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Immune responses in mice infected with lactic dehydrogenase virus. I. Antibody response to DNP-BGG and hyperglobulinaemia in BALB/c mice

Michaelides, M.C.; Simms, E.S.

Immunology 32(6): 981-988


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-2805
PMID: 885591
Accession: 040354629

The humoral immune response to DNP-BGG of BALB/c mice acutely infected with lactic dehydrogenase virus (LDV) has been investigated. Virus-infected mice injected with antigen in saline exhibit a greater anti-DNP response than uninfected controls. When this antigen is presented in Freund's complete adjuvant (FCA) the anti-DNP response is greater than obtained with antigen in saline, but significant differences between infected and uninfected controls are not observed. These data are consistent with the view that acute LDV infection can have an adjuvant-like effect when this T-dependent antigen is introduced in saline. In addition, the effect of viral infection on plasma Ig class and subclass levels has been investigated. LDV infection leads to a gradual increase in plasma Ig concentration. This effect is restricted to the IgG2a subclass in most animals, but occasionally is restricted to IgG1. The mechanisms responsible for these changes have not been delineated.

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