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In vitro study of various ionophore antibiotics and some of their derivatives. II. Characterization of the ionophore properties of the compounds in a model system for Na+ and K+ ions

Caffarel-Mendez, S.; Demuynck, C.; Jeminet, G.

Reproduction Nutrition Developpement 27(5): 921-928


ISSN/ISBN: 0181-1916
PMID: 3685617
Accession: 040393632

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Transport of Na+ and K+ by different carboxylic polyether antibiotics and some of their derivatives was measured in a triphasic water/chloroform/water model system. Monensin, nigericin, narasin and lasalocid proved to be efficient K+ carriers, while grisorixin, alborixin and X 14547A gave lower ionic fluxes. Furthermore, the structural modifications of nigericin, grisorixin and lasalocid reduced the ionophore properties of the corresponding natural metabolite. Monensin was also characterized as a good Na+ carrier. Cation transport results were in keeping with those of a previous study on the end-products of rumen fermentation. In both cases monensin, nigericin, narasin and lasalocid were the most efficient compounds.

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