA gene cluster of the mitochondrial DNA of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Walker, F.J., 1986:
Identification of a new protein involved in the regulation of the anticoagulant activity of activated protein C. Protein S-binding protein

Beckerle, M.C., 1986:
Identification of a new protein localized at sites of cell-substrate adhesion

Kauc, L.; Leszczyńska, K., 1986:
Identification of a new restriction endonuclease, EagI, from Enterobacter agglomerans

Piekarowicz, A.; Yuan, R.; Stein, D.C., 1988:
Identification of a new restriction endonuclease, R.NgoBI, from Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Zdzienicka, M.Z.; van der Schans, G.P.; Simons, J.W., 1988:
Identification of a new seventh complementation group of UV-sensitive mutants in Chinese hamster cells

Sun, D.X.; Stragier, P.; Setlow, P., 1989:
Identification of a new sigma-factor involved in compartmentalized gene expression during sporulation of Bacillus subtilis

Adler, M.; Scheraga, H.A., 1990:
Identification of a new site of conformational heterogeneity in unfolded ribonuclease A

Bonizzato, A.; Nicolis, E.; Gasparini, P., 1992:
Identification of a new splicing mutation (406-1 G-C) in the CFTR gene

Zocchi, M.R.; Poggi, A.; Mariani, S.; Gianazza, E.; Rugarli, C., 1989:
Identification of a new surface molecule expressed by human LGL and LAK cells production of a specific monoclonal antibody and comparison with other NK/LAK markers

Chao, J.; Tillman, D.M.; Wang, M.Y.; Margolius, H.S.; Chao, L., 1986:
Identification of a new tissue-kallikrein-binding protein

Kong, H.; Morgan, R.D.; Chen, Z., 1990:
Identification of a new type II restriction endonuclease, BsaAI

Stults, J.T.; Watson, J.T., 1987:
Identification of a new type of fragment ion in the collisional activation spectra of peptides allows leucine/isoleucine differentiation

Fortier, G.; MacKenzie, S.L., 1986:
Identification of a new, naturally occurring, non proteic amino acid in xylem sap of Pisum sativum

Halvorsen, S.W.; Berg, D.K., 1986 :
Identification of a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor on neurons using an alpha-neurotoxin that blocks receptor function

Liang, Y.Y.; Kaminski, P.A.; Elmerich, C., 1991:
Identification of a nifA-like regulatory gene of Azospirillum brasilense Sp7 expressed under conditions of nitrogen fixation and in the presence of air and ammonia

Coutts, R.T.; Jones, G.R.; Liu, S.F., 1978:
Identification of a nitrone as an in vitro metabolite of N-methylamphetamine

Chen, L.M.; Cui, Y.H.; Qin, M.; Wang, Y.L.; Bai, X.L.; Ma, Q.S., 1992:
Identification of a nodD-like gene in Frankia by direct complementation of a Rhizobium nodD-mutant

Chesebro, B.; Wehrly, K., 1979:
Identification of a non-H-2 gene (Rfv-3) influencing recovery from viremia and leukemia induced by Friend virus complex

Johnson, L.M.; Fisher-Adams, G.; Grunstein, M., 1992:
Identification of a non-basic domain in the histone H4 N-terminus required for repression of the yeast silent mating loci

Shukovski, L.; Findlay, J.K.; Smith, A.I., 1991:
Identification of a non-covalent oxytocin/neurophysin-I complex in the bovine ovary

Buzayan, J.M.; van Tol, H.; Feldstein, P.A.; Bruening, G., 1990:
Identification of a non-junction phosphodiester that influences an autolytic processing reaction of RNA

Deshpande, A.S.; Surendranathan, K.K.; Nair, P.M., 1992:
Identification of a non-microsomal cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase from potato tuber (S. tuberosum) and its partial purification

Skinner, M.K.; Fritz, I.B., 1986:
Identification of a non-mitogenic paracrine factor involved in mesenchymal-epithelial cell interactions between testicular peritubular cells and Sertoli cells

Junge, W.; Leybold, K.; Philipp, B., 1979:
Identification of a non-specific carboxylesterase in human pancreas using vinyl 8-phenyloctanoate as a substrate

Marquetant, R.; Sabina, R.L.; Holmes, E.W., 1989:
Identification of a noncatalytic domain in AMP deaminase that influences binding to myosin

Kan, Y.W.; Dozy, A.M.; Trecartin, R.; Todd, D., 1977:
Identification of a nondeletion defect in alpha-thalassemia

Granell, R.; Solera, J.; Carrasco, S.; Molano, J., 1992:
Identification of a nonframeshift 84-bp deletion in exon 13 of the cystic fibrosis gene

Ford, L.C.; DeLange, R.J.; Petty, R.W., 1976:
Identification of a nonlysozymal bactericidal factor (beta lysin) in human tears and aqueous humor

Carrigan, D.R.; Kabacoff, C.M., 1987:
Identification of a nonproductive, cell-associated form of measles virus by its resistance to inhibition by recombinant human interferon

Nilsson, B.; Lööf, L.; Nilsson, U.R., 1986:
Identification of a nonproteolytically activated C3 with CR 1-binding properties in sera from subjects with primary biliary cirrhosis

Pittler, S.J.; Baehr, W., 1991:
Identification of a nonsense mutation in the rod photoreceptor cGMP phosphodiesterase beta-subunit gene of the rd mouse

Bellucci, S.; Han, Z.C.; Pidard, D.; Caen, J.P., 1992:
Identification of a normal human bone marrow cell population co-expressing megakaryocytic and erythroid markers in culture

Vaghy, P.L.; Striessnig, J.; Miwa, K.; Knaus, H.G.; Itagaki, K.; McKenna, E.; Glossmann, H.; Schwartz, A., 1987:
Identification of a novel 1,4-dihydropyridine- and phenylalkylamine-binding polypeptide in calcium channel preparations

David, V.; Bachelez, H.; Leca, G.; Degos, L.; Boumsell, L.; Bensussan, A., 1990:
Identification of a novel 110-kilodalton structure expressed on a subset of T cell receptor-gamma delta-bearing cloned lymphocytes

Burtis, W.J.; Wu, T.; Bunch, C.; Wysolmerski, J.J.; Insogna, K.L.; Weir, E.C.; Broadus, A.E.; Stewart, A.F., 1987:
Identification of a novel 17,000-dalton parathyroid hormone-like adenylate cyclase-stimulating protein from a tumor associated with humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy

Carrel, S.; Isler, P.; Salvi, S.; Giuffrè, L.; Pantaleo, G.; Mach, J.P.; Cerottini, J.C., 1987:
Identification of a novel 45-kDa cell surface molecule involved in activation of the human Jurkat T cell line

Williams, J.A.; Shahkolahi, A.M.; Abbassi, M.; Donahue, M.J., 1992:
Identification of a novel 5-HTN (Nematoda) receptor from Ascaris suum muscle

Nata, K.; Yonekura, H.; Yamamoto, H.; Okamoto, H., 1990:
Identification of a novel 65-kDa cell surface receptor common to pancreatic polypeptide, neuropeptide Y and peptide YY

Nicolaou, K.C.; Marron, B.E.; Veale, C.A.; Webber, S.E.; Dahlén, S.E.; Samuelsson, B.; Serhan, C.N., 1989:
Identification of a novel 7-cis-11-trans-lipoxin A4 generated by human neutrophils: total synthesis, spasmogenic activities and comparison with other geometric isomers of lipoxins A4 and B4

Chatterjee, A.; Datta, K.; Roychowdhury, J., 1989:
Identification of a novel 80 kDa antigen associated with cell proliferation

Ballard, D.W.; Philbrick, W.M.; Bothwell, A.L., 1988 :
Identification of a novel 9-kDa polypeptide from nuclear extracts. DNA binding properties, primary structure, and in vitro expression

Rambukkana, A.; Yong, S.; Das, P.K., 1991:
Identification of a novel B-cell epitope of restricted specificity on the hsp 65-kDa protein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

McKenzie, R.S.; Simms, P.E.; Helfrich, B.A.; Fisher, R.I.; Ellis, T.M., 1992:
Identification of a novel CD56- lymphokine-activated killer cell precursor in cancer patients receiving recombinant interleukin 2

Cairns, J.S.; Dahl, C.A.; Curtsinger, J.M.; Bach, F.H., 1988:
Identification of a novel DR beta cDNA clone

Sanchez-Pinel, A.; Bernad, J.; Rives, H.; Lapchine, L.; Icart, J.; Didier, J., 1991:
Identification of a novel EBV-induced membrane glycoprotein of 43 kDa with H667 MAb

Bahouth, S.W.; Kelley, L.K.; Smith, C.H.; Arbabian, M.A.; Ruoho, A.E.; Malbon, C.C., 1986:
Identification of a novel Mr = 76-kDa form of beta-adrenergic receptors

Beaton, J.A.; Stemsrud, K.; Monaghan, D.T., 1992:
Identification of a novel N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor population in the rat medial thalamus

Ebert, B.; Wong, E.H.; Krogsgaard-Larsen, P., 1991:
Identification of a novel NMDA receptor in rat cerebellum

Nagasawa, R.; Gross, J.; Kanagawa, O.; Townsend, K.; Lanier, L.L.; Chiller, J.; Allison, J.P., 1987:
Identification of a novel T cell surface disulfide-bonded dimer distinct from the alpha/beta antigen receptor

Hobson, G.M.; Mitchell, M.T.; Molloy, G.R.; Pearson, M.L.; Benfield, P.A., 1988:
Identification of a novel TA-rich DNA binding protein that recognizes a TATA sequence within the brain creatine kinase promoter

Mulder, H.; Schachter, H.; De Jong-Brink, M.; Van der Ven, J.G.; Kamerling, J.P.; Vliegenthart, J.F., 1991:
Identification of a novel UDP-Gal:GalNAc beta 1-4GlcNAc-R beta 1-3-galactosyltransferase in the connective tissue of the snail Lymnaea stagnalis

Murphy, W.J.; Watkins, K.P.; Agabian, N., 1986:
Identification of a novel Y branch structure as an intermediate in trypanosome mRNA processing: evidence for trans splicing

Patarroyo, M.; Clark, E.A.; Prieto, J.; Kantor, C.; Gahmberg, C.G., 1987:
Identification of a novel adhesion molecule in human leukocytes by monoclonal antibody LB-2

Shiosaki, K.; Takata, K.; Omichi, K.; Tomita, N.; Horii, A.; Ogawa, M.; Matsubara, K., 1990:
Identification of a novel alpha-amylase by expression of a newly cloned human amy3 cDNA in yeast

Yoshino, K.; Takao, T.; Suhara, M.; Kitai, T.; Hori, H.; Nomura, K.; Yamaguchi, M.; Shimonishi, Y.; Suzuki, N., 1991:
Identification of a novel amino acid, o-bromo-L-phenylalanine, in egg-associated peptides that activate spermatozoa

Nakanishi, T.; Iida, T.; Tomita, F.; Furuya, A., 1976:
Identification of a novel aminonucleoside produced by Enterobacter sp. as 2'-amino-2'-deoxyguanosine

Hansbrough, J.R.; Takahashi, Y.; Ueda, N.; Yamamoto, S.; Holtzman, M.J., 1990:
Identification of a novel arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase in bovine tracheal epithelial cells distinct from leukocyte and platelet forms of the enzyme

Halford, N.G.; Tatham, A.S.; Sui, E.; Daroda, L.; Dreyer, T.; Shewry, P.R., 1992:
Identification of a novel beta-turn-rich repeat motif in the D hordeins of barley

Shimonaka, M.; Schroeder, R.; Shimasaki, S.; Ling, N., 1989:
Identification of a novel binding protein for insulin-like growth factors in adult rat serum

Tidmarsh, G.F.; Heimfeld, S.; Whitlock, C.A.; Weissman, I.L.; Müller-Sieburg, C.E., 1989:
Identification of a novel bone marrow-derived B-cell progenitor population that coexpresses B220 and Thy-1 and is highly enriched for Abelson leukemia virus targets

Koch, G.; Smith, M.; Twentyman, P.; Wright, K., 1986:
Identification of a novel calcium-binding protein (CP22) in multidrug-resistant murine and hamster cells

Friedrich, T.D.; Ingram, V.M., 1989:
Identification of a novel casein kinase activity in HeLa cell nuclei

Steinman, R.M.; Adams, J.C.; Cohn, Z.A., 1975:
Identification of a novel cell type in peripheral lymphoid organs of mice. IV. Identification and distribution in mouse spleen

Steinman, R.M.; Kaplan, G.; Witmer, M.D.; Cohn, Z.A., 1979:
Identification of a novel cell type in peripheral lymphoid organs of mice. V. Purification of spleen dendritic cells, new surface markers, and maintenance in vitro

Radesca, L.A.; deCosta, B.R.; Bowen, W.D.; DiPaolo, L.J.; Rice, K.C., 1991:
Identification of a novel class of highly potent sigma ligands related to the kappa-selective agonist U50,488

Thomas, G.M.; Geny, B.; Cockcroft, S., 1991:
Identification of a novel cytosolic poly-phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C (PLC-86) as the major G-protein-regulated enzyme

Eaton, D.L.; Monroe, D.H.; Bellamy, G.; Kalman, D.A., 1988:
Identification of a novel dihydroxy metabolite of aflatoxin B1 produced in vitro and in vivo in rats and mice

Lenormand, P.; Pribnow, D.; Rodland, K.D.; Magun, B.E., 1992:
Identification of a novel enhancer element mediating calcium-dependent induction of gene expression in response to either epidermal growth factor or activation of protein kinase C

Melling, J.; Capel, B.J.; Turnbull, P.C.; Gilbert, R.J., 1976:
Identification of a novel enterotoxigenic activity associated with Bacillus cereus

Yoza, B.K.; Roeder, R.G., 1990:
Identification of a novel factor that interacts with an immunoglobulin heavy-chain promoter and stimulates transcription in conjunction with the lymphoid cell-specific factor OTF2

Ogilvie, S.; Buhi, W.C.; Olson, J.A.; Shiverick, K.T., 1990:
Identification of a novel family of growth hormone-related proteins secreted by rat placenta

Vale, R.D.; Reese, T.S.; Sheetz, M.P., 1985:
Identification of a novel force-generating protein, kinesin, involved in microtubule-based motility

Whalen, R.G.; Butler-Browne, G.S.; Gros, F., 1978:
Identification of a novel form of myosin light chain present in embryonic muscle tissue and cultured muscle cells

Birnbaum, M.J., 1989:
Identification of a novel gene encoding an insulin-responsive glucose transporter protein

Tremblay, P.J.; Kozak, C.A.; Jolicoeur, P., 1992:
Identification of a novel gene, Vin-1, in murine leukemia virus-induced T-cell leukemias by provirus insertional mutagenesis

Del Boccio, G.; Di Ilio, C.; Alin, P.; Jörnvall, H.; Mannervik, B., 1987:
Identification of a novel glutathione transferase in human skin homologous with class alpha glutathione transferase 2-2 in the rat

Tiong, T.S.; Herington, A.C., 1991:
Identification of a novel growth hormone binding protein mRNA in rat liver

Smith, E.L.; Mckibbin, J.M.; Breimer, M.E.; Karlsson, K.A.; Pascher, I.; Samuelson, B.E., 1975:
Identification of a novel hepraglycosylceramide with two fucose residues and a terminal hexosamine

Johnson, D.C.; Feenstra, V., 1987:
Identification of a novel herpes simplex virus type 1-induced glycoprotein which complexes with gE and binds immunoglobulin

Tseng, C.T.; Springgate, C.F.; Tadmori, W.; Choi, Y.S., 1988:
Identification of a novel human B cell activation antigen involved in B cell growth factor-dependent proliferation

Hori, T.; Cupp, J.; Wrighton, N.; Lee, F.; Spits, H., 1991:
Identification of a novel human thymocyte subset with a phenotype of CD3- CD4+ CD8 alpha + beta-1. Possible progeny of the CD3- CD4- CD8- subset

Hospattankar, A.V.; Higuchi, K.; Law, S.W.; Meglin, N.; Brewer, H.B., 1987:
Identification of a novel in-frame translational stop codon in human intestine apoB mRNA

Hawkins, P.T.; Reynolds, D.J.; Poyner, D.R.; Hanley, M.R., 1990:
Identification of a novel inositol phosphate recognition site: specific [3H]inositol hexakisphosphate binding to brain regions and cerebellar membranes

Mato, J.M.; Kelly, K.L.; Abler, A.; Jarett, L., 1987:
Identification of a novel insulin-sensitive glycophospholipid from H35 hepatoma cells

Dandekar, T.; Stripecke, R.; Gray, N.K.; Goossen, B.; Constable, A.; Johansson, H.E.; Hentze, M.W., 1991:
Identification of a novel iron-responsive element in murine and human erythroid delta-aminolevulinic acid synthase mRNA

Armitage, R.J.; Ziegler, S.F.; Friend, D.J.; Park, L.S.; Fanslow, W.C., 1992:
Identification of a novel low-affinity receptor for human interleukin-7

Schreiber, E.; Matthias, P.; Müller, M.M.; Schaffner, W., 1988:
Identification of a novel lymphoid specific octamer binding protein (OTF-2B) by proteolytic clipping bandshift assay (PCBA)

Yanagawa, S.; Tanaka, H.; Ishimoto, A., 1991:
Identification of a novel mammary cell line-specific enhancer element in the long terminal repeat of mouse mammary tumor virus, which interacts with its hormone-responsive element

Lee, S.J., 1990:
Identification of a novel member (GDF-1) of the transforming growth factor-beta superfamily

Dougherty, G.J.; Dransfield, I.; Hogg, N., 1988:
Identification of a novel monocyte cell surface molecule involved in the generation of antigen-induced proliferative responses

Chang-Yeh, A.; Mold, D.E.; Huang, R.C., 1991:
Identification of a novel murine IAP-promoted placenta-expressed gene

Pyper, J.M.; Bolen, J.B., 1990:
Identification of a novel neuronal C-SRC exon expressed in human brain

Fujita, Y.; Takahashi, Y.; Kohchi, T.; Ozeki, H.; Ohyama, K.; Matsubara, H., 1989:
Identification of a novel nifH-like (frxC) protein in chloroplasts of the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha

Macek, M.; Hamosh, A.; Kiesewetter, S.; McIntosh, I.; Rosenstein, B.J.; Cutting, G.R., 1992:
Identification of a novel nonsense mutation (L88X) in exon 3 of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator gene in a native Korean cystic fibrosis chromosome

Donadel, G.; Garzelli, C.; Frank, R.; Gabrielli, F., 1991:
Identification of a novel nuclear protein synthesized in growth-arrested human hepatoblastoma HepG2 cells

Rickard, J.E.; Kreis, T.E., 1990:
Identification of a novel nucleotide-sensitive microtubule-binding protein in HeLa cells

Wylie, B.A.; Amyes, S.G.; Young, H.K.; Koornhof, H.J., 1988:
Identification of a novel plasmid-encoded dihydrofolate reductase mediating high-level resistance to trimethoprim

Schröder, J.M.; Sticherling, M.; Persoon, N.L.; Christophers, E., 1990:
Identification of a novel platelet-derived neutrophil-chemotactic polypeptide with structural homology to platelet-factor 4

Vulliet, P.R.; Hall, F.L.; Mitchell, J.P.; Hardie, D.G., 1989:
Identification of a novel proline-directed serine/threonine protein kinase in rat pheochromocytoma

Morel, P.A.; Schreurs, J.; Townsend, K.; Gross, M.; Chiller, J.M.; Tweardy, D.J., 1991:
Identification of a novel protein capable of interacting with the IL-3 receptor

Okada, M.; Nakagawa, H., 1988:
Identification of a novel protein tyrosine kinase that phosphorylates pp60c-src and regulates its activity in neonatal rat brain

Thompson, K.L.; Decker, S.J.; Rosner, M.R., 1985:
Identification of a novel receptor in Drosophila for both epidermal growth factor and insulin

Mousseau, D.D.; Sun, X.; Larson, A.A., 1992:
Identification of a novel receptor mediating substance P-induced behavior in the mouse

Mould, A.P.; Humphries, M.J., 1991:
Identification of a novel recognition sequence for the integrin alpha 4 beta 1 in the COOH-terminal heparin-binding domain of fibronectin

Raisher, B.D.; Gulick, T.; Zhang, Z.; Strauss, A.W.; Moore, D.D.; Kelly, D.P., 1992:
Identification of a novel retinoid-responsive element in the promoter region of the medium chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase gene

Kappes, J.C.; Morrow, C.D.; Lee, S.W.; Jameson, B.A.; Kent, S.B.; Hood, L.E.; Shaw, G.M.; Hahn, B.H., 1988:
Identification of a novel retroviral gene unique to human immunodeficiency virus type 2 and simian immunodeficiency virus SIVMAC

Brady, H.A.; Wold, W.S., 1987:
Identification of a novel sequence that governs both polyadenylation and alternative splicing in region E3 of adenovirus

de Beer, M.C.; Beach, C.M.; Shedlofsky, S.I.; de Beer, F.C., 1991:
Identification of a novel serum amyloid A protein in BALB/c mice

Gilbert, J.; Startin, J.R.; Shepherd, M.J.; Mitchell, J.C., 1986:
Identification of a novel side-product formed during the methylation of sulphapyridine prior to gas chromatographic analysis

Verma, R.; Iida, H.; Pardee, A.B., 1988:
Identification of a novel stress-inducible glycoprotein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. I. Preliminary characterization

Monahan, J.B.; Hood, W.F.; Compton, R.P.; Cordi, A.A.; Williams, R.M., 1990:
Identification of a novel structural class of positive modulators of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor, with actions mediated through the glycine recognition site

Lederman, S.; Yellin, M.J.; Krichevsky, A.; Belko, J.; Lee, J.J.; Chess, L., 1992:
Identification of a novel surface protein on activated CD4+ T cells that induces contact-dependent B cell differentiation (help)

Suda, T.; MacNeil, I.; Fischer, M.; Moore, K.W.; Zlotnik, A., 1991:
Identification of a novel thymocyte growth factor derived from B cell lymphomas

Suda, T.; O'Garra, A.; MacNeil, I.; Fischer, M.; Bond, M.W.; Zlotnik, A., 1990:
Identification of a novel thymocyte growth-promoting factor derived from B cell lymphomas

Ikejiri, K.; Wasada, T.; Haruki, K.; Hizuka, N.; Hirata, Y.; Yamamoto, M., 1991:
Identification of a novel transcription unit in the human insulin-like growth factor-II gene

Kondaiah, P.; Sands, M.J.; Smith, J.M.; Fields, A.; Roberts, A.B.; Sporn, M.B.; Melton, D.A., 1990:
Identification of a novel transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta 5) mRNA in Xenopus laevis

Nakazato, M.; Ikeda, S.; Shiomi, K.; Matsukura, S.; Yoshida, K.; Shimizu, H.; Atsumi, T.; Kangawa, K.; Matsuo, H., 1992:
Identification of a novel transthyretin variant (Val30----Leu) associated with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy

Keogh, C.; Fong, Y.; Marano, M.A.; Seniuk, S.; He, W.; Barber, A.; Minei, J.P.; Felsen, D.; Lowry, S.F.; Moldawer, L.L., 1990:
Identification of a novel tumor necrosis factor alpha/cachectin from the livers of burned and infected rats

Shimada, S.; Ogawa, M.; Schlom, J.; Greiner, J.W., 1991:
Identification of a novel tumor-associated Mr 110,000 gene product in human gastric carcinoma cells that is immunologically related to carcinoembryonic antigen

Gorza, L., 1990:
Identification of a novel type 2 fiber population in mammalian skeletal muscle by combined use of histochemical myosin ATPase and anti-myosin monoclonal antibodies

Schmutzler, C.; Darmer, D.; Diekhoff, D.; Grimmelikhuijzen, C.J., 1992:
Identification of a novel type of processing sites in the precursor for the sea anemone neuropeptide Antho-RFamide (<Glu-Gly-Arg-Phe-NH2) from Anthopleura elegantissima

Raj, N.B.; Au, W.C.; Pitha, P.M., 1991:
Identification of a novel virus-responsive sequence in the promoter of murine interferon-alpha genes

Goda, Y.; Pfeffer, S.R., 1991:
Identification of a novel, N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive cytosolic factor required for vesicular transport from endosomes to the trans-Golgi network in vitro

Fairlamb, A.H.; Cerami, A., 1985:
Identification of a novel, thiol-containing co-factor essential for glutathione reductase enzyme activity in trypanosomatids

Xanthoudakis, S.; Hiscott, J., 1987:
Identification of a nuclear DNA binding protein associated with the interferon-beta upstream regulatory region

Krajewska, W.M.; Lipińska, A.; Marszałek, M.; Kiliańska, Z.; Wojtkowiak, Z.; Kłyszejko-Stefanowicz, L., 1990:
Identification of a nuclear antigen with molecular weight of 48,000 differentially expressed in tumour and normal cells

Celada, A.; Shiga, M.; Imagawa, M.; Kop, J.; Maki, R.A., 1988:
Identification of a nuclear factor that binds to a conserved sequence of the I-A beta gene

Chou, R.H.; Churchill, J.R.; Flubacher, M.M.; Mapstone, D.E.; Jones, J., 1990:
Identification of a nuclear matrix-associated region of the c-myc protooncogene and its recognition by a nuclear protein in the human leukemia HL-60 cell line

Douvas, A.S.; Achten, M.; Tan, E.M., 1979:
Identification of a nuclear protein (Scl-70) as a unique target of human antinuclear antibodies in scleroderma

Williams, K.R.; Reddigari, S.; Patel, G.L., 1985:
Identification of a nucleic acid helix-destabilizing protein from rat liver as lactate dehydrogenase-5

Freund, E.; McGuire, P.M., 1986:
Identification of a nucleoside triphosphate binding site on calf thymus RNA polymerase II

Giraudo, A.T.; Beck, E.; Strebel, K.; de Mello, P.A.; La Torre, J.L.; Scodeller, E.A.; Bergmann, I.E., 1990:
Identification of a nucleotide deletion in parts of polypeptide 3A in two independent attenuated aphthovirus strains

Downward, J.; Riehl, R.; Wu, L.; Weinberg, R.A., 1990:
Identification of a nucleotide exchange-promoting activity for p21ras

Greco, N.J.; Yamamoto, N.; Jackson, B.W.; Tandon, N.N.; Moos, M.; Jamieson, G.A., 1991:
Identification of a nucleotide-binding site on glycoprotein IIb. Relationship to ADP-induced platelet activation

Lichtstein, D.; Kachalsky, S.; Deutsch, J., 1986:
Identification of a ouabain-like compound in toad skin and plasma as a bufodienolide derivative

Whelan, J.; Cordle, S.R.; Henderson, E.; Weil, P.A.; Stein, R., 1990:
Identification of a pancreatic beta-cell insulin gene transcription factor that binds to and appears to activate cell-type-specific expression: its possible relationship to other cellular factors that bind to a common insulin gene sequence

Leutbecher, U.; Albracht, S.P.; Buckel, W., 1992:
Identification of a paramagnetic species as an early intermediate in the coenzyme B12-dependent glutamate mutase reaction. A cob(II)amide?

Weis, J.J.; Fearon, D.T.; Klickstein, L.B.; Wong, W.W.; Richards, S.A.; de Bruyn Kops, A.; Smith, J.A.; Weis, J.H., 1986:
Identification of a partial cDNA clone for the C3d/Epstein-Barr virus receptor of human B lymphocytes: homology with the receptor for fragments C3b and C4b of the third and fourth components of complement

Wong, W.W.; Klickstein, L.B.; Smith, J.A.; Weis, J.H.; Fearon, D.T., 1985:
Identification of a partial cDNA clone for the human receptor for complement fragments C3b/C4b

Beall, J.A.; Mitchell, G.F., 1986:
Identification of a particular antigen from a parasite cDNA library using antibodies affinity purified from selected portions of Western blots

Renard, J.P.; Babinet, C., 1986:
Identification of a paternal developmental effect on the cytoplasm of one-cell-stage mouse embryos

Shuster, T.A.; Walter, A.E.; Williams, D.S.; Farber, D.B., 1987:
Identification of a peanut agglutinin-binding protein from human retina

Engström, U.; Engström, A.; Ernlund, A.; Westermark, B.; Heldin, C.H., 1992:
Identification of a peptide antagonist for platelet-derived growth factor

Vaudry, H.; Conlon, J.M., 1991:
Identification of a peptide arising from the specific post-translation processing of secretogranin II

Hylka, V.W.; Teplow, D.B.; Kent, S.B.; Straus, D.S., 1985:
Identification of a peptide fragment from the carboxyl-terminal extension region (E-domain) of rat proinsulin-like growth factor-II

Grebenshchikov, N.I.; Arbieva, Z.Kh.; Dobrov, E.N., 1989:
Identification of a peptide of the membrane protein of tobacco mosaic virus, cross-linked with intraviral RNA under the effect of UV-radiation

Rao, Y.; Wu, X.F.; Gariepy, J.; Rutishauser, U.; Siu, C.H., 1992:
Identification of a peptide sequence involved in homophilic binding in the neural cell adhesion molecule NCAM

Brunet, J.F.; Shapiro, E.; Foster, S.A.; Kandel, E.R.; Iino, Y., 1991:
Identification of a peptide specific for Aplysia sensory neurons by PCR-based differential screening

Barata, J.D.; Bruges, M.; Oliveira, C.; Simões, J.; Bruges, L.; Melo, J.Q.; Melo-Gomes, R.; Crespo, F., 1992:
Identification of a period of renal ischemic vulnerability studying the changes in the indicators of acute renal insufficiency after heart surgery with extracorporeal circulation

Sandrock, A.W.; Matthew, W.D., 1987:
Identification of a peripheral nerve neurite growth-promoting activity by development and use of an in vitro bioassay

Obinger, C.; Knepper, J.C.; Zimmermann, U.; Peschek, G.A., 1990:
Identification of a periplasmic C-type cytochrome as electron donor to the plasma membrane-bound cytochrome oxidase of the cyanobacterium Nostoc Mac

Zhang, B.; Marcus, S.L.; Sajjadi, F.G.; Alvares, K.; Reddy, J.K.; Subramani, S.; Rachubinski, R.A.; Capone, J.P., 1992:
Identification of a peroxisome proliferator-responsive element upstream of the gene encoding rat peroxisomal enoyl-CoA hydratase/3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase

Ishibashi, H., 1986:
Identification of a person by the superimposition method

Gasparian, S.A.; Fedosiutkin, B.A.; Voloshin, G.Ia.; Oleĭnikov, V.T., 1977:
Identification of a person in forensic medicine and criminologic practice using mathematical models and computers

Horton, W.; Miyashita, T.; Kohno, K.; Hassell, J.R.; Yamada, Y., 1987:
Identification of a phenotype-specific enhancer in the first intron of the rat collagen II gene

Striessnig, J.; Glossmann, H.; Catterall, W.A., 1990:
Identification of a phenylalkylamine binding region within the alpha 1 subunit of skeletal muscle Ca2+ channels

Martin, D.F.; Godson, G.N., 1975:
Identification of a phiX174 coded protein involved in the shut-off of host DNA replication

Simmons, D.L.; Levy, D.B.; Yannoni, Y.; Erikson, R.L., 1989:
Identification of a phorbol ester-repressible v-src-inducible gene

Pattinson, N.R., 1988:
Identification of a phosphatidylcholine active phospholipase C in human gallbladder bile

Ross, T.S.; Majerus, P.W., 1992:
Identification of a phosphodiesterase that converts inositol cyclic 1:2-phosphate to inositol 2-phosphate

Franco, M.A.; Goetz, R.J., 1988:
Identification of a phosphoglucomutase 1 (PGM 1) variant in a case of murder/suicide

Kessel, M., 1977:
Identification of a phosphorus-containing storage granule in the cyanobacterium plectonema boryanum by electron microscope x-ray microanalysis

Burlini, N.; Lamponi, S.; Radrizzani, M.; Monti, E.; Tortora, P., 1987:
Identification of a phosphorylated form of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Stoscheck, C.M.; Friedman, D.B.; King, L.E., 1989:
Identification of a phosphotyrosyl-protein phosphatase in mouse epidermis

Grenot, C.; de Montard, A.; Blachère, T.; Mappus, E.; Cuilleron, C.Y., 1988:
Identification of a photolabelled site of the plasma binding protein for testosterone and estradiol (SBP) using tritiated 17 beta-hydroxy- 4,6-androstadien-3-one

Grau, O.; Laigret, F.; Carle, P.; Tully, J.G.; Rose, D.L.; Bové, J.M., 1991:
Identification of a plant-derived mollicute as a strain of an avian pathogen, Mycoplasma iowae, and its implications for mollicute taxonomy

Mulbry, W.W.; Karns, J.S.; Kearney, P.C.; Nelson, J.O.; McDaniel, C.S.; Wild, J.R., 1986:
Identification of a plasmid-borne parathion hydrolase gene from Flavobacterium sp. by southern hybridization with opd from Pseudomonas diminuta

Kido, M.; Yasueda, H.; Itoh, T., 1991:
Identification of a plasmid-coded protein required for initiation of ColE2 DNA replication

Ohmori, T.; Kikuchi, A.; Yamamoto, K.; Kawata, M.; Kondo, J.; Takai, Y., 1988:
Identification of a platelet Mr 22,000 GTP-binding protein as the novel smg-21 gene product having the same putative effector domain as the ras gene products

Gerrard, J.M.; Lint, D.; Sims, P.J.; Wiedmer, T.; Fugate, R.D.; McMillan, E.; Robertson, C.; Israels, S.J., 1991:
Identification of a platelet dense granule membrane protein that is deficient in a patient with the Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome

Watanabe, M.; Okochi, E.; Sugimoto, Y.; Tsuruo, T., 1988:
Identification of a platelet-aggregating factor of murine colon adenocarcinoma 26: Mr 44,000 membrane protein as determined by monoclonal antibodies

Soutar, A.K.; Knight, B.L.; Patel, D.D., 1989:
Identification of a point mutation in growth factor repeat C of the low density lipoprotein-receptor gene in a patient with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia that affects ligand binding and intracellular movement of receptors

Hermans, M.M.; de Graaff, E.; Kroos, M.A.; Wisselaar, H.A.; Oostra, B.A.; Reuser, A.J., 1991:
Identification of a point mutation in the human lysosomal alpha-glucosidase gene causing infantile glycogenosis type II

Hinds, M.; Deisseroth, K.; Mayes, J.; Altschuler, E.; Jansen, R.; Ledley, F.D.; Zwelling, L.A., 1991:
Identification of a point mutation in the topoisomerase II gene from a human leukemia cell line containing an amsacrine-resistant form of topoisomerase II

Ware, J.; Dent, J.A.; Azuma, H.; Sugimoto, M.; Kyrle, P.A.; Yoshioka, A.; Ruggeri, Z.M., 1991:
Identification of a point mutation in type IIB von Willebrand disease illustrating the regulation of von Willebrand factor affinity for the platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib-IX receptor

Hirschhorn, R.; Tzall, S.; Ellenbogen, A.; Orkin, S.H., 1989:
Identification of a point mutation resulting in a heat-labile adenosine deaminase (ADA) in two unrelated children with partial ADA deficiency

Kim, S.J.; Holbeck, S.L.; Nisperos, B.; Hansen, J.A.; Maeda, H.; Nepom, G.T., 1985:
Identification of a polymorphic variant associated with HLA-DQw3 and characterized by specific restriction sites within the DQ beta-chain gene

Wrighton, S.A.; Ring, B.J.; Watkins, P.B.; VandenBranden, M., 1989:
Identification of a polymorphically expressed member of the human cytochrome P-450III family

Purchio, A.F.; Erikson, E.; Brugge, J.S.; Erikson, R.L., 1978:
Identification of a polypeptide encoded by the avian sarcoma virus src gene

Mori, K.; Fujii, R.; Kida, N.; Ohta, M.; Hayashi, K., 1988:
Identification of a polypeptide secreted by human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) as the human estrogen-responsive gene (pS2) product

Du Clos, T.W.; Mold, C.; Stump, R.F., 1990:
Identification of a polypeptide sequence that mediates nuclear localization of the acute phase protein C-reactive protein

Yu, F.X.; Sun, H.Q.; Janmey, P.A.; Yin, H.L., 1992:
Identification of a polyphosphoinositide-binding sequence in an actin monomer-binding domain of gelsolin

Yin, H.L.; Iida, K.; Janmey, P.A., 1988:
Identification of a polyphosphoinositide-modulated domain in gelsolin which binds to the sides of actin filaments

Bray, R.A.; Pope, R.M.; Landay, A.L., 1991:
Identification of a population of large granular lymphocytes obtained from the rheumatoid joint coexpressing the CD3 and CD16 antigens

Kolman, C.J.; Toth, J.; Gonda, D.K., 1992:
Identification of a portable determinant of cell cycle function within the carboxyl-terminal domain of the yeast CDC34 (UBC3) ubiquitin conjugating (E2) enzyme

Wong, H.C.; Chang, S., 1986:
Identification of a positive retroregulator that stabilizes mRNAs in bacteria

Stock, A.; Mottonen, J.; Chen, T.; Stock, J., 1987:
Identification of a possible nucleotide binding site in CheW, a protein required for sensory transduction in bacterial chemotaxis

Graves, R.A.; Tontonoz, P.; Ross, S.R.; Spiegelman, B.M., 1991:
Identification of a potent adipocyte-specific enhancer: involvement of an NF-1-like factor

Gregerson, D.S.; Merryman, C.F.; Obritsch, W.F.; Donoso, L.A., 1990:
Identification of a potent new pathogenic site in human retinal S-antigen which induces experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis in LEW rats

Chong, P.; Sia, C.; Sydor, M.; Klein, M., 1990:
Identification of a potent synthetic HIV1 immunogen compromising gag-P24 tandem T- and B-cell epitopes

Sluss, P.M.; Schneyer, A.L.; Cockett, A.T.; Cromie, W.J., 1989:
Identification of a potential FSH modulatory protein in human testis and seminal plasma

Chaboissier, M.C.; Busseau, I.; Prosser, J.; Finnegan, D.J.; Bucheton, A., 1990:
Identification of a potential RNA intermediate for transposition of the LINE-like element I factor in Drosophila melanogaster

Poste, G.; Porter, C.W.; Papahadjopoulos, D., 1978:
Identification of a potential artifact in the use of electron microscope autoradiography to localize saturated phospholipids in cells

Kondo, N., 1987:
Identification of a pre-hibernating state in myocardium from nonhibernating chipmunks

Dickson, C.; Puma, J.P.; Nandi, S., 1975:
Identification of a precursor protein to the major glycoproteins of mouse mammary tumor virus

Segal, A.W.; Jones, O.T., 1979:
Identification of a previously undescribed cytochrome b in human neutrophils and its relationship to phagocytosis-induced oxidase activity

Myers, J.C.; Kivirikko, S.; Gordon, M.K.; Dion, A.S.; Pihlajaniemi, T., 1992:
Identification of a previously unknown human collagen chain, alpha 1(XV), characterized by extensive interruptions in the triple-helical region

Riedel, H.D.; Stremmel, W., 1992:
Identification of a previously unknown representative of Actinobacteria as pathogens of Whipple's disease

van Agthoven, A.; Pierres, M.; Goridis, C., 1985:
Identification of a previously unrecognized polypeptide associated with lymphocyte function associated antigen one (LFA-1)

Greenberg, B.M.; Gaba, V.; Mattoo, A.K.; Edelman, M., 1987:
Identification of a primary in vivo degradation product of the rapidly-turning-over 32 kd protein of photosystem II

Moulard, M.; Kerfelec, B.; Mallet, B.; Chapus, C., 1989:
Identification of a procarboxypeptidase A-truncated protease E binary complex in human pancreatic juice

Ross, W.R.; Bertrand, W.S.; Morrison, A.R., 1992:
Identification of a processed protein related to the human chaperonins (hsp 60) protein in mammalian kidney

Filion, M.; Lussier, M.; Royal, A.; Gervais, C.; Suh, M., 1988:
Identification of a proliferation-related transcript with an elevated expression in the mid-gestation mouse embryo

Feuerstein, N.; Lindsberg, M.L.; Tung, L.; Francis, M.L.; Mond, J.J., 1991:
Identification of a prominent 85-kDa cAMP-dependent phosphoprotein associated with late G1 phase in mitogen-stimulated B lymphocytes

Tripathi, A.K.; Kreutzer, R.; Klingmüller, W., 1991:
Identification of a promoter dependent on NifA and sigma 54 upstream of nifH in Azospirillum lipoferum

Yaginuma, K.; Koike, K., 1989:
Identification of a promoter region for 3.6-kilobase mRNA of hepatitis B virus and specific cellular binding protein

Santamaría, R.I.; Martín, J.F.; Gil, J.A., 1987:
Identification of a promoter sequence in the plasmid pUL340 of Brevibacterium lactofermentum and construction of new cloning vectors for corynebacteria containing two selectable markers

Hashimoto, H.; Negishi, M.; Ichikawa, A., 1990:
Identification of a prostacyclin receptor coupled to the adenylate cyclase system via a stimulatory GTP-binding protein in mouse mastocytoma P-815 cells

Ghanadian, R.; Holland, J.M.; Chisholm, G.D., 1975:
Identification of a prostate in female praomys (Mastomys) natalensis using 3-H steroids

Nam, S.H.; Hatanaka, M., 1986:
Identification of a protease gene of human T-cell leukemia virus type I (HTLV-I) and its structural comparison

Rosenblatt, D.E.; Cotman, C.W.; Nieto-Sampedro, M.; Rowe, J.W.; Knauer, D.J., 1987:
Identification of a protease inhibitor produced by astrocytes that is structurally and functionally homologous to human protease nexin-I

Moshnikova, A.B.; Kozhich, A.T.; Kras'ko, A.G.; Chikin, L.D.; Barkar, N.D.; Ivanov, V.T., 1991:
Identification of a protective epitope--a fragment of Lassa virus nucleoprotein

de Gunzburg, J.; Riehl, R.; Weinberg, R.A., 1989:
Identification of a protein associated with p21ras by chemical crosslinking

Poiree, J.C.; Mengual, R.; Sudaka, P., 1979:
Identification of a protein component of horse kidney brush border D-glucose transport system

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Identification of a protein cross-reacting with anti-phosphotyrosine antibodies in yeast insoluble cytoplasmic matrices

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Identification of a protein encoded by the trans activator gene tatIII of human T-cell lymphotropic retrovirus type III

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Identification of a protein factor and the nucleotide sequence required for processing of mouse precursor rRNA

Marschalek, R.; Dingermann, T., 1988:
Identification of a protein factor binding to the 5'-flanking region of a tRNA gene and being involved in modulation of tRNA gene transcription in vivo in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Identification of a protein in adrenal particulates that binds adrenocorticotropin specifically and with high affinity

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Identification of a protein increasing in serum of Nagase analbuminemic rats bearing intestinal tumors as an isotype of T-kininogen

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Identification of a protein kinase C activating factor from murine erythroleukemia cells: characterization of the activation kinetics

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Identification of a protein kinase activity in rabbit reticulocytes that phosphorylates the mRNA cap binding protein

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Identification of a protein linked to nascent poliovirus RNA and to the polyuridylic acid of negative-strand RNA

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Identification of a protein linked to the ends of adenovirus DNA

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Identification of a protein methyltransferase as the cheR gene product in the bacterial sensing system

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Identification of a protein product of a novel human gene SON and the biological effect upon administering a changed form of this gene into mammalian cells

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Identification of a protein related to the S-antigen in choroid plexus in quails

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Identification of a protein that binds specifically to RNA from the first exon of c-myc

Cicchetti, P.; Mayer, B.J.; Thiel, G.; Baltimore, D., 1992:
Identification of a protein that binds to the SH3 region of Abl and is similar to Bcr and GAP-rho

McQuillan, J.J.; Rosen, G.D.; Birkenmeier, T.M.; Dean, D.C., 1991:
Identification of a protein that interacts with the nuclear factor-1 (NF-1) binding site in cells that do not express NF-1: comparison to NF-1, cellular distribution, and effect on transcription

Santell, L.; Bartfeld, N.S.; Levin, E.G., 1992:
Identification of a protein transiently phosphorylated by activators of endothelial cell function as the heat-shock protein HSP27. A possible role for protein kinase C

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Identification of a protein with properties of tenascin in the matrix of embryonal cartilage tissue and in a culture of human embryonal fibroblasts

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Identification of a protein-binding site in the promoter of the human thymidine kinase gene required for the G1-S-regulated transcription

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Identification of a protein-binding site that mediates transcriptional response of the c-fos gene to serum factors

Werner, M.H.; Wemmer, D.E., 1992:
Identification of a protein-binding surface by differential amide hydrogen-exchange measurements. Application to Bowman-Birk serine-protease inhibitor

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Identification of a proteolytic activity which responds to anticarcinogenic protease inhibitors in C3H-10T1/2 cells

Westaway, D.; Papkoff, J.; Moscovici, C.; Varmus, H.E., 1986:
Identification of a provirally activated c-Ha-ras oncogene in an avian nephroblastoma via a novel procedure: cDNA cloning of a chimaeric viral-host transcript

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Identification of a pterin derivative in Escherichia coli DNA photolyase

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Identification of a purine 5'-nucleotidase in human erythrocytes

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Identification of a putative GH-releasing factor (GRF) batch as predominantly ovine CRF with a small quantity of human GRF

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Identification of a putative RNA dependent RNA polymerase encoded by a yeast double stranded RNA virus

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Identification of a putative RNA helicase in E.coli

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Identification of a putative collagen-binding protein from chicken skeletal muscle as glycogen phosphorylase

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Identification of a putative eukaryotic-like protein kinase family in the developmental bacterium Myxococcus xanthus

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Identification of a putative nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in fractions from housefly brain

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Identification of a putative regulator of early T cell activation genes

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Identification of a putative shared epitope between Coxsackie virus B4 and alpha cardiac myosin heavy chain

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Identification of a putative thromboxane A2/prostaglandin H2 receptor in human platelet membranes

Kirchhausen, T., 1990:
Identification of a putative yeast homolog of the mammalian beta chains of the clathrin-associated protein complexes

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Identification of a pyruvoyl residue in S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Identification of a quaternary ammonium-linked glucuronide of chlorpromazine in the urine of a schizophrenic patient treated with chlorpromazine

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Identification of a rabbit class I-like thymocyte-specific antigen

Celis, E.; Larson, J.; Otvos, L.; Wunner, W.H., 1990:
Identification of a rabies virus T cell epitope on the basis of its similarity with a hepatitis B surface antigen peptide presented to T cells by the same MHC molecule (HLA-DPw4)

Palmarino, R.; Scacchi, R.; Corbo, R.M.; Lucarelli, P., 1975:
Identification of a rare allele of phosphoglucomutase (PGM1) in an Italian family

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Identification of a rat GHRH-like substance and its messenger RNA in rat testis

Lazar, M.A.; Hodin, R.A.; Darling, D.S.; Chin, W.W., 1988:
Identification of a rat c-erbA alpha-related protein which binds deoxyribonucleic acid but does not bind thyroid hormone

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Identification of a rat hepatic high density lipoprotein-binding protein

Shabb, J.B.; Miller, M.R., 1986:
Identification of a rat liver cAMP-dependent protein kinase, type II, which binds DNA

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Identification of a rat liver cDNA and mRNA coding for the 28 kDa gap junction protein

Iwaki-Egawa, S.; Watanabe, Y.; Fujimoto, Y., 1991:
Identification of a rat liver dipeptidyl aminopeptidase IV with a liver plasma membrane glycoprotein (gp110). A study using dipeptidyl aminopeptidase IV-deficient rats

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Identification of a reactive glutathione conjugate as a metabolite of SR-2508 in CHO cells

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Identification of a reactive lysyl residue (Lys103) of recombinant human interleukin-1 beta. Mechanism of its reactivity and implication of its functional role in receptor binding

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Identification of a receptor binding region on the beta subunit of human follicle-stimulating hormone

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Identification of a receptor binding site in the carboxyl terminus of human interleukin-6

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Identification of a receptor for atrial natriuretic factor in rabbit aorta membranes by affinity cross-linking

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Identification of a receptor for calcitonin gene-related peptides I and II in human cerebellum

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Identification of a receptor for mouse hepatitis virus

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Identification of a receptor for peptides of the bombesin family in Swiss 3T3 cells by affinity cross-linking

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Identification of a receptor for somatomedin-like polypeptides in human fibroblasts

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Identification of a receptor protein for neuropeptide Y in rabbit kidney. G-protein association and inhibition of adenylate cyclase

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Identification of a recombinant HTLV-II envelope protein for serological detection of HTLV-II carriers

Miyake, S.; Sugiyama, H.; Tani, Y.; Fukuda, T.; Kishimoto, S., 1990:
Identification of a recombinational signal sequence-specific DNA-binding protein(s) of Mr 115,000 in the nuclear extracts from immature lymphoid cell lines

Tsao, S.W.; Rudd, B.A.; He, X.G.; Chang, C.J.; Floss, H.G., 1985:
Identification of a red pigment from Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) as a mixture of prodigiosin derivatives

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Identification of a red "fiber": chironomid larvae

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Identification of a region in 23S rRNA located at the peptidyl transferase center

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Identification of a region in the S1 subunit of pertussis toxin that is required for enzymatic activity and that contributes to the formation of a neutralizing antigenic determinant

Andrews, R.K.; Fox, J.E., 1992:
Identification of a region in the cytoplasmic domain of the platelet membrane glycoprotein Ib-IX complex that binds to purified actin-binding protein

Romero, D.P.; Arredondo, J.A.; Traut, R.R., 1990:
Identification of a region of Escherichia coli ribosomal protein L2 required for the assembly of L16 into the 50 S ribosomal subunit

Yadav, S.; Brew, K., 1990:
Identification of a region of UDP-galactose:N-acetylglucosamine beta 4-galactosyltransferase involved in UDP-galactose binding by differential labeling

Chen, S.; Paucha, E., 1990:
Identification of a region of simian virus 40 large T antigen required for cell transformation

Krah, E.R.; Macrina, F.L., 1991:
Identification of a region that influences host range of the streptococcal conjugative plasmid pIP501

Emanuel, J.R.; Graw, S.; Housman, D.; Levenson, R., 1989:
Identification of a region within the Na,K-ATPase alpha subunit that contributes to differential ouabain sensitivity

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Identification of a regulated Na/K/Cl cotransport system in a distal nephron cell line

Paukovits, J.B.; Paukovits, W.R.; Laerum, O.D., 1986:
Identification of a regulatory peptide distinct from normal granulocyte-derived hemoregulatory peptide produced by human promyelocytic HL-60 leukemia cells after differentiation induction with retinoic acid

Cook, D.G.; Stopfer, M.; Carew, T.J., 1991:
Identification of a reinforcement pathway necessary for operant conditioning of head waving in Aplysia californica

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Identification of a relationship between glutathione metabolism and drug sensitivities in a panel of human tumour cell lines

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Identification of a repetitive element in the snail Biomphalaria glabrata: relationship to the reverse transcriptase-encoding sequence in LINE-1 transposons

Nakabayashi, N.; Ashizawa, M.; Nakamura, M., 1992:
Identification of a resin-dentin hybrid layer in vital human dentin created in vivo: durable bonding to vital dentin

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Identification of a restriction fragment length polymorphism by a CR1 cDNA that correlates with the number of CR1 on erythrocytes

Savage, P.D.; Hanson, C.A.; Kersey, J.H., 1987:
Identification of a restriction fragment length polymorphism involving the oncogene ETS-1 on chromosome 11q23

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Identification of a retained surgical sponge using magnetic resonance imaging

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Identification of a retina-specific MEKA protein as a 33 K protein

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Identification of a retinal protein in Drosophila with antibody to the alpha subunit of bovine brain G(o) protein

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Identification of a retinoic acid-inducible endogenous retroviral transcript in the human teratocarcinoma-derived cell line PA-1

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Identification of a retinoic acid-sensitive period during primary axis formation in Xenopus laevis

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Identification of a reversible structural transition in the metal-depleted glycerol dehydrogenase from Bacillus stearothermophilus

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Identification of a rhodopsin photoreceptor in Euglena gracilis

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Identification of a ribosomal protein S6 kinase regulated by transformation and growth-promoting stimuli

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Identification of a ribosomal protein essential for peptidyl transferase activity

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Identification of a rosette-enriched chromatin fraction from mouse fibroblast nuclei

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Identification of a salvage pathway for D-arabinose in Mycobacterium smegmatis

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Identification of a sarcoma virus-coded phosphoprotein in nonproducer cells transformed by Kirsten or Harvey murine sarcoma virus

Bora, P.S.; Spilburg, C.A.; Lange, L.G., 1989:
Identification of a satellite fatty acid ethyl ester synthase from human myocardium as a glutathione S-transferase

Newman, R.E.; Foldes, A.; Maxwell, C.A.; Rigby, R.D.; Wynn, P.C., 1991:
Identification of a seasonal elevation in daytime melatonin levels associated with the rut in fallow bucks (Dama dama): the effect of day length and exogenous melatonin

Ioannides, C.G.; Itoh, K.; Fox, F.E.; Pahwa, R.; Good, R.A.; Platsoucas, C.D., 1987:
Identification of a second T-cell antigen receptor in human and mouse by an anti-peptide gamma-chain-specific monoclonal antibody

Little, M., 1979:
Identification of a second beta chain in pig brain tubulin

Duffy, J.J.; Lindell, T.J., 1985:
Identification of a second binding isotherm for actinomycin D-deoxyribonucleic acid at low drug concentrations

Looney, R.J.; Ryan, D.H.; Takahashi, K.; Fleit, H.B.; Cohen, H.J.; Abraham, G.N.; Anderson, C.L., 1986:
Identification of a second class of IgG Fc receptors on human neutrophils. A 40 kilodalton molecule also found on eosinophils

Kalman, L.V.; Gunsalus, R.P., 1989:
Identification of a second gene involved in global regulation of fumarate reductase and other nitrate-controlled genes for anaerobic respiration in Escherichia coli

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Identification of a second human nm23 gene, nm23-H2

Kiefer, M.C.; Tucker, J.E.; Joh, R.; Landsberg, K.E.; Saltman, D.; Barr, P.J., 1991:
Identification of a second human subtilisin-like protease gene in the fes/fps region of chromosome 15

Nelms, K.; Hromas, R.; Van Ness, B., 1990:
Identification of a second inducible DNA-protein interaction in the kappa immunoglobulin enhancer

Staeheli, P.; Sutcliffe, J.G., 1988:
Identification of a second interferon-regulated murine Mx gene

Nukiwa, T.; Satoh, K.; Brantly, M.L.; Ogushi, F.; Fells, G.A.; Courtney, M.; Crystal, R.G., 1986:
Identification of a second mutation in the protein-coding sequence of the Z type alpha 1-antitrypsin gene

Ross, T.K.; Achberger, E.C.; Braymer, H.D., 1989:
Identification of a second polypeptide required for McrB restriction of 5-methylcytosine-containing DNA in Escherichia coli K12

Granston, A.E.; Thompson, D.L.; Friedman, D.I., 1990:
Identification of a second promoter for the metY-nusA-infB operon of Escherichia coli