Section 41
Chapter 40,391

In vitro expression of cloned PrP cDNA derived from scrapie-infected mouse brain: lack of transmission of scrapie infectivity

Caughey, B.; Race, R.; Vogel, M.; Buchmeier, M.; Chesebro, B.

Ciba Foundation Symposium 135: 197-208


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-5208
PMID: 3137000
Accession: 040390895

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A cDNA for the prion protein (PrP) derived from scrapie-infected mouse brain was expressed in C127 mouse cells in vitro under the control of the mouse metallothionein promoter. PrP synthesis was detected by immunoprecipitation using a rabbit antibody specific for a 15 amino acid PrP peptide. Homogenates of cells expressing the cloned PrP cDNA inoculated into weanling mice failed to induce clinical scrapie during 190 days of observation. We conclude that either PrP is not the transmissible agent of scrapie or the PrP is not processed appropriately in this cell system to create the infectious agent.

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