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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 40393

Chapter 40393 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bollenbacher, W.E.; Faux, A.F.; Galbraith, M.N.; Gilbert, L.I.; Horn, D.H.; Wilkie, J.S., 1979:
In vitro metabolism of possible ecdysone precursors by the prothoracic glands of the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta

Makawiti, D.W.; Osaso, J.; Gombe, S., 1991:
In vitro metabolism of progesterone by peripheral blood of rock hyrax (Procavia capensis)

Kime, D.E., 1990:
In vitro metabolism of progesterone, 17-hydroxyprogesterone, and 17,20 beta-dihydroxy-4-pregnen-3-one by ovaries of the common carp Cyprinus carpio: production rates of polar metabolites

Musto, N.A.; Nahrwold, D.; Miljković, M.; Bardin, C.W., 1977:
In vitro metabolism of progestins. III. The metabolic clearance rate of medroxyprogesterone acetate in monkeys

Agar, N.S.; Harley, J.D., 1976:
In vitro metabolism of red blood cells from newborn and adult goats

Tcholakian, R.K.; Steinberger, A., 1979:
In vitro metabolism of testosterone by cultured Sertoli cells and the effect of FSH

Inano, H.; Mori, K.; Tamaoki, B., 1976:
In vitro metabolism of testosterone in hepatic tissue of a hagfish, Eptatretus burgeri

Genot, A.; Loras, B.; Monbon, M.; Bertrand, J., 1975:
In vitro metabolism of testosterone in the rat brain during sexual maturation-III. Studies of the formation of main androstane-diols and androstene-diols

Sugimoto, Y.; Ohta, Y.; Morikawa, T.; Yamashita, T.; Yoshida, M.; Tamaoki, B., 1990:
In vitro metabolism of testosterone on hepatic tissue of chicken (Gallus domesticus)

Mosadomi, A.; Ofner, P., 1976:
In vitro metabolism of testosterone-4-14 C by canine salivary glands

Helsby, N.A.; Ward, S.A.; Howells, R.E.; Breckenridge, A.M., 1990:
In vitro metabolism of the biguanide antimalarials in human liver microsomes: evidence for a role of the mephenytoin hydroxylase (P450 MP) enzyme

Harvey, D.J.; Brown, N.K., 1991:
In vitro metabolism of the equatorial C11-methyl isomer of hexahydrocannabinol in several mammalian species

Larsen, G.L.; Bakke, J.E.; Feil, V.J.; Huwe, J.K., 1988:
In vitro metabolism of the methylthio group of 2-methylthiobenzothiazole by rat liver

Suzuki, T.; Hashimura, Y.; Takeyama, S., 1985:
In vitro metabolism of the new cardiotonic agent denopamine (TA-064) by rat and rabbit liver preparations. Oxidation, methylation, and glucuronidation

Howard, M.O.; Newton, J.F.; Keohane, D.J.; Yodis, L.P.; Saverino, C.M.; Qualls, C.W.; Schwartz, L.W., 1990:
In vitro metabolism of the novel antiinflammatory agent 6-(4'-fluorophenyl)-5-(4'-pyridyl)-2,3-dihydroimidazo-[2,1-b]-thiazole

Livesey, J.C.; Rasey, J.S.; Vertrees, S.; Freeman, L.M.; Magee, S.; Nelson, N.J.; Chin, L.; Grunbaum, Z.; Krohn, K.A., 1988:
In vitro metabolism of the phosphorothioate radioprotectors WR-2721 and WR-3689

Bodine, A.B.; Luer, C.A.; Gangjee, S.A.; Walsh, C.J., 1989:
In vitro metabolism of the pro-carcinogen aflatoxin B1 by liver preparations of the calf, nurse shark and clearnose skate

Donchenko, G.V.; Chernukhina, L.A.; Zolotashko, O.M.; Teplitskaia, L.Iu., 1976:
In vitro metabolism of ubiquinone and ubichromenol in the livers of rats with avitaminosis E during individual and combined addition of alpha-tocopherol and phenylalanine

Reitano, J.F.; Reed, M.A.; Rostron, P.L.; Intenzo, C.M.; Capuzzi, D.M., 1977:
In vitro metabolism of vitamin D3 by isolated liver cells

Bend, J.R.; James, M.O.; Dansette, P.M., 1978:
In vitro metabolism of xenobiotics in some marine animals

Elattar, T.M., 1975:
In vitro metabolism studies of (1, 2, 6, 7-3-H)-cortisol in human gingiva in health and disease

Doi, H.; Takeda, S., 1990:
In vitro metal dissolution under various extraction conditions

Grahame, D.A.; Stadtman, T.C., 1987:
In vitro methane and methyl coenzyme M formation from acetate: evidence that acetyl-CoA is the required intermediate activated form of acetate

Wittmann, I.; Past, T.; Tapsonyi, Z.; Horváth, T.; Jávor, T., 1989:
In vitro method for measurement of free radical effects: effect of PMS (phenazine methosulphate) on red blood cell membrane

Eschelman, D.J.; Greenfield, A.J.; Gibbens, D.T., 1991:
In vitro method for teaching percutaneous vascular catheterization

Batchelor, J.R.; Brookes, P.A.; Davey, N.J.; Green, J.E.; Kaminski, E.; Bridge, J.; Avakian, H.; Howell, W.M.; Sage, D.A.; Hows, J.M., 1991:
In vitro methods and selection of HLA-matched unrelated donors for bone marrow transplantation

Bradley, N.J.; Poulter, L.W.; Lewis, G.P., 1976:
In vitro methods assessing the physiological activation of macrophages in vivo

Katoch, V.M.; Katoch, K.; Ramu, G.; Sharma, V.D.; Datta, A.K.; Shivannavar, C.T.; Desikan, K.V., 1988:
In vitro methods for determination of viability of mycobacteria: comparison of ATP content, morphological index and FDA-EB fluorescent staining in Mycobacterium leprae

Platz, P.; Thomsen, M.; Svejgaard, A., 1979:
In vitro methods for diagnosis and monitoring of cellular immunologic defects

Tamura, T.; Yoganathan, A.; Sahn, D.J., 1987:
In vitro methods for studying the accuracy of velocity determination and spatial resolution of a color Doppler flow mapping system

Bessler, W.G.; Bessler, U.; Eck, G.; Scheuer, W.V.; Suhr, B., 1985:
In vitro methods for testing of plant derived, bacterial and synthetic agents and toxins with the use of leukocyte primary cell cultures and cell lines

Miller, J.L., 1986:
In vitro methods not likely to replace animal testing of drugs

Ciapetti, G.; Roda, P.; Landi, L.; Facchini, A.; Pizzoferrato, A., 1992:
In vitro methods to evaluate metal-cell interactions

Rougier, A.; Cottin, M.; de Silva, O.; Roguet, R.; Catroux, P.; Toufic, A.; Dossou, K.G., 1992:
In vitro methods: their relevance and complementarity in ocular safety assessment

Horton, R.D.; Lord, S.T., 1986:
In vitro methylation doubles the efficiency of oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis

Feenstra, A.; Fewell, J.; Lueders, K.; Kuff, E., 1986:
In vitro methylation inhibits the promotor activity of a cloned intracisternal A-particle LTR

Vardimon, L.; Rich, A., 1985:
In vitro methylation of B-DNA and Z-DNA

Carotti, D.; Palitti, F.; Lavia, P.; Strom, R., 1989:
In vitro methylation of CpG-rich islands

Nègre, D.; Weitzmann, C.; Ofengand, J., 1989:
In vitro methylation of Escherichia coli 16S ribosomal RNA and 30S ribosomes

Carter, C.A., 1978:
In vitro methylation of adenosine residues in reovirus RNA

Brooks, J.E.; Hattman, S., 1978:
In vitro methylation of bacteriophage lambda DNA by wild type (dam+) and mutant (damh) forms of the phage T2 DNA adenine methylase

Kudriashova, I.B.; Vaniushin, B.F., 1976:
In vitro methylation of nuclear DNA from various organs of a rat: Tissue and age differences in acceptor ability of DNA

Friedman, S., 1977:
In vitro methylation of rat liver tRNA-synthesis of 3-methylcytosine and 1-methylhypoxantheine

Ward, C.; Bolden, A.; Nalin, C.M.; Weissbach, A., 1987:
In vitro methylation of the 5'-flanking regions of the mouse beta-globin gene

Toledo, H.; Jerez, C.A., 1985:
In vitro methylation of the elongation factor EF-Tu from Escherichia coli

Thompson, J.P.; Simkevich, C.P.; Holness, M.A.; Kang, A.H.; Raghow, R., 1991:
In vitro methylation of the promoter and enhancer of Pro alpha 1(I) collagen gene leads to its transcriptional inactivation

Lesiewicz, J.; Dudock, B., 1978:
In vitro methylation of tobacco mosaic virus RNA with ribothymidine-forming tRNA methyltransferase. Characterization and specificity of the reaction

Locht, C.; Delcour, J., 1985:
In vitro methylation of undermethylated yeast poly(A)-rich RNA using mRNA(guanine-7-)-methyltransferase purified from wheat germ or yeast

Salas, C.E.; Dirheimer, G., 1979:
In vitro methylation of yeast tRNAAsp by rat brain cortical tRNA-(adenine-1) methyltransferase

Peitscher, D.R., 1990:
In vitro micro-leakage of composite resin systems in dentin using a uniform cavity preparation

Vaidya, R.A.; Manikeri, S.; Motashaw, N.D.; Sheth, U.K., 1976:
In vitro microagglutination of human spermatozoa by ethinyl estradiol: a brief communication

Suzuki, Y.; Ohmori, H.; Azuma, A.; Hashimoto, Y.; Ichikawa, Y.; Noguchi, T., 1979:
In vitro microbiological evaluation of TEI-1194 and TEI-2012, novel antipseudomonal semisynthetic penicillins

Esposito, S.; Galante, D.; Barba, D., 1986:
In vitro microbiological properties of mezlocillin compared with four cephalosporins

Oehring, H.; Welker, D.; Wolf, D.; Walther, D., 1989:
In vitro microbiological research on oral ointments

Youngson, C.C.; Grey, N.J.; Jones, J.G.; Redfern, E., 1991:
In vitro microleakage associated with posterior composite restorations used with different base/bonding system combinations

Lacy, A.M.; Wada, C.; Du, W.; Watanabe, L., 1992:
In vitro microleakage at the gingival margin of porcelain and resin veneers

Shortall, A.C., 1992:
In vitro microleakage of Class V composite resin restorations with and without light-cured glass-ionomer (poly alkenoate) cement lining

Hembree, J.H., 1986:
In vitro microleakage of a new dental adhesive system

Brose, J.A.; Martinez, C.R.; Cooley, R.O.; Marshall, G.W.; Greener, E.H., 1977:
In vitro microleakage of repaired fractured incisors

Nito, S.; Kondo, Y.; Ono, T.; Ariyuki, F., 1986:
In vitro micronucleus method with erythropoietin-differentiated erythrocytes

Newton, J.F.; Straub, K.M.; Dewey, R.H.; Perchonock, C.D.; Leonard, T.B.; McCarthy, M.E.; Gleason, J.G.; Eckardt, R.D., 1987:
In vitro microsomal metabolism of the leukotriene receptor antagonist, 5-(2-dodecylphenyl)-4,6-dithianonanedioic acid (SK&F 102,081)

Colacci, A.; Mazzullo, M.; Arfellini, G.; Prodi, G.; Grilli, S., 1985:
In vitro microsome- and cytosol-mediated binding of 1,2-dichloroethane and 1,2-dibromoethane with DNA

Sandru, G.; Veraguth, P., 1985:
In vitro migration inhibition of [3H]leucine-labeled granulocytes by supernatants of Con A-Sepharose stimulated MNC cultures

Sandru, G., 1975:
In vitro migration inhibition of blood clot fragment leukocytes

Shiohara, T.; Moriya, N.; Gotoh, C.; Gomi, T.; Nagashima, M., 1989:
In vitro migration of L3T4+ cloned T cells to epidermis: possible role for keratinocyte-derived factors

Applegate, K.G.; Balch, C.M.; Pellis, N.R., 1990:
In vitro migration of lymphocytes through collagen matrix: arrested locomotion in tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes

Gronowicz, G.; Woodiel, F.N.; McCarthy, M.B.; Raisz, L.G., 1989:
In vitro mineralization of fetal rat parietal bones in defined serum-free medium: effect of beta-glycerol phosphate

Saffhill, R., 1985:
In vitro miscoding of alkylthymines with DNA and RNA polymerases

Grevatt, P.C.; Solomon, J.J.; Bhanot, O.S., 1992:
In vitro mispairing specificity of O2-ethylthymidine

Abrahamsen, T.G.; Frøland, S.S.; Natvig, J.B., 1978:
In vitro mitogen stimulation of synovial fluid lymphocytes from rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis patients: dissociation between the response to antigens and polyclonal mitogens

Shoji, R.; Matsuda, M.; Oohira, A.; Matsui, F., 1986:
In vitro model as a primary short-term screening test for teratogens

Vandenburgh, H.; Kaufman, S., 1979:
In vitro model for stretch-induced hypertrophy of skeletal muscle

Raygoza-Anaya, M.; González-Robles, A.; Mora-Galindo, J., 1990:
In vitro model for the analysis of the interaction between Shigella flexneri and the intestinal epithelium

Patsch, R.; Koester, G.; Sandow, D.; Bretschneider, M., 1986:
In vitro model for the study of the concentration kinetics of antibiotic combinations and their antibacterial activity

McCabe, R.E.; Yu, G.S.; Conteas, C.; Morrill, P.R.; McMorrow, B., 1991:
In vitro model of attachment of Giardia intestinalis trophozoites to IEC-6 cells, an intestinal cell line

Niu, S.; Matsuda, T.; Oka, T., 1990:
In vitro model of endothelialization at anastomotic sites

Benamou, M.; Métral, S.; Hort-Legrand, C.; Belec, L.; Lestrade, R., 1990:
In vitro model of far-field stationary potentials: boundary effects on propagated potentials

Wartenberg, J.; Milgrom, F., 1979:
In vitro model of hyperacute organ rejection by allotransplantation sera

Nash, S.; Parkos, C.; Nusrat, A.; Delp, C.; Madara, J.L., 1991:
In vitro model of intestinal crypt abscess. A novel neutrophil-derived secretagogue activity

Gaillard, J.L.; Berche, P.; Mounier, J.; Richard, S.; Sansonetti, P., 1987:
In vitro model of penetration and intracellular growth of Listeria monocytogenes in the human enterocyte-like cell line Caco-2

Lahav, M., 1987:
In vitro model of retinal photoreceptor differentiation

Thiele, B.; Bonnekoh, B.; Mahrle, G., 1986:
In vitro model of the re-epithelialization of defects

Al-Asadi, M.J.; Greenwood, D.; O'Grady, F., 1979:
In vitro model simulating the form of exposure of bacteria to antimicrobial drugs encountered in infection

Neubert, R., 1990:
In vitro model systems for the evaluation of absorption from the gastrointestinal tract

Lippman, M.E.; Osborne, C.K.; Knazek, R.; Young, N., 1977:
In vitro model systems for the study of hormone-dependent human breast cancer

Rush, W.R.; Mulvey, J.H.; Graham, D.J., 1992:
In vitro modelling of a mechanism of drug-related hypersensitivity

Bozhok, I.M.; Kireeva, S.S.; Varga, S.V., 1985:
In vitro models for research on cell differentiation and malignant degeneration in the human prostate

Strausz, J.; Müller-Quernheim, J., 1990:
In vitro models for the analysis of inflammatory processes in sarcoidosis

Blaser, J.; Zinner, S.H., 1987:
In vitro models for the study of antibiotic activities

Schraufstätter, I.U.; Halsey, W.A.; Hyslop, P.A.; Cochrane, C.G., 1988:
In vitro models for the study of oxidant-induced injury of cells in inflammation

Kosterlitz, H.W.; Waterfield, A.A., 1975:
In vitro models in the study of structure-activity relationships of narcotic analgesics

Henderson, A.J.; Dorshkind, K., 1990:
In vitro models of B lymphocyte development

Hadley, M.A.; Byers, S.W.; Suárez-Quian, C.A.; Djakiew, D.; Dym, M., 1988:
In vitro models of differentiated Sertoli cell structure and function

Botella Llusiá, J., 1978:
In vitro models of human cervical function

Privat, A.; Marson, A.M.; Drian, M.J., 1979:
In vitro models of neural growth and differentiation

Shibata, T.; Ando, T., 1975:
In vitro modification and restriction of phage phi-105c DNA with Bacillus subtilis N cell-free extract

Garda, H.A.; Brenner, R.R., 1985:
In vitro modification of cholesterol content of rat liver microsomes. Effects upon membrane 'fluidity' and activities of glucose-6-phosphatase and fatty acid desaturation systems

Hammer, S.M.; Gillis, J.M.; Groopman, J.E.; Rose, R.M., 1986:
In vitro modification of human immunodeficiency virus infection by granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor and gamma interferon

Vinson, G.P.; Whitehouse, B.J., 1976:
In vitro modification of rat adrenal zona fasciculata/reticularis function by the zona glomerulosa

Rossano, F.; Marinelli, P., 1979:
In vitro modifications of phagocytosis during an experimental infection with para-influenza virus 1

Idohou, N.; Couderc, R.; Roch-Arveiller, M.; Bonneau, C.; Giroud, J.P.; Raichvarg, D., 1991:
In vitro modulating effect of human very-low-density lipoproteins on human polymorphonuclear leukocyte oxidative metabolism and migration

Melvik, J.E.; Dornish, J.M.; Larsen, R.O.; Børretzen, B.; Oftebro, R.; Pettersen, E.O., 1992:
In vitro modulating effect of the reversible protein synthesis inhibitor zilascorb (2H) on cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (II)-induced cytotoxicity

Gross, N.; Beck, D.; Favre, S., 1990:
In vitro modulation and relationship between N-myc and HLA class I RNA steady-state levels in human neuroblastoma cells

Walsh, L.J.; Lander, P.E.; Seymour, G.J.; Powell, R.N., 1987:
In vitro modulation of T6 expression on gingival Langerhans cells by interleukin-1 inhibitors and ETAF

Matsuo, T., 1986:
In vitro modulation of alkaline phosphatase activity in neutrophils from patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia by monocyte-derived activity

Iwata, M.; Ishizaka, K., 1987:
In vitro modulation of antigen-primed T cells by a glycosylation-inhibiting factor that regulates the formation of antigen-specific suppressive factors

Yang, A.H.; Oberley, T.D.; Oberley, L.W.; Schmid, S.M.; Cummings, K.B., 1987:
In vitro modulation of antioxidant enzymes in normal and malignant renal epithelium

D'Alesandro, M.M.; Gruber, D.F.; O'Halloran, K.P.; MacVittie, T.J., 1991:
In vitro modulation of canine polymorphonuclear leukocyte function by granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor

Sacks, P.G.; Parnes, S.M.; Price, J.C.; Risemberg, H.; Goldstein, J.C.; Marko, M.; Parsons, D.F., 1985:
In vitro modulation of differentiation by calcium in organ cultures of human and murine epithelial tissue

Purkiss, S.F.; Grahn, M.F.; Turkish, M.; Macey, M.G.; Williams, N.S., 1992:
In vitro modulation of haematoporphyrin derivative photodynamic therapy on colorectal carcinoma multicellular spheroids by verapamil

Bendtzen, K.; Palit, J., 1977:
In vitro modulation of human leucocyte migration and migration inhibitory factor (LIF) activity by cyclic 3',5'-AMP and cyclic 3',5'-GMP

Zimmerman, J.J.; Zuk, S.M.; Millard, J.R., 1989:
In vitro modulation of human neutrophil superoxide anion generation by various calcium channel antagonists used in ischemia-reperfusion resuscitation

Ijichi, S.; Eiraku, N.; Osame, M.; Izumo, S.; Kubota, R.; Maruyama, I.; Matsumoto, M.; Sonoda, S., 1989:
In vitro modulation of lymphocyte proliferation by prednisolone and interferon-alpha in patients with HTLV-I-associated myelopathy (HAM)

Weinberg, J.B.; Hibbs, J.B., 1979:
In vitro modulation of macrophage tumoricidal activity: partial characterization of a macrophage-activating factor(s) in supernatants of NaIO4-treated peritoneal cells

Mehta, B.A.; Satam, M.N.; Advani, S.H.; Nadkarni, J.J., 1989:
In vitro modulation of natural killer cell activity in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients after therapy

French, J.T.; Welsh, T.H., 1990:
In vitro modulation of porcine Leydig cell steroidogenesis by phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate and 1,2-dioctanoylglycerol

Herbert, C.A.; Edwards, D.; Boot, J.R.; Robinson, C., 1991:
In vitro modulation of the eosinophil-dependent enhancement of the permeability of the bronchial mucosa

Xiang, J.H.; Kimura, A.K., 1986:
In vitro modulation of the metastatic phenotype. I. Analysis of differentiation forms of the B16 melanoma expressing Met-72 determinants and metastatic activity

Gallicchio, V.S.; Hughes, N.K.; Hulette, B.C., 1992:
In vitro modulation of the toxicity associated with the use of zidovudine on normal murine, human, and murine retrovirus-infected hematopoietic progenitor stem cells with basic fibroblast growth factor and synergistic activity with interleukin-1

Khokhlov, A.P.; Iarygin, K.N.; Shitin, A.G., 1986:
In vitro modulation using a synthetic antioxidant of the stimulus-induced formation of cyclic AMP

Ypma-Wong, M.F.; Semler, B.L., 1987:
In vitro molecular genetics as a tool for determining the differential cleavage specificities of the poliovirus 3C proteinase

Jeffery, J.R.; Guttmann, R.D.; Charpentier, B., 1976:
In vitro monitoring of cadaver kidney donor pretreatment by lymphocyte culture

Golub, S.H.; Roth, J.A.; Forsythe, A.; Morton, D.L., 1975:
In vitro monitoring of cellular function during BCG immunotherapy

Ali, M., 1985:
In vitro monitoring of immunotherapy with serial measurement of serum levels of allergen-specific IgG antibodies

Rudolf, Z.; Sersa, G.; Krosl, G., 1986:
In vitro monocyte maturation in patients with malignant melanoma and colorectal cancer--clinical significance

Joshi, P.A.; Schuller, H.M.; Rossignol, G.; Castonguay, A., 1989:
In vitro morphological changes induced by 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-(butanone) in fetal hamster respiratory tract tissue

Kawanishi, H., 1978:
In vitro morphological studies on antibody-dependent nonimmune lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity in chronic active liver disease

Takayama, S.; Katoh, Y.; Hirakawa, T.; Tanaka, M., 1978:
In vitro morphological transformation of cryopreserved hamster embryo cells with tobacco tar

Werling, H.O.; Spiess, E.; Paweletz, N., 1986:
In vitro motility of BSp73 rat tumor cells with different metastatic ability

Mancinelli, R.; Guariglia, L.; Racanicchi, C.; Bertuzzi, A.; Salinari, S.; Vitelli, R., 1988:
In vitro motility of non-pregnant rat uterine horns

Liu, H.S.; Karakida, T.; Homma, S., 1990:
In vitro motor activity and compliance of the caecum in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Freĭdin, M.I.; Grinberg, K.N.; Kaurov, B.A., 1988:
In vitro movement of human embryonic fibroblasts with normal and anomalous sets of chromosomes

Di Lorenzo, L.; Margiotta, M.; Lerro, A.; Dario, R.; L'Abbate, N.; Ambrosi, L., 1990:
In vitro mucociliary clearance: observations in subjects exposed to acute inhalation of nitrous vapors

Gutierrez, P.L.; Wilder, P.J.; Biswal, N., 1989:
In vitro multidrug resistance of P388 murine leukemia selected for resistance to diaziquone

Rand, J.H.; Chu, S.V.; Potter, B.J., 1987:
In vitro multimerization of human von Willebrand factor from its subunits

Maliuk, V.I.; Shupta, L.V.; Pavlova, M.K., 1977:
In vitro multiplication of Dunaliella salina Teod. cells. I

Strauss, B.S., 1989:
In vitro mutagenesis and SOS repair

Milton, D.L.; Napier, M.L.; Myers, R.M.; Hardman, J.K., 1986:
In vitro mutagenesis and overexpression of the Escherichia coli trpA gene and the partial characterization of the resultant tryptophan synthase mutant alpha-subunits

Turkington, E.; Strauss, B.G., 1991:
In vitro mutagenesis as a result of 60Co-gamma-ray-induced base damage

Negishi, K.; Matsumoto, K.; Bessho, T.; Tada, F.; Hayatsu, H., 1988:
In vitro mutagenesis by incorporation of N4-aminodeoxycytidine 5'-triphosphate

Certa, U.; Itin, C.; Döbeli, H., 1992:
In vitro mutagenesis defines drug targets in aldolase of Plasmodium falciparum

Maldonado-Rodriguez, R.; Beattie, K.L., 1991:
In vitro mutagenesis in the lacI gene of Escherichia coli: fate of 3'-terminal mispairs versus internal base mispairs in a transfection assay

el-Zaatari, F.A.; Sams, K.C.; Taurog, J.D., 1990:
In vitro mutagenesis of HLA-B27. Amino acid substitutions at position 67 disrupt anti-B27 monoclonal antibody binding in direct relation to the size of the substituted side chain

Taurog, J.D.; el-Zaatari, F.A., 1988:
In vitro mutagenesis of HLA-B27. Substitution of an unpaired cysteine residue in the alpha 1 domain causes loss of antibody-defined epitopes

el-Zaatari, F.A.; Taurog, J.D., 1992:
In vitro mutagenesis of HLA-B27: single and multiple amino acid substitutions at consensus B27 sites identify distinct monoclonal antibody-defined epitopes

Heffron, F.; So, M.; McCarthy, B.J., 1978:
In vitro mutagenesis of a circular DNA molecule by using synthetic restriction sites

Ishikawa, M.; Meshi, T.; Okada, Y.; Sano, T.; Shikata, E., 1985:
In vitro mutagenesis of infectious viroid cDNA clone

Gieselmann, V.; Schmidt, B.; von Figura, K., 1992:
In vitro mutagenesis of potential N-glycosylation sites of arylsulfatase A. Effects on glycosylation, phosphorylation, and intracellular sorting

Cann, A.J.; Rosenblatt, J.D.; Wachsman, W.; Chen, I.S., 1989:
In vitro mutagenesis of the human T-cell leukemia virus types I and II tax genes

Markland, W.; Cheng, S.H.; Oostra, B.A.; Smith, A.E., 1986:
In vitro mutagenesis of the putative membrane-binding domain of polyomavirus middle-T antigen

Ishikawa, M.; Meshi, T.; Motoyoshi, F.; Takamatsu, N.; Okada, Y., 1986:
In vitro mutagenesis of the putative replicase genes of tobacco mosaic virus

King, C.R.; Giese, N.A.; Robbins, K.C.; Aaronson, S.A., 1985:
In vitro mutagenesis of the v-sis transforming gene defines functional domains of its growth factor-related product

Kohalmi, L.; Kunz, B.A., 1992:
In vitro mutagenesis of the yeast SUP4-o gene to identify all substitutions that can be detected in vivo with the SUP4-o system

Kim, H.J.; Nishikawa, S.; Tokutomi, Y.; Takenaka, H.; Hamada, M.; Kuby, S.A.; Uesugi, S., 1990:
In vitro mutagenesis studies at the arginine residues of adenylate kinase. A revised binding site for AMP in the X-ray-deduced model

Greene, E.J.; Friedman, M.A.; Sherrod, J.A., 1979:
In vitro mutagenicity and cell transformation screening of caprolactam

Greene, E.J.; Friedman, M.A.; Sherrod, J.A.; Salerno, A.J., 1979:
In vitro mutagenicity and cell transformation screening of phenylglycidyl ether

Greene, E.J.; Friedman, M.A.; Sherrod, J.A.; Salerno, A.J., 1979:
In vitro mutagenicity and cell-transformation screening of N-(2,3-epoxy-propyl)-phthalimide

Ohtsubo, M.; Yoshida, M.; Ohta, S.; Kagawa, Y.; Yohda, M.; Date, T., 1987:
In vitro mutated beta subunits from the F1-ATPase of the thermophilic bacterium, PS3, containing glutamine in place of glutamic acid in positions 190 or 201 assembles with the alpha and gamma subunits to produce inactive complexes

Muñoz-Sánchez, J.L.; Cabrera-Juárez, E., 1991:
In vitro mutation of Haemophilus influenzae transforming deoxyribonucleic acid by ultraviolet radiation at -70 degrees C

Meerovitch, K.; Nicholson, R.; Sonenberg, N., 1991:
In vitro mutational analysis of cis-acting RNA translational elements within the poliovirus type 2 5' untranslated region

Bähr, M.; Hopkins, J.M.; Bunge, R.P., 1991:
In vitro myelination of regenerating adult rat retinal ganglion cell axons by Schwann cells

Du, D.L.; Volpe, D.A.; Grieshaber, C.K.; Murphy, M.J., 1990:
In vitro myelotoxicity of 2',3'-dideoxynucleosides on human hematopoietic progenitor cells

Baccarini, M.; Bistoni, F.; Lohmann-Matthes, M.L., 1985:
In vitro natural cell-mediated cytotoxicity against Candida albicans: macrophage precursors as effector cells

Pelletier, H.; Olsson, N.O.; Shimizu, T.; Lagadec, P.; Fady, C.; Reisser, D.; Jeannin, J.F., 1987:
In vitro natural killer activity against progressive and regressive variants of a rat colon adenocarcinoma. Effect of treatments with anti-asialo GM1 plus complement

Dunlap, N.E.; Lane, V.G.; Cloud, G.A.; Tilden, A.B., 1990:
In vitro natural killer and lymphokine-activated killer activity in patients with bronchogenic carcinoma

Koevary, S.B., 1988:
In vitro natural killer cell activity in the spontaneously diabetic BB/Wor rat: effects of serum on lysis of insulinoma cells

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In vitro neutralization by monoclonal antibodies of alpha-bungarotoxin binding to acetylcholine receptor

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In vitro neutralization of antigenic variants of bluetongue virus is related to in vivo protection

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In vitro non-enzymatic glycation and formation of browning products in the bovine lens alpha-crystallin

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In vitro non-thrombogenicity of a thrombin-substrate-immobilized polymer surface by the inhibition of thrombin activity

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In vitro nuclear 3H-hydrocortisone binding in the hypothalamus of the pig

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In vitro obtaining stable L forms of group A beta-hemolytic streptococci type 1 and 12

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In vitro of adenosine on lymphocytes and erythrocytes from horses with combined immunodeficiency

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In vitro of cefotaxime against cephalothin-resistant clinical isolates

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In vitro or in vivo receptor binding: where does the truth lie?

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In vitro ovulation of trout oocytes: effect of prostaglandins on smooth muscle-like cells of the theca

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In vitro oxidation of 6-MP and its metallo complexes by xanthine oxidase

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In vitro oxidation of intrinsic sulfhydryl groups yields polymers of the two predominant polypeptides in the nuclear envelope fraction

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In vitro oxidation of oxicam NSAIDS by a human liver cytochrome P450

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In vitro oxygenation--technic and evaluation of the capacity and efficiency of the bubble oxygenator with heat exchanger

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In vitro ozone exposure inhibits mitogen-induced lymphocyte proliferation and IL-2 production

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In vitro pH-dependent drug release from N4-(4-carboxybutyryl)-1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine and its conjugate with poly-L-lysine or decylenediamine-dextran T70

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In vitro packaging of a lambda Dam vector containing EcoRI DNA fragments of Escherichia coli and phage P1

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In vitro packaging of covalently closed circular monomers of bacteriophage DNA

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In vitro packaging of lambda Dam vectors and their use in cloning DNA fragments

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In vitro packaging of lambda and cosmid DNA

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In vitro parameters for the comprehension of the immunocompetence of chickens of different lines. 2. Testing an immunocompetent parameter as a selection criterion in the chicken

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In vitro parameters for understanding the immunocompetence of chickens of different lineage. 1. The cytotoxicity of avian whole blood against Saccharomyces cells

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In vitro parameters of study of cell-to-cell interaction

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In vitro penetration of drugs into the pulp by diffusion

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In vitro penetration of hamster oocyte-cumulus complexes using physiological numbers of sperm

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In vitro penetration of human sperm into bovine cervical mucus: effects of sperm washing and exposure to low temperature

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In vitro penetration of tritium-labelled water (THO) and [3H]PbTx-3 (a red tide toxin) through monkey buccal mucosa and skin

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In vitro peptide binding to the heavy chain of the class I molecule of the major histocompatibility complex molecule HLA-A2

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In vitro performance of a low friction hinged-knee prosthesis

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In vitro performance of mouse hearts from different age groups at hypothermic temperatures

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In vitro performance of the small particle aerosol generator (SPAG-2)

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In vitro perfused, non-isolated small intestine: ontogeny of transmural hydraulic permeability

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In vitro perfusion of human placenta. V. Oxygen consumption

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In vitro perifusion of human hypothalamic and pituitary tissue

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In vitro permeation studies with natural (animal) membranes. 1. Membrane selection and the effect of repeated application on membrane permeability

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In vitro permeation studies with natural (animal) membranes. 2. Stability studies and influence of non-ionic tensides on permeation

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In vitro phagocytosis by Limulus blood cells

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In vitro phagocytosis of Candida albicans by peripheral polymorphonuclear neutrophils of patients with recurrent infections:Case reports of serum-dependent abnormalities

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In vitro phagocytosis of Salmonella typhimurium strains following treatment with various chemical substances

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In vitro phagocytosis of polymorphonuclear leukocytes of udder secretions before and after the dry period of cows

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In vitro phagocytosis stimulation by isolated plant materials in a chemoluminescence-phagocytosis model

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In vitro pharmaceutical control of pharmaceutical preparations. 4. Comparative dissolution and in vitro equivalence study of nitroglycerin tablets

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In vitro pharmacologic profile of Ro 40-5967, a novel Ca2+ channel blocker with potent vasodilator but weak inotropic action

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In vitro phenomenon of beta cell migration from fetal calf pseudoislets

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In vitro phenotype of ataxia-telangiectasia (AT) fibroblast strains: clues to the nature of the "AT DNA lesion" and the molecular defect in AT

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In vitro phenotypic markers of a poliovirus recombinant constructed from infectious cDNA clones of the neurovirulent Mahoney strain and the attenuated Sabin 1 strain

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In vitro phosphorylation and purification of a nonstructural protein of bluetongue virus with affinity for single-stranded RNA

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In vitro phosphorylation of type I collagen by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase

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In vitro photoradiation therapy of the rat 9L gliosarcoma

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In vitro photosensitization of human head and neck squamous cancer cells by dihematoporphyrin-ether

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In vitro photostability and photosensitizing properties of bergamot oil. Effects of a cinnamate sunscreen

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In vitro pigment formation from tryptamine. Role of indole-3-acetaldehyde

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In vitro pituitary hormone secretion assay for hypophysiotropic substances

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In vitro pituitary responsiveness to gonadotropin-releasing hormone (LH-RH) in intact and castrated male and female rats

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In vitro plasma binding of some second generation antitumor platinum complexes

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In vitro platelet abnormality in adenosine deaminase deficiency and severe combined immunodeficiency

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In vitro platelet adhesion and in vivo antithrombogenicity of heparinized polyetherurethaneureas

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In vitro platelet adhesion to dialysis membranes

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In vitro platelet hypoaggregability to ADP after body hypothermia in anaesthesized dogs is due to phenobarbital

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In vitro platelet interactions with a heparin-polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel

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In vitro platelets/endothelial cells interactions in presence of acetylsalicylic acid at various dosages

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In vitro polarization of dental amalgam in human saliva

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In vitro poly(ADPribosylation) of estrogen-induced proteins from the oviduct of the lizard Podarcis s. sicula Raf

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In vitro polymerization of bacteriophage T4D tail core subunits

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In vitro polymerization of microtubules from HeLa cells

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In vitro polymorphonuclear neutrophil function in surgical patients does not correlate with anergy but with "activating" processes such as sepsis or trauma

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In vitro polyoma DNA synthesis: asymmetry of short DNA chains

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In vitro polyoma DNA synthesis: inhibition by 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosyl CTP

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In vitro polyoma DNA synthesis: self-annealing properties of short DNA chains

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In vitro postantibiotic effect of daptomycin (LY146032) against Enterococcus faecalis and methicillin-susceptible and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains

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In vitro postantibiotic effect of roxithromycin and erythromycin against gram-positive cocci

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In vitro posttranslational modification of lamin B cloned from a human T-cell line

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In vitro precipitation of calcium phosphate under intracellular conditions: formation of brushite from an amorphous precursor in the absence of ATP

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In vitro predatory activity of a strain of Arthrobotrys oligospora Fres. Against a zooparasitic nematode

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In vitro predictive activity assay of agents based on dynamic cellular morphological findings--clinical application

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In vitro preparation and characterization of a 700 nm absorbing chlorophyll-water adduct according to the proposed primary molecular unit in photosynthesis

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In vitro preparation of enterotoxigenic species of Vibrio cholerae 01 from nontoxigenic cultures of cholera and NAG vibrios

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In vitro preparation of infarcted myocardium

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In vitro preparation of nonenzymatically glucosylated human transferrin, alpha 2-macroglobulin, and fibrinogen with preservation of function

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In vitro preparations of the diaphragm and other skeletal muscles

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In vitro presynaptic modulation of cholinergic hippocampal activity by pituitary-adrenocortical hormones

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In vitro primary IgE antibody responses by human lymphocytes

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In vitro primary allo-CTL generation by enucleated antigen-presenting cells

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In vitro primary immunization of human peripheral blood lymphocytes to KLH: evidence for HLA-D region restriction

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In vitro primary induction of cytotoxic T cells against virus-infected syngeneic cells

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In vitro priming of human bone marrow with recombinant GM-CSF

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In vitro processing at the 3'-terminal region of pre-18S rRNA by a nucleolar endoribonuclease

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In vitro processing of B. mori transfer RNA precursor molecules

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In vitro processing of Drosophila melanogaster 5 S ribosomal RNA. 3' end effects and requirement for internal domains of mature 5 S RNA

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In vitro processing of E. coli tRNA precursors

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In vitro processing of pro-subtilisin produced in Escherichia coli

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In vitro processing of the human growth hormone primary transcript

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In vitro production of a hybrid monoclonal antibody that preferentially binds to cells that express both HLA-A2 and HLA-B7

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In vitro production of an anti-DNA idiotype by lymphocytes of normal subjects and patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

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In vitro production of antibody in cultures of human peripheral blood lymphocytes

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In vitro production of cyanide in normal human blood and the influence of thiocyanate and storage temperature

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In vitro production of large single-stranded templates for DNA sequencing

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In vitro production of of a vector molecule composed of DNA from lambda phage and a plasmid with the determinant for resistance to tetracycline

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In vitro production of pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A) by trophoblastic cells

Anonymous, 1976:
In vitro production of prostaglandins E and F by the guinea pig ovarian tissue

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In vitro production of steroid cataract in bovine lens. Part II: measurement of sodium-potassium adenosine triphosphatase activity

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In vitro production of the factors effective in the transfer of experimental autoimmune aspermatogenesis

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In vitro production of toxic shock toxin by Staphylococcus aureus in tampons

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In vitro production of tumor necrosis factor by murine splenic macrophages stimulated with mannoprotein constituents of Candida albicans cell wall

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In vitro productive infection of human malignant trophoblastic cell line JAR with human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)

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In vitro profile of some opioid pentapeptide analogues

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In vitro progesterone and estradiol production by human corpus luteum

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In vitro progesterone modulates amphetamine-stimulated dopamine release from the corpus striatum of castrated male rats treated with estrogen

Dluzen, D.E.; Ramirez, V.D., 1990:
In vitro progesterone modulation of amphetamine-stimulated dopamine release from the corpus striatum of ovariectomized estrogen-treated female rats: response characteristics

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In vitro proliferation of haemopoietic cells in the presence of adherent cell layers. II. Differential effect of adherent cell layers derived from various organs

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In vitro proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells circulating in blood of patients with kidney allografts

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In vitro proliferation of human lymphocytes measured by an enzyme immunoassay using an anti-5-bromo-2-deoxyuridine monoclonal antibody

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In vitro proliferative and cytotoxic responses of PBL from Theileria annulata-immune cattle

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In vitro proliferative kinetics of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia lymphocytes

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In vitro promotion of human megakaryocytopoiesis by intact T cells--human CFU-M growth promotion by T cells

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In vitro prompt killing by chlorhexidine of human colorectal carcinoma cell lines

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In vitro propagation of human hepatitis B virus in a rat hepatoma cell line

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In vitro propagation of parvovirus B19 in primary foetal liver culture

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In vitro propagation of prostate adenocarcinoma cells from rats

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In vitro propagation of tissue-infiltrating lymphoid cells from lesional skin by culture in IL 2-containing medium

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In vitro properties of FBR murine osteosarcoma virus

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In vitro properties of a chitosan-bonded hydroxyapatite bone-filling paste

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In vitro properties of light-polymerized reline materials

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In vitro properties of murine autoreactive T cell clones with specificity for erythrocytes

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In vitro prostaglandin production by bovine corpora lutea destined to be normal or short-lived

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In vitro prostaglandin release from and platelet-activating factor accumulation in isolated endometrial cells from pregnant and pseudopregnant rabbits

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In vitro protection by erdosteine against oxidative inactivation of alpha-1-antitrypsin by cigarette smoke

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In vitro protection of the articular surface by cross-linking agents

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In vitro protein kinase C phosphorylation sites of placental lipocortin

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In vitro protein phosphorylation in head preparations from normal and mutant Drosophila melanogaster

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In vitro protein synthesis at elevated temperature by an extract of an extreme thermophile. Effects of polyamines on the polyuridylic acid-directed reaction

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In vitro protein synthesis directed by separated transcripts of bacteriophage f1 DNA

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In vitro protein synthesis is affected by the herbicide 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in Azospirillum brasilense

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In vitro protein translocation across the yeast endoplasmic reticulum: ATP-dependent posttranslational translocation of the prepro-alpha-factor

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In vitro protein translocation into inverted membrane vesicles prepared from Vibrio alginolyticus is stimulated by the electrochemical potential of Na+ in the presence of Escherichia coli SecA

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In vitro protein-synthesizing system of thermophilic bacteria--effect of polyamines on T. thermophilus system

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In vitro proteolysis of brain spectrin by calpain I inhibits association of spectrin with ankyrin-independent membrane binding site(s)

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In vitro proteolysis of red cell membrane in hereditary spherocytosis

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In vitro proteolytic cleavage of the Escherichia coli Ada protein by the ompT gene product

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In vitro proteolytic processing of a diubiquitin and a truncated diubiquitin formed from in vitro-generated mRNAs

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In vitro prothrombin synthesis--the vitamin K-dependent carboxylation of a prothrombin precursor

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In vitro proven glucocerebrosidase defect: a non-neuronal type of Gaucher's disease in adults

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In vitro pulsatile flow hemodynamics of five mechanical aortic heart valve prostheses

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In vitro purging of bone marrow for autologous marrow transplantation in acute myelogenous leukemia using myeloid-specific monoclonal antibodies

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In vitro purging of human rhabdomyosarcoma cells using 4-hydroperoxycyclophosphamide

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In vitro purification of autologous bone marrow for removal of neoplastic and leukemic cells

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In vitro qualitative ELISA test as a screening tool for significant allergy

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In vitro quantification of regurgitant jet flow by color Doppler ultrasound and conservation of momentum

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In vitro quantification of the apical sealing ability of retrograde amalgam fillings

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In vitro quantitation of cell-mediated immunity in guinea-pigs by macrophage reduction of nitro-blue tetrazolium

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In vitro quantitative autoradiography of [125I]alpha-bungarotoxin binding at the motor end-plates of experimental autoimmune myasthenia gravis

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In vitro quantitative autoradiography of [3H]-L-deprenyl and [3H]-PK 11195 binding sites in human epileptic hippocampus

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In vitro quantitative study on invasive process of two human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines, CNE-1 and CNE-2Z

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In vitro rabies vaccine potency appraisal by ELISA: advantages of the immunocapture method with a neutralizing anti-glycoprotein monoclonal antibody

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In vitro radiation response of cells from four human tumors propagated in immune-suppressed mice

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In vitro radiobiological analysis of 10B-L-BPA for BNCT of malignant melanoma: correlation of determined 10B-content and cell killing effect

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In vitro radioimmunological research

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In vitro radioisotope analysis in evaluation of corticosterone binding by the hepatocyte receptors

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In vitro radioisotope thyroid function tests in Japan--study of assay results based on the kit--

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In vitro radiolabeling of galactosyl and N-acetylgalactosaminyl moieties of glycoproteins with carbon-14

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In vitro radionuclide analysis in oncology

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In vitro radiosensitivity of human T and B lymphocytes evaluated using lymphocyte transformation tests and rosette formation tests

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In vitro radiosensitivity of human dipliod fibroblasts derived from patients with unusual clinical responses to radiation

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In vitro radiosensitivity of human fresh T-lymphocytes by colony formation assay using PHA and recombinant interleukin-2

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In vitro rat myocyte cardiotoxicity model for antitumor antibiotics using adenosine triphosphate/protein ratios

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In vitro reaction between methylene blue and the chromosomal DNA of E. coli

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In vitro reaction of antibodies to ragweed. I. Radioimmunoassay for measuring antibody levels

Fujita, Y.; Wicher, K.; Wypych, J.I.; Reisman, R.E.; Arbesman, C.E., 1975:
In vitro reaction of antibodies to ragweed. II. Quantitative determination of non-IgE antibodies interferring in a radioallergosorbent test

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In vitro reaction of beta-propiolactone and gamma-butyrolactone with glutathione and cysteine

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In vitro reaction of ethylene oxide with DNA and characterization of DNA adducts

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In vitro reaction of hydroxyamino derivatives of MeIQx, Glu-P-1 and Trp-P-1 with DNA: 32P-postlabelling analysis of DNA adducts formed in vivo by the parent amines and in vitro by their hydroxyamino derivatives

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In vitro reaction of leukocyte migration inhibition in the study of drug hypersensitivity

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In vitro reaction to antibiotics in Klebsiella group organisms isolated from clinical cases

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In vitro reactions of glycidol with pyrimidine bases in calf thymus DNA

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In vitro reactions of isopropyl methanesulfonate with DNA and with 2'-deoxyribonucleosides

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In vitro reactivation of in vivo ammonium-inactivated glutamine synthetase from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

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In vitro reactivity in allograft tolerance: persistence of mixed leukocyte culture reactivity in highly tolerant rats

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In vitro reactivity of human lymphocytes after cryopreservation using a programmed cooling device

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In vitro reactivity of lymphocytes obtained from patients with diffuse scleroderma

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In vitro reactivity of macrophages and lymphocytes from ultraviolet-irradiated mice

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In vitro reactivity of oxystarch and oxycellulose

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In vitro reappraisal of the pulmonary artery catheter balloon volume-pressure relationship: comparison of four different catheters

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In vitro reassembly of active large ribosomal subunits of the halophilic archaebacterium Haloferax mediterranei

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In vitro reassociation of EDTA-extractable proteins with calf lens fiber membranes

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In vitro recognition of carcinogen-induced local denaturation sites native DNA by S1 endonuclease from Aspergillus oryzae

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In vitro recombination (gene manipulation) with restriction endonucleases. On the Nobel Prize of Prof. Werner Arber, 1978

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In vitro reconstitution of calf brain microtubules: effects of macromolecules

Lee, J.C.; Timasheff, S.N., 1977:
In vitro reconstitution of calf brain microtubules: effects of solution variables

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In vitro reconstitution of flagellar filaments onto hooks of filamentless mutants of Salmonella typhimurium by addition of hook-associated proteins

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In vitro reconstitution of functional yeast U2 snRNPs

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In vitro reconstitution of messenger ribonucleoprotein particles from globin messenger RNA and cytosol proteins

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In vitro reconstitution of osmoregulated expression of proU of Escherichia coli

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In vitro reconstitution of recombinant lamin A and a lamin A mutant lacking the carboxy-terminal tail

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In vitro reconstitution of snRNPs: a reconstituted U4/U6 snRNP participates in splicing complex formation

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In vitro reconstruction of malignant melanoma

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In vitro reconstruction of the human skin

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In vitro recovery of human chorionic gonadotropin-stimulated cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate production in desensitized human granulosa-luteal cells

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In vitro reduction of peroxidation in UVC-irradiated cell cultures by concurrent exposure with Bowman-Birk protease inhibitor

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In vitro reductive metabolism of N-nitrosodibenzylamine: evidence for new reactive intermediates

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In vitro reformation of the perichondrium from perichondrial-free Meckel's cartilages of the embryonic chick

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In vitro regeneration and applications using vegetable cell and tissue culture

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In vitro regeneration of activated rat peritoneal mast cells cocultured with 3T3 fibroblasts

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In vitro regeneration of innervated forelimb deplants of Ambystoma larvae

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In vitro regulation of a SIN3-dependent DNA-binding activity by stimulatory and inhibitory factors

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In vitro regulation of a mouse myelomonocytic leukemia line adapted to culture

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In vitro regulation of antithyroglobulin synthesis by lymphocytes of patients with Hashimoto's disease by an antigen-specific "suppressor factor" derived from cultured normal human T-lymphocytes

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In vitro regulation of cholesterol metabolism by low density lipoproteins in skin fibroblasts from hypo-and hyperresponding squirrel monkeys

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In vitro regulation of granulopoiesis in human leukemia: application of an assay for colony-inhibiting cells

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In vitro regulation of rat liver L-threonine deaminase by different effectors

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In vitro regulatory mechanisms for cytoplasmic maturation of murine megakaryocytes derived from colony-forming units megakaryocyte (CFU-M)

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In vitro relative biological activities of (1--34)N-terminal synthetic fragments of human parathyroid hormone in the human renal cortical adenylate cyclase assay

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In vitro release behaviour of theophylline from PIB-induced ethylcellulose microcapsules interpreted by simple mathematical functions

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In vitro release of ACTH from dispersed rat pars intermedia cells. I. Effect of secretagogues

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In vitro release of adriamycin from drug-loaded albumin and haemoglobin microspheres

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In vitro release of alpha 1-acid glycoprotein RNA sequences shows fidelity with the acute phase response in vivo

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In vitro release of dexamethasone from different polymeric inserts

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In vitro release of endogenous excitatory sulfur-containing amino acids from various rat brain regions

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In vitro release of endothelium-derived relaxing factor by acetylcholine is increased during the guinea pig pregnancy

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In vitro release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone from the brain preoptic-anterior hypothalamic region and pituitary of female goldfish

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In vitro release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland of tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus

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In vitro release of histamine from murine mast cells by block co-polymers composed of polyoxyethylene and polyoxypropylene

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In vitro release of hydrophobic drugs from polyanhydride disks

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In vitro release of hypothalamic corticoliberine in the rat: incubation of slices from the whole hypothalamus

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In vitro release of lectins by Phallusia mamillata hemocytes

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In vitro release of lipopolysaccharide in Escherichia coli by addition of antiseptic and disinfectant products

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In vitro release of lutenizing hormone from anterior pituitary fragments superfused with constant or pulsatile amounts of luteinizing hormone-releasing factor

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In vitro release of noramidopyrine methansulfonate sodium from suppository as a function of particle size and concentration

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In vitro release of pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A) by human endometrial cells

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In vitro release of progesterone and prostaglandins F and E by porcine luteal and endometrial tissue during induced luteolysis

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In vitro release of tegafur from a fatty-base suppository and in vivo bioavailability of tegafur

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In vitro release of therapeutically active ingredients from polymer matrixes

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In vitro release of vitamin A from different ointment bases. Methods of research

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In vitro release profile of mitomycin C from albumin microspheres: extrapolation from macrospheres to microspheres

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In vitro release studies of methyl salicylate from the ointment bases and the commercial dermatological products

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In vitro release, pharmacokinetic and tissue distribution studies of doxorubicin hydrochloride (Adriamycin HCl) encapsulated in lipiodolized w/o emulsions and w/o/w multiple emulsions

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In vitro remineralization of caries lesions treated with surface-active phosphates

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In vitro remyelination after demyelination induced by anti-myelin/oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody

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In vitro repair of UV-or x-irradiated bacteriophage T4 DNA by extract from blue-green alga Anacystis nidulans

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In vitro repair of double-strand breaks accompanied by recombination in bacteriophage T7 DNA

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In vitro repair of psoralen-DNA cross-links by RecA, UvrABC, and the 5'-exonuclease of DNA polymerase I

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In vitro repair of radiation-induced strand breaks in DNA

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In vitro repair of the preexisting nicks and gaps in herpes simplex virus DNA

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In vitro replication and cytopathogenicity of the feline immunodeficiency virus for feline T4 thymic lymphoma 3201 cells

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In vitro replication and expression of hepatitis B virus from chronically infected primary chimpanzee hepatocytes

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In vitro replication and mutagenesis of ColE1 plasmid DNA in extracts from repair deficient Escherichia coli mutants

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In vitro replication and transcription of the segmented double-stranded RNA bacteriophage phi 6

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In vitro replication of DNA containing either the SV40 or the polyoma origin

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In vitro replication of HIV-1 in naturally infected CD4+ T cells is inhibited by rIFN alpha 2 and by a soluble factor secreted by activated CD8+ T cells, but not by rIFN beta, rIFN gamma, or recombinant tumor necrosis factor-alpha

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In vitro replication of Sendai virus wild-type and defective interfering particle genome RNAs

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In vitro replication of a DNA fragment containing the vicinity of the origin of E. coli DNA replication

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In vitro replication of bacteriophage PRD1 DNA. Metal activation of protein-primed initiation and DNA elongation

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In vitro replication of duplex circular DNA containing the simian virus 40 DNA origin site

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In vitro replication of human mitochondrial DNA: accurate initiation at the origin of light-strand synthesis

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In vitro replication of simian virus 40 DNA in a nucleoprotein complex

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In vitro replication of tobacco mosaic virus RNA in tobacco callus cultures: solubilization of membrane-bound replicase and partial purification

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In vitro replication, packaging, and transcription of the segmented double-stranded RNA genome of bacteriophage phi 6: studies with procapsids assembled from plasmid-encoded proteins

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In vitro replicative arrest in dnaAts mutants

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In vitro reproduction of inorganic dental enamel lesions in patients with post-radiotherapy xerostomia

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In vitro requirements for N4 RNA polymerase II-specific initiation

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In vitro research on different root canal obturation technics and materials

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In vitro research on the action of different types of anthophyllite

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In vitro research on the attachment of bonded bridges

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In vitro research on the interaction of natural zeolites with diploid cells from the human embryonic lung

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In vitro resistance of composite resin dowel and cores

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In vitro resistance of extensive amalgam restorations using various retention methods

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In vitro resistance of haemophilus influenzae to co-trimoxazole and trimethoprim

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In vitro resistance patterns of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine--a reflection of strain-specific immunity?

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In vitro resistance test of human leprosy bacilli to anti-leprous drugs

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In vitro resistance to dexamethasone of basophils from patients receiving long-term steroid therapy

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In vitro resistance to fracture of porcelain inlays bonded to tooth

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In vitro resolution of adeno-associated virus DNA hairpin termini by wild-type Rep protein is inhibited by a dominant-negative mutant of rep

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In vitro resolution of covalently joined AAV chromosome ends

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In vitro response characteristics of brain tumor cell lines to hyperthermia

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In vitro response of Kenyan Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in different media

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In vitro response of Plasmodium falciparum to mefloquine in south-eastern Iran

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In vitro response of T cells from aplastic anemia patients to antilymphocyte globulin and phytohemagglutinin: colony-stimulating activity and lymphokine production

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In vitro response of a human colon tumor xenograft and a lung adenocarcinoma cell line to alpha-difluoromethylornithine alone and in combination with 5-fluorouracil and doxorubicin

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In vitro response of bone-derived cells and tissues to the fine Rahmen surface layer of a carbon implant

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In vitro response of cells from three patients with hairy cell leukemia to a recombinant leukocyte interferon

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In vitro response of cervical cancer cell lines CaSki, HeLa, and ME-180 to the antiestrogen tamoxifen

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In vitro response of chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum to mefloquine

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In vitro response of erythrocytes to alpha-tocopherol exposure

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In vitro response of human oviducts to field stimulation

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In vitro response of human small-cell lung-cancer cell lines to chemotherapeutic drugs; no correlation with clinical data

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In vitro response of lymphocytes to phytohemagglutinin (PHA) and serum levels of immunoglobulins during remission of acute leukemia

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In vitro response of lymphocytes to phytohemagglutinin (PHA) as studied with antiserum to PHA. II. Cell cycle analyses

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In vitro response of neonatal condylar cartilage to simultaneous exposure to the parathyroid hormone fragments 1-34, 28-48, and 53-84 hPTH

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In vitro response of ovine and bovine uterine arteries to prostaglandin F2 alpha and periarterial sympathetic nerve stimulation

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In vitro response of peripheral blood mononuclear cells to phytohemagglutinin and interleukin-2

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In vitro response of purified ovine peripheral blood lymphocytes to phytohemagglutinin-M

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In vitro response of rabbit utero-ovarian ligament to catecholamines

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In vitro response of relaxin-treated rat uterus to prostaglandins and oxytocin

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In vitro response of subpopulations of human tonsil lymphocytes. I. Cellular collaboration in the proliferative response to PHA and Con A

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In vitro response to bactericidal activity of cell wall-active antibiotics does not support the general opinion that enterococci are naturally tolerant to these antibiotics

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In vitro selection of a cell line for resistance to lysis by tumor necrosis factor-alpha selects for reduced tumorigenicity

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In vitro selection of beta-lactam resistance by exposure to second, third, and fourth generation cephalosporins

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In vitro selective glycogen depletion of frog twitch and slow muscle fibres

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In vitro sensitivity of rat ovarian follicles to the direct action of various hormones applied in particular stages of sexual cycle

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In vitro sensitivity of the sulfonamides against atypical Mycobacteria

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In vitro sensitivity test of stomach cancer tissues by the use of metal grid method

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In vitro sensitivity testing of cells of histologically typified ovarian carcinomas and carcinoma of corpus with 3H-cyclophosphamide-metabolites in the serum of man after massive dose therapy

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